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Global Church Network, aka Billion Soul Network

 Members, Participants, Pastors and Churches

“The Global Church Network, today, is a growing coalition of more than 2,600 Christian ministries and denominations synergizing their efforts together to build the premier community of pastors worldwide to help plant five million new churches for a billion soul harvest. The Global Church Network now consists of more than 700,000 churches and has become the largest pastors network in the world.” James O. Davis: Founder.

“The Billion Soul Network is composed of pastors from more than 150 nations, from every major stream of Christianity, numbering more than 500,000. Hundreds of churches have joined the movement and call themselves a “Billion Soul Church.” Will you belong?” — Global Church Network, Become a Billion Soul Church, (Update:700,000 pastors and churches) Continue reading

The Global Church Network Sage: Leonard Sweet

By Cedric Fisher |February 19, 2022

(Global Church Network Members and Participants:


I commonly refer to Kanye West’s foray into Christianity as an example of how weak and bereft of discernment many professing Christians are. West was disturbingly welcomed throughout Christianity and its leadership. Individuals warning about West were blasted with angry accusations and insults. Few people cared that West repeatedly blasphemed Christ and the Holy Spirit on stage and in videos. He had virtually no opposition to “going to and fro in Christianity, and from walking up and down in it.”[1]

Christianity is under siege by professing Christian pretenders. People appear to be fascinated with anything new. That error is luring them into the snares of Satan’s “ministers of righteousness.”[2] To be clear, those “ministers” use words to disarm people and conceal their nefarious intent. A word, such as semiotics, may be the label for extra-biblical doctrine. The sad and tragic fact is that Satan’s minions are now accepted as God’s special envoys with new revelations of truth. A quick Google search for Jesus Manifesto, a book written by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, will produce page after page of glowing kudos. Most individuals will never reach the search engine page with an exposé of the book.

This is not the time for new revelations, but for strengthening time-honored truth. We should beware of anyone claiming to have a new concepts of God’s word, especially if he or she declares, as Leonard Sweet, that they see, hear, dream or imagine as no one else. The likelihood of God appointing such an individual is nil.

As the spiritual atmosphere become worse, the watchman will declare that it will become worser. Sadly, most people will react as before. No matter how often the watchmen warn them, and their warnings are proven true, people will continue to resist, ignore, and attack the watchmen. One day they will sit in the squalor of the ruins of Christianity, weep and cry out, “It’s gone, it’s all gone!” Continue reading

The Global Church Network: is it a New Age path to “Back-door” Ecumenism?

Cedric Fisher: January 30, 2022

(Global Church Network: Members and Participants –


This article is about the largest pastor’s network, also called a church, that appears to have the goal of becoming the global church. Professing Christians should know that there must be a one-world government to fulfill the prophesies of Revelation 13. They should also know that there must also be a one-world church or religion to compose the False Prophet’s kingdom. 

Thus, when a rapidly growing entity fraught with heresy and New Age/Christianity, joined by over 2500 denominations and ministries, including many heads of denominations, notorious politicians, journalists, and other secular icons, rises up to loom over all the other church networks, it is significant. I took a closer look at this network. This article presents some of my discoveries. I concluded that it is a dangerous organization based on Leonard Sweet’s influence alone. Why are the heads of denominations, including the Assemblies of God, Church of God, Nazarene, et al, joined with this network?


Standing as a Goliath among the rapidly rising trend of church global networks is the Global Church Network (GCN). GCN was originally called Billion Soul Movement with the goal of winning one billion souls. James Davis, co-founder of Billion Soul, stated, “The Billion Soul movement is about placing the global vision in the hot halls of hell and announcing to every demonic force: A BILLION SOULS WILL BE SAVED IN OUR GENERATION! It is about emptying hell to fill up heaven.”[1]

The scope of the Network is displayed on the GCN page

“The Billion Soul Network Coalition comprises more than 1,300 denominations and organizations, along with more than 400,000 local churches, committed to synergizing their efforts together to accelerate the doubling of the Global Church.”[2]

On Davis’ website, the number of churches and pastors involved in GCN is even more staggering.

“Dr. James O. Davis is the founder of Cutting Edge International and Global Church Network (, a growing coalition of more than 2,650 Christian ministries and denominations from around the world who are synergizing and mobilizing their efforts to build a premier global community of pastors, to help finish the Great Commission by 2030 ([3]

The GCN annual conference, Synergize 2022, advertised that it will “draw 700 international church leaders.[4] The purpose of the conference is to fulfill another goal of GCN, that is, “synergizing pastors and churches’ into a “Billion Soul Church.”[5]

“Dr. Davis is committed to synergizing and mobilizing the Global Church for the completion of the Great Commission.”[6]

A Synergized Pastors Network

On his Website, Davis wrote, “The Global Church Network now consists of more than 700,000 churches and has become the largest pastors network in the world.”[7] Included in GCN goals is “Mobilizing & Synergizing Entire Body of Christ.” To assist in reaching that goal is the Global Church Divinity School (GCDS).

“Through the synergistic efforts of Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer and Dr. James O. Davis, the Global Church Network has forged a global relationship through the Global Church Divinity School.”[8]

“We have big news! In May 2020, Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer, Dr. Leonard Sweet, and I synergized our efforts together to form and fashion the Global Church Divinity School. The Global Church Divinity School is like no other training environment in the Body of Christ today. We can make this statement with complete authenticity and integrity.”[9]—James Davis

By now the reader may be thinking, “So, what’s not to like about the Global Church Network?”

There are numerous issues with Davis and his GCN. I cannot cover all of them in detail in one article, but here are some of the more troubling ones.

To begin with, the involvement of Leonard Sweet raises a huge red flag. It is deeply concerning that student pastors attending the GCDS will be subject to the teachings of Leonard Sweet.

Dr. Leonard Sweet, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Theological School and E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew University, and cofounder of the Global Church Divinity School ( educated attendees about the New Testament Greek word “Sozo,” first translated into English as “heals” by William Tyndale in 1526. While modern-day texts use the phrase “Jesus saves,” the initial translation was “Jesus heals.”

“We have to re-discover the original meaning of what it means that God is Jehovah, that we serve a healing God, and that the essence of the Gospel is that Jesus came to heal all of us,” Sweet said.[10]

In contrast to Sweet’s claim, Jesus stated that He came to seek and save lost souls. He made that possible by dying on a cross as atonement for our sins.

SOZO is a New Age practice that supposedly brings inner healing and forgiveness that redemption did not remove.

“Inner healing (SOZO) is a theory in practice based upon the implication that we clearly need something more than God’s love and forgiveness in order to love and forgive others who are perceived to have wronged us in the past.”[11]— Leonard Sweet (parentheses mine)

Sweet is aligned with the “New Light movement” (New Age) and its leaders. He writes in his book:

“The first of these five untheorized observations is that New Light embodiment means to be “in connection” and ‘in-formation’ with other Christians. Deeper feeling and higher relating go together. The church is fundamentally one being, one person, a communion whose cells are connected to one another within the information network called the Christ consciousness.”[12]—Leonard Sweet

The Body of Christ (not necessarily Christianity, the Religion) that Christ is head of, has no communion with the “light that is darkness”[13] that Sweet is referring to. Christ Consciousness is a New Age term describing the state that one can enter via Contemplative Prayer. (In my opinion, it is a quick path to demon possession.) Throughout Sweet’s writings are references to New Age beliefs and popular proponents. However, Davis appears firm in his commitment to Sweet and even quotes him.

“I love what Dr. Leonard Sweets (sic) said to me earlier this year. He said, “It’s not that Christ is behind us pushing us to go forward. Christ is in front of us, pulling us to where he is.”[14]

What Davis and Sweet should know is that Christ is neither behind pushing us, nor in front pulling us. God doesn’t want “servants” like that.

Christ said, “Take up your cross and follow Me.”[15]

We have a choice. When we exercise it to please God—His will is done. To be honest, We are neither clever enough nor skilled enough to please God. But obedience is all that He asks.

The Fascination with New Age Synergy

Other quotes from Sweet further reveal the depth of his involvement in the New Age and his fascination with synergy.

“Through the synergy of the divine-human exchange of energies, an unbelievable field of healing and transforming energy is rounded up and released in the universe.”[16]—Leonard Sweet

Is that the synergy that the GCN continues to refer to? The common definition of synergy is, “an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.”[17]

The New Age defines synergy somewhat differently. The reader can determine which definition ore closely fits the synergy of the GCN

“Spiritual synergy is at the core of united consciousness which ultimately promotes a higher and a more vibrant energy and at the same time a more harmonious existence while here on the earth plane.  Spiritual synergy requires a wholehearted commitment to this alternate reality.  Those of us who believe in the possibility of a unified consciousness becoming a reality must be ready and prepared to reach out to others to create a network of support even if describing its significance in today’s days and times renders us vulnerable.”[18] [19]

Synergy is also a word tossed about in the New Apostolic Reformation, which Sweet is certainly familiar with.

“Synergy is also a concept being adapted and taught today as a major tenet of the Third Wave, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement.  Dutch Sheets was one of the first to introduce this concept to that movement back in the National School of the Prophets – Mobilizing the Prophetic Office Conference at Ted Haggard’s New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO on May 12, 2002.” [20]

“So far the church has refused to dip its toe into postmodern culture. A quantum spirituality challenges the church to bear its past and to dare its future by sticking its big TOE into the time and place of the present…. Then, and only then, will a New Light movement of ‘world-making’ faith have helped to create the world that is to, and may yet, be. Then, and only then, will earthlings have uncovered the meaning of these words, some of the last words poet/activist/contemplative/bridge between East and West Thomas Merton uttered: “We are already one. But we imagine that we are not. And what we have to recover is our original unity.”[21]—Leonard Sweet

Tilden Edwards, the founder of the New Age Shalem Prayer Institute and proponent of Contemplative Prayer, said something similar concerning a “contemplative bridge.”

“This mystical stream is the Western bridge to Far Eastern spirituality (and to that of Sufi Moslems and some Hasidic Jews in the west as well).”[22]

Edwards also called Gandhi “That great bridge between east and west.”[23]

“Communities have souls, not just individuals. The modern era downplayed a biblical doctrine of salvation that had this communal dimension. In contrast, the New Light movement is concerned about the salvation of ensouled communities as well as individual souls, and the salvation of community souls relating synergistically to one another. … The power of community is the energy of between: The synergizing of synergies in which “one [shall] chase a thousand, and two [shall] put ten thousand to flight” (Deut. 32:30)….[24]—Leonard Sweet

In that statement, Sweet makes it clear that the synergy he utilizes is New Age synergy, which he “Christianizes” by scripture references. Leonard Sweet has been involved from the inception of the GNC.[25] Considering his apparent close relationship with Sweet, I wonder how deeply Davis may have absorbed his New Age influence, especially Sweet’s captivation with synergy. I also wonder if Davis has or is currently involved in Contemplative Prayer.

Since Davis has a doctorate, he should have had a clear understanding of Christ, our relationship with Him, and considerable knowledge of the Scriptures. However, Davis makes very odd statements. One in particular troubling one reveals a serious deficit concerning the advent of Christ.

“One day the King of the Universe will descend through eternity into time, walking on clouds, the diadem of glory on His head and a rainbow of victory wrapped around His shoulders.”[26]—James Davis

His depiction of the Advent of Christ is as a New Age vision. Could it be that Sweet’s New Age professing Christianity has influenced and altered Davis’ deposit of God’s word? The apostle Paul presents a strikingly different vision of the Advent of Christ in his second epistle to Thessalonica.

“…and to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;”[27]

Another statement by Davis is even more troubling.

“We must have a visionary plan that wraps this whole world in the Gospel and lays it at the feet of Jesus. When the Great Commission is completed, there will be a Church synergized and mobilized, a bible in every language, a hub in every nation, a harvest of equipped leaders and a church within walking distance.”[28]—James Davis

“Wrap the world in the Gospel—lay it at the feet of Jesus?” Will that occur before the Tribulation Period or after? If before, then who populates the Tribulation Period. If after, where do the people come from that are being judged for their choices and actions during the Tribulation? Who will Christ take vengeance on? Who are the billions that will obey the False Prophet and worship the image of the Beast? Was the teaching and prophesy by Christ and the apostle Paul wrong.

With eschatology wiped out by the GCN “saving” everyone on earth and someone, perhaps Davis, handing Christ the “world wrapped in the Gospel,” the Marriage Supper of the Lamb cannot be expected to remain in eschatology. However, Davis wrote,

“During the Summit, upon rising early one morning for my personal devotions, the Holy Spirit asked, ‘How many chairs are you willing to take responsibility for at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?’[29]—James Davis

Davis went on to write, “At first, I was taken aback by the question and did not know how to respond to the Lord. After pondering and praying, I finally answered out loud, “I really don’t know the number for which I can take personal responsibility, but I am willing to do my best to keep the angels extremely busy creating and placing chairs at the table of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!” I will never forget that morning when the finish line became so clear to me.”[30]—James Davis

“Angels extremely busy creating and placing chairs at the table?” Why does he believe that angels create? That statement by Davis and his other statements is astoundingly odd. It is the type of gobbledygook Leonard Sweet might utter. I would expect such from a secular Hollywood screenwriter in a script about the supernatural—not from a professing Christian leader with a doctorate.

There are other serious concerns about Davis and his Network/Movement. It is obvious that “synergize” could easily be a downhill path to “ecumenism.” The GCN could be labeled “the largest ecumenical Network, Movement, church, in the world.” As such, it has the potential to be the catalyst for “back-door” ecumenism that lures Protestants into communion with the Roman Catholic Church and eventually the rest of the world’s religions. Essentially, it could be the formation of the False Prophet’s kingdom.[31]

The Great Commission

Davis claims that GCN has built 5 million churches and won their first billion souls. They intend to double that amount and “win” a second billion souls. The following statement by Davis reveals his belief that church buildings are essential to completing that goal.

“We have to realize collectively that the Great Commission will never be completed simply by proclaiming the Gospel via crusades, literature, compassion, satellite, radio, or Internet, but also by planting churches. Until churches are planted in every unreached area, the devil has a stronghold that defies Christ. Wherever Christians are silent, the devil roars.”[32]—James Davis

“More than two billion people on the planet do not have a church within walking distance…”[33]

Davis’ disparaging remark that the Gospel needs churches (buildings) to facilitate completing the Great Commission is incredible. His intent to build churches (buildings) within walking distance is not tenable in some regions of the world. In nations where persecution is strong, Believers that attempt to walk to a church building would likely not arrive. The building would likely become a tomb for those who made it inside.

Most citizens in our nation do not have a church (building) within walking distance. Churches (buildings) were even more scarce when the nation was founded. Presently, our nation is in great disrepair in the secular and religious realms. One would wonder, if the Holy Spirit is involved in GCN, why don’t they focus their efforts on eradicating apostasy in our and other nations. Why bring in souls through one door while an equal number are exiting by another door?

Davis and his associates have also founded an initiative labeled “Finish 2030,” the year they expect to complete the Great Commission. The focus on the Great Commission is an integral part of GCN’s premise and vision. However, Davis and his associates misunderstand and misinterpret the Great Commission.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.” —[34]

A careful reading of Christ’s statements to His disciples reveals that God’s paradigm is is “Go ye,” not “Win them all.” He did not say, “Make them all saved,” but “Make them disciples.” No verse presents a Great Commission that commands us to win every soul on earth. If there was such a Great Commission, Christ would have swapped the two paths and gates. Even more likely, and since 6.5 billion souls would need a broad path, He would have eliminated the narrow gate and path.

The Greek text confirms what is evident in the English translation.

“Had Matthew wanted to line up imperatives side by side, he easily could have (e.g., 2 Tim 4:2). Yet, by using one imperative and three grammatically dependent participles, Matthew emphasizes the centrality of “making disciples” in Jesus’s final instructions.”[35]

Failing to understand that the command Christ issued to His followers was to “make disciples,” Davis made winning the entire world GCNs goal. How can anyone, even a large network of individuals, accomplish that goal in their lifetimes? The Early Church had evangelized all the cities of Asia Minor in two years,[36] yet they did not win all the souls in that region of the earth.

The redemption of souls is God’s work. He does not wait for us to give Him the nod. He searches the heart and knows if the person is sincere or not.[37] We cannot win people that do not wish to be Christians. If any believes otherwise, then he or she should head down to block group delimited by East 5th Street, South Los Angeles Street, Boyd Street, and South San Pedro Street, in Los Angeles, California and prove it.[38]

The Seven-mountain Vision

Davis has often mentioned that he co-founded the Billion Souls network with Bill Bright. The question is how much he was influenced by Bright’s Seven-mountain vision of winning the entire world. For a long period, Bright attempted to fulfill a vision of a Seven-mountain Mandate he claimed to have received from God.

Bright and Loren Cunningham discovered in 1975 that each had received an identical message from God. According to Bright, God revealed seven major areas of society that needed godly people’s influence. Bright and Cunningham inspired millions of professing Christians to spread their influence in those seven sectors of society.[39]

Those seven “mountains” are government, education, media, arts and entertainment, religion, family, and business. Bright worked with individuals, such as John Giminez, to establish Evangelicalism’s presence in politics.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) took Bright and Cunningham’s vision to a more aggressive level. As someone put it, “There is a vast difference between Seven-mountain mandate and Seven-mountain Dominionism.”

Dr. Bill Hamon, New Apostolic Reformation prophet and apostle, claims that the vision Bright and Cunningham received was the same idea that the Lord put in his heart.

This “7 Mountains” idea matched exactly what the Lord put in Dr. Bill Hamon’s heart about the need to empower and equip leaders outside the four walls of the church.[40]

Through Hamon, aka Father of the Prophet Movement, Seven Mountain Dominionism became part of the NAR belief system.

“In his book Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God, Bill Hamon, a self- styled prophet and apostle of NAR, stresses that the Church that God will raise up in these last days to accomplish this purpose will be unstoppable:

God is preparing His Church to become an invincible, unstoppable, unconquerable, overcoming Army of the Lord that subdues everything under Christ’s feet.’’[41]

To be brief, the NAR believes that Christ will not return unless a global Christian theocracy is established. That will occur as the church, led by super apostles and prophets invades, occupies, and conquers each of the seven key sectors. That completed, they will conquer the world. Furthermore, they believe as James Davis, that they also will hand the conquered world over to Christ when He returns.

“According to the dominionist vision, it is the end-time apostles and prophets together with the triumphant church who will prepare the kingdom and hand it over to Christ when he returns!” [42]

“We must have a visionary plan that wraps this whole world in the Gospel and lays it at the feet of Jesus.” — James Davis [43]

The point is that Davis was indoctrinated by Bright’s vision that has now been embellished by New Age principles. Does it matter which “theocracy” is established in the world? The NAR would establish it by force, and the GCN would do it by converting people to Christianity influenced and altered by New Age principles. The Seven Mountain belief that professing Christians must conquer the world before Christ can return is not what God’s word declares. The Holy Spirit will not be involved in either of those schemes of men.

Famous People—Fabulous Attendance

Although Davis declares, “The Billion Soul movement is not about steeples, but peoples; not about fame but faith; not about money but the Master…”, inviting famous people to speak at the GCN “Synergize” conferences appears to be more about impressing the attendees than supplying valuable information to complete a global harvest of souls.

At the Global Pastors Network Billion Soul Pastors Conference (now the GCN), January 31, 2006, Rudy Giuliana was a speaker. For what possible reason was Giuliana invited to speak at a pastor’s conference? Another speaker was Al Weiss, president of worldwide operations for Disney. Disney is one of the major supporters of LGBTQ[44] and their videos have polluted the minds of innumerable children. S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, was also a speaker. While I do not question these men’s professions of faith, what did either of them have to offer a body of ministers concerning a global harvest initiated by God?

The next Synergize Conference will feature more famous people the majority of whom have nothing to offer a group whose interest is winning souls.

“Synergize 2024 will be held in Orlando Jan. 23-25, 2024. Confirmed and invited speakers including bestselling author and actress Candace Cameron Bure; Life Without Limbs Founder Nick Vujicic; faith influencer, Bible teacher and bestselling author Sue Detweiler; “Multipliers” author Liz Wiseman; A21 Founder and bestselling author Christine Caine; two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and entrepreneur George Foreman; Communication Pathologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf; and “Atomic Habits” author James Clear, among others.”[45]

There is not enough space to comment fully on these speakers. Suffice it to say that research results of Sue Detweiler, Dr. Caroline Leaf, author James Clear, and Christine Cain, did not convince me they should be included in any church setting—certainly not in a conference about soul-winning. Perhaps Leonard Sweet invited them.

Is the Global Church a Network, or a Net?

Regardless of one’s eschatological beliefs, it is important to read Revelation 13. It is perhaps the most detailed description of how the majority of professing Christians are convinced to worship the Antichrist.

The apostle Paul declared that a great apostasy would occur and the man of sin would be revealed before the Coming of Christ and the saints gathering together to Him. When that wicked one is revealed, it will occur “after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in those who perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” The ones who did not receive love for truth will be sent a great delusion from God and will be damned. — 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

I believe that a very powerful deception such as Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:24 could arrive when professing Christians are weak, undiscerning, distracted, deceived by heretics and heresy, and lulled into apathy by hirelings, etc cetera. The reason given for the deception and great delusion is that they refused to receive love for truth. Just as it is today in Christianity, spiritual anemic people are prepared for Satan’s lying signs and wonders show. That is why they accept so much chicanery and the individuals that perpetrate it in Christianity. Sadly, they are being prepared to accept the wicked one when he is revealed sitting in the temple as if he is God.

“For man also does not know his time: Like fish taken in a cruel net, Like birds caught in a snare, So the sons of men are snared in an evil time, When it falls suddenly upon them.”— Ecclesiastes 9:12

“But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” — Luke 21:34-36

What Happened to Discernment?

Obviously, a huge ecumenical global church that has the potential to dominate Christianity (such as it is) is operating plain sight and the most prominent leaders in Christianity do not recognize what it actually is. That is an extremely critical problem. In my opinion, when its true mission is finished, whatever destruction it creates will be over before the majority of professing Christians know or even care that anything occurred.

A hint of that destruction may be in the words of Bishop Sam N. Clements, General Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy at the 2022 Synergize Conference,

“Denominationalism is an insult to the Gospel of Christ as Jesus came to build bridges,” Clements said.[46]

What is Clements implying? Is he advocating that the denominations should dissolve into the GCN. The result of that would be a Protestant version of the Roman Catholic Church. There is certainly enough Christianity/Paganism blend in GCN to fit perfectly with the Christianity/Paganism blend in Roman Catholicism. The sordid mixture should be suitable enough for the pagan religions to throw their lot into the simmering cauldron.

As much as I desire unity in Christianity, our differences keep us from being drawn into one huge compromised herd and merged with an equally or worse compromised herd.

Every denomination has at least one heresy that divides them from the rest. To bring Protestantism into ecumenism, leaders of the GCN must convince professing Christians that there is unity in division if we ignore our heresies. They call it synergize—I call it compromise.

“The Global Church Network is the world’s premier network of pastors and leaders focused on mobilizing and synergizing the entire Body of Christ toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”[47]

They may synergize Christianity, but they will never tinker with the Body of Christ. It is and has been in perfect Divine Order from its beginning 2000 years ago. No earthly force was involved in creating its membership and no earthly force can add to or take away from it.

Davis, and numerous other individuals are erroneously attempting to make Christianity, a religion, synonymous with the Body of Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christianity today is chock full of heretics, hirelings, false prophets, false teachers, and numerous professing Christians that have departed from the faith (apostatized). How is filling it with a billion or 6.5 billion souls compromised with New Age concepts going to make it a spotless Bride?

“When the Great Commission is completed, there will be a Church energized and mobilized, a bible in every language, a hub in every nation, a harvest of equipped leaders and a church within walking distance.”[48]

They may indeed form a global Church, but Jesus Christ is the door of the sheep. Anyone that comes in another way is a thief and a robber. A New Age Jesus and gospel is accursed.[49]

“Whose Billion is It?”[50]

Finally, in 2001, when James Davis went to see Bill Bright and invite him to help create the Billion Soul Network, Bright was aged and stricken with a terminal disease. Bright passed away in 2003, never having witnessed his vision fulfilled. In January 2007, Davis stepped down as the Global Pastor’s Network (GPN) president. Shortly afterward, he formed an almost identical network called Second Billion. Evidently, some contention developed between the two networks.[51] His successor, Mark Anderson declined to comment on the matter beyond the following statement.

“Lots of pastors were frustrated with what GPN had become, a conference with a lot of big-name speakers,” says Anderson, who still directs evangelism campaigns for YWAM. “Packing a venue doesn’t translate into global change.[52]

Bright’s widow wrote a letter and posted it on the GPN website.

“I am grateful that my husband was able to play a positive role in Dr. Davis’ life,” Vonette Bright wrote, “[but] I was truly saddened to see Dr. Davis use my husband’s name and his personal experience with him in this manner.[53]

I’ll leave it for people to read the article and assess for themselves what occurred. I have concluded that there are too many serious concerns to trust the massive flawed Global Church Network. There is no evidence that it is the work of the Holy Spirit.


I truly believe that Davis’s Global Church Network is spiritually unhealthy to be involved with, especially at this point in the last days. Because of the New Age influence of Sweet, Davis’s bizarre statements indicative of a major disconnect from God’s word, misunderstanding the Great Commission, and God knows what else might be uncovered by deeper research, I believe the GCN Network is a spiritually dangerous

deception. Why the spiritual leaders of millions of professing Christians have not recognized those issues and distanced themselves from the organization is a great mystery.[54]

I am completely perplexed concerning leaders such as Dr. Doug Beacham, General Superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church; Dr. Glenn Burris, president of Foursquare Church; Dr. Carla Sunberg, 43rd General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene, Doug Clay, General Superintendent Assemblies of God; Bishop Sam N. Clements, General Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy, Tim Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee; and hundreds of other pastors and heads of denominations, that have failed to understand what this Network was about. How can they stand shoulder to shoulder with heretics, ignore obvious and serious anomalies, and believe they are in God’s will? This may be the Great Deception that Christ warned about in Matthew 24:24.

In my opinion, and the only way I can reason why so many leaders in Christianity became involved in the GCN, is that many of them were witnessing the crumbling structure of Christianity and felt helpless to do anything about it. Involvement for some of them is really about doing something because they must do something, even if it is not quite right. That pragmatism avoided dealing with the massive problem of how to correct the spiritual deficit of innumerable professing Christians.

With great apostasy in Christianity, the digital economy on the verge of occurring, the secular realm primed to erupt at any moment, a pandemic that may be a portend, possible economic collapse, broken supply chain, and now this massive questionable global network—it is time to pray and set our minds on things above. Consider the dangerous potential of such a spiritually compromised empire as the GCN rising to lure so many leaders. It would be a horrible mistake would be to turn away in apathy and fail to recognize how fragile we are without God.

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