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The American Spirit

I was standing in the checkout line and saw a magazine with a famous actor on the cover. Underneath his pic was the quote, “I love the American spirit.”

I don’t. The reason is that the American spirit he demonstrates by his words and actions is demonic. The American spirit protects animals and murders babies. It hates godliness and celebrates perverseness. It loves lies and hates the truth, exalts wrong, and attempts to outlaw right. The American spirit is on Satan’s side of every issue, secular or religious.

But the misguided actor and those of his ilk are not the only lovers of the American spirit. It is essential to expose popular Christians, blind guides, for their support of the “American Spirit.”For decades Christianity has been loading with hirelings, heretics, and other charlatans. The religion is now heavily populated by professing Christians that are not indwelled by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, a great number of them also believe in and accept the American spirit to occupy their empty souls. Make no mistake about it—Christianity is NOT the Church, which is the Body of Christ and members in particular.

Consequently, a great mixture of New Age paganism, vain doctrines and tradition now sacrosanct, heresies, and just plain nonsense, intrigues individuals that eagerly consume everything but truth. The majority of them are on the path to apostasy and many have passed through its doorway. It is no surprise that they have incorporated the American spirit into Christianity via music for entertainment and “worship.”

The religious lovers of the American spirit insist on the “social gospel,” on peace and unity at the expense of truth, and seeks favor with their secular alter egos. They cannot recognize the spirits that are drawn by their compromise. Thus, they reject warnings and corrections and have ignored all the signs that they are courting deception.

In their opinions, truth is too blunt, too lacking in love, too negative, and makes Christianity too difficult, and prevents conformity to the American spirit. A biblically-based lifestyle would separate them from the activities that they enjoy. And they are constantly reminded by their beloved hirelings and heretics that they are supposed to enjoy life to the limit.

Thus, they are joined in spirit with the actor and his like-minded associates. Wittingly or unwittingly, they have embraced the motto, “If it feels good—do it.”

The logical conclusion that carnal logic is revealed in Oprah Winfrey’s statement about sexual abuse. Winfrey told her audience, “If the abuser is any good . . . molestation feels great.” (Washington Post)

That’s the American Spirit. However, millions of professing Christians watch Winfrey’s program. Famous hirelings, such as Joel Osteen and T. D. Jakes, flagrantly assisted Winfrey’s New Age thrust into Christianity. Such blind leaders have led so many blind professing Christians into the ditch of compromise that Christianity is no longer the term genuine Christ-followers wish to identify with.

There are many examples, but here are a couple. Denominational leaders, such as Russell Moore and J. D. Greear, appear to love the American spirit. Greear, as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, declared that the church needs to apologize to homosexuals for not being their advocate.

How about reveal their sin and need to repent before they enter eternity and experience the second death? The American spirit calls that homophobia—a word contrived by Christophobic individuals. Genuine Christ-followers do not hate or fear anyone that is falling toward eternal torment. The ones that truly hate them refuse to tell them the truth.

Long-time Democrat Moore invited Hillary Clinton, the embodiment of the American spirit, to address an Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission forum in 2015. When asked about the appropriateness of the term “gay Christian,” Moore responded, “Our identity is to be found in Jesus Christ, not in the sum of our temptations.”

Really? If the sum of our temptations become the practice of them, we have no identity in Christ.

Those leaders cannot recognize clear and flagrant evil and cannot recognize the warning signals that they are entering or have entered great apostasy. They support the false persona of the American spirit as a kind, benevolent, loving, accepting, and promote its false promise of peace and unity and a perfect society. The result will be the combined Humanist and Communist Manifestos with religious compromises, such as presented in the book, “The Time has Come,” by Episcopal Bishop John Spong.

They do not realize that they are giving victory to Satan. They are too cowardly to resist and too deceived to care. They are not embarrassed by their compromise because their consciences are seared.

Blind to the signs that disaster is coming like a great dust storm, their deceived followers are still planning for the future, trusting in their 401-Ks, and going into deep debt to buy new homes. They may be miffed by the Government’s impositions on their freedom, but with no lasting alarm or the cognizance that extremely wicked people desolate of moral constraints will rule our nation.

They are still buying frivolous religious books full of gushing sentimentalism and barren of food for the soul. Emotionalism is their primary standard for determining a relationship with God. They are empty, spiritually bankrupt, and bereft of the ability to understand the ramifications of their departure from the faith. Long ago deafened to the Holy Spirit, they make no significant effort to commune with God. (When one no longer senses the presence of the Holy Spirit, he or she will pray a river of tears until their soul trembles with His presence—or cease praying altogether.)

All they have left is a meager moral base—and that compromised by the pragmatism of situational ethics. They fail to realize what a very shaky and precarious situation it all presents. They do not recognize the precursors of the coming satanic world dominion. Men masquerading as deities will be “gods” of united secular society and religion.

Consequently, they will eventually be convinced that individuals who refuse to bow to the Beast stand in the way of completing a (diabolical) utopia. The truth will come hard and fast when Christ appears and explodes their fantasy world with the sword of His mouth and brightness of His Coming.

I am compelled to warn professing Christians that the notion that God would never allow His people to suffer brutal persecution is a deceptive fantasy. Proponents of escapism insist that believing otherwise is to accuse Christ of beating His Bride before He brings her home. Do they not realize that genuine Believers are being martyred in most of the world today. Either they are falsely accusing Christ of beating His bride, or the ones that are being martyred are not genuine Believers. How can weak, pampered, unfruitful, religious, compromised, American Christians designate people as false Believers that choose death rather than deny Christ?

I realize that people do not wish to hear this truth, but they need to realize that they are being blinded and robbed by falsehoods. Brutal persecution by antichrists is already spreading across the world. Please consider the following statement.

”Martyrdom is a regular, ongoing feature of church life in the 25 percent of global Christianity that we call the ‘underground church’,” claims David Barrett of the World Evangelization Research Center. “In one part of the globe, over 10,000 Christians have been killed every year since 1950, due to clashes with anti-Christian mobs, infuriated relatives, state-organized death squads, and so on.” (James Reapsome, Persecuted Christians Today, Christianity Today, issue 27, “Persecution in the Early Church,” 1990)

Instead of multiple millions of professing Christians being swept up from their religious comfort zones seconds before unprecedented persecution against Christians erupts across the world, they will be confronted with the crushingly brutal reality that they believed a great deception. Revelation makes it clear that the Believers martyred during the Tribulation are most honored in eternity (Revelation 7:9-17 & 20:4)

The American Spirit is the sordid spirits of darkness merged with the apostate Religious spirits. Their paths have been pointed toward convergence for years. They have the same source and purpose—one world, secular and religious, with perfect peace and unity and freedom from moral restraints. The American spirit will deceive billions of people. They will not realize that they are in the Tribulation Period even when the supernatural events arrive. How can they know with widespread deception so clever it has the potential to deceive the very elect?

Warnings do not appear to affect potential captives of the dark kingdom. It is like their house is on fire and the family sits in the living room eating popcorn and watching Netflix. Apathy is the roof and walls of their comfort zones.

Wake up, O sleepers! God will give light to everyone willing to seek it. But to continue in darkness and deception is to eventually reach the point where that path ends as it has always ended—in destruction and eternal darkness!

Deception is fatal! Only truth can set one free! There is a very harsh time coming!

I read a statement that pointed out there were people in every generation that was certain the end was near. That may be correct, but the word of God cannot lie. Upon some generation(s) the end is certain to come. It will come when people least expect it, which denotes great deception. It will not begin with sudden destruction, but with extremely clever and alluring deception. (The phrase, “sudden destruction” in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 refers to the wrath of God that occurs immediately following the Second Coming of Christ. Correct hermeneutics do not allow for any other interpretation.)

Christ told His disciples that when they saw certain things come to pass that the end was near. We are witnessing those things in ways that no other generation could witness. There is now great apostasy and deception world-wide. Because of advanced technology the entire world can now come under one leader. Religion can now come under one leader. Everyone on earth can be required to have an identification mark. The great persecution of Christians in other nations can spill over into every nation—including ours.

There are too many things to list, but I think that the ones who pray and keep their eyes and ears open to the Holy Spirit know exactly what I am referring to. (Even if it does not arrive in my lifetime, no one is harmed by my warning.)

Reverential fear of God is essential, but we must not rely solely on fear to remain faithful. The desensitizing of people from the cradle to grave by gory movies, video games, et cetera, is diminishing fear. In fact, for the most part, fear has already ceased to be a motivating factor to repent.

We have to desire Him as God in our lives more than anything else and do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with Him. Each person has to make his or her decision about how to do that. The fact is, one day there will be no more churches, no more sermons, and few people to fellowship with that love God and Christ. We are nearly there. If it is not the end time, the result will be the same if we are overcome by the world and its American spirit.


  1. Your comments are the hard truth. I expect that the majority of the Christian world would think you are to harsh. I have told “Christians” that do not think they will be persecuted to think about Christ and the disciples. Christ was crucified and the disciples were martyred for their faith, why are we any better? Like you, I believe hard times are coming and I think its sooner than later. The anti-Christian rhetoric in America grows louder and louder.
    I would also like to comment on what I witness to people. I tell them that GOD’s desire is that not one person to be condemned. The decision is left up to the individual. Most people are familiar with John 3:16, the verse that is shown at sporting events. While its a true verse, the verses that follows are ignored.
    16For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. 18Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.
    In other words you pass condemnation on your self through Christ. If a Christian’s profession of Christ is lip service and not heartfelt, they are just as guilty as the most vile sinner. I have heard Christians advocate that all you need is a relationship with Christ, as if you can continue in sin but its okay because of that relationship. It is ignored that Christ told the adulteress woman to go and sin no more(John 8:11) and the man at the pool of Bethesda to stop sinning (John 5:14). It is this heretical teaching as to why Jesus will say ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness!’ Matthew 7:21-23.

  2. Excellent commentary, C.H.. The American spirit construct, as you represent it, is one that NO faithful believer in Christ should claim; instead they should “run from it”, far and fast (in their minds obviously). ….Keep contending, brother !!!

  3. Thanks C.H.
    I sometimes think… if it’s not the end, I hope it is. The greveiousness of the darkness increasing also increases my desire for the Lord to return and “silence the raging of the world”.

    An excerpt from what I wrote about what one is “bound to”…

    The Bible says… what we repetitively expose ourselves to, affects our beliefs, which influences our behaviors—this all sets up what our mind thinks. The terms… renewed or conformed… becoming a slave to… are used to describe it….

    Is this why continuing to listen to lies, liars, and false prophets and teachers… practicing apostasy… delving into drugs and the occult… spitefully sinning rejecting rebuke or conviction from the Holy Spirit… blindly accepting what the masses are doing without consulting what God’s Word says… are very dangerous practices? These repetitions will establish habits… change our way of thinking. Eventually our brains, our minds, our beliefs, and our hearts are changed—we become enslaved to Satan, man, and the world.

  4. Pastor,
    I visit your website weekly for words of encouragement and warning. I am always blessed when I see that you have written to us – as you have done here today! Thank you!

    Jesus is King!

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