One of the marks of the last days is great division (Matthew 10). I believe that we are now seeing that division in full force. Deception in its many heretical forms has fragmented Christianity into many groups, each with its own belief system. Further, there is a large and increasing number of autonomous individuals, each with their own belief system. The tenets of their belief systems are non-negotiable. If you disagree, you are the enemy.

In many cases there is actual unity, or at least a tentative truce between deceived factions. However, one group they will challenge and even hate are the truth speakers from God’s Remnant. Deception can tolerate deception, but will not tolerate God’s truth. Truth to the deceived ones is what they declare as truth. Therefore, God’s truth is as poison to them and a stench to their spirits.

Christ is not responsible for the time of division occurring, in the sense that He wished it to be and participated in its advent. The fact is, they are divided because soteriology, christology, ecclesiology and eschatology have all been invaded and perverted by heresy. That puts Christ Jesus at odds with the many false christs created by heresy. Consequently, they do not accept Him and His followers are despised and rejected.

Further, there is at the moment a sharp and brutal division over political differences. I have never seen anything like this. It was truly amazing to witness this dark cloud of satanic division form. Individuals rejected longtime friends, as if they were mortal enemies. Families and churches are dividing. People are rejecting as riffraff pastors and other godly individuals. And then there is the Internet. What can I say about the Internet that everyone does not already know. It has become a massive field of poisonous briers. The hatred and sheer wickedness espoused at the slightest provocation are astounding.

In spite of the massive rejection of truth, God’s mercy mandates that truth and warnings continue, until the eternal door is closed. At that point, millions of people will be consigned to eternal darkness. Every attempt will be made to turn them back to God’s truth and light. It will be the most difficult period to endure and overcome. Our only hope to survive is to continue in the things of God unwavering, and reject every new thing.

I have never witnessed the scope and intensity of division that is occurring between professing Christians today. There are vicious attacks by many professing Christians on their fellow Believers. Their vicious and evil words are not of God. I do not believe that Christianity can recover from it. The reason is that although true Christians can forgive, they cannot forget. The measure of level and trust cannot be restored. There is something deeply amiss spiritually in someone who can trash years (in one case, 4 decades) of friendship over an election. How could I ever trust such an individual again? Bitter and sweet water cannot flow from the same fountain unless the source is greatly compromised.

The division is not contained to the election fiasco. I was recently trashed by a “friend” of over 2 decades for telling him the truth in a non-political matter. It is as if diabolical spirits of division has been unleashed. It is prophetic of the last days. People hate truth so much that they transfer that hatred onto anyone who speaks it to them. And it does not have to be a large amount of truth. One sentence can send them into a state of outrage. It is like watching someone throwing a tantrum in a glassware shop. Their rage is not abated until they have completely destroyed the reputation of a former friend.

They’d better repent and prepare. I would be horrified at the thought of facing the dark period ahead with that type of sin clinging in my spirit. They will not only be totally unprepared, but they will be greatly susceptible to demon spirits of deceit. By increments, they will consider that their horrific sin as mild, cast their victims in the role of perpetrators, and relax their guard so that they cannot be alert. The roaring and devouring lion is seeking them.

One very discouraging feature of the contention is professing Christians believe they are doing God’s work to commit offense against another Christian. This is not a fulfillment of John 16:2, but it is the precursor to fulfillment.

One does not always avoid offending people when presenting truth. However, offense should never be goal. The caustic nature of the language and flagrant false accusations indicate that offense is their goal. Do they believe that they can win anyone over to their position?

“A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city, and contentions are like the bars of a castle.” – Proverbs 18:19

No one is going to change their minds because of intimidation. The purpose of the onslaught of harsh terms and statements appears to be punishment. It is in sync with what secular people are doing to each other. What a tragedy.