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What is True Revival?

I know a man who prays. He does not just pray for a few minutes, but long periods and often. One might think he prays too much—but is there such a thing? The fact is, wherever the man preaches, a powerful revival occurs. Conviction and desire to be nearer to God sweeps over people in the meeting place. People come to the altar benches to weep and repent. Other ones are sitting in the pew/chairs weeping.

Sadly, leaders do not want the man to minister in their meetings. One pastor remarked that he did not want anything like that to occur because he could not maintain it afterward. He would rather not have revival than allow the Holy Spirit to change in him whatever was necessary to keep the revival fire burning. Thus, although they could witness a mighty revival, the leaders rejected the man and other ones like him. They attempt to create false revivals by sensationalism that does not require change. In the process, they kill any chance of countering the increasing apostasy.

What present leaders and most of the attendees in church meetings want is the power and excitement of revival without the conviction that compels them to repent. They want the refreshing of their relationship with God without changing their filthy garments stained by the World System. They wish to maintain their compromise with the flesh and also have their period of spirituality on Sunday morning. Desiring a revival of emotion by stimulated adrenaline glands is an invitation for deception. Believing that a week of repentance and commitment is revival is a weak premise. Anything that arrives one week and is gone the following week is a farce. Continue reading

There is no Great Deception Without Many Deceivers

Now that the great and final apostasy has gone beyond critical mass, many changes have occurred in Christianity. None of them have been for the good. Perceptions of godliness and spirituality have changed. Many practices and concepts that were once evil are now considered “God’s new thang.” The so-called “worship service” entertains the flesh. The major criteria for “church growth” is excitement. No wonder heretics and hirelings the perfect for leadership.

Apostate Tony Campolo’s 1992 book is entitled, “The Kingdom of God is a Party.” Now, 30 years later, apostate Christianity is having a party and its party planners are demons. None of them hunger and thirst for righteousness. Spiritual integrity and faithfulness to God are missing from Christianity. However, rarely will the “Christian” party-goers suffer being corrected. It goes against their fun-loving spirit.

Party-goers are excited by the mere suggestion of signs and wonders. To keep their attention and attract others like them, Leaders invite demonic wolves to work magic and seduce the people. They are enamored with popular satanic minions and their ability to generate, harness, and profit from emotionalism. They ignore the warnings of God’s servants and are free-falling into inextricable darkness. They push conviction from their consciences—they want the soothing deception of the party spirits. They are being prepared to fall face forward when the lawless one comes “according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10) Continue reading

Malignant Apostasy

At some point in the great and final apostasy, all the symptoms we read and hear about it will indicate it is malignant and metastasized.

Some of the symptoms are:

People do not just arrogantly reject truth, they are completely unconcerned that they have little or no truth.

People are not just committing to wickedness here and there. Wickedness becomes rampant and the right to engage in it is petulantly called “liberty in God.”

They don’t just dabble in heresy, they teach and support it as God’s new revelation.

They do not just dress and act risqué, they commit sexual sins as just another human flaw that God understands and winks at.

Further, they do not just refuse to oppose sexual perversion, they support it and accept into “ministry” and leadership individuals who are perverse. Continue reading

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