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Sorrow Belongs to the Temporal Realm

Imagine the great sorrow to enter the Celestial City and discover that a son, daughter, Mom or Dad, Grandmother or Grandfather, husband or wife, grandchildren, or other loved ones, are not there. How can we be eternally happy in eternity knowing that they are in a place of torment?

That thought has plagued Christianity throughout the ages. The Roman Catholics came up with some false solutions and take advantage of people. Heretics altered God’s word to declare that everyone will be saved. Other ones tamper with the Gospel to reduce the qualifications for salvation to mere lip service.

The fact is that someone’s son, daughter, Mom, Dad, Grand parents, et cetera, will be sent to eternal hell. When they die we will likely know that truth and suffer much sorrow, unless we believe one of the heretical salvation scenarios. Furthermore, when we enter the City of God we will likely know who didn’t make it and have great sorrow. Otherwise, why does God have to wipe the tears from our eyes? Continue reading

China: a portent of imminent persecution

This article is the first of two articles that may be too severe for some professing Christians to read. It may actually not be severe enough. The fact is that many individuals have become so accustomed to the shadows and darkness that this sliver of light appears as a blinding spotlight. Many professing Christians live in low or no light. Other ones, and perhaps the majority, are for one reason or another hiding under a security blanket of apathy. Thus, I wish that it were a spotlight that exposed the truth so clearly that it could not be ignored.

It does absolutely no good to warn them if they will not hear. It does not profit them if the Holy Spirit reveals the signs if they refuse to see. Instead, they convinced themselves that they are okay and safe and adequately prepared to zoom to heaven before they suffer a scratch from the enemy. The problem with that theory is that well over half of the world’s Christians are under persecution. For thousands of them, there are no acts of persecution in the Tribulation Period that could be worse. One cannot more burned alive than burned alive. One cannot be beheaded more than beheaded. One cannot be deader than dead.

So either one believes and can find clear validation in the Bible that America Christians will escape persecution while the rest of the Body of Christ is raped, beaten, starved, tortured, imprisoned, burned alive, beheaded, hung, made homeless and without a country, et cetera, or he or she had better accept the truth. It is really a matter of choice between delusion and truth. Continue reading

Full-term Abortion: State-sponsored Terrorism

New York’s decision to abort full term babies does not have as much to do with a woman’s reproductive right as it does with creating outrage. Outrage deferred metamorphoses into apathy. The more such apathy—which is actually moral shutdown because the cost of being moral is too painful to the comfort zone—the more evil they can get away with committing. In this case it is bringing our nation closer to arresting, torturing, or murdering citizens that do not agree with them. That is still a far fetched idea for some people. But they never thought they would witness a governor and presidential candidate stand arrogantly and smugly, and announce State-sponsored genocide of full-term babies.

Until their heels leave the womb, those sweet and virtually the only symbols of innocence and purity remaining in our society, are in danger of being murdered. Instead of leaving the womb to be sheltered in a mother’s loving and secure arms, their glimpse of life will be terrifying, unbearably painful, and fleeting. Continue reading

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