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What did you say God called you to do?

She walked up to him—hands on hips, chin jutted out. You could tell by the disapproving look on her face there was going to be trouble.

“Okay, I believe this has gone far enough,” she said. “You are so mean. Don’t you even realize how you sound? Always condemning. Pushing people around. I’ve never met anyone so judgmental and criticizing.”

“But this is what I do,” he replied, as he removed his hat and wiped his forehead. “I was born for this. I know what I’m doing.”

“Well, I know what you’re doing too. You’re bullying people. You should be more loving and kind. And it would be helpful if you had a more positive attitude. Lift people up, not put them down all the time. Have some fun. Be happy and make someone else happy.”

“I like to do that, but I can’t get through to anyone. You don’t understand. I have to tell them the truth. They need to know when they’re thinking wrong. If there isn’t a standard that they can measure themselves by they will be defeated.”

“But look at my friends and me. We don’t go around griping and pointing out people’s flaws. We have fun, we smile, and we inspire people to be positive. If we behaved like you, people would really become discouraged. You need more love and certainly more compassion. You need to be more uplifting like us and not so doom and gloom.”

“Okay, but there’s just one big difference between your responsibility and mine,” he said. He put his hat back on, pulled it down tight like he always wore it. “You’re a cheerleader and I’m the coach.”

With that he ran toward the team that was standing around on the field and shouted, “Okay, boys—break’s over. Let’s line up and get the play right this time. Mess it up and I’ll make you run ‘til you drop.”

If you feel that God has called you to be a cheerleader, try not to tell the watchman how to do his job.

He Chose the Cross

Cedric Fisher

Though Satan tried to no avail,
To hide the love behind the veil,
The Father tore it open wide,
The greatest truth it could not hide.
The Blood the Lamb poured on the Ground,
That righteousness can now be found,
Folded in the grace and life
Of that sinless sacrifice.

O heaven sing, O earth rejoice
To hear the Savior’s mighty voice
Triumphant over hell and grave
Because His life He freely gave
And millions lost contrite now come
To glorious victory in the Son

In pain and dying sadness came
But then the earth rejoiced again
When God’s angel rolled the stone
Our sins the Savior’s gift atoned
Then Life came forth no more to die
Although on earth our hearts may cry
To see His righteousness prevail
And cast the Serpent into hell

He will return, the Lord of lords
To trounce the minions, Satan’s hoard
And sear the earth with vengeance
Till all remains is righteousness
With death and darkness suffering loss
Because one day He chose the cross

Chains Couldn’t Hold Me

My new book has just been released on Amazon and is also available in paperback. Cheryl and I are praying that it will be a ministry to people who are deeply burdened for a lost friend or family member. Our daily prayer is that it will also reach people in bondage, broken by sin and hopeless. Only God can do what He did for me. He has promised to deliver anyone who will come to Him in full surrender.




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