earnestly contending for the faith

When People believe lying prophets more than they do the Watchmen.

False Prophets:

Pat Robertson, Paula White-Cain, Kris Vallotton, Mark Taylor, Kat Kerr, Marcus Rogers, Kevin Zadai, Greg Locke, Taribo West, Denise Goulet, Sid Roth, Curt Landry, Marcus Rogers, Jeremiah Johnson, Charlies Shamp, Albert Milton, Mike Thompson, Rick Joyner, Jorge Parrott, Kent Christmas, Lance Wallnau, Denise Goulet, et al.

The Logic of the Deceived:

“If they (prophets) are all wrong, it doesn’t destroy my faith in God. It destroys my faith in the accuracy of the prophets. But I still have faith in the prophets, because my faith is in the word of God.” — Sid Roth

The Call to Awaken from Deadly Slumber:

I say to all professing Christians that supported and support lying prophets—this is your mess. You are the ones that continually put your own interests above God’s will. You worshipped and Christianized “King Cyrus” and groveled before his image. You have allowed the false prophets to rise to power, and yielded to their sensationalism that ingratiates your compromised spirits. You listened to the lying hirelings (Robert Jefferies, Jamse Dobson, et all), and rebuked the catchment who warned you. It is upon you to repent, to return to God before it is too late to turn back.

If any integrity can be restored to Christianity, now is the time to cease attempting to achieve what you refused and failed to receive on your knees. (Victory does not come from political activism, but by full surrender to God.)

It is time to wake from the slumber of deception and accept the truth that you rejected because it was “too negative” and “too unloving,” and too harsh and incompatible with your carnal quest for a secular savior.

You needed a “Pharaoh” to chase you out of Egypt and away from the “flesh pots” and your idolatry. The time of that “Pharaoh” has arrived. It is time to move or die. Time to return to sincere and faithful praying. It is time to cease trying to hide your spiritual weakness with religious entertainment. This is a space for repentance. Surrender to it or ignore it. Spend time with God or in front of the TV wasting time and feasting on endless minutia about what went wrong. Your decision.


  1. Completely Agree

  2. Clare Kaegi-Watts

    January 7, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    And you did not mention one of the biggest of all…..Jeremiah Johnston!

    They worshiped Trump as their savior! He could do no wrong in their sight. They desperately wanted everything to return to “normal” and the “American dream” and HE was the only one who could do that. And in doing so they completely overlooked the very things that He was doing and was responsible for….like fast-tracking this GMO Vaccine!….like giving a carte-blanche approval for the energy companies to do whatever they liked to produce oil….unrestricted fracking for instance. He did NOTHING to clamp down on big-pharma, big-tech, big-agriculture, big-finance, big-business taking over the control of EVERYTHING. He is in league with Fauci and Gates…… He presented himself as a lie to all, and the gullible believed him. His pride and arrogance was monumental. The political right and the “church” that adored him, were all duped by him.

    This political outcome had to happen. God said that as it was in the days of Noah, so it would be today. Man has started meddling with the building blocks of life, and want to genetically modify our very DNA to make us other than what God created us to be. Transhumanism. End time Bible prophesy is being “played out” NOW before our very eyes. That which Jesus prophesied in Matt.24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Daniel, John in Revelation, Paul in Thessalonians is becoming a reality before our very eyes, right now. It cannot be stopped. Satan knows his time is short. Jesus is coming VERY soon, but the church being distracted by Trump is mostly unaware of what we are facing. And those who are have put their trust in the lie of the pre-tribulation rapture, instead of preparing themselves to FACE the tribulation in peace, in overcoming power, and the hope of God’s promise of His Son’s soon return in glory!

    • I’m at the point where I believe Christianity’s greatest enemies are within. If professing Christians are not chasing after heretics and false prophets, and obsessing with the secular realm, they are attacking the watchmen that warn them. They are being conditioned to totally trust in the “arm of flesh.”

      While many of them were/are obsessed with voting in a political savior to protect their lip-service religion, Christianity was being prepared for the False Prophet.

      I expect ecumenism with the RCC will occur soon closely followed by inclusions of other religions. The pragmatism will be, protection from the increasingly hostile World System. Popular Christian leaders will insist that no harm is done—that it is just a loose partnership for the purpose of strength in unity.

      Many professing Christians will reply to my warning, “No way am I going to agree with that!”

      They do not consider that they have already compromised to the extent that they played the harlot with the secular realm. They voted in a scurrilous man and crowned him as a king and savior. It was heart-breaking to witness the love fest when most of the ones involved never reveal any interest in faithfulness to Christ and God. To this very moment they do not recognize what they have done.

      The heretic/hireling orchestrated error of 2016 set the stage for the events of 2020. 2016 was time to put all hope in God—not in terminally corrupt politics. God was telling them to get out of the boat. They rebuked the truth speakers that tried to help them recognize and understand the message. Had Abraham been as they are he would have killed Isaac.

      Now they have no choice but to hope in God during a much worse scenario. They have a leader that would compel them to vote for Hillary as the “lesser of two evils.” (And vote they would!)

      Complete trust in God provides miraculous outcomes. Trusting in the working of humanity produces deception followed by disaster.

      Not many of them can understand what I just wrote and fewer will pray and truly seek God for wisdom and direction.

      One more thing—if the intent of praying is to get a suitable answer, then why pray at all? They should just do as they please.

      If the intent is to know and unquestionably obey God no matter the costs, such praying is priceless.

      Professing Christians prayed in 2016—not, “Thy will not mine be done”—but, “Lord, give us king Cyrus.”

      They have been praying this election season—but not for God’s will to be done. They prayed for what amounted to 4 more years of peaceful apostasy.

      Now they have King Herod.

    • Very well said. So called prophets praying for and siding with a conman who has no intention of repentance. One who is arrogant, prideful and behaves like the devil. One who is striving to become a dictator!

    • Perfectly stated!

    • Clare Kaegi-Watts
      I hope you are satisfied with what you have in the Whitehouse now. Supporting abortion the destruction of the United States of America.

      • Roy, you are misunderstanding what Clare wrote. It is not about supporting anyone, but about referencing the fact that the great majority of professing Christians attempted to gain on the political battlefield what they failed to fight for on their knees. Once the battle is lost on spiritual ground, it is lost on earthly ground.

        Throughout the Trump campaign and his 4 years in the While House, there was a sickening display of Trump worship. Did they expect God to honor that and give Trump four more years? I didn’t and said so repeatedly before he was defeated.

        This nation does not need a political savior, but to repent. Judgment begins at the house of God. Apostate Christians will not repent. They make up the majority of professing Christians. The only hope is for the same factor that awakened Israel during apostasies will come upon this nation. There will be a great persecution in this nation before the Coming of the Lord. No politician will save America from that fate.

      • Agree! God through Jesus Christ offered to ALL MEN AND WOMEN the opportunity for salvation which includes even Donald Trump. People listened to the people of the left forgetting that GOD knows the heart of Donald Trump and his present actions which actually none of us could deny have been good for the USA. Instead now, in an effort to remove what the unforgiving “Christians” have done, we now have a true and clearly evil administration in place just by witnessing their actions within less than 100 days! Wake up true Christians and do as GOD through JESUS CHRIST told us to do. If we forgive not others, then we will find ourselves NOT FORGIVEN by GOD! That is BIBLICAL! Most of this thread has replies that are by those still walking around with blinders. GOD in many parts of the BIBLE used those who sinned greatly, i.e., King David a adulterer and murderer to be the head of the bloodline to the birth of JESUS CHRIST. So, yes, David was forgiven of those horrible sins by GOD and if he can do so in that instance, then we as “Christians ” should have opened our eyes to the possibility that GOD allowed Donald Trump into that office. BTW I am not a worshipper of the president of ANY SORT. I worship a GOD who allows us to have the government and is often in the controlling of the what is in place. We as sinners and not listening carefully are now facing are Babylon as the Jews did centuries ago and we brought it on ourselves!

  3. Will they return and do the first works, having lost their “savior”. I say no, not many ! They were tares from the start; pleasant looking shells, occupying their reserved pews and clapping along with the un-Biblical CCM. With this short post, you have challenged them to repent. That is rightful rebuking. Will they heed ? I think not. But try we must, because that is a watchman’s calling from Almighty God !!

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