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Why We Should Not Trust in Political Salvation

“Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.” — Job 15:31

Although some of my friends are declaring a Trump win, many people are very nervous about the coming election on November 3rd. As I wrote in 2016 until Christ returns we will remain one election from dominance by diabolical people. Every four years we can expect an increasingly worse display of petulant outrage and fanatical individuals acting out their hatred for Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, policemen, and anyone not wearing a flat-bill hat. Of course, having an American flag, wrong political sticker, stickers indicated support for hunting, fishing, golf, military, law enforcement, church, Chick-fil-A, NRA, et cetera, anywhere on your body, clothing, or vehicle, is considered by evil people as grounds for attack.

Some people are not convinced that Trump will win because of the widespread mail-in voter fraud, the completely scurrilous and scandalous news media, and shenanigans by diabolical Social Media moguls. It is not going to be a peaceful reaction no matter who declares themselves to be the winner.

It is no wonder that guns and ammunition are disappearing from the stores. Some people I have talked with are preparing to hunt if there is a food shortage. Most are prepared to defend themselves and their homes and businesses. They are deeply concerned about remarks from leading Democrats that they will start a violent revolution if they lose on November 3rd.

Consider what the Democrats have committed already—burning cars and buildings, dragging people out of their vehicles and beating them nearly to death, outright killing people, screaming, cursing, dressing as demons, killing police officers, looting, and destroying businesses, destroying entire cities, et cetera. That’s the face and soul of the Democrat Party today.  Continue reading

The Consequence of Casual Christianity

“…if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” — 2 Chronicles 7:14

The above passage is not a paradigm for the restoration and healing of the United States that most professing Christians are following or even believing in. They are attempting to “vote in office” the “healing” of our nation. While some may seek forgiveness and as Jeremiah and Isaiah repent for the nation that refuses to repent, the catastrophic worldwide consequences of sin and rebellion will arrive. 

The time to pray for victory over Satan’s minions that are taking over the world, including our nation, has long passed. Professing Christians should have prayed when the watchmen warned them repeatedly to pray. However, they ignored the many warnings of the watchmen just as they have by now recognized this message is not to their taste and have stopped reading it. Their response was to label the watchmen as negative individuals obsessed with doomsday. Their preference in messengers leaned heavily toward heretics, hirelings, and dry preachers in comatose churches.

They should have risen from the squalor of mediocrity and became the shining light and salt that Christ declared they should be. That did not occur. Instead, they populated a great apostasy. Now the time has passed for praying that God will spare our nation and Christianity from the consequences of sinking into a dark pit. Many, if not all, people on board prayed when the Titanic began to sink, but it did not stop it from heading toward the miry deep.

They look around today in amazement and fear at the events occurring in the secular world and distressed. The riots, pandemic, harsh mandates from antiConservative governors, economic shutdown, and denying the First Amendment Constitutional right of churches to assemble, and great concern about the coming Presidential Election, have motivated some of them to pray.

But pray for what, exactly? Do they pray that the last days will revert to the good old days of casual Christianity? Do they wish to return to a vibrant faith in God, to seeking and obeying His will, and to praying (a most neglected activity and one that is common to Believers that genuinely know Him). The truth is, Christianity apostatized on their watch, but they did not pray or prayed Contemplatively as pagans. Is that state of apathy and complacency what they wish to return to? Continue reading

Are there true prophets today?

“Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” — 2 Chronicles 20:20

It is beyond any doubt that our nation is being stressed to the limit. Secular people are looking for answers from humanity—Christians are seeking answers from God. I will focus on the latter because the former needs a different message. The majority of Believers want to know what to expect next. We have been battered by COVID-19, now the threat of a vaccine offered by people we do not trust, the threat of more viruses, more riots, a Democrat presidential administration, et cetera, looms on the horizon. The temptation is to shut it all off, succumb to denial and apathy, and wait for the Coming of the Lord. That would be a grave mistake. We need to know and allow the effect of that knowledge to condition us for a very harsh period that Christ has warned us to be prepared for (Luke 12:27).

To inform us about what we might expect next, God sends prophets. As soon as the title “prophet” is mentioned, people react as if they heard the term “space alien.” God’s people need to clear their minds of hindering notions. One of the most ridiculous notions is that there will never again be genuine prophets. They have made the term so sacrosanct that if someone knew beyond any doubt that he was a prophet, he would fear to declare it. Why are Christians so opposed to the title “prophet?” Are there any scriptures that indicate we should rebuke and shun someone who identifies as a prophet? No. 

The sole reason they are shunned and rejected is that people believe the office is so special that only a very special person, highly favored by God, and in the same form as Elijah or John the Baptist, could wear the title. Thus, the prophet must be super-ethereal and supernaturally elevated above everyone else. Nonsense! They are looking for a gold-plated prophet adorned with precious jewels. The prophets that God called are as Amos, “an herdman, and a gatherer of sycomore fruit.” They do not feel special and have no special charisma or persona that we would be amazed by them. They simply speak the truth that has been rejected or ignored. Prophets are God’s final attempt to reach hard hearts and closed minds before judgment arrives. Continue reading

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