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The Watchmen: who are they and why should we care?

A number of people are involved in a duty to the Body of Christ that is called “Discernment Ministry.” I believe the term to be a misnomer because it is neither discernment nor ministry. It is more observation and exposing by literature or social media everything and everyone influencing Christians with what is against God’s word. Additionally, it is also sounding the alarm with detailed information and identification of unfruitful works of darkness. However, every Christian ought to have discernment and the duty of ministry is something altogether different. So it needs a new term more befitting the effort. My choice would be simply “Watchman,” no extra word or subtitle.

Watchmen were common in the Old Testament but were never mentioned in the New Testament. They were as lookouts that spent a night or day shift in watchtowers or walking the tops of the city walls. Sometimes, as in the case of Ezekiel, prophets were called by God to be watchmen. Watchmen were very important to every walled city. They had to remain very alert for long periods and great eyesight was a requirement. It is likely that they developed certain skills, such as how to discern in the dark the difference between an animal and a human. The occupants of the city could sleep in peace and security knowing that they would be alerted if an enemy attacked or robbers tried to sneak into the city.

God’s watchmen today are similar in their duties. First, they know that they are called and do not feel comfortable doing anything else. However, the duty is difficult and thankless. There are much stress and many other negatives that make the job very harsh and demanding. In fact, many individuals who became watchmen have quit the job. Other ones have died prematurely. I know legitimate watchmen who have serious health issues and live in near poverty.

When they present an article, book, or video alerting Christians to a heresy or diabolical practice invading Christianity, there are mixed reactions. Very few Believers express their gratefulness. Other ones may be grateful but are never heard from. But then there are people who are apparently convinced that they have a God sent unction to punish the watchmen for their efforts. Their opposition is false accusations, insulting remarks, demeaning pejoratives, and spreading untruths about the watchman’s character or motives.

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A Judaic Dominionist Utopia: The New Apostolic Reformation (part two)

(Excerpt from the book, “AntiChrist Emerging- the surge of anti-Semitism) (click here for part one)

 Connecting the Dots for a global Dominionism

During my research concerning The New Apostolic Reformation’s meteoric rise to prominence in Pentecostal and Charismatic factions of Evangelicalism, one name kept surfacing. The same name repeatedly surfaced when I researched the effect of Replacement Theology in the Middle East conflict.   A conundrum arose as to why one notable Middle East “justice” and “peacemaker”, Canon Andrew White, has been visiting the USA and associating with NAR leaders. White’s involvement with Israel, the Middle East peace process, and NAR became clear after talking with friends and contacts in Israel. Canon Andrew White is no doubt spearheading NAR’s spiritual conquest of Israel. Understanding White’s involvement in NAR’s complex scheme is key to revealing the effectiveness and progress of NAR in Israel’s politics its rapidly growing religious culture.

First, it is essential to realize that Canon Andrew White is no ordinary peace negotiator. Canon White is an Anglican priest and a famed negotiator. He is called “the vicar of Bagdad.” He is arguably the most powerful “peacemaker” in the Middle East. White’s current organization is, Canon Andrew White Reconciliation Ministries Jerusalem Merit. On his website it states there goal of “New Reconciliation Work & Ministries in Jordan, Israel, Palestine & Beyond.” [1]

White was received as a patron of the Order of Merit of the Knights Templar of Jerusalem.[2] He has also been awarded the Cross of Valor from the Grand Priory of the United States of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. The Grand Priory of the United States is associated with the Knights of Malta, the organization that knighted NAR prophet Rick Joyner.[3]

The Knights Templar “The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem” is recognized in Special Consultative Status by the United Nations.[4] It is an “Ecumenical Christian and Chivalric charitable Order” that is among other duties dedicated to “Keeping the Road to Jerusalem open to all people as our own.”[5]

 White has stated that his close association with NAR leaders in America is because they are essential to his work for a Middle East peace resolution.[6] Those NAR leaders include Paula White and Samuel Rodriguez, spiritual advisors to President Donald Trump. The question is, how involved was Canon White and NAR’s spiritual advisors to President Trump, in the declaration recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel?

Are we witnessing NAR’s Seven-Mountain Dominionism plan at work to conquer the 5th mountain, government? Several groups expressed concerned about the influence of Christians with President Trump. Ralph Drollinger, the founder of Capitol Ministries and leader of the Trump Cabinet Bible Study, is accused by liberals and atheists of being a “Christian Nationalist” who intends to establish “Christian dominion over government, creating a Christian theocracy that replaces civil law.”[7] Drollinger denied the accusation and even wrote an 11-page Study Guide entitled, “Better Understanding the Fallacy of Christian Nationalism.” However, Christian Nationalism is synonymous with Christian Dominionism, which identifies the NAR. Considering the influence Christian Dominionists, Paula White and Samuel Rodriguez, has with President Trump, the concerns are justified.

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A Global Dominionist Utopia: The New Apostolic Reformation (Part one)

(Excerpt from the book, “AntiChrist Emerging: the surge of anti-Semitism”)

Historically, Israel has long been hated for what she is, was, and will become. That ages-old satanic spirit of hatred is surfacing again, fomenting anti-Semitism via Replacement Theology (Supercessionism). It is not only evident via Replacement Theology in liturgical dominations, but has seeped deeply into Evangelicalism. It is alarming because Replacement Theology (RT) has historically been the single most powerful provocateur of anti-Semitism.

RT posits the claim that the New Testament covenant replaces the Abrahamic covenant, and that the Church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people.[1] Thus, the Church is now “Israel” in the plan, purpose, and promises of God. The promises that God made to Israel are spiritualized and every mention of Israel in the New Testament after Pentecost refers to the Church.[2] Further, RT included beliefs based primarily on the notion that the Abrahamic Covenant no longer applies that promises Israel eternal ownership of land in Canaan (Genesis 17:7-8). Thus, because the Covenant no longer applies, Israel is just as any other nation and her only hope is in the Church.[3]

I could write about all of those manifestations of anti-Semitism, but there are numerous very well written books exposing those errors. In my research I found an anti-Semitic threat to Israel that is greater than all the others combined. In the last couple of decades a different type of anti-Semitism has manifested. It is anti-Semitism that is not easily discerned or detected, but glides silently along in a rapidly growing Movement. Obscured in the folds of Dominion Theology, this new type of anti-Semitism is thriving in the most heretical faction of Christianity, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

The NAR’s potential to do harm to Israel is far greater than the threat of anti-Semitism from alleged Jewish deicide, the anti-Semitism of the Arab nations, and anti-Semitism that stems from Replacement Theology. I do not believe that traditional anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology in liturgical denominations is the major threat to Israel unless ecumenism with the Roman Catholic Church occurs. Additionally, the rise of Replacement Theology in academia and its influence on younger Christian generations is not by itself a major threat. Its primary effect on younger generations will be to soften them for NAR Dominionism and its version of Covenant Theology (not to be confused with traditional Covenant Theology). If, as some NAR leaders are suggesting, NAR infiltrates and influences Roman Catholicism, and Ecumenism occurs between the two, I will publically declare the result to be the One-World Church of the False Prophet.

In order to adequately expose Dominionist anti-Semitism in the NAR, I must first explain what it is, its goals, and its version of Replacement Theology, Covenant Theology (Dominion Covenant).

 The NAR is an extremely alluring and deceptively diabolical Movement that intends to take over the world by infiltrating governments of nations and religions. Their view of Israel is radical to say the least and very dangerous at its best. NAR doctrine, as the Movement itself, is complex and loosely connected, widespread, and evolving. The reason for it evolving is because there are so many unaccountable contributors that shoot from the hip and modify it. However, I will describe how their Dominion Theology necessarily includes Replacement Theology. It will become clear that the NAR has no intention of supporting Israel as God’s Chosen People, of recognizing her unique place in eschatology, or assigning any other traditional biblical characteristic to the nation.

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