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What to Expect in 2016

Over the past few days, the “prophets” are at it again, prophesying great things for 2016.  They have completely ignored the failure of their prophecies for last year.  There was a substantial degradation of Christianity and significant advancement of evil in society in 2015.  The “blood moons” prophecies were a flop.  In the degradation department, Hillsong Church’s (London) Christmas program won top ranking for blasphemy, especially their rendition of Silent Night.

Therefore, it is essential to ignore the prophets that are prophesying peace, miracles, prosperity, and a great end-time revival for 2016.  They are lying prophets who have no connection to God.  If they were true prophets, they would be warning the people.  To counter their pompous prophecies, I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to write about what to expect in 2016.

On January 2, 2015, I wrote, “What to Expect in 2015”.  Here are some abbreviated highlights.  I will submit to the reader(s) to judge the accuracy of my statements.

  1. The anti-Christian world system will manifest its antipathy more boldly. Conversely, Christianity (the religion) will move deeper into the apostasy.
  2. Christianity will be too weak and divided to check the encroaching darkness. There will be a very difficult storm of chaos and strife.
  3. Significantly more professing Christians will become spiritually cold, deceived, and reject love for truth.
  4. The line of demarcation between good and evil will become more sharply defined (to the believers).
  5. An increasing horde of false prophets will prophesy lies including peace and a great end-times.
  6. Unstable professing Christians will drift with diabolical change initiated by the despotic individuals who control society.

It was brutally stressful last year, but 2016 will provide a dramatic increase in stress.  It will be a pivotal round in the great fight of faith.  Most Christians who are praying faithfully do not need me to warn them about that.  They know by the Holy Spirit that our nation has passed an equinox between light and darkness.  A couple of years ago I wrote that the religious and secular systems were headed toward convergence.  That was not a particularly astute observation.  It was and is clear that it must occur.  However, the realms are now precariously near a communal station.

Consider that all religions are drifting toward ecumenism.  Concurrently, factions of the world system are conglomerating.  They are centering on peace, social and financial equality, sexual orientation, and world unity.  For the convergence to occur, the Constitutional rights of United States citizens, especially Christians, must be oppressed or removed.  That will be accomplished by catastrophic distortions of law and justice.  Consequently, there are not enough light-reflecting Christians to equipoise such a rabid intrusiveness by apostates and the godless world system.

The reality is that our society is grievously infected by radical paradigm shifts in both sectors, decades in the making.  A depressing fact is that a significant number of people desire it to be so, or are deceived that it is the right direction.  A new “low” was reached with the intrinsically evil and abusive SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling legalizing perversion, bashing Christianity, and subverting the Constitution.  Outrage ensued, but the evil advance was not rebuffed.  The “Black Lives Matter” riots, inflamed by the rhetoric of our President and Attorney General, set America’s race relations back many decades.  They could have set the stage for a nationwide racial war.  Pusillanimous politicians and pastors hid behind neutral rhetoric, while the liberal news media controlled the narrative.

Consider the contrast.  Millions of Christians did not rise in protest of the SCOTUS ruling, but illegal mobs violently protested the death of a criminal.  Now something worse is coming.

First, if America elects another malevolent president, it will be over.  There will be no rebound from that choice.  The ramifications are too many to list.  Suffice it to say that such a decision will unleash a literal demonic authority that will attack and liquidate this nation’s religious and conservative civil liberties.  This nation is ripe for despotism.  There is blood in the water.  Evil forces are swarming to take advantage.  We need a benevolent and strong leader with Judeo-Christian values.

That stated, it is essential to realize that even a godly leader cannot stop or roll back the diabolical gains in secular and religious sectors.  For that to occur, professing Christians must repent and reject their contemplative mystics.  Heretics and incorrigible publishing companies must repent and retract their dangerous literature.  Megachurches and their hireling pastors must repent and refrain from their sacrilegious, salacious, and cavalier behavior, etc.

Likewise, secular society must move the standard of tolerance for Christianity back to a pre-Obama era.  They must reset the bar for morality, scale back their vulgarity and sexual content on television.  The maniacal liberal groups must settle back into a position of accepting societal mores of the last century, etc.  Does anyone believe that will occur with the election of a conservative president?

All a conservative president means is that Christians will have a few more years to return to what they have abandoned.  If the Christian faction in this nation does not return to prayer, to a passionate surrender to God, and to a focus on His will and kingdom, the declination in society will continue.  Eventually, there will be a rupture in the remaining thin membrane of resistance.  What that means is that for many professing Christians wallowing in prodigious hypocrisy, it will become too taxing to continue resisting in the war.  They will surrender to the apostate union with the world spirit.

Thus, 2016 will be a pivotal year.  Politicians and conservative television and radio pundits will not save us.  We can’t vote or buy our way out of this critical predicament.  This catastrophic disorder is the result of prayerless, uncommitted, materialistic, fun-addicted, spiritually lackadaisical, heresy-loving, professing Christians having traded the biblical concept of God for a contemporary “golden calf”.  I pray that their muddled minds will be opened to the truth that our nation is in digression, not progression.  We are heading into darkness, not out of it.  “Better” cannot be in any prognostication for our future, but only “worse”.

We will fight a tremendous year-long battle in 2016.  It must be fought clothed in the whole armor of God, standing with the sword of the Spirit drawn, and praying with all supplications.  Anyone who thinks he or she knows a better way has not grasped the biblical concept of the full duty of humanity to God.  It is not just about winning, but how we fight this battle.  It is about returning to God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, fully loving Him and His Savior Christ Jesus.  If that is not the purpose for why we fight, what then binds and compels God to continue our democracy?  Shall He do so that we can continue to ignore Him, dance with the world system, frolic in its pools of carnality, and sip its apostate pleasure cocktails?

It is time for the harlot church to discard its defiled rags, to repent, and return to the grace and mercy of God.  It is not too late for backsliders to return to God, to put on a robe of righteousness, get oil for their lamps, and be ready for the Bridegroom.  However, time is quickly running out.  Soon there will be no more warnings, but only mourning and tears over rejected conviction and missed opportunities.  In fact, this may be the last call to repentance some people will read.

The burden against Dumah.  He calls to me out of Seir, “Watchman, what of the night?  Watchman, what of the night?”

The watchman said, “The morning comes, and also the night. If you will inquire, inquire; Return! Come back!” – Isaiah 21:11-12


  1. SteamRoller ;)

    “Our nation has passed an equinox between light and darkness”—powerful image indeed! And “declination”: an apt play on words as well!

    Another spot-on article. It is always refreshing to hear a faithful prophet who refuses to tickle itching ears.

    Wishing you lots of blessings in 2016, and looking forward to many more outstanding articles here! 🙂

  2. John

    You have identified what is happening, and what is to happen. May He continue to use you in this manner.

  3. patrick

    Cedric, I have tried to email you, it wont work. I get a invalid domain for site key…what ever that means. I wanted to share with you that I agree with you 100% that 2 Thes 2 v3-13 is happening before our eyes just as Jesus warned in Matt 24 and Mark 13.
    I wanted to share a word with you, privately, in email, so you could judge it. Edit at your discursion.
    I too have been researching and studying this invasion of new age concepts and practices for years. I know Lighthouse Trails well, among others.
    This is the Word of Wisdom by the Holy Spirit in regards to the mystery in 2 Thes 2v6..what is restraining… v7…He who now restrains will do so until He( the what in v6) is taken out of the way.
    It is Jesus- the Lamb, is He who now restrains and the what- He is taken out of the way is, The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. Isaiah 11v1, Rev 5v6. Ponder this and Isaiah 66v5, Ps 25v14.
    Be blessed…….Patrick

    • C.H. Fisher

      Hi Patrick,
      The contact form should work now.

  4. John

    Perfect analysis and the perfect opportunity for us to renew our Christian vows. Who can deny we are heading towards the End Times? That’s what Christ predicted and it can’t be avoided. However, as you say, we all still have time to choose where we spend eternity afterwards.

  5. Rhonda

    Thank you. I agree, and my heart is breaking over it all.

  6. John

    A dead on accurate assessment of the true state of things we may expect this year based on our past and where we are now. Yes, the “prophets” are struggling with their marks missed and certainly deserving of all skepticism and criticism heaped upon them. Appreciate the lucid expression of the way things are moving within and outside the church. May the faithful Christian do all that he or she can to stand and to boldly share the gospel in these perilous times.

  7. Terry watson

    Did you mean to say in number 3 of this article reject the love of truth? Or am I mistaken, and reject love for truth was your real statement…. Thank you.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Sadly, many professing Christians are rejecting love for the truth.

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