During this Christmas Season, while going through various stores with my wife shopping for the kids and grandies, I’ve noticed a number of people that seem to be discouraged.  My spirit senses troubled spirits in people.  A kind word, a smile and cordial greeting, or another act of kindness, seems to instantly brighten their countenances.  I feel joy rising from the fountain when the little children smile.  I love joy—I’m addicted to it.

When you show an act of kindness, you’re making a payment.  “But Christ Jesus paid my sin debt,” might be the response.  Oh yes He did!  And we cannot buy our way into God’s grace.  However, His word tells us to “owe no one anything but love.”  It is a debt that we will never stop paying on.  More than a debt, it is a privilege.  The privilege is our RSVP to God’s invitation to come to His house for supper.  Every time the love of Christ flows out of us, we are saying to God, “Yes, I’ll be there.” 

I know that’s a bit cheesy, but sometimes the elementary thoughts remind us that this life is not just about existing and providing for ourselves and our loved ones.  It is about reaching out to other people with our live.  It is also about reaching the end of the journey still carrying the flame of love in our hearts that God gave us when He freed us from darkness. 

In Leviticus 6:13, God commanded, “A fire shall always be burning on the altar; it shall never go out.”

That fire in our hearts is an increasing passion to sync with God’s divine loving nature.  The flesh and the world system vehemently opposes that passion.  If I relax that desire even one day, I can feel the dredges of the old nature attempting to rise up again.  

Nothing says “No” to the flesh and the world system than to release love through our lives.  For some people, like my wife, it comes naturally.  For me it is a daily battle against the inherent proclivity of selfishness.  To be honest, I despise selfishness in me.  I hate it like sin.  Thus, I make a daily choice to pay the debt of love.  It is establishing a godly paradigm.  It keeps the oil flowing and fire on the altar.  My eternal perspective is sharpened.   Nothing else that I do seems to enhance the feeling of nearness to God.  It really is all about love, isn’t it? 

My soul is particularly concerned for the ones who may feel alone, rejected, useless, or abandoned.  If I had a large house I would invite them all to enjoy Christmas with us.  I know how it feels.  I have had all those feelings at once and have spent Christmas day alone, hungry, and without a single gift from anyone.  But that was before God invited me into His family.  You are not alone.  The Holy Spirit is there when everyone else is gone.  His presence and comfort is immeasurable.   May His joy fill you today! 

When the sun beams its smiley face on Friday morn, rise up, stretch your hands toward heaven, thank God for His love and grace, and rejoice in the Him.  Go somewhere and pass out some love.  God will give you a fresh supply.  You may realize that no matter what happens in life, or how its many twists and turns buffet your soul, you have more than a room full of presents under a gilded tree.  You have a RSVP to heaven and eternal life. 

Thank you for reading my random thoughts.  I want to say that I love all of my FB friends.  Some of you I know more personally, but I pray for everyone daily.  I hope that a heavenly gift arrives for the ones who are struggling through harsh afflictions in the form of injuries and sickness.   Those who are in stressful financial need I wish a miraculous supply.  To everyone, I wish you a season of love, joy, and fellowship.