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Growing Accustomed to Egypt and Darkness

A notorious liberal once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” He was referring to the fact that while people are focused on and distracted by a crisis, the Government could sneak in their unpopular and harmful agenda.

So I was wondering what Satan does when most of Christianity is distracted. What did that old serpent accomplish Super Bowl Sunday night?

Consider the follow eschatological scripture.

“But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.” – Matthew 24:43

To be perfectly honest, I wonder how many Christians truly understand the dangerous period we are in. How many understand about keeping themselves unspotted from the world system (James 1:27)? And how many even care about anything spiritual except whatever makes them feel good?

I am not in any way a legalist. However, I have lived long enough to observe certain activities and distractions that true Christians once avoided that are now beyond acceptable. By “beyond acceptable” I mean that those activities and distractions are now elevated to the status of “privileges”.

It does no good to warn them because they are committed to their world-centered interests, which may very possibly be devices of Satan. Even the hint that they should reject one of those interests causes them to go into a resistance mode so powerful that you may as well be squirting water from a toy water gun at a fully involved house fire. Continue reading

Silence: movie promotes Contemplative Spirituality and sanctions apostasy

“Silence” is the latest movie by Martin Scorsese, who also produced “The Last Temptation of Christ.” I have read several reviews by professing Christians who are recommending it without reservations. Additionally, the Dove Foundation awarded the movie 4 out of 5 doves. Charisma News asks, “Is Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Prophetic?” CBN also presented a rave review. Christianity Today entitled its review, “Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Asks What It Really Costs to Follow Jesus.”

Another review in CT is entitled, “Silence Review: Hollywood’s Gift To The Church That Might Just Save Your Faith.” And what is the message of “Silence” that might save your life? The message of the movie is antithetical to true faith.

The title of Lumindeo’s review of the movie is, “Silence—A Christian’s Contemplative Guide.” [1] In the “About” section of the Lumindeo website it is described as “a network created by and for passionate followers of Jesus Christ.” If Lumindeo consists of passionate followers of Jesus Christ, why don’t they know that Christianity never grew in apostasy, but always in persecution and martyrdom?

Crosswalk likewise implies that it is a Christian-themed film with the statement, “Theologians, look no further: this movie is jam-packed with spiritual themes.” [2] Spiritual themes, perhaps, but Christian themes? Not by any stretch. Crosswalk reveals a misunderstanding of true Christianity in the following statement.

“The Christians in the film are Jesuit Catholics…”

Continue reading

The Death of the “Dream”

Today is the day that we are supposed to have a peaceful transition of power. But will it be peaceful? Evidently, there is a faction in our nation that wishes our political and social process to be marred with violence. When they are questioned, none of them can come up with any other answer than, they hate Trump. I don’t believe that is the reason for the demonstrations, and here’s why… Continue reading

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