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Living in the Light

When we are living in the Holy Spirit, we know we are right because He is right. When we are living according to the flesh, we need everyone to agree with us to be assured we are right.

Sadly, most professing Christians accept whatever is popular without question. Too many people would rather be popular rather than right. Being right shines the offensive light.

The fact is, the majority of professing Christians do not “shine” because they fear the repercussions. The ones that love darkness hate light.

Now that Christianity is nearing complete apostasy, everyone that shines will be quickly identified and attacked. Who will unflinchingly rebuke spiritual wickedness, and speak what is right to those who are guilty, and call them to repentance?

The answer is:

“Everyone that is living in the Holy Spirit.”

“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” — Galatians 5:25

There are dark periods when God has only one person who will ignore the great majority, and the consequences of speaking and being right in a near completely wrong world.

When the entire world was wrong, Noah still built the Ark.

When 400 prophets prophesied and supported falsely, Micaiah still spoke the truth.

When an entire nation was wrong, Elijah still rebuked and exhorted them.

When Israel’s  religious hierarchy hated the light, John the Baptist still called them a “generation of vipers.”

The multitude had a “light bulb” moment when Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, preached repentance on the Day of Pentecost.

“Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?” — Acts 2:37


Who is willing and bold enough to speak today? They are the ones that have an unsatisfied satisfaction. They are satisfied that they are redeemed, but unsatisfied because Satan is gathering many souls into his kingdom of death and darkness. They are the ones truly living in the Holy Spirit.

True Christianity must be Defined or it will Die.

If anyone is wondering why ecumenism with Roman Catholicism is becoming such a dominant force? Does anyone wonder why most popular Christian music has no ministry? Why are there so many heretics and clueless hirelings. How about why people are accepting “Hey Hater” preachers (Steven Furtick) in skinny jeans egotistically prancing about and preaching like they graduated from Satan’s Seminary? There is an answer.

True Christianity is becoming obscure. It must be defined or it will be destroyed. Time is running out. The oldest generation is dying. When they are gone, there will be only a few Believers that experienced a genuine relationship with God.

The fact is that a great majority of Millennials and GenX generations simply do not know God. They never had a genuine spiritual experience with Him and have no leadership examples or proper teaching to inspire them to do so. Consequently, they have no fear of God. He is a pal—a buddy, or a doting old grandfather. Some of them view Him as a genie dishing out unlimited wishes. They are not born of the Holy Spirit and have no clue Who He is. They do not know what genuine Christ-following is. They have been taught that historical Christianity is a farce and needs to be completely rejected. In its place is a mixture from the materialistic Positive Confession Movement, Charismatic Movement, Seeker-Sensitive Movement, Emergent Church Movement, with a host of star pastors and authors that have added their bizarre notions to the cauldron of errors. Anyone that attempts to inform them about true Christianity is viewed as a love-empty legalist, old-fashioned (thus rejectable), or—because the information is strange to them—a heretic. Continue reading

To whom much is given…Luke 12:48

(This will likely be my last post on this topic. No matter what is presented, how clear the facts are, or any other factor, people have made up their minds. I have completed days of researching the many claims against the vaccine and found them to be false. However, the Anti-vaccine Movement is very powerful. Had the AVM in the 1700s had access to technology and the Internet in their violent protest against the Smallpox vaccination, millions of people would still be dying. They have that access today and they are doing irreparable damage. They have fostered a great deception that has divided God’s people. The focus is not on the apostasy that is nearly taken over Christianity, the religion. It is all on fighting a war Satan’s way and on his battlefield.

I do not believe Christianity will recover. Bridges have been burned yet again among long time friends. Dogma has replaced faith. The new litmus test for genuine Christianity appears to be how much one hates Biden and the Dems, and how obsessed one is with the Conspiracy Theory Network.

Not every unvaccinated Believer is involved in that mob mentality. Not every vaccinated Believer is guiltless of rancor against the vaccinated ones. By Biblical standards this horrible mess cannot be of God. The fruit is obviously of Satan who excels in causing contention and division. People had better rein in their emotions, pray as never before, and refocus on God and His word. If they cannot identify and overcome this deception, they will certainly not survive what is coming.)

To whom much is given…Luke 12:48

I will tell you how bad the division about COVID-19 vaccine in Christianity has become. The separation has gone beyond whether or not the vaccine is good or bad. It is now about identifying vaccinated people as ungodly supporters of the Biden Administration, and thus deserving of hell. 

All the rancor, false accusations, and what manifests as hatred, appear to be coming from professing Christians that have drunk deeply from the contaminated pools of the Conspiracy Theory Network (CTN). They are persecuting other Christians for taking the COVID-19 vaccine and wearing a mask where it is mandated. Ministers are leading the hateful (Yes, hateful is the right word.) charge against other ministers.

Let me make one thing brilliantly clear. Christians that are COVID-19 vaccinated are not aligned with “Biden’s godless government” or a “Corona Vaccine Cult.” They did not take the Mark of the Beast, did not depart from the Body of Christ, are still filled with the Holy Spirit, remain godly people, are not destined to hell, and are members of God’s endtimes Remnant. They made a decision regarding their health, just as one does that chooses chemotherapy or other high-risk medical procedures and medicine.

There is the scripture that describes how God regards individuals that create division.

“These six things the Lord hates, (6) A false witness who speaks lies, (7) And one who sows discord among brethren.” — Proverbs 6:16-19  

I’ll tell you who is going to hell. It will be the ones that God says to, “Depart from me, you that work iniquity.” And He is the only one that will make that decision. He will not consult with any of us about that decision. He most certainly will not consult with the shady minions of the CTN. 

The overarching issue during this present global crisis is that people are looking to God’s servants to give them proper advice—to help them make an important life or death decision. Anyone doing that had better have a basis of truth, not conspiracy theories. Continue reading

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