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Another Tragedy of the Las Vegas Massacre

It was deeply sad and tragic to learn about the massacre in Las Vegas. I immediately felt compassion for the many lives that were invaded with unimaginable sorrow. Then I wondered how many souls entered eternity unprepared to stand before God in judgment. As horrific as the destruction of physical life was, it is still more horrendous to think of the souls that entered eternity without Christ as their Lord and Savior.

As the hours went by, reports of Liberals taking advantage of the situation emerged. What deeply saddened me beyond the reality of scores of dead and hundreds wounded people was the bile oozing from some liberals. Instead of consolation, they took the opportunity to speak and write various inappropriate and even hateful remarks. I felt disgusted.

What is wrong with those individuals who speak and tweet heartless and vile statements about the victims of the Las Vegas massacre? After their rants enter the news stream, some of them apologized for what they said and wrote. They now believe all is well. But why did they do it in the first place?

They deliberately spewed or sat at a keyboard and wrote those horrific statements. There is no doubt that they knew the effect and consequences on grieving friends and relatives of the deceased and wounded. There are many households in mourning—Grandparents, Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, children and other relatives and friends, all in immeasurable pain. Imagine them having to watch or read the news that along with the updates on the tragedy and learn about the heartless remarks of their fellow citizens,

What would compel someone to flagrantly inflict that measure of pain on suffering people? Is it a matter of not being able to contain their hatred and disrespect? If so, that says a lot about them. Or do they believe they can just apologize their way out of trouble? That does not put them in a better light. I think both—they glory in their shame.

One thing is very clear; Liberals do not care about people dying or they would have shown respect for the LV victims. They only care about banning guns. Why? Because it is necessary before totalitarianism can become a reality. None of the flappy-lips Liberals have come out against Rahm Emanuel over Chicago’s murder rate.

Democrat and Liberal “Progressive” Mayor Emanuel calling the devastation in Chicago “gun violence” is the problem and why they will never solve it. It is like describing a Grizzly bear attack as “claw violence.” The problem is “people violence.” If they do not have guns to carry it out, they will use knives, clubs, vehicles, rocks, fists and feet, or IEDs.

Consider the many recent violent riots sponsored by Liberals. Also consider the many police officers that were murdered because of inflammatory Liberal rhetoric. Liberalism promotes and sponsors “people violence” on one end, and then Liberals attempt to avoid the consequences by banning guns on the other end. And we wonder why they scratch their feet when their heads itch.

We are living in a nation when the basest malevolence and spite of human nature is unrestrained in a large part of the population. Will football players besmirch the flag this coming Sunday? If corporate mourning is not an option now, can anything disastrous occur that will bring this nation together? I do not think so. The wickedness is too deep in people—so deep that they cannot help but allow it unrestrained foaming access to their tongues.

There are many questions and few answers about the callused indecency, but there is one answer to why it exists. There is rampant apostasy in Christianity and unfettered nefarious antichrists in the world system. If Christianity keeps heading deeper into apostasy and the America society continues on the path of hedonism and godlessness, the more demonic people will come out of the shadows to create mayhem.

I do not believe that our society has reached the point to where the majority would tolerate beheading Christians, but that is where it is headed. Malignant ungodliness is in the fabric and the Devil is clearly in the details.

This is a period of great darkness. Our nation has rejected God in the greatest light. We can sing “God bless America” or chant the present mantra that “America is going to be great again,” but change doesn’t come from the mouth. It comes from the heart.

My compassion and praying is for families and friends of the LV victims. But I’m also praying about the death of our nation’s common sense and decency. It is indicative of a society ripe for the False Prophet and Antichrist.


  1. “How the meaning changes when the screaming hits your ears” These words from a song called We Were Born to be Loved echo in my mind in the aftermath of the Vegas shootings. I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years, starting in May 2002 and returning to my hometown 15 years later, almost to the day, in May of this year.
    I worked in casino marketing on the Strip for eight years. After the Virginia Tech tragedy, my former employer started incorporating active shooter preparedness drills into our quarterly safety awareness week. I worked alongside fellow Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Atheists.
    Although most of us understood such a thing “could”, to a person not one of us wanted to believe it “would” happen.

    Ironically, Sunday night I was talking to a friend who works at Caesars (about one mile from the festival grounds) who’d called me on their dinner break to talk about a workplace disciplinary issue and asking me for guidance. They’d grown unhappy in their work, but were unable to get away from the “ I need this job” mindset. I gave them what advice I felt appropriate and added, even if they lost their job, it wouldn’t be the “worst that could happen”. This conversation took place roughly an hour before the shootings started. When I didn’t hear back from them after work as promised, I went online. I never felt so powerless.
    I still have friends and family in Vegas.
    None were at the festival. All are alive.
    But as one friend said (who has siblings who work at the hospitals that attended to the victims)…”being bullet-free isn’t the same as being okay”
    My heart is broken for all of Vegas and although I’m back in my hometown in the Pacific Northwest, I feel like a part of me died that night.
    The meaning has changed for me. The screaming has hit my ears.

  2. You echo my feelings. I mourn for those innocent people whose lives are immediately and irrevocably changed by this evil, and then they are spit on by these demons in the media and social media. The Christian influence of “salt and light” is gone in this nation. I believe it is gone forever. Political correctness fills the pulpits. Social justice is the mantra of the church (little c). Apostasy has come, and it will only get darker here in Amerika from now on. I am sure there are little “pockets of light” around here and in some places in the USA, but I could not tell you exactly where to find one at this time. Lighthouse Trails has a good short article in today’s edition of their newsletter concerning the “state of the church” in the USA; about their timidity and apostasy.

    We have been relegated to the status of “haters”. (splc) The “libs” control the main stream media and social networks. Is it time to “hunker down” in Amerika? I for one, think that it”IS” time to do just that. It is time to focus on “one on one ministry and avoid the “public eye”. I will continue writing my blog, but not many are listening and I am almost “afraid” to promote my fundamentalist views to great numbers of people these days. It is not fear in the traditional sense, just true and Godly discernment, I do pray. As you say, beheading of true Christians probably would not “fly” yet in this country, but the “handwriting is on the wall” and we should be wary and on guard to lead our families wisely in these dark days, I believe. “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”. (Matthew 10:16 KJV)

    ps….I “lay low” in the church I am attending, due to the fact that the Bible tells me to ” do not forsake the assembling together of yourselves, and even more so as we see the Day (of Christ, the rapture of the saints) approaching. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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