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The Third Option

“And when Pharaoh drew near, the children of Israel lifted their eyes, and behold, the Egyptians marched after them. So they were very afraid, and the children of Israel cried out to the Lord.” – Exodus 14:10

Israel was pinned between the Red Sea and a desert. In the distant they could see the dust from the approaching army of an enraged Pharaoh. They were not accustomed to trusting God. Although they were God’s people, they had been born as slaves. The slave system had fed them, given them shelter, they had been free to dabble in Egyptian religion and enjoy the pleasures of its hedonistic society.   It was a life of sameness. They didn’t have to think for themselves, make decisions, or manage the responsibilities of freedom.

Thus, faced with a perilous dilemma their carnal minds struggled for a logical solution. In their earthly view there were only two choices. They could either go back toward Egypt and beg Pharaoh’s forgiveness, or they would die on the banks of the sea. There was a third option, but they could not fathom it. They could simply trust God. Continue reading

The Great Division

One of the marks of the last days is great division (Matthew 10). I believe that we are now seeing that division in full force. Deception in its many heretical forms has fragmented Christianity into many groups, each with its own belief system. Further, there is a large and increasing number of autonomous individuals, each with their own belief system. The tenets of their belief systems are non-negotiable. If you disagree, you are the enemy.

In many cases there is actual unity, or at least a tentative truce between deceived factions. However, one group they will challenge and even hate are the truth speakers from God’s Remnant. Deception can tolerate deception, but will not tolerate God’s truth. Truth to the deceived ones is what they declare as truth. Therefore, God’s truth is as poison to them and a stench to their spirits.

Christ is not responsible for the time of division occurring, in the sense that He wished it to be and participated in its advent. The fact is, they are divided because soteriology, christology, ecclesiology and eschatology have all been invaded and perverted by heresy. That puts Christ Jesus at odds with the many false christs created by heresy. Consequently, they do not accept Him and His followers are despised and rejected. Continue reading

School Replaces Detention with Meditation/Yoga

Baltimore’s Robert W. Coleman Elementary School is taking advantage of unknowledgeable or inattentive parents, to instruct vulnerable children in the practice meditation and Yoga.   Instead of sending unruly children to detention, they are sending them to the “Mindful Room”. There they are taught breathing exercises, meditation, and Yoga.

“Misbehaving kids are encouraged to sit in the room and go through practices like breathing or meditation, helping them calm down and re-center.” – This school replaced detention with meditation. The results are stunning, James Gaines, 9/22/2016, Upworthy (online)

What I find stunning is the fact Christians have not risen up in protest, exposed this diabolical preying on their children, and demanded the school remove the program. The program, entitled Holistic Me, was established in partnership with the Holistic Life Foundation. According to the Foundation’s website, which pictures two children in meditating in yoga position, claims to “serve” 4500 students weekly. One has to wonder if some children might create a disturbance just to get into the program. Holistic Me is active in over 14 schools including at least one Christian school, Friends School of Baltimore. They claim that no school suspensions were issued to students who attend their program. According to the Baltimore school spokesperson, none of their participating students were suspended last year. They are crediting the program with reduction in fighting and other behavioral issues. Continue reading

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