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A Global Dominionist Utopia: The New Apostolic Reformation (Part one)

(Excerpt from the book, “AntiChrist Emerging: the surge of anti-Semitism”)

Historically, Israel has long been hated for what she is, was, and will become. That ages-old satanic spirit of hatred is surfacing again, fomenting anti-Semitism via Replacement Theology (Supercessionism). It is not only evident via Replacement Theology in liturgical dominations, but has seeped deeply into Evangelicalism. It is alarming because Replacement Theology (RT) has historically been the single most powerful provocateur of anti-Semitism.

RT posits the claim that the New Testament covenant replaces the Abrahamic covenant, and that the Church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people.[1] Thus, the Church is now “Israel” in the plan, purpose, and promises of God. The promises that God made to Israel are spiritualized and every mention of Israel in the New Testament after Pentecost refers to the Church.[2] Further, RT included beliefs based primarily on the notion that the Abrahamic Covenant no longer applies that promises Israel eternal ownership of land in Canaan (Genesis 17:7-8). Thus, because the Covenant no longer applies, Israel is just as any other nation and her only hope is in the Church.[3]

I could write about all of those manifestations of anti-Semitism, but there are numerous very well written books exposing those errors. In my research I found an anti-Semitic threat to Israel that is greater than all the others combined. In the last couple of decades a different type of anti-Semitism has manifested. It is anti-Semitism that is not easily discerned or detected, but glides silently along in a rapidly growing Movement. Obscured in the folds of Dominion Theology, this new type of anti-Semitism is thriving in the most heretical faction of Christianity, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

The NAR’s potential to do harm to Israel is far greater than the threat of anti-Semitism from alleged Jewish deicide, the anti-Semitism of the Arab nations, and anti-Semitism that stems from Replacement Theology. I do not believe that traditional anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology in liturgical denominations is the major threat to Israel unless ecumenism with the Roman Catholic Church occurs. Additionally, the rise of Replacement Theology in academia and its influence on younger Christian generations is not by itself a major threat. Its primary effect on younger generations will be to soften them for NAR Dominionism and its version of Covenant Theology (not to be confused with traditional Covenant Theology). If, as some NAR leaders are suggesting, NAR infiltrates and influences Roman Catholicism, and Ecumenism occurs between the two, I will publically declare the result to be the One-World Church of the False Prophet.

In order to adequately expose Dominionist anti-Semitism in the NAR, I must first explain what it is, its goals, and its version of Replacement Theology, Covenant Theology (Dominion Covenant).

 The NAR is an extremely alluring and deceptively diabolical Movement that intends to take over the world by infiltrating governments of nations and religions. Their view of Israel is radical to say the least and very dangerous at its best. NAR doctrine, as the Movement itself, is complex and loosely connected, widespread, and evolving. The reason for it evolving is because there are so many unaccountable contributors that shoot from the hip and modify it. However, I will describe how their Dominion Theology necessarily includes Replacement Theology. It will become clear that the NAR has no intention of supporting Israel as God’s Chosen People, of recognizing her unique place in eschatology, or assigning any other traditional biblical characteristic to the nation.

The NAR is chock-full of prophets and apostles plus prophet and apostle wannabes. They speak “revelation” from active imaginations and loosely use God’s word for validation. Bizarre practices, such as lying on graves to soak the anointing from the bones of the dead, shred the Movement’s validity. There are reports of gold dust and feathers falling in NAR meetings. Numerous prophecies have been uttered that failed to occur. Strange behaviors manifest in church meetings that some claim is evidence of the Kundalini spirit.

Some NAR leaders make provocative statements and prophecies followed by bizarre behavior. For example, NAR prophetess Ana Mendez claims the Holy Spirit clearly showed her a principal demonic entity called the “Queen of Heaven” resided in a stronghold located 29,000 feet atop Mount Everest.[4] She assembled a team of skilled climbers and ventured up the mountain to confront the demonic entity. (Mendez and her team purportedly climbed 20,000 feet and claimed they reached the top.)

Some of their peculiarities one might attribute to zeal or ignorance, but other ones, especially the false doctrines, are clearly diabolically inspired. One such doctrine is Dominionism. The deceptive logic Dominionism takes great leaps over valleys of scripture.

The more bizarre the doctrines and practice, the more NAR increase in adherents. As the End-times apostasy reaches critical mass it appears likely that NAR heresy will be themed in nearly every faction of Evangelicalism. Therefore, it is not a stretch to conclude that Evangelical support for the biblical view of Israel will rapidly erode to a level that bodes danger for the nation.

The NAR is a global Movement of approximately 370 million of a worldwide total of 584 million Charismatics and Pentecostals. It has no main leader, no headquarters, and no official dogma. The main connection is a belief in the offices of the “five-fold ministries” with emphasis on the Apostle and Prophet.[5] NAR leaders teach Dominionism, which is the belief that they will reign over all of Christianity and the World. Further, they believe that when they rule the world they will remove all evil and confiscate all wealth from the wicked. Additionally, they insist that billions of people will be saved, and all sickness and death will be conquered. There is much more to the fantastical claims of the NAR, but suffice it to say that their belief system is completely unbiblical and even anti-biblical.

The means to accomplish this lofty set of goals is through “super apostles”, which they claim will arrive during an End-times revival of the apostolic office. These ‘super apostles” will be imbued with unprecedented supernatural power to cast down high ranking demons that they claim are in charge of seven powerful sectors in the world system (Seven-Mountain Dominionism).[6]

The mountains are:

  1. Education
  2.  Religion
  3.  Family
  4.  Business
  5.  Government/Military
  6. Arts/Entertainment
  7.  Media

There is an Elijah List of apostles and prophets that will supposedly accomplish those goals during a great End-times revival. When they have completed their mission, they believe that Christ will return to an earth. He will not come with fire and vengeance as the Scriptures declare because there will be nothing left for Him to do but receive His throne.

Consider the following statements from NAR superstars.

“No prophet or apostle who ever lived, equaled the power of these individuals I saw this great army of the Lord in these last days. No one ever had it, not even Elijah or Peter or Paul. No one else enjoyed the power that is going to rest on this great army.” – Paul Cain

“What’s going to happen now will transcend what Paul did, what David did and what Moses did.” – Jack Deere

“The dismantling of organizations and disbanding of some works will be a positive and exhilarating experience for the Lord’s faithful servants…the Lord will raise up a great company of prophets, teachers, pastors and apostles that will be of the spirit of Phinehas…this ‘ministry of Phinehas’ will save congregations, and at times, even whole nations. Nations will tremble at the mention of their name…” – Rick Joyner

“God’s rasing up a new standard, a new banner, if you will, that’s going to radically change the expression, the understanding of Christianity in our generation…. God has invited us to have a role in establishing a new order of Christianity… God is offering to this generation something He has never offered to any other generation…beware lest old-order brethren rob you and steal this hope from you.” – Paul Cain

“All the sick are gonna be healed, the dead are gonna be raised and nations are gonna turn to God in a day.” – Paul Cain

“The day is coming, I tell you this, I know it like I know my name, the day is coming when there will not be one sick saint in the Body of Christ. No one will be raptured out of a hospital bed. You’re all gonna be healed before the rapture.” – Benny Hinn

(All the above quotes were taken from Todd Bentley’s book, The Journey into the Miraculous.)[7]

I cannot deny that it is alluring. Most Christians long to see large numbers of people saved. We all long to see evil subdued and God’s genuine miraculous power manifested against sickness, bondage, and other maladies. The NAR gives us just enough truth to make us believe that those things are possible and they have a God-ordained mandate to accomplish them. NAR leaders, such as Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, are sincere and believable, have charismatic and charming personalities, and are difficult to discern based on outward appearances. You really want to believe them.

However, we are in that period when we will know evil workers solely by their fruit. It is a time when deception is so clever that even the very elect could be deceived, if that were possible. Satan’s ministers appear as ministers of righteousness. It is supposed to be deceptive. What did we expect of such a period—deception that is so poorly presented that even a child could discern it? The best deceivers are the ones who sincerely believe what they are promoting.

The NAR erupted from the heresy-saturated and unbridled Charismatic Movement. It was bound to occur. The Charismatic Movement began about 1960 during the explosion of the Counter Culture Movement. It exalted supernatural gifts, miracles, and majored on emotionalism. Religious TV stars were made overnight. The great majority of them had or have no accountability. Some Denominations, for example the Assemblies of God, tried to slow down the extreme Pentecostalism of some Movements, such as the Latter Rain, but they did not stop them completely.

NAR Anti-Semitism: A Trojan Horse in Israel

By now the reader may be wondering, “How does this relate to anti-Semitism and how does it affect Israel?” The correlation will hopefully become clear in next few paragraphs.

The NAR could be correctly labeled the Revived Latter Rain. Its leaders teach Dominionism/Kingdom Now heresy and declare that the NAR super-apostles are the “Elijah Generation”, “Samuel Generation”, or “Manifested Sons of God.” It is from the roots of Dominionism that NAR’s particular type of anti-Semitism springs forth.

First, NAR’s Dominionism/Kingdom Now Theology necessarily removes several points of eschatology, including prophecies concerning Israel, from the End-times scenario. Most Charismatics and Pentecostals do not realize that if the NAR doctrine is true, then eschatology not only changes drastically, but it shrinks to insignificance. It might surprise some Christians to realize that NAR’s focus on the church’s (actually Christianity’s) Dominionism necessarily dismisses the any-moment Rapture.[8]

Furthermore, NAR’s Dominionist pragmatism necessarily rejects the view of Israel as the focus of God’s kingdom in Eschatology. They insist that they—the super-apostles—will create God’s kingdom on earth. There is no position for biblical Israel in that hypothesis. Additionally, they reject “traditional evangelical futurist eschatology and have adopted a NAR form of ‘partial preterism.’”[9]

As Holly Pevic states it, “…NAR leaders have a vastly different view of the role of Israel in the end time than traditional charismatics–and these charismatics are in the dark.”[10]

The prophecy of Antichrist, the False Prophet, and other last day’s events cannot occur if the Elijah Generation is in control. Dominion or Kingdom Now Theology shoves Israel far off the eschatological path. In fact, all significant Middle East eschatological events are spiritualized into a different narrative and conclusion.

It is important to note that the influence of Evangelical support for Israel is being smothered by the surging influence of the NAR. Its anti-Semitism is obscured under layers of Dominionist scenarios and repurposed terms. This will be explained further in Part Two: A Judaic Dominionist Utopia.

It would be safe and fair to say that if one understands and accepts Dominion Theology, he or she likely does not support Israel in the biblical sense. They may have fondness for and even speak kindly about, and even support missionaries to Israel, but they cannot truly accept her as God’s Chosen People. Furthermore, they cannot avoid opposing Israel if or when She enters the eschatological path of biblical prophecy.

Peter Wagner (now deceased), is considered the founder of the NAR. He appeared to believe that Dominionism or Kingdom Now evolved from Reconstructionist beliefs.

“The practical theology that best builds a foundation under social transformation is dominion theology, sometimes called ‘Kingdom Now.’ Its history can be traced back through R. J. Rushdoony and Abraham Kuyper to John Calvin.” – C. Peter Wagner[11]

The Dominionism or Kingdom Now treatment of Israel is no different in the result that standard Replacement Theology. Israel will have no more biblical distinction than any other nation and have no place in Eschatology. As the following comments of significant proponents indicate, the result can only be considered anti-Semitism.

Reconstructionist David Chilton stated, “Ethnic Israel was excommunicated for its apostasy and will never again be God’s Kingdom. … the Bible does not tell of any future plan for Israel as a special nation.” [12]

Reconstructionist and Preterist Gary DeMar wrote, “In destroying Israel, Christ transferred the blessings of the kingdom from Israel to a new people, the church.” [13]

There is no doubt that Dominionism is a green house for anti-Semitism. It thrives because in magazines, before huge television audiences, and in large conferences, popular teachers/preachers promote it. Anti-Semitism is hidden among a plethora of spectacular heresies spawned from Dominionism. It is unopposed because it is unexposed. It is unexposed because Charismatic adherents are notorious for imbibing everything without questioning. In some cases they are told not to discern.

Vineyard pastor: “In a moment I’m going to call down the Holy Spirit. Things like you’ve never seen will begin to happen. … Don’t be alarmed by anything you see … And above all, don’t try to rationally evaluate the things you will see. … Subjecting the revival to doctrinal tests is the surest way to put out the fire”[14]


The NAR Version of Covenant Theology

The reason NAR’s anti-Zionism is obscure is because they are not classic anti-Judaic. However, the fact is the NAR’s Covenant Theology view of Israel is tantamount with Replacement Theology NAR should not be trusted as “doves” where it concerns Israel.

“Covenant Theology is inescapably Dominion Theology.”[15]

“We cannot have Christian dominion without the biblical covenant, and we cannot have the biblical covenant without the requirement of Christian dominion.”[16]

We are the Israel of God, and we are under the same requirement to subdue the earth to the glory of God, and to subdue it in terms of His revealed standards of righteousness. work done in way: here is our covenant of dominion.[17]

The NAR’s version of Covenant Theology should be called Dominion Theology and is a version of Replacement Theology. It should be called Dominion Theology because it is “dominion by covenant”.[18] Dominionism is a power structure pyramid that will necessarily have one individual at its vey peak. When NAR’s Covenant Theology is properly identified as a Dominion Covenant, its purpose becomes clear.

“’Dominion Theology’ is invariably postmillenial and adherents believe that the Church itself will have to set up the Kingdom of God upon earth before Jesus Christ returns. It is believed that Christ’s kingdom will need to be established by political, and even military means if and when that might prove necessary.”[19]

Dominionism is established on the idea of the Dominion Covenant that God established with Adam that was broken when Adam sinned. Consequently, dominion was transferred to Satan. The atonement of Christ restored the Dominion Covenant with His Church. It follows that Christians can dominate the world. The only obstacle is that they must believe in Dominionism. To be included in NAR’s Dominionist quest to conquer the world, Christians must accept the Dominion Covenant with God.

It is a very appealing and convincing argument with fantastical promises of great power and authority.[20] However, it is flawed by the fact that it clashes with God’s prophetic word and Eschatology. Further, it diminishes Israel more thoroughly than traditional Replacement Theology. I contend that in order to accomplish their grandiose quest the NAR must necessarily impose an anti-Semitic makeover of Israel. Israel stands as a mountain of realism in NAR’s path to world conquest. NAR leaders do not wish to eliminate Israel, but to conquer and conform her to Dominionist Theology.

The essence of Dominionism is continuously sown into the minds of Evangelicals that leans heavily on religious TV networks, such as GOD TV, TBN, Daystar, the Internet, and related literature. Consequently, Christians who are otherwise sound in doctrine have quoted RT or anti-Semitism to me without knowing where it came from or understanding the implications. They may have not even heard the terms or know what they mean, but because of imbibing NAR teaching they have formed anti-Semitic sentiments about Israel. These unwitting sowers of bad seed may become offended when informed that they are mired in a swamp of abundant deception.

It becomes apparent that NAR is on the same track as RT adherents in Christian academia and other ones in religion that wish to delegitimize Israel for the cause of peace. They are also in lockstep with secular individuals whose obsession with peace in the Middle East overrides every concern for Israel. The NAR unwittingly bonds with those factions and Satan is pulling the strings. An autonomous Israel does not fit into the any of their schemes.

The merging of NAR fantasies and secular peace goals has produced synonymously errant views pressuring Israel to change. It is indicative of the fact that eschatological prophecy is hastening toward fulfillment. The religious and secular sectors must merge. Apostate global religion must come under the leadership of the False Prophet who will agree with Antichrist’s hatred and aggression toward Israel. Antichrist is emerging!

When the NAR rejected biblical eschatology they were primed and ready for a demonic “super-apostle” to lead them. Their involvement in Israel paves the way for the Antichrist and False Prophet’s enthroning. Additionally, they are persistently assembling the world and religions for a “messiah” who expects them to have his kingdom prepared. That is completely unlike the advent of the Son of God, Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior according to the Scriptures. However, it perfectly fits what God’s word declares about the coming of Antichrist.

NAR’s Opaque Anti-Semitism

NAR leaders claim to love Israel and even promote Her to some degree. But do they love the Israel of God’s word, or the “Israel” that fits their NAR narrative?

“In other words, when NAR leaders speak about ‘supporting Israel,’ they are equivocating on terms. ‘Equivocation’ is a deceptive tactic commonly used by NAR leaders…In short, NAR leaders may be referring to supporting the Jewish people spiritually whereas their more traditional charismatic followers may be referring to supporting Israel both spiritually and nationally. They’re doing a classic bait-and-switch.” (Pevic)[21]

The NAR is very powerful in Israel. In fact, a friend in Israel explained to me that the great majority of Christians and Messianic Jews in the nation are “directly or indirectly under the influence of the NAR.” That may be the reason for the following statement by John Weaver.

“Nowhere in the world is the NAR theology singularly more dangerous than in Israel…The Movement has its claws in seemingly every country in the world.”[22]

The fact is that in spite of their RT and diabolical view of Israel, the leadership of the NAR denies that they are anti-Semitic. However, they intend to convert Israel into a Dominionist pawn. The idea flows logically from NAR Seven-Mountain Dominionism that necessarily conquers every government including that of Israel. NAR leaders believe that converting Israel into adherents will trigger great End-time “blessings”.

NAR further avoids the anti-Semitic label by pointing to their pretentious support. But is the NAR truly supporting Israel as God’s Chosen People that has a unique place in His eschatological plan? No, they only support the Jews that acquiesce to the authority of Dominionism. The most deceptive factor of that particular type of anti-Semitism is that it may not kill Jews, but it would change them. The result is the same—the loss of Israel special beauty, her God-given dignity, and distinction as keeper of blessed Jewishness. Whether by death or abdication, anti-Semitism in any form intends to obliterate Israel’s identity.

Wes Hall, a NAR leader teaches that “the reason to pray for Israel is because it is God’s strategy for releasing ‘breakthrough’ to cities and nations (that is, bringing God’s physical kingdom to earth), and it is also God’s strategy for bringing supernatural power to the church:  Thus it is clear that in the NAR movement the reasons for honoring Israel are not because of God’s word. “It is rather a ‘strategy’ for taking ‘dominion’–in the form of sociopolitical control.”(Pevic)[23]

Rather than love for Israel as God’s Chosen People, NAR wishes to conform Israel to an unbiblical image, position, purpose, and destiny. That is not love—that is manipulation. Is it any different than what classic Replacement Theology activists would do? Is the result any different than what the Palestinian Christians would impose if they could bring Israel down to just another nation of Abraham’s children?

The NAR may even appeal to the large secular populace of Israel. The allure is spirituality without commitment, righteousness without relationship, riches, comfort, power, and blessings galore. And why wouldn’t secular Israelis accept NAR? If their adherence facilitates a Judaic Dominionist Utopia,it is certainly of no imposition to their nightlife and does not impede their thirst for pleasure.

In the next section we will understand how dangerously close NAR is to accomplishing their goal and report on one of the major leaders of their quest to conquer Israel.

End of Part One – click for Part Two


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  1. A profound article, and I do not say this lightly. God bless you, Pastor, and may He continue to use you powerfully. Where can I get this book?

    • Thanks, John. It hasn’t been published yet. We’ve been working on other projects. I just felt this was the time to release some of the information. When It is available I will let everyone know. Hopefully it will be soon.

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