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False Asbury Revival

Satan has made the spiritual landscape in Christianity so barren, so hopeless, and churches so compromised that fake “revivals” appear real. That is what I am witnessing concerning the Asbury College “revival.” The “revival” supposedly began when many students met for a church service. Some students remained after the meeting ended. They continued worshipping and singing as other students joined them.

It amazed people that Christians practiced a fundamental component of Christianity in a Christian college. Imagine attending a church meeting where the majority brought bibles. Would that make the national news? If it did, why? Leonard Ravenhill said something to the effect, “We are so subnormal; if we became normal, people would think we were abnormal.”

Nonetheless, a stream of heretics, hirelings, false prophets, and other religious scalawags are heading to Wilmore, Kentucky, to get involved. Perhaps it is in the hope their association with the “revival” will wash some of the stains from their sheep’s clothing.” False prophets hope it will validate their false prophecy of a great end-times revival. They are flocking to the revival like pigs to a corn convention. Would they race to a true revival? No. Continue reading

Super Bowl—Stupor People

“Don’t write anything negative about the Super Bowl. People will reject you and not listen to or read anything else you say.”

That’s the warning. My response is; If my message offends you, I have nothing interesting to offer you.

It’s my experience that people cannot pray or pray effectively after watching the Super Bowl. Of course, the same emptiness occurs after flesh-binging on anything Satan offers. No faithful Christ-follower forgets Satan is the god of the World System. Subjecting your emotional system and feeding your fleshly lust for entertainment is turning your back on God.

People thus involved can make a pretense of praying, mumble a few words, and speak with their best “prayer intonation,” but it’s not prayer that reaches God. Their spirit is buzzing with adrenaline. The next day they will feel the “low” (or perhaps not feel anything) and have to play some boogie-woogie “gospel” music to “feel” the “spirit.” Their carnal feasting has grieved the Holy Spirit. I don’t know how long He will remain in such a continuously defiled temple. They are as dry and spiritually comatose as they can be. Continue reading


I was stirred in my spirit while watching a Leonard Ravenhill message this evening entitled “The Real Cost” He said something I had not heard before. I immediately knew the principle of it by having experienced it many times.

Before I disclose Ravenhill’s statement, I need to remind the reader what Paul endured. When Satan sent his minions to abuse the apostle Paul, they beat him with rods, he was stoned, and five times he was whipped with forty lashes minus one. I heard it said and read somewhere that the reason they called such a whipping forty minus one was that forty lashes would kill most men. So, they didn’t want to kill Paul but to make him suffer greatly. And Paul endured that lashing five times, plus all the other abuse. Continue reading

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