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Guest Commentary: The Assemblies of . . . God?

By Jim Fletcher

A controversy erupted this past week when Lighthouse Trails published an article by former Assemblies of God pastor Cedric Fisher.

Just ahead of the AG’s General Council (August 7-11 in Anaheim CA), Fisher notes some troubling trends with regard to Israel in official AG documents, including upcoming resolutions.

In particular, Resolution 3 gives pause to those of us who have always appreciated the fact that the AG overall has been staunchly pro Israel. I think of people like David Lewis, a champion for Israel. David was an AG evangelist for 50 years, but he’s been gone now for 10 years.

No one has replaced him.

In fact, whether it is AG influencers like Prof. Paul Alexander, or pastors with Pentecostal roots like Jonathan Martin, a sea change has occurred in the past few years: “Palestine” is now a thing.

Added to this troubling development is the infiltration of such communities by change agents like Brian McLaren (who cleverly networks with Pentecostals and Baptists, even though– my description–he is much more of a mystic and New Ager).

Alexander, Martin, and McLaren are anti-Israel, pro Palestinian speakers and authors.

Back to the AG resolution. I encourage you to go to the Lighthouse Trails website and read the documents for yourself, but essentially, Fisher says that a “peace and justice/peacemaking” theme has emerged within the Assemblies of God, and this does not bode well for Israel support.

I agree with him.

There are few sources willing to inform the laity what is really going on within Evangelicalism, but Lighthouse Trails does. There are a handful of individuals like Pastor Fisher who are willing to do that, as well.

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The Death of the “Dream”

Today is the day that we are supposed to have a peaceful transition of power. But will it be peaceful? Evidently, there is a faction in our nation that wishes our political and social process to be marred with violence. When they are questioned, none of them can come up with any other answer than, they hate Trump. I don’t believe that is the reason for the demonstrations, and here’s why… Continue reading

The Spiritual Liability of Emotionalism

Sadly, the legacy of some evangelical denominations/movements, especially Pentecostalism, has not been depth, stability, commitment, knowledge, or maturity, but emotionalism. I remember those days when people left the church building exuberant about what a good meeting they had and boasting, “The pastor didn’t even get to preach!”

Most pastors of smaller and some larger churches had to work a secular job in the early days. I remember one pastor that came home tired Wednesday evening and unprepared to preach that night. He remarked, “I just had them turn to page 238 in the songbook and they went to shouting. I didn’t have to preach.”

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 arrived on the Day of Pentecost. There were no emotional antics that even slightly resembled what one might witness in emotionalism today. They were not considered “drunk” because they staggered about with slurred speech and droopy eyes, but because they spoke in tongues. They spoke in tongues and there was a demonstration of power. Continue reading

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