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Will True Christians Please Stand Up? (part two)

Will True Christians Please Stand Up? (part one)

Thank you all for your encouraging comments, vows to stand, and to pray. I came to the realization that this battle will be lost if only a few people are opposing the incredible evil of the Emerging/Emergent Church, New Age Movement and its Contemplative Spirituality. I reduced the heresy to the term “Replacement Christianity” so that people can get a better grasp of what is occurring. It is clear that if there is not a grass roots opposition mounted against this evil, Christianity will be no more. You read me correctly. If everyone who loves the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ does not begin to educate and equip themselves, speak out, write, or otherwise resist this evil attack, it will completely destroy Christianity.

How much time do we have? About as much time as it will take to finish off America as a free and democratic nation. The same evil spirit is working in Christianity as in our government and the secular society. The difference is that factory workers, mechanics, house cleaners, waitresses, landscapers, painters, plumbers, etc., are rallying to the struggle against evil in our government and society. However, even though an equally destructive group is at work dismantling Christianity, there is a deathly silence from the same individuals.

Part of the problem is the Emerging/Emergent Church leaders have kept the conversation so loaded with theological and academic terms that the grass roots people cannot understand them. Only a few of the heretics have stated outright that they intend to destroy Christianity and replace it with a New Age model rife with pagan beliefs and practices. The rest just smile and speak loftily while the sheep blink and say nothing. Just to let everyone know how bad it is, I point to what is occurring in our government at the present. We are watching Americanism being destroyed right before our eyes. Christianity is undergoing the same degree of destruction. It is so bad in Christianity that I have no doubt that the day we wake up to newspaper headlines and breaking news on television that our nation is no longer a free society, on that day Christianity will also be non-existent.

The individuals involved in causing this destruction of Christianity read like a “Who’s Who in Christianity” list. One of them has been labeled the next Billy Graham, another one “America’s Pastor.” They speak to millions of Christians via television. Their books sell in the millions. Their conferences are sold out. And yet they utter blasphemy and spread paganism as if it were as common and accepted as hot butter on a hot roll. Once they finish their work, their intent is to drag the battered corpse of Christianity to Rome and lay it at the feet of the Pope. Nothing I have said here is an exaggeration as you can easily discover for yourself.

It will take more than Ray Yungen, Roger Oakland, Warren Smith, Lighthouse Trails, and the other ones who are making their stand. It will take the rank and file believers in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to rise up en masse and reject this evil. I am not even certain that we can win the battle. But is it certain that we can win the battle against the wicked ones who have gained control in our government and secular society? It does not stop us from speaking out, writing and posting information on FaceBook, and discussing the matter when we are with friends. It does not stop us from challenging people who believe everything is okay and  America is better than ever. We speak out when local issues arise threatening truth and righteousness. We cry out against homosexual marriage, against government oppression of Christianity, and against attempts to remove Christ from society. Why can we not cry out against a massive effort to remove Christ from Christianity and replace Him with a Cosmic Christ? Sometimes it is not about winning…it is about fighting the good fight of faith. Christ did not appear to have won when He went to the cross. His victory was in obeying God unto death. Please think and pray about what you have just read.


  1. Mary Sposato

    I am Standing, the trouble is getting people to listen with more than their ears. I have been beating my head against the walls of the church for 4 years and getting no where. I am about to leave, the only thing that keeps me there is the head pastor who teaches precept on precept. My church is in love with Beth Moore and I can not get through to them in the womens bible study. One of the pastors I went to about contemplative prayer told me that he went to seminary how dare I try to teach him.
    I am not good at speaking to people, not good at putting words together so they make sense, but I can research with the best of folks. Thank you for your web site and the great work that you are doing. May God Bless you, Mary

  2. Friend

    Be courageous, be not afraid…our Lord Jesus is with us and we will not be alone. Be equipped with booklets from Lighthouse Trails – a most excellent website! Hand out the booklets and ask the person(s) to read them. Be sure to follow up with them. We are taking such an approach with ‘calling’ book by Sara Y.. Also, be ready with LHT’s booklets on Yoga, which is creeping in.

    My question at times is “where are the husbands, to protect the wives?” Plus “where is the discernment in the husbands?”
    In Him

  3. Roberta morrow

    Find you informative and I agree with your info…
    I too have been trying to inform believers of UNTRUTHS
    They do not hear me.!!!
    Can you answer….. What heritic doctrine does joseph prince teach? Thank u
    Ps. I have been a new creation in Christ for over 50 yrs
    Love the word ,study the word ,have had excellent teachers… I. McGee
    Tozer spurgeon. I have been blessed by JP sermons and trust your info will help me.
    In HIS CARE roberta

  4. jan

    Roberta, see here re Joseph Prince:

    Though Ken Silva has gone to be with the Lord, his website is a great resource. Just do a search on his site and you will find a whole host of articles on people and movements. Ken was a tireless researcher and understood the times.

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