A Christmas Poem
C. H. Fisher

Memories of my childhood, Christmas was near.
I wondered about Santa and his magic deer.
I wondered if he really knew all about me,
And why were there presents under the tree
Many years had passed before I realized,
That there was no magic Santa, no magic sleigh in the sky,
No chimney large enough that he could come down,
And no plausible way that he could visit every town.
On one summer eve the truth finally came.
There was only one man, Jesus is His name,
That could offer the blessings of peace and good will,
And a solution to all the world’s ills.
He gave me a gift more priceless than all
The gifts that a mythical Santa could haul.
He gave me salvation and freedom from sin.
No longer a slave, I now live for Him.
So when Christmas comes with its glitz and glamour,
With shopping flurry, music, and clamor,
Shopping carts racing down aisles full of toys,
Music, and shouting, and honking, and noise.
I focus on what really matters each day,
That Christ is the life, the truth, and the way.
And if it is about His birthday celebration.
What could we give that would bring jubilation,
To heaven and angels, cherubs, and the Father,
Is there anything on earth we could possibly offer?
Yes, there is a gift that we can give Him.
We can offer our lives and turn away from sin.
We can love, care, give, and be kind,
Every day, not just at Christmas time.
If His birthday is truly the reason for this commotion,
Let’s ignore the magic Santa and give Jesus our devotion.