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A Plague of “Scratchers.”

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

As I understand it, our physical body itches to warn us when something has irritated our skin. Whatever the irritation, it activates itch receptors of specialized nerve endings called C-fibers. C-fibers, which are are identical to the ones associated with pain, convey the itch sensations to the brain. Scratching arouses the C-fibers that are associated with pain and short-circuits the receptors sensing the itching. Oh, what a relief it is, but only temporarily.

Itching in the ear is a particularly annoying malady. Of course, we use a Q-tip in an effort to “scratch” the itch. “Itching” in our spiritual ears is quite a problem that cannot be resolved by mere scratching. The Apostle Paul identifies what causes the irritation that results in “itching” spiritual ears. The irritation is the sound doctrine that emanates from the truth. Sound doctrine makes people’s ears itch is because it conflicts with the way they wish to be and live. Their lives are not hidden with Christ in God, their flesh has not been mortified, and they remain autonomous and unsurrendered.  Continue reading


The Pressure to dim and then turn out the light

Before I address anything else, please bear with me as I point out some examples of true hatred. I am using the definition of hatred that rose up from Liberalism like a swamp monster from a fog. That definition is; “Anything that disagrees with or in anyway disapproves of what I say or do.” It is enforced by a single rule; to punish the offender as harshly as possible, often with the help of the news media. It is now escalated to the retraction or restriction of one’s Constitutional rights of “life, liberty, the persist of happiness, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.”

Since the rule only applies to and is enforced against Christians, it is hatred by its own definition. It’s enforcers identify historic and biblical Christian values as hatred, then aggressively force Christians to submit to the false accusation or suffer the loss of their livelihoods, pay outrageousness fines and compensation. It is a massive attempt by Christophobic individuals in the secular realm to force the Remnant of God’s people into becoming “closet” Christians.

By their own definition of hatred, the lawsuits and adjudication are themselves acts of hatred against Christian bakers, flower shop owners, et cetera. They are aggressive acts of hatred because they are unconstitutional infringements on the rights of Christians citizens to live free in our Republic unencumbered by abusive of legislative or judicial power.

Furthermore, the attempts to replace the Constitution of our nation with Sharia Law is an act of hatred. First, our Constitution disallows the violence intrinsic in Islam and the two diametrically opposed Legal Systems cannot coexist. Furthermore, Islam has a worldwide history of gaining by violence what it cannot possibly gain by attraction. It is the most violent and brutal religion against Christians. We cannot retain our Constitution and Christianity cannot exist under Sharia Law.  Continue reading

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