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China: a portent of imminent persecution

This article is the first of two articles that may be too severe for some professing Christians to read. It may actually not be severe enough. The fact is that many individuals have become so accustomed to the shadows and darkness that this sliver of light appears as a blinding spotlight. Many professing Christians live in low or no light. Other ones, and perhaps the majority, are for one reason or another hiding under a security blanket of apathy. Thus, I wish that it were a spotlight that exposed the truth so clearly that it could not be ignored.

It does absolutely no good to warn them if they will not hear. It does not profit them if the Holy Spirit reveals the signs if they refuse to see. Instead, they convinced themselves that they are okay and safe and adequately prepared to zoom to heaven before they suffer a scratch from the enemy. The problem with that theory is that well over half of the world’s Christians are under persecution. For thousands of them, there are no acts of persecution in the Tribulation Period that could be worse. One cannot more burned alive than burned alive. One cannot be beheaded more than beheaded. One cannot be deader than dead.

So either one believes and can find clear validation in the Bible that America Christians will escape persecution while the rest of the Body of Christ is raped, beaten, starved, tortured, imprisoned, burned alive, beheaded, hung, made homeless and without a country, et cetera, or he or she had better accept the truth. It is really a matter of choice between delusion and truth.

I have slim to no chance of warning anyone who has at this point during the shut-down of discernment and the other spiritual senses. I can only inform the Remnant. I advise God’s people to observe China’s persecution of Christians. It may become a model for other nations, including America.

1.    The Chinese government is installing over 600 million surveillance cameras in and outside church buildings, and elsewhere to monitor religious activity. They are also using GPS tracking and text message collection to identify Christians.
2.    Christian symbols are being destroyed. The government has destroyed over 7000 crosses.
3.    Church buildings are being destroyed. The government destroyed 1500 member Zion Church building in Beijing and sent the pastor a bill for $120,000.00.
4.    The government is demanding that portraits of Christ in sanctuaries be replaced with portraits of President Xi. They are demanding that hymns be replaced with songs extolling the “wonderfulness of the Chinese Communist Party.”
5.    Only Communist-friendly bibles translated by the Communist Party are for sale.
6.    Children 18 years and younger are forbidden to have access to religious education.
7.     Citizens are being ranked with a “Social Credit System” that awards or subtracts points according to compliance or noncompliance with the government.
8.    The government has assigned a points-based system to police departments for arresting Christians. The highest points are given for the arrest of Christians associated with the most persecuted churches. If a department does not meet their quarterly quota the chief if fired.

If they have read this far some professing Christians may be thinking, “What does all that have to do with us? After all, we are a long distance from that nation.”

The point is that full-scale persecution has begun in a nation with more Christians than Communists. Furthermore, China’s Christians are far more dedicated and faithful to God than the majority of American Christians that are indolent and materialistic. If those godly Believers must suffer persecution, we are much more susceptible to lose our freedom and plunge under a tidal wave of persecution. I am not being political when I say that the Democratic Party embodies the nature of Satan and could without any compunction thrust the same evil oppression upon American Christians.

Consider that Governor Cuomo and the Democrats Party rammed their ungodly abortion bill into law and celebrated the victory. Cuomo then ordered everyone who disagrees with them to leave the State. This means that he has denies the rights of legal citizens to vote against anything he supports, denies them the privileges of their jobs, their birthplaces, their Constitutional right of freedom of speech, and everything else our Republic stands for. It is an arrogant power grab by one political party. It is undoubtedly a flagrant and evil abuse of power. More ominous, it is a threat to everything our nation has stood for since its inception. What does he plan to do when another bill comes up for vote and there are 24 opposing votes in the Senate and 42 opposing votes in the Assembly as it was with the so-called Reproductive Health Act? If other Democrat leaders use that same arrogant bullying tactic, what we have long warned about could become a possibility. People need to wake up and get spiritually prepared!

The fact is that generations of professing Christians in our nation have been coddled with elitism, promises of escapism, and the perception that God dotes on them, and sends angels rushing about to meet their every need, et cetera. Upon some generation the end will come. Nevertheless, those generations have the attitude, “Not on us—let it happen much later in the future!” We do not get to pick the day or the hour. It will come whether or not we believe it is coming and in a time when many people least expect it. But it is not that they were and are not warned about its arrival. If we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we can without much effort see it barreling down the road toward us. There is no mystery about it and we do not need a prophet or special revelation. It is a matter of apathy and denial in the great majority about its arrival.

Our nation is hanging in the tilting balance while most of the rest of the world has tipped over into the darkness. In my opinion, the ingredients for persecution are in our society and are tumbling in a volatile mixer of malice and hatred of godliness. We are witnessing spirituality vacuous and morally deluded liberals, socialists, Muslims, homosexuals, and apostate Christians, all possessed with the same spirit and integrating.  Many Christian leaders are advocating ecumenism with the RCC while at the same time currying unity with Muslims. Millions of Muslims are experiencing false conversions via demonic visions and joining Roman Catholicism (please read my next article that focuses on that subject). The Pope reportedly called on Christians to embrace globalism, which means that we would surrender our sovereignty. It does not take a prophet to recognize the swarming mass of deluded and virtuously vacuous individuals longing for a charismatic world leader to coalesce under.

The secular worldlings, false religions, and apostate Christians, will unite under a leader and gain control of our nation. They will merge with millions of individuals of like evil spirits. When that occurs, then persecution of genuine Christians will rapidly intensify from the northern edge of Canada to the southern tip of Mexico, and from “sea to shining sea.”

So, whose fault will that be? A lot of people need to do some mirror time and time in the prayer closet for the answer. While they were sleeping many wicked people gained positions of influence in Christianity and our government. Now we seem powerless to rid those sectors of them. It is the result of repeated outrage not followed up by action. Now the outrage is nothing more than an ineffective, sour-grapes social media post. Even that is opposed by weak and compromised professing Christians. Our society inundated by the moral decay, school shootings, reprobate pedophiles, and flagrant wickedness of every type, and it does not appear that it is decelerating. I do not know how bad it has to get before the ones on the fence become like Lot—vexed in their spirits daily by the wickedness.

The subsequent stress and emotional drain has caused people to deaden their hearts, dull their ears, and close their eyes just as the Lord Jesus warned in Matthew 24:12. Consequently, people have blocked out God’s truth and His call to duty. There is the sense that morality and justice is being smothered under a massive blanket of corporate apathy. Consequently, our society is saturated in the secular and religious realms with diabolical deception and acts of wickedness. It is rapidly normalizing a culture of hedonism, licentiousness, and degradation.

The noxious darkness is ubiquiteous. The love for God in many professing Christians has gone cold. They cannot even raise their fingers to work the TV remote when a river of wickedness flows into their living rooms. Is it any wonder that innumerable professing Christians are too weak, pampered, and spiritually dull, to be further outraged, much less even to pray.

Wake up folks—Christianity has died! The cause was death by a thousand diabolical cuts. It is presently so divided and full of offense that it poses no threat to Satan and is of no good to God’s kingdom. Conversely, Satan’s kingdom is not divided and it is rapidly gathering force and momentum. If people are ever going to being praying they must begin today! Don’t wait until the societal implosion of darkness fully occurs and we wake up one morning to the news that we lost our liberty. To remain as we were before we went to bed the night before will cost us deeply and dearly.

At the present the world is bulging with secular and religious people that will undoubtedly acquiesce to an antichrist leadership to avoid suffering. When the kingdom of ungodliness comes down in our nation there will be scores of Christian leaders pledging allegiance to a one-world religion. In my opinion, many of them will eagerly betray their friends and relatives. They will do whatever is required not to identify as, or with, true Christians. Their traitorous pragmatism has been evident for a long period. All it takes presently for the casually religious ones to compromise is a message filled with false promises, an alluring book, or movie sourced from a reprobate heretic.

What is truly bizarre and astounding is that drowsy American Christians have no sense of where they are on the endtimes clock. They give a casual nod to the millions of Christians suffering under great persecution. When rancid evil rears its snout, they do absolutely nothing, Instead, they glibly intone from their pathetic couches of complacency, “Come Lord Jesus!” Come and do what? Save them from the consequences of their laziness, complacency, apathy, indifference, and gratifying the flesh? Why do they believe that Christians in other nations should suffer unspeakable torture and death, but American Christians should recline in ease and comfort? They intend to thus lounge until the Lord Jesus arrives to swoop them up before a single thorn of discomfort pricks their pampered flesh. Good luck with that because it certainly will not occur according to God’s word!

Consider the inequity of what they are asking for. They refuse to come to Him, but insist that He comes to them.

But then they cry, “Oh, but we came to Christ long ago!”

Perhaps so, but they have been avoiding him ever since. While a marauding scourge of heretics was invading Christianity, they turned on their TVs and lounged. From their couches they wrote checks to make heretics rich and powerful. They bought their literature, watched their videos, and consumed their demonic swill. To this very day they quote their lies, mingle their heresies with truth, and give credence to their fake fruit. No wonder these complacent and apathetic ones believe they will coast to the finish line while they steadily tumble into apostasy.

These proud, self-gratifiers do not know Christ any longer. They seek a “Christ” that panders to their carnal lusts and desires. Some of them prattle about minor and nonessential issues to provide a false persona of defending truth. I have witnessed them remain silent when Believers are attacked for speaking truth. However, when a message of truth annoys their spirits, they screech with piercing intensity and great effort to denouncing the watchman. It is not a question of if they will compromise because they have already done so.

I warn these “sleepers” that their delusion will burn away in the heat of reality. They will enter a horrible period that no one can endure except he or she is spiritually prepared. They will compromise to protect their flesh and lose their souls.

“He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.” – Matthew 10:39

Admittedly, it is harsh and painful to read such a statement, much less to consider that it is true. But we must accept truth no matter how distressing. Additionally, if we are afraid of offending religious “couch potatoes,” and we shut our mouths to prevent outgoing truth, we will shut our souls from incoming truth. The choice has always been to lurch into the ditch of denial or to plant one’s feet firmly on the path and look ahead. Please choose the latter because the former is certain defeat.

As discouraging and unsettling as it may be, it is imperative that Believers do not ignore the signs of the coming dark and brutal storm. When Christ warned us to watch and wait, He was not referring to watching whatever pleases us, but to watch for the last day’s signs and gathering forces of evil. One is not prepared who rejects the warnings and rebukes the ones that warn. Why does Christ tell us to watch for those signs if it not essential to our spiritual preparedness? Surely people do not believe it is so they can live complacently until a few minutes before the great escape. We should watch so that we will know when to condition ourselves spiritually, mentally, and emotionally for the harshness of the endtimes.


  1. Paula DUNCAN


  2. Linda


    The Holy Spirit has revealed this to me and I have been called to warn the church of coming persecution. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky that I was aware of at the time. But I did it of course. I knew. I also knew as a ‘watch woman’ that I did not want to be guilty of anyone’s demise when the storm arrives and hits them unprepared when I could have warned them. Then the clouds started coming over the distant horizon. The storm came closer. Now it is at the door. I kept warning but like so many who do, it falls on deaf ears. Without diving into a long rant, it fits your description perfectly. The slightest hint that “a scratch would land on their pampered flesh” yanked out endless cries of “Maranatha!” But where are the endless cries of Maranatha when they are compromising with sin and the world?!

    If they can’t live for Him now, how will they be able to die for Him later? They won’t even be worthy of that. Believe me, we will be here for most of the tribulation period. WE are the tribulation saints spoken of in Rev. 12; 11. I truly believe the rapture is pre wrath, just before the final fire falls upon the earth. Most true Christians will have been martyred by then and the rapture will only remove a tiny remnant who managed to make it to some remote hideouts. The evil empire is almost in place and the stage set. Persecution of true Christians will be world wide. It almost is already. Freedom of speech has been disappearing all over the West. All the signs are there, from all directions the walls are closing in. I follow so many news feeds and I know this is the last gleam of light in twilight before full darkness falls. Like a watcher, I have been watching, praying, and warning for many many years now and have seen the progression. I have rebuked the sources of evil, I have protested evil, I have stood with signs and proclaimed the gospel and various messages and warnings. I have stood up for persecuted Christians all over the world. I have emailed, made social media posts, sent letters, and prayed. We can’t possibly get to everything because there is just so much. The tide of evil is coming and that is just what it is. The Bible calls us to not only pray, but introspect and reflect, ask the Lord and seek if there is any sin to repent of in our lives, and to fast and pray. Repent, fast, and pray. Abstain from the worldly entertainments that are absolutely meaningless. Abstain from the lusts of the flesh and worldly luxuries and pleasures. Whether each one is a sin or not, the time is coming that many will have to choose between those and standing loyal with Christ. For most the choice won’t be easy. I left all that behind long ago because I have no desire for it. I’m not sharing all of this to magnify myself. I share this to let people know that it is possible to be in that place where you are ready and you know what lies ahead. I have been watching all these news sources and have seen the signs for years. I know thus how to navigate. That it is a waste of time to do things like ‘go back to school’ or God forbid, start a family! Because I am watching. I cringe for those young couples who don’t watch. That is why I warn. In other parts of the world, there are Christians having their kids taken away because they refuse to comply with the evil dictates and indoctrination of children in schools, etc. As a Christian, you must refuse. You have no choice but to obey God. So either you cave and deny Jesus (and then He denies you… Matthew 10; 32-33), or you lose your kids. Folks, it is that serious. You can pray and God can intervene with a miracle, but I truly believe so many things now that people get into are putting God ‘to a foolish test’ just because they don’t WATCH AND PRAY! And if I were in NYC, Cuomo would hear much about my freedom of speech rights! I would be out there marching, protesting, and picketing with signs of the evils of abortion at all stages! But like you said, where are all the ‘leaders’?! They are only wolves, hirelings, and cowards! This is the reason why we are here! For such a time as this!!! If only they knew. But where would I begin to explain it? And what is happening in China is just a dress rehearsal, like the holocaust was, for what awaits all Christians all over the world, including those on U.S. soil during the end times.
    And most have already signed on to the one world religion. The one world government too. And economy. The mark of the beast is almost ready to be revealed. The whole thing in fact. We see them moving all the time. Decrying national sovereignty and borders, whining with the illegal migrants from all over. Leftist mobs are violently attacking people just for being on the right. Right wing politicians are already being expelled from restaurants for their political views. Politicians who claim to be Christians are already being attacked for working in Christian schools that don’t support the sin of homosexuality. The media is mocking Christianity from one end of the horizon to the other. And all the ‘oneness’ agendas. It’s endless. Yet most have their heads in the sand. And the antichrist? He is already here unbeknownst to most. They are doting over him right now in those apostate churches. And blinded into thinking we will never lay eyes on him when the text says the exact opposite. 2 Thess. 2 The apostasy has twisted every meaning.
    The time is much later than most think.


  3. Linda

    Oh, I can’t take one step and not run into more. I went to the next site (Rather Expose Them) and they have a post about the very next move of Cuomo’s: he has signed a bill into law about discrimination and the transgender sin. Check it out.

    In fact, let me share my website list to help you all watch and pray with me!
    It shrunk a lot over the years due to many blogs going into archive status so I will just list the current ones and now it contains a lot of news sources that are not fake news.

    1. Rather Expose Them. It is a blog that posts all sorts of news items; politics, religion, apostasy, etc. He is unfortunately still ‘hanging on Trump,’ but I just overlook that and there is lots of relevant news. *He also has an extensive list on his website of other discernment, news, legal, and other sites.
    2. Lighthouse Trails. Lots of research and info. on the apostasy.
    3. Truthkeepers blog. : ) I had to list it too of course! ; )
    4. Emergent Watch. A blog that exposes bigger trends about things like ‘Christian’ conferences and the apostasy.
    5. Christian News Network
    6. Morning Star News. Stories about Christian persecution around the world. There are some other sites, some more trustworthy than others, and a simple google search will yield them.
    7. Infowars.
    8. FP Media
    9. PJ Media
    10. Jihad Watch
    11. Pamela Geller Report
    12. The Trumpet Online
    13. Activist Mommy blog

  4. Linda

    By the way, one of the best dormant blogs is the New Jerusalem Chronicle. Have you ever been there? At the side is a website list and links, click on the link (I think it’s the second one) called ‘wolves.’ Just read through it all.

  5. Steven

    God saved me around 1967 and it was fear of the rapture and being left behind that drove me Jesus.I believe in the pre-trib rapture now more than ever, especially with all the scoffing of it in the church. Having said that I have also believed a long time that American Christians may get a taste of real persecution before the rapture. We’ve had it too easy for too long. And God really does need to do a little “weeding” in the church before he takes it home. Real persecution will do just that. And the way things are going it could be just around the corner. Donald Trump is just a blip on the radar screen primarily for Israel’s sake. When Democrats again full control there will be a tidal wave of evil unleashed against anyone and everyone that opposes them.

    • Linda

      I have not seen any scoffing at the pre trib by anyone in church anywhere. But I have seen a lot of scoffing at other views such as pre wrath. Unbelievers will likely scoff at the rapture in general. My main concern with pre tribbers is that they are not prepared for persecution. As long as you know we are expected to suffer persecution for Jesus and bear under it well, and don’t take the mark of the beast, and don’t love your life more than Jesus or deny Him to try to save it, then I’m not all that worried about you Steven. I’m pre wrath and it’s not something to divide over. But again, it’s the ones who expect to be lifted on a satin sheet filled with rose petals to heaven, and without a scratch before persecution hits; in a ‘pre trib’ rapture, those are the ones you can lose sleep over since they are totally unprepared.

      • Bro. Nick Nicholas

        Linda – Please do not categorize into one group all of us who are Biblically “saved” and “born again” believers and followers of “the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” – ‘Biblical CHRISTians’ – for there are some of us who do believe in the ‘pre-tribulation Rapture’.
        – For I am like Steven – I do personally fully expect the probability of “great persecution” (Acts 8:1 ~ AV) against Christians here in ‘Amerika’ – possibly as severe as what my brothers and sisters “in Christ Jesus our Lord” are going through RIGHT NOW in North Korea – and China – and Vietnam – and Saudi Arabia – and Iran – and Nigeria – and . . . . . .
        Unfortunately – There is so much pride and arrogance in the constantly increasing Red-White-Blue ‘Amerikan Christianity’ that is taught – and believed by so more and ever-more ‘churches’ – regardless of the ‘denomination’ in this increasingly wicked and “antichrist” spirited \ post-Christian \ neo-Pagan \ neo-Dark Ages country – and in all of the countries all around the world.
        Unlike you – I continue to encounter more and ever-more people who are militant deniers of the ‘pre-tribulation Rapture’ Biblical Doctrine. I have personally been called a “heretick” – and some have also openly questioned my Salvation because of my Beliefs – which are very serious accusations.

  6. Kristina

    I could really use some advice. I have 4 kids, ages 7 and under. I’m so afraid for them and what will be happening to them in their lives. I know that fear is wrong and I want to trust God so much that there is no fear. It’s just so hard when I can’t quit thinking about the things that could be done to them. The very worst being separated from me. I used to try and figure out how we could escape from it all but now I just think that’s impossible and realized I was trusting in myself and not in God. Of course it’s scary to think of the things that could happen to me but I know I could deal with it because God would give me strength. But what about the children? I don’t read anything about kids in anything I find about end times. What I’m wondering is, how can we prepare children for persecution? I know we can pray for them but should we be teaching them about it? What words can we give them that they can understand and keep with them through those times? It’s seems like a bad idea to tell them about persecution and they get scared and overwhelmed. But at the same time, if all the sudden persecution does come, they won’t be prepared? Thanks for taking time to read this.

    • Bro. Nick Nicholas

      Kristina – I do very sincerely Pray that the following YouTube video will be a help
      It is about a mom in Syria – and what she told her children

  7. Bro. Nick Nicholas

    Your assessment of the actual Persecution of Christians in China that is happening RIGHT NOW is understated.
    I personally know a man who has smuggled Holy Bibles into China – and still works with the ‘House Churches’ – And he told me that the Persecution is now worse than it ever was under Chairman Mao – and that if ‘the insanity’ does not stop – There is coming the time when there will be NO Christians left in China.
    – The following two articles may be of interest to give more of an idea of what is happening to our Christian Brethren in China – RIGHT NOW.
    — Crisis in China (PART ONE) – The Worst Persecution in 40 Years
    Asia Harvest Nov 2018 Newsletter
    — The Crisis in China (PART TWO) – A Statement of Faith and Intent
    Asia Harvest Dec 2018 Newsletter
    I have been telling people and trying to warn those people who call themselves ‘Christians’ where I live in Alabama about the very real Persecution that has been constantly increasing in countries all around the world for 10+ years – now 140+ – and there are very-very few people who are interested – and fewer who actually care – and fewer that will do that which Christians are COMMANDED to do in Verse 18 as part of ‘Putting on the Whole Armour of God’ (Ephesians 6:10-20 [AV].
    SO – Do I expect the very strong possibility of “great persecution” (Acts 8:1 ~ AV) here in ‘Amerika’ – YES
    – And it could happen at any time – for there is constantly increasing animosity here in ‘Amerika’ against those few of us who truly are Biblically “saved” and “born again” believers and followers of “the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” – ‘Biblical CHRISTians’

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