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The False Soteriology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Notice: On my FB thread concerning modern heretics, someone mentioned Charles Spurgeon. There was not enough space to reply on that thread. The following is a lengthy statement about Spurgeon’s Calvinism. It could have been twice as long because there is so much error in the heretical soteriology of the Calvinist/Reformed doctrinal system. Sorry, but I haven’t the time to debate this. Further, I will not spend time repeating myself to individuals who scan my responses, pick out a snippet, and ignore logic, the facts of history,  and God’s word.

That said, I have never changed anyone’s mind who was determined to believe something and I likely never will. I only write for the Remnant, to encourage them and provide my opinions, such as they are, concerning God’s word. It is much better to study for oneself and be taught by the Holy Spirit.

The False Soteriology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Charles Spurgeon, called the “prince of preachers,” believed in Total Depravity, i.e., that no one could come to God for salvation by his or her own volition. Thus, with no redeeming qualities in humanity, on what basis can God choose one over the other? If Total Depravity is correct, there is no basis that a just and merciful God can base His choice on. Spurgeon would say the basis is that God foreknows who will remain saved and who will not. That defeats Total Depravity. If one will be faithful and another will not, then former cannot be as depraved as the latter. It’s not about magical and fantastical suppositions, but about God’s desire to be loved by choice—not force.

Spurgeon believed in Unconditional Election, that our will is utterly dead (will-less, see Irresistible Grace). Thus, God who is infinite in wisdom designed a flawed plan that would compel Him against His infinite love nature to consign horrific injustice to innumerable individuals. Nothing in the biblical depiction of God indicates that he could compel some of us whose wills are nonexistent to desire him and cast the rest of us into hell. Furthermore, with Total Depravity, there is no way to know who is truly chosen and who is Totally, Unconditionally, Lost, Irreversibly dead in sin, and Predestined for hell. Turn to you spouse, children, or grandchildren, smile and say, “I hope you make it to heaven, but you might go to hell and there is nothing you can do about it. By the way, do you feel compelled to serve God?” Continue reading

Come back!


Consider the fruit of false eschatology. Millions of professing Christians are not fighting the good fight of faith. They are not resisting the encroaching evil darkness. They do not, or seldom ever, pray. They are complacent, but whining and complaining about more food for their indifference.

Their ears are dull of hearing. They have eyes that cannot see. Their hearts bulge with substance from the world system. And yet they still want more! They do not live by faith, but by a false sense of elitism.

Consequently, they are not watching and waiting for the Coming of the Lord, as those who watch for the morning. They are as people lounging in an airport terminal waiting on a flight to a tropical paradise. Outside the windows, a storm rages, but they trust in the poverty of their lies. They say, “there shall no evil befall us, neither shall any plague come nigh our dwelling!” Behold, His word is made profane by their tongues! Continue reading

Sound the alarm in God’s holy mountain 

I meet many people who are clueless about the great apostasy. That is equivalent to being unaware of a deadly pandemic that daily takes the lives of thousands. However, as one individual said as he brushed away my attempts to warn him, “All I know is I’m saved. I don’t worry about anything else.”

Okay, but would he allow his friends and family to venture into an area where a pandemic was the most intense without warning them? Probably not. Why do professing Christians refuse to warn people about a very infectious and deadly apostasy? By all indications, they believe that it is not a valid concern. I understand that such individuals do not wish to dwell on the negative and appear as a doomsayer. They want to be positive, upbeat and do what is necessary to avoid rejection. However, Closing their eyes, ears, and minds to its strength and aggression is foolish.

The responsibility to inform and warn people has been relegated to a few websites, blogs, and Social Media pages. Some popular Christian periodicals occasionally mention the evil deeds of a famed apostate, but stop well short of declaring those deeds sinful or the individual as an apostate. They conduct conferences, write books, produce television programs, and otherwise entice people to be religious, which is no more effective against rapidly spreading apostasy than voting every two years to prevent decay of morality and common sense integrity in our society. Continue reading

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