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There is only One I will Call My King—the Lord Jesus Christ!

This photo is a blasphemous example of how malignant Trump worship has become. I am deeply saddened by this blind and unfettered rush to bow in worship before a politician. The comparison to Christ is nauseating. Dear Father God, please heal our blindness and deafness!

The King Cyrus narrative is a bogus comparison concocted and promoted by religious hirelings and heretics. Israel did not elect Cyrus—he was already a king. Furthermore, the reason Israel was in need of deliverance was because they had become apostate and rejected all the prophets with their warnings. It is helpful to note that several previous presidents were called “King Cyrus.” How many Cyrus’s do we need before we become “great again” or cease falling into rottenness? I might be mistaken, but I believe NAR false teacher Lance Wallnau was the first to call Trump King Cyrus.

Christianity in our nation was near fatally apostate before Trump’s election. The apostasy kicked into a high gear with his election and his choice of famous heretics as spiritual advisors. In fact, if I could point to one thing that cost us the battle (yes, it’s over—there’s no turning back the evil tide) against heresy and the demonic invasion of paganism in Christianity, I would point to the election of Donald Trump. It was exactly the fertilizer boost it needed for rapid growth. It is now ready for the False Prophet.

Concurrently, America’s secular populace is beyond mere secularism. Over 40% are fully prepared to submit to Antichrist. A large percentage are hedonistic, anarchist, licentious, have the mind of Satan, promote infanticide, promote or practice sexual perversion, image mutilation and gender alteration, et cetera. In short—they are demonic. They have elected politicians that would destroy this nation in an instant and some are fully involved in that process. Their hatred for anyone and anything Christian is flagrant, ominous, and explosive. Continue reading

Halloween Halloween

Fallow Flesh Demands Plow-less & Seed-less Existence

(1311 words)

I recently wrote a “dreary” informational book about anti-semitism. During the difficult research, which took several months, I discovered that one of the top “peacemakers” in the Middle East is deeply involved with the New Apostolic Reformation. The scheme is complicated with many details. I enlisted a friend in Israel to help me with the research.

One night I felt impressed to contact the individual that I was researching. Surprisingly, he answered my email and we began a series of exchanges. I asked him about his involvement in the NAR, and he became evasive. When I pressed him for answers, he abruptly stopped responding.

The publisher I submitted it to chose not to publish the book, so I posted two chapters of the book on my blog. There was very little response by the readers. All that time and effort only served to prove what I was told would occur. People will not read a book unless it is short or stimulating. What stimulates them is what they are interested in. Most professing Christians are not interested in information relative to the last days. They gravitate to short articles, frivolous books, or books that do not hang clouds in their comfort zones. Undoubtedly, the majority craves books with new doctrine, new revelations, or arguments about why God is not as strict about obedience, commitment and sinfulness, as previously thought.

“Their hope is built on nothing less than comfort zones and churchiness.”

The issue is the diabolical schemes of Satan are now so vast and complicated that they cannot be explained succinctly. That runs afoul of the fact that, as previously stated, many professing Christians seldom read beyond text message-length material. Most of the ones that are avid readers read heresy or fiction—quite synonymous in my opinion.

Well-researched books have been written clearly describing the major deceivers and their deceptions. Those books barely sell enough copies to pay for the publishing costs. However, heretical books sell by the millions. For example, “Jesus Calling,” sold over 25 million and inspired a companion study Bible. “The Shack” sold over 20 million, and was made into a movie. According to one reliable source, the “The Purpose Driven Church” book has sold more than 60 million copies and is used by many churches as a textbook for the coming New Christianity. Continue reading

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