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When a Sleaze Industry is offended…by Sleaze?

So, a Hollywood producer is exposed for doing what Hollywood’s powerful men have been doing since the beginning of that amoral sewer. There are several headlines stories about this fiasco on Fox and other news outlets. Fox appears to be obsessed with the story, which is disgusting. It is becoming no better than one of those magazines at the grocery store checkout. I quit watching it but the headlines continue to appear on my news feed.

Here is why the story should be second page at best. It is as a complaint among thieves that a more powerful thief stole from them. The industry daily and nightly smears society with smut, yet is outraged when a leading smut producer acts out his “smut-ness.” Why is this even news? It belongs in Cosmopolitan or some other inane seeping gossip sponge.

I think the most bizarre component of this story is the many “stars” that express disgust at what the producer did but regularly bash Christians for supporting or portraying godliness. Further, the overwhelming majority of them support the demoralizing of society. It appears that they wish a measure of decency when the consequence of their immorality affects them, but continue to fling the sordid rubbish on the rest of us.

If they have been involved in R-rated for sexual content movies, they are just as guilty as the producer. They are complicit in causing the same predation resulting in rape, molestation, and even sadistic murder in society. They protest now because some of the sludge oozed from under their slick plastic and neon façade. I say, “Wipe it up and move on because you have no intention of changing.” I might add that professing Christians who imbibe and support the sleaze are equally complicit.

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Shine light–Speak Truth

Another Tragedy of the Las Vegas Massacre

It was deeply sad and tragic to learn about the massacre in Las Vegas. I immediately felt compassion for the many lives that were invaded with unimaginable sorrow. Then I wondered how many souls entered eternity unprepared to stand before God in judgment. As horrific as the destruction of physical life was, it is still more horrendous to think of the souls that entered eternity without Christ as their Lord and Savior.

As the hours went by, reports of Liberals taking advantage of the situation emerged. What deeply saddened me beyond the reality of scores of dead and hundreds wounded people was the bile oozing from some liberals. Instead of consolation, they took the opportunity to speak and write various inappropriate and even hateful remarks. I felt disgusted.

What is wrong with those individuals who speak and tweet heartless and vile statements about the victims of the Las Vegas massacre? After their rants enter the news stream, some of them apologized for what they said and wrote. They now believe all is well. But why did they do it in the first place?

They deliberately spewed or sat at a keyboard and wrote those horrific statements. There is no doubt that they knew the effect and consequences on grieving friends and relatives of the deceased and wounded. There are many households in mourning—Grandparents, Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, children and other relatives and friends, all in immeasurable pain. Imagine them having to watch or read the news that along with the updates on the tragedy and learn about the heartless remarks of their fellow citizens,

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