Previously I wrote that for Endtime prophecy in Revelation to be fulfilled it would necessitate a convergence of the secular and religious realms. That is explicitly clear by the fact that two “Beasts”, the False Prophet and Antichrist who are imbued with satanic power, will rule the entire world. I believe that when such convergence may occur can be determined approximately by the progress of the convergence and how rapidly it is progressing. However, to recognize the progress and rapidity we have to be prayerful and willing to endure the brunt of reality. It is not a pleasant process to witness because creates stress and anxiety.

A serious problem is that most professing Christians are expecting unity where unity cannot exist except that either good or evil is in complete control. Furthermore, they are expecting peace where no peace can exist. They think America will be great again while the nation is rapidly becoming more ungodly. To avoid recognizing the deterioration of society some professing Christians are burying their heads in religiosity. Numerous leaders are engaging in ecumenism, building bridges with Eastern mysticism, converting church meetings into entertainment fests, and acquiescing to secular demands that they accept perversity and other wickedness.

True Christians must realize that God did not call them to make peace with the darkness or with those who walk in it. The clear truth is that there is a war between flesh and spirit that must end in conquest by one of the other. The carnal mind is an unapologetic enemy of God that refuses to do His will. Thus, animosity between good and evil, light and darkness, truth and falsehoods will not end until Christ returns. Instead of looking for peace we should be expecting the true Peacemaker, Christ Jesus, the only One that can bring about a united world. He will do so as God’s word declares.

Nonetheless, the convergence of the secular and religious realms is around a shared theme. They are unifying to create a worldwide false utopia where everyone gets along well, no fighting or arguing, no name-calling, et cetera. However, for such a utopia to form the inhabitants would have to honor God. But God is not honored in the secular or religious realms. Instead, a false god is honored—the god of this world. The false utopia will be brought about by the absence of moral absolutes. The only hard and fast rule will be to tolerate everyone and everything regardless of the wickedness represented, which means God will be rejected.

It is obvious that Satan is hijacking both the secular and religious realms for his global initiative. His emissaries are using “peace and love” to obscure their true motives and preempt their true mission. It is a given that the world system and apostate Christianity cannot create genuine peace and love and will not have unity except in deception, delusion, and apostasy. The unavoidable consequence is to unite humanity under the auspices of the False Prophet and Antichrist. Even now secular and religious people are actually bonding with hatred for God and godly people. They falsely represented God’s people as hindrances to world peace and unity.

Apostate Christianity and the rest of the religious realm are infected by the exact same spirit and are coalescing with common goals. They appear to believe that genuine truth and godliness are obsolete virtues of an old, decrepit, Christian generation whose influence must be erased from society. In the ensuing spiritual vacuum, they are developing “New Christianity”, world-friendly and free from the restraints of truth and godliness. Because of the great deception and consequent apostasy they have rejected the Light of the world and anyone in whom His luminosity exists.

To silence or marginalize individuals who speak out against the deception the reinterpreted terms “love”, “unity”, and “hate” are used as weapons. They accuse their detractors of being void love, of being divisive, and of manifest hatred. Professing Christians are constantly attacking God’s watchmen that expose the wiles of Satan and his emissaries. As their secular counterparts, they employ the same misidentified terms, “love”, “unity”, and “hate”, as weapons of mass accusation.

Here is a clear truth. The false utopia in Christianity is essentially a duplicate of the world system’s utopia. Heresy will be honored or at least tolerated. The diabolical beliefs of false religions will be accepted and absorbed. That utopia will amalgamate effortlessly and seamlessly with the utopia of the world system. Every perversion and blasphemy that originates in false religions and the world system will find an entrance. It will become the “great harlot” that rides the Beast.

The question is, “How far along are we toward convergence.” If the prophetic timetable were a clock, it would not have a minute hand. Thus we would only know the day and hour or general time frame. Nonetheless, Christ warned us that because of satanically clever deception we would only be able to recognize wicked deceivers by their fruits. If murdering millions of unborn babies can become legal and acceptable by secular society and religion, the fruit is rotten. If secular society and religion unite to condone and support homosexuality, the stench has risen up to heaven. When both realms accept and normalize transgenderism even to the perversion of children and young people, the rotten fruit’s odor has smothered all godly logic and reason. It must be a rancid smoke in the nostrils of God. Thus, what was once deemed a gentle tide becomes a tsunami of ungodliness that it is clear God will not tolerate for long.

Although there are many signs already fulfilled that indicate that we are deep into the last days and on the verge Revelations two Beasts manifesting. I believe that it is significant that Revelation presents Antichrist as the first Beast to manifest. This indicates that the secular realm will be further advanced in decay. That makes sense because it has the shorter distance to moral desolation. Additionally, history records the secular realm commonly becomes dominant and compromised Christianity acquiesces.

I believe we should consider a significant indicator in world history of how close we may be to the secular realm becoming dictatorial. I believe that when secular society manages to outlaw guns in our nation that the way for Antichrist will be cleared. “Then we will be gone,” cries the enthusiastic escapist!

Not so fast. We do not know if Antichrist will arrive at the inception of a global government, or if there will be a committee in charge, then an individual, and eventually Antichrist. It is presumed that the instant a global government is formed Antichrist will arrive. However, there are no scriptures verifying that claim. In Daniel 7th chapter we see a number of “beasts.” Various so-called “prophecy teachers” have taken the books of Daniel and Revelation apart and forced their conjecture and interpretation upon the text. They did so without a significant and essential amount of information that God commanded Daniel and John to withhold.

Daniel was told to seal a book until the time of the end. The book of Daniel has been unsealed for two thousand years, so was it another book or a section that Daniel did not include in his book. In any case, a book of eschatological information is sealed. Likewise, God told John not to write the voices of the 7 Thunders. I have read the opinions of “prophecy teachers” that are nothing more than guesswork. However, none of them suggested that the eschatological information in the 7 Thunders was essential to fully knowing what will occur. To do so would have put them out of a job. Suffice it to say that no honest judge would convict someone with a large quantity of essential information missing.

The reason the outlawing of guns is significant it is the final earthly opposition to the advent of a tyrannical government. It is a given that secular individuals are spiritually powerless against Satan. However, because of the great deception, delusion, and apostasy, most professing Christians have compromised and are spiritually weak or equally powerless. The consistent paradigm is that when people become spiritual anemic or worse they resort to their own devices and ability to resist evil or recover from evil attacks. Secular conservatives and compromise professing Christians are relying on their massive arsenal of rifles and guns as the last defense against being overthrown by evil people. That measure of trust in the arm of flesh is indicative of a lack of valid and voluminous trust in God.

I am not advocating the removal of guns from society, but that we cannot put our trust in carnal weapons to fight spiritual wickedness.

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our God. – Psalms 20:7

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, – 2 Corinthians 10:4

In other words, a wall of carnal power stands between us and conquest by evil. It is at best a wall built with untempered mortar (Ezekiel 13:10-16). There are various other earthly factors that Christians and secular Conservatives put their trust in to protect them from the raging secularism that demonstrates their hatred from just beyond the untempered wall. When that wall comes down, nothing else will stop the crushing flood of enraged humanity from overflowing all that is good. What we see in their gnashing teeth we will feel in our flesh.

It is very close to becoming a reality. I believe that the minute hand is very close to the last hour before the world system, Christianity, and the world religions, coalesce as one. The power generated by such a feat will be overwhelming. The majority of earth’s inhabitants will be immediately swallowed up by its raw energy. It is why there are continual warnings to prepare. However, individuals will not have the impetus to prepare if they do not accept and absorb the challenging information concerning how truly close it is to the convergence of the secular and religious realms.

There are glaring signs that the foundations of our society are compromised, decaying, and crumbling, but the majority refuses to see or hear. Secular people rush to their entertainment centers and dull their minds with pleasure. Professing Christians flock to their buildings on Sunday and go through their rituals with no expectation of harm. They all are invested deeply in the world system with its offerings of release from stress and reality. By outward appearances, all is stable and destined to survive. We see the great buildings, the White House and other monuments to our republic and democracy. Steeples jut up through the spacious skies lined by jet trails. As we by amber waves of grain drive on superhighways we see no signs of war, nor revolution, no menacing stormtroopers or ominous military checkpoints. Except for the occasional riots and demonstrations that do not personally inconvenience most of us, we go on with life’s routines.

It is truly the “hour when you do not expect” and a time when people think and say, “peace and safety.” They do not expect (the Coming of Christ) because they willfully ignore all the factors for expectation. They say peace and safety because the mantra is necessary for their apathy. They trust in the pandering consolations of men that are little more than exalted ear ticklers, “flattering people to gain advantage” and prophesying “peace when there is no peace.” How can professing Christians put their trust in the words of individuals who obviously do not put their trust in God? Putting one’s hope in an extra-biblical escape clause contrived by such men is farcical. There is a scriptural reference that we are not appointed to suffer God’s wrath, but not one that declares we will avoid persecution and other brutal hardships. Using the proof text for the former to sustain the latter is folly.

It will happen very quickly. There will be much weeping and praying with great fear and stress, but it will be too late to do anything about it or to become prepared. The time is right this very minute to recognize and receive truth and reality of the condition the world. We must attempt to prepare right now by prayer, reading and committing God’s word to memory, and building ourselves up in faith. Then, if it is not too late to prepare, we will be ready when our time comes to stand, endure, and overcome. And beyond any shadow of a doubt it is going to arrive.