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Super Bowl Love Part Two

“But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.” (Ezekiel 33:6)

So I will not be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. To be blunt, I would not put that diabolical mixture into my spiritual and emotional system under any circumstances. It makes me shudder to think of knowingly and willingly giving Satan the permission to strum the strings of my emotional system, saturating my brain with waves of adrenalin. Imagine the low one must endure afterward, especially if his team loses. And the focus will not end with the game ending. There will be incessant discussion about who cheated, the referees bias, the coaches bad decisions, who ought to be fired or traded, etcetera.

It is not just about a one-evening break from following Christ, a period to lay down one’s cross to frolic a bit with the world system. It is not an abrupt interlude where one merely revels in a presumed liberty granted by God. It is symptomatic (and consequential) of a preexisting spiritual condition. The spiritual thermometer of many professing Christians is hovering (perhaps stuck) around lukewarm degrees. They are not hot enough to pray, but they are cool enough to play. They are not cold enough to deny Christ, but they are warm enough to defy God. If God were to say, “Lay it down,” they might respond, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” (Or they might ask for prayer to be delivered from Satan tormenting them about watching the Super Bowl.)

I used to love to watch football. I got hooked on it as an evangelist. In many churches I visited for revival, the pastor invited me to watch football with him Sunday afternoon. I eventually noticed that it took a lot of spiritual energy out of me. I switched to watching golf. It had the same effect. Having liberty and anointing during Sunday evening church meetings became a huge battle. I also noticed that Sunday evenings during football season, few men attended Sunday evening church meetings. Further, the ones that did were drained of any desire for God’s word. They worshiped lackadaisical and with boredom, which is an insult toward God.

Super Bowl Sunday is the absolute spiritual low of the year for churches and Christianity. I cannot imagine being prepared for any crisis, to communion with God in spirit and truth, or be ready for Him to use me I’m meaningful way, while and after gorging on food and worldliness (Oh that dreadful word! He must be a legalist!). It didn’t used to be this way. What has happened to us that now we cannot tear ourselves away from obsessive indulgence with the world’s big party? When and why did we decide that now a great deception and consequential apostasy is occurring, we can dance around the NFL’s “golden calf?” Has the standard changed to, “Everyone’s doing it”? Does popularity and acceptance of something make it okay whether God likes it or not? If so, then why did God judge and entire nation for their sins? It must have been okay for Israel to dance around the golden calf. After all, everyone was doing it.

What soldier lays down his weapon, deserts his duty, and attends a party with the enemy while his comrades double their burdens to make up for his absence? While the church parties with the world system tonight, I call upon the ransomed and free, the redeemed of the Lord, to spend the evening praying, reading or studying God’s word, attending a church meeting, or having Bible study and discussion in your home.
You know you are obsessed when no amount of truth can set you free. One must be honest when making the decision to join or disassociate with the world system today. Which of the following is it? I won’t because I don’t believe it is a problem? I won’t because I don’t believe God requires me too. I won’t because I cannot avoid watching. I won’t because everyone I don’t see any benefit in abstaining. I won’t because I don’t want to. I understand the ramifications, but I’ve always managed to survive with no lasting problems. I’m with you, brother, I’m not going to waste my oil. Feel free to post on this thread one of those responses that reflect your position. After all, one may as well be open about his or her position.

“Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?”
The watchman said, “The morning comes, and also the night. If you will inquire, inquire;
Return! Come back!” (Isaiah 21:11-12)


  1. Steve

    There is a problem with the SuperBowl in most Christian groups around here. If your not in the in crowd then you can forget about mingling with your “christian friends”, even if you just call them on the phone. Christianity is dead on SuperBowl Sunday.

  2. Evangelina


    That goes for the last then or so posts I just read right now, I saved the reply for here. You must be my Christian twin!
    I couldn’t agree more with all you have said. I mourn over it too, all that I see everywhere among ‘Christianity’. We warn and we warn, but they will still not be prepared when the storm arrives. More apostasy, the antichrist, persecution, remaining loyal through the storm, they won’t be ready. It’s like the olympics, preparing to run the race to win. We are doing the right exercises. They are sitting on their couches watching and loving the things of the world on TV while stuffing themselves with empty snack food. (and this at church!)

    I hop on here about once a month and get caught up, but I enjoy and appreciate all you do here and agree wholeheartedly with what you have said.

    Blessings and love to you!

  3. Vanessa taylor

    Thank you – Sports is a national idol and so few Christians can see the stronghold it has on this nation

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