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What Satan Does on Sunday

Dear Church Person;

I have heard people say that Halloween evening is the time when the Devil is most active. It presents the view that Satan is less active when society is not honoring demons, goblins, witches, or zombies.   Have you ever wondered what he does on Sunday? I mean, since most professing Christians are religious on that day, it stands to reason that he may take a break from his wickedness. Or does he slum in his pajamas, lounge on a sofa, surf TV channels, and yawn with boredom while waiting for Christians to get home from the restaurants?

I believe that Sunday is the most satanically active day of the week. It is historically infamous as “the morning after.” It is hangover day, a holiday for sinners, the day millions of people wake up in bed with a stranger after a night of riotous revelry. It is their Funday, Sinday, Slumday, and Vainday. People head to the lake, the beach, mountains, flea markets, golf courses, ballparks, with no thought of God.

Sunday is when most heresy is spewed and the most people are listening. It is the day when the majority of professing Christians have their false spiritual status confirmed. It is the day when sugar-high, caffeinated, “seekers”, “emergent”, and clueless millennials, find their “groove.”

Sunday is the day when seed-collectors gather by the millions. Their “wayside, stony, and thorny” spirits open like a baby bird’s mouth. WST professing Christians intend to lose every seed. Some will lose it all before they leave the church building. Other ones will leak it all out before committing Sunday lunch gluttony or gradually by indulging in hours of sports.

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Faith Gauge on Empty?

Have you checked your “faith gauge” lately? Perhaps not if we have not experience a challenge to our faith. God provides the gauge. It’s called “trial.”

A pastor friend who is now deceased pastored a church that was always in conflict. He eventually brought order to the church and it began to grow spiritually and numerically. He once told me how he tested candidates for deacon. If they didn’t pass the test, he made certain that they were never voted on.

He would walk up to them, put his shoe on top of theirs, poke his finger in their chest, and ask, “What makes you think you’re qualified to be a leader?” The ones who didn’t become angry were allowed to be candidates.

The fact is a trial is simply life standing on your toes, poking its finger in your chest, and asking, “What makes you think you’re a genuine Christian?”

We could reply with all the classic scriptural texts, but how do we respond. There is a vast difference between our verbal reply and physical response.

The “faith gauge” is not to inform God about us, but to inform us about God. We cannot stand beyond what we believe. If our reality of God has shrunk, so has our faith. Knowledge of God may stay the same, but reality may wane. The fact is that people who know much about God have committed great sins. One is less likely to commit sin while filled with faith.

Adjusting and clearing our minds daily makes us aware of God’s presence. Otherwise, our faith will set low on the “faith gauge.”

As A. W. Tozer once said, “Knowledge by acquaintance is better than knowledge by description.”

The reality of God causes us to consider every decision and action. For example, every professing Christian knows what WWJD means. But how many have ever applied it? WWJD is not just a cool icon on a bracelet or t-shirt. It is actually a question. Here is the answer.

“…I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me.” – John 5:30 (also, John 5:19)

When our physical response to life does not match our words, the needle on the “faith gauge” is on empty. An ugly and scowling trial will arrive, stand on our toes, poke its finger in our chest, and say, “What makes you think you’re a true Christian?”

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” – Colossians 3:17

Is it a Solution or a Snow Job?

One of the most effective methods of satanic deception operates as a straw man argument. Of course, a straw man argument is a dishonest debate trick where an individual attributes a false position to his or her opponent and then defeats that position. It gives the false perception that he or she has won a point.

It is as a man wanting to impress a lady. So he burglarizes her house when she is away. Then he shows up with sympathy and offers to use his contacts and abilities to recover her cherished belongings. After a few days he shows up with her valuables. He explains that one of his contacts was able to recover the stuff, but he is not privy to the details. That trick makes a hero out of a thief and perhaps worse.

A similar example occurred in California concerning arson investigator and novelist John Orr. Orr rose up through the ranks to become a distinguished arson investigator because of his uncanny ability to discover the cause of arson fires. However, he was responsible for setting many of the arson fires he had investigated. Eventually, he was arrested, charged, and convicted of arson and murder.

Likewise, Satan will create a problem and provide his own “solution.” He will inflict someone and then remove the infliction to promote his emissary as a faith healer. He can make a false prophet appear as a true prophet. He can make his false ministers to appear as ministers of righteousness. Furthermore, he can make false spirituality appear as true spirituality and false solutions appear as true “solutions.”

Also consider that his satanic “solution” is applied without any competition from a godly solution. An example is public schools using yoga in detention to calm students and teach them self-control. Christianity is not allowed, but yoga, (the missionary arm of Hinduism, Buddhism and the New Age movement) is given free access. Satan is the reason students are in detention. His “solution” alone is applied and people brag about how well it works. But are they measuring the spiritual effects of yoga in those students? Of course not. That would be too religious and violate the liberal ban on supporting one religion over another.

Consider that when Christianity is used to help troubled young people, the success rate was 87.5% (result of Federal Government Study of Teen Challenge). Believing that yoga is better than Christianity to help troubled youth is like believing “The Shack” movie can teach one more about God than the Bible and Holy Spirit.

Satan’s evil “solution” seldom goes head to head against God’s solution. But when it does, it fails miserably. Thus, when someone tries to convince you that something satanic is okay because of the (deceptive) results, remember Satan’s trick of providing a “solution” to a problem he created.

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