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The American Spirit

I was standing in the checkout line and saw a magazine with a famous actor on the cover. Underneath his pic was the quote, “I love the American spirit.”

I don’t. The reason is that the American spirit he demonstrates by his words and actions is demonic. The American spirit protects animals and murders babies. It hates godliness and celebrates perverseness. It loves lies and hates the truth, exalts wrong, and attempts to outlaw right. The American spirit is on Satan’s side of every issue, secular or religious.

But the misguided actor and those of his ilk are not the only lovers of the American spirit. It is essential to expose popular Christians, blind guides, for their support of the “American Spirit.” Continue reading

God will expose every wicked scheme!


The word “spend” comes from an old English word, “spendan” (forspendan, use up). Everyone knows what it means to spend or “use up” money. But not many individuals allow themselves to be aware of using up time (Where has all the time gone?). That is especially true in the younger ones.

We all have been given a deposit of the time and no one knows how much. The seconds are practically ignored, but seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours make days, days—weeks, weeks become months, which turn into a year that we reminisce about for a few minutes each New Year’s Day. We quick scan the past year, resolve to do some things differently, stop doing other things, and turn over a new page of time, and forget our resolutions.

But about those seconds. In a second the final score of a championship game is sealed. A second is time enough to avert disaster in many situations. In a second a .220 bullet can travel 4665 feet. In a few seconds we can do or say something to someone that can take days, weeks, years, or a lifetime to pay for, ask forgiveness for, but we can never unsay or undo it. Continue reading

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