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A Global Dominionist Utopia: The New Apostolic Reformation (Part one)

(Excerpt from the book, “AntiChrist Emerging: the surge of anti-Semitism”)

Historically, Israel has long been hated for what she is, was, and will become. That ages-old satanic spirit of hatred is surfacing again, fomenting anti-Semitism via Replacement Theology (Supercessionism). It is not only evident via Replacement Theology in liturgical dominations, but has seeped deeply into Evangelicalism. It is alarming because Replacement Theology (RT) has historically been the single most powerful provocateur of anti-Semitism.

RT posits the claim that the New Testament covenant replaces the Abrahamic covenant, and that the Church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people.[1] Thus, the Church is now “Israel” in the plan, purpose, and promises of God. The promises that God made to Israel are spiritualized and every mention of Israel in the New Testament after Pentecost refers to the Church.[2] Further, RT included beliefs based primarily on the notion that the Abrahamic Covenant no longer applies that promises Israel eternal ownership of land in Canaan (Genesis 17:7-8). Thus, because the Covenant no longer applies, Israel is just as any other nation and her only hope is in the Church.[3]

I could write about all of those manifestations of anti-Semitism, but there are numerous very well written books exposing those errors. In my research I found an anti-Semitic threat to Israel that is greater than all the others combined. In the last couple of decades a different type of anti-Semitism has manifested. It is anti-Semitism that is not easily discerned or detected, but glides silently along in a rapidly growing Movement. Obscured in the folds of Dominion Theology, this new type of anti-Semitism is thriving in the most heretical faction of Christianity, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

The NAR’s potential to do harm to Israel is far greater than the threat of anti-Semitism from alleged Jewish deicide, the anti-Semitism of the Arab nations, and anti-Semitism that stems from Replacement Theology. I do not believe that traditional anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology in liturgical denominations is the major threat to Israel unless ecumenism with the Roman Catholic Church occurs. Additionally, the rise of Replacement Theology in academia and its influence on younger Christian generations is not by itself a major threat. Its primary effect on younger generations will be to soften them for NAR Dominionism and its version of Covenant Theology (not to be confused with traditional Covenant Theology). If, as some NAR leaders are suggesting, NAR infiltrates and influences Roman Catholicism, and Ecumenism occurs between the two, I will publically declare the result to be the One-World Church of the False Prophet.

In order to adequately expose Dominionist anti-Semitism in the NAR, I must first explain what it is, its goals, and its version of Replacement Theology, Covenant Theology (Dominion Covenant).

 The NAR is an extremely alluring and deceptively diabolical Movement that intends to take over the world by infiltrating governments of nations and religions. Their view of Israel is radical to say the least and very dangerous at its best. NAR doctrine, as the Movement itself, is complex and loosely connected, widespread, and evolving. The reason for it evolving is because there are so many unaccountable contributors that shoot from the hip and modify it. However, I will describe how their Dominion Theology necessarily includes Replacement Theology. It will become clear that the NAR has no intention of supporting Israel as God’s Chosen People, of recognizing her unique place in eschatology, or assigning any other traditional biblical characteristic to the nation.

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Where are we on the Prophetic Timetable?

Previously I wrote that for Endtime prophecy in Revelation to be fulfilled it would necessitate a convergence of the secular and religious realms. That is explicitly clear by the fact that two “Beasts”, the False Prophet and Antichrist who are imbued with satanic power, will rule the entire world. I believe that when such convergence may occur can be determined approximately by the progress of the convergence and how rapidly it is progressing. However, to recognize the progress and rapidity we have to be prayerful and willing to endure the brunt of reality. It is not a pleasant process to witness because creates stress and anxiety.

A serious problem is that most professing Christians are expecting unity where unity cannot exist except that either good or evil is in complete control. Furthermore, they are expecting peace where no peace can exist. They think America will be great again while the nation is rapidly becoming more ungodly. To avoid recognizing the deterioration of society some professing Christians are burying their heads in religiosity. Numerous leaders are engaging in ecumenism, building bridges with Eastern mysticism, converting church meetings into entertainment fests, and acquiescing to secular demands that they accept perversity and other wickedness.

True Christians must realize that God did not call them to make peace with the darkness or with those who walk in it. The clear truth is that there is a war between flesh and spirit that must end in conquest by one of the other. The carnal mind is an unapologetic enemy of God that refuses to do His will. Thus, animosity between good and evil, light and darkness, truth and falsehoods will not end until Christ returns. Instead of looking for peace we should be expecting the true Peacemaker, Christ Jesus, the only One that can bring about a united world. He will do so as God’s word declares.

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The “Gentleman” in me: a case for Christian Decorum

(This article is about Christian decorum. I will not permit some replies for a couple of reasons. One, I detest debates. In this day of offense, they are a worthless expenditure of time and effort. Thus, argumentative replies will be deleted. Two, I intend to explain what I believe without someone making it into something it is not. I welcome replies but attempts to make this about something or someone else will be deleted.)

I want to begin by relating an experience. Years ago I was in a meeting where some individuals became very emotional. One woman danced about frenziedly and then fell on the floor with legs spread and dress up over her waist.

An old minister remarked to me, “That’s not the Holy Spirit.”

“How do you know?” I replied.

“Because the Holy Spirit is a Gentleman,” was his answer.

I understood that the consummate “Gentleman” is dwelling inside of me and teaching me how to be a gentleman. The definition of “gentleman” is a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.

I didn’t begin my Christian life as a gentleman. My upbringing as one of 6 siblings, no father, and no male role model, plus the years I spent in deep darkness, conditioned me to be anything other than a gentleman. However, I was willing to be taught, chastised and broken if necessary, to be changed into Christ-likeness. Currently, I comport myself as best I can to be chivalrous, courteous, and honorable. I confess that I have a long way to go (and grow), but I’m changing daily.

The fact is that it will not matter how much I grow spiritually, or in the knowledge of God’s word, if I do not express myself with propriety I will be ineffective. Even when harsh truth must be spoken it must be done without anger, arrogance, or another fleshly trait. In this day of offense no matter how gentle my heart is and how lovingly I speak the truth, people accuse me of hatred and worse. Why give them cause to legitimize their claims?

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