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And Satan came also Among Them

And Satan came also Among Them
(Job 1:6)

For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ. (Jude 1:4 NKJV)

Judge Robert Bork’s book, “Slouching Towards Gomorrah—Modern Liberalism and American Decline” (1996), is an amazing detail of what would prove to be prophetically fulfilling in the 21st century. When the riots in streets and college campuses during the 60s and early 70s ceased, one of the leaders of the Marxist students who perpetrated this outrage was asked if they had failed. He replied, “It was never our intent to establish a line upon line Marxist government, but to cripple America, and bring it into receivership to morally superior third-world countries.” This they have almost completed. Our nation is nearly 17 trillion dollars in debt. We are approaching bankruptcy, which will bring us into receivership to third-world nations. Bork states that the leaders of the anti-America movement did not simply fade away. Instead, they realized that their goals could not be accomplished by rioting and taking over campus buildings. They went back to the colleges and universities and got their degrees. Then they became professors, deans, teachers, and wormed their way into leadership of various powerful organizations such as the news media, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the educational system, Hollywood, and of course the government. Presently, they are in near complete control of many power sectors including the Democratic Party. It is no coincidence that when it came time to launch the political career of the man that would become President, Barak Obama, the party was held at Bill Ayers home, a home-grown terrorist turned professor.

As a result, our nation is staggering from the wounds they have inflicted in almost every critical area of our society and government. They have not sought to make things better, but to destroy what they deem as harmful to the completion of their goal. Their goal is a godless, one-world system; a Christ-less, man-created, hedonistic, utopia, the culmination of Humanism, built upon the ruins of a fallen America. We ended Hitler’s disastrous experiment. We should have arrested and executed the diabolical minds that inspired him instead of inviting them into our nation to incite a generation to begin their ruinous work anew.

As I research the activities and doctrine of the Emergent Church, it occurred to me that the same thing has happened in the religious sector. One fact is inescapable, and it is that American Christianity has become infiltrated by New Age operatives. It is clear that the Emergent Church is nothing more than the New Age Movement repackaged and renamed. Further, there is no way that such a well-organized and multifaceted attack on truth could be merely the work of a few loose cannons with bad doctrine. Long ago they began worming their way inside, taking tenure at Christian colleges and universities, pastorates, and other positions of influence. They glad-handed, cajoled, and connived their way to the top levels of leadership. There is also the strong probability that some of the infiltrators are Jesuit operatives. They are ruthless in removing all obstacles to returning Protestantism to Roman Catholic control. Over two decades ago in the denomination I was involved with, I observed the leaders systematically marginalizing and excommunicating ministers who recognized the decadence of truth and gravitation toward liberal themes. In already corrupt colleges and seminaries, they were training young hirelings to take the place of those godly men. There were so many weak and uncommitted professing Christians, content to warm pews on Sunday morning and nothing more, that the take-over was mostly a cake walk. There is no doubt in my mind that both the takeover of the government and Christianity is a multi-pronged conspiracy of Satan to bring the world under his control.

One glaring questions is how bad is it? It is very bad. If one is a uninformed pew-warmer, he or she is probably already imbibing New Age doctrine. Such a one is either now in the vortex of deception or rapidly heading in that direction. Entire denominations face a complete reversal of direction. Traditional Christians beliefs and practices will either be completely dismissed or amalgamated with New Age doctrine to the extent they are unrecognizable and nonviable. The practice of Contemplative Prayer/Centering has already taken firm hold in most liturgical denominations and threatens to invade two of the largest evangelical denominations in America. The majority of professing Christians have only a casual relationship with God and that vicariously through a pastor. They actually do not want enough truth to challenge their autonomy. You cannot speak anything negative to them. They have buried their heads in fun, pleasure, food, entertainment, and the affairs of this life. They can receive and retain voluminous data and statistics about everything from NASCAR to PGA, but they have no taste for truth. Their fleshly nature is so powerful that when you begin informing them of the encroaching evil, their cognition will begin to close down and their eye lids will become heavy. Dull hearts, deaf ears, and blind eyes, they are perfect targets for deception.

The other big question is what are people who know the truth going to do about it? Sadly, most credentialed ministers are going to remain silent and do little or nothing. The reason is because they are afraid of being excommunicated, of losing their income and opportunity to minister. They realize that when the paradigm shift is complete, they will have to choose to accept a lie, or to walk away. But they are attempting to hang on a bit longer, hoping against all doubt that it will get better. They simply cannot find the courage now to stand up for the truth. The sad irony is that if these ministers were asked to join a cult, they would refuse. But if they are faced with the decision to leave one, most of them would again refuse.

On that day when all souls stand before the Righteous Judge, we will give an account of how we performed in this life. How did we respond when pressured to deny Christ to some degree or be persecuted, rejected, and suffer loss? We will not be asked to enumerate the cost of obedience to God, how much we suffered or lost. The only question will be if we did the right thing.

We have come to the end of the age and the choices await us whether to accept good and reject evil, or to do nothing. I am deeply grateful to God that I already made that choice and entered a period of suffering. I suffered denominational tribunals, rejection, and excommunication from churches. Ostracized from Christian fellowship, I ended up financially devastated, a broken man ostracized from institutional Christianity. However, I am filled with gratitude that I lost my home and vehicles, that I have no social prominence, that I am an insignificant peon with a blank resume pastoring a small house church. I have no position to fall from. It is a joy to me that I work at a physically demanding job that taxes my aging body to the breaking point because no religious heretic controls my income. I am grateful because I have already experienced a small taste of what it costs to stand for truth unflinching and without compromise. Over the past ten years my godly wife and I have to depend on God alone for our survival. I have learned things through this trial of brokenness that I would not trade for any amount of money or honor. I have learned that when one stands up for God, He will stand up for him or her.

This is no game. It is a battle for truth. As such, it is a battle for the souls of humanity. It is not about what we stand to lose materially, but what we stand to gain for eternity.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. (Romans 8:18 – NKJV)


  1. God's follower

    How many brothers and sisters attend your little church (but in the eyes of God, it’s a great one)?
    I sincerely pray for it to grow. But if it won’t, I hope the members will stay and no one will depart. God give you all strength and wisdom.

    I don’t attend any church as of now and I think I won’t find one anymore (I’m an Assemblies of God by birth, but I reject to be a part of it). All I can do is virtually attend the church you are pastoring under the guidance of God. God bless everyone of us. May we all keep growing in faith and love for only Him. Love from Philippines.

  2. Jane James

    You know Dear Brother, I would be attending your church


  3. Tom and Katie

    Just read your letter on light house trails yesterday. Very blessed indeed… Went to your website and read many more planning on reading all of them as time goes on… We are very blessed as the articles we have read express our understanding of what is happening in society and the so-called church.

    Where is your group of believers… We stand alone at this time …no church to attend haven’t gone to one in about 18 years. and then we were struggling with false doctrine,music, dress and false brethren. Would love to talk to you please contact us….Tom and Katie

  4. Tom and Katie

    oh one more thing…Have you thought about naming your old church or naming who you are talking about..Apostle Paul and Jesus did when they were warning about false doctrine…there are a lot of people that may be seeing some of the things you are speaking about but are still in the babylonian confusion…

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