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Assemblies of God Contemplative Spirituality Controversy

The very disturbing but truthful news about the A/G is that the leadership and the highest level have accepted and are promoting Contemplative Spirituality. A/Gs colleges and seminaries have produced a generation of ministers that agree with their new direction into Contemplative Spirituality. As a result, many of the 40s something and younger group of ministers are very much into Rob Bell and the Emergent Church and support homosexuality. They were warned repeatedly over the past couple of decades. Instead of taking the warnings, the Denomination leadership trumped up false charges against the ones who warned them and ruthlessly excommunicated them. Anyone who resigns in protest will also be brought up on charges and not allowed to resign. They will instead be dismissed. One presbyter told a pastor friend that was being excommunicated after attempting to resign, “You don’t quit them…they quit you.” As a result, there are few voices left in the Denomination that are courageous enough to oppose this outrage.
I’m one of the few that managed to resign without enduring such injustice. I feel deep sadness for my friends that remain in the A/G. They are very distressed about this paradigm shift and venture into the vortex of deception and apostasy. This is beyond critical mass. We have to face the fact that our world is changing and there may be no going back. If this is not the last days, it is still going to be a time of darkness when “all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived”. Guard your hearts and minds! Plant your hope and faith firmly in Christ Jesus! There is no middle ground.


  1. C.H. Fisher

    This is an introduction to a section on this website that describes the AoG Contemplative Spirituality controversy. A few readers have demanded that I post names, dates, and other pertinent information to validate a couple of statements in this introduction. Of course, the information that they seek is irrelevant to this short introduction. However, even when I write an article, I assume that people are capable of gathering easily accessible information, especially about critical issues affecting Christianity.

    Since the apostasy is beyond critical mass, I am surprised when I am contacted by someone who has not aware of that fact. First, the Holy Spirit warns us of the apostasy and about everyone and everything that attempts to lure us into it. Additionally, this apostasy wasn’t done in a corner. The guilty parties have made no attempts to hide their activities or unscriptural beliefs. Rick Warren’s heresy has been greatly expounded on. George Wood, AoG General Superintendent, has made no attempt to hide his activities and support of contemplative spirituality. Further, there are articles containing information on this website. Additionally, there are books and other websites available that focus primarily on presenting relevant data in great detail. Ray Yungen, Roger Oakland, and Warren Smith, have written more than one book concerning the invasion of New Age paganism into Christianity via its leadership. One may also visit Lighthouse Trails Research for information concerning the individuals involved in the deception.

    For me to present every bit of information repeatedly in every article that I write would be superfluous. It would turn each article into a book. I say to those ill-informed or uninformed few, wake up, pirates are on board and the ship is about to sink.

    • John

      Thank you for this post about the A/G organization. The A/G church I attended and still keep track of is heading in the emergent/purpose driven direction. Should they continue along this avenue, contemplative prayer and all it brings with it are sure come aboard. Sad thing is when one tries to point these false teachings and erroneous teachers out to fellow Christians, they are either ignored or looked at as subversive. My experience has not differed when trying to sound a warning.

    • Rev. Joseph Meyers

      The Assemblies of God Position Paper on homosexuality and By-laws clearly state that homosexuality is sin and comes under the judgment of God. I also called Rev. Jim Bradford one of the executive officers in the Springfield, Missouri headquarters of the AOG. He clearly stated to me that the Assemblies of God does NOT condone homosexual behavior in its churches or amongst the ministers. He told me that homosexual behavior or preaching in favor of such activity would be grounds for immediate dismissal. He also said that the AOG does not keep ministers from resigning so that the organization can dismiss them. That too is gossip and slander! The insinuations contained on the Truthkeepers.com WEB site concerning the Assemblies of God position amount to gossip and slander and bear no resemblance to the truth. The following is a copy of a paragraph in the position paper.
      The Assemblies B. With Regard to Sexual Immorality
      The Assemblies of God believes that sexual acts outside of marriage are prohibited as
      sinful. Sexual acts outside of marriage include but are not limited to adultery, fornication,
      incest, bestiality, pornography, prostitution, voyeurism, pedophilia, exhibitionism,
      sodomy, polygamy, polyamory, or same-sex sexual acts. (Exodus 20:14; Leviticus
      18:7–23; 20:10–21; Deuteronomy 5:18; Matthew 5:27–28; 15:19; Romans 1:26–27; 1
      Corinthians 6:9–13; Galatians 5:19; Ephesians 4:17–19; Colossians 3:5;
      1 Thessalonians 4:3; Hebrews 13:4).of God position paper on homosexuality clear!
      I am disappointed that Truth seekers sees no need to document its insinuations.

      • C.H. Fisher

        If you read very carefully what I wrote, I never stated anything that would warrant your reply. The article that you referred to is an Introduction to a Section concerning the acceptance of Contemplative Spirituality by the leadership of the denomination. The mention of homosexuality is not the main point, but merely an observation of what will occur if the AoG does not reject Contemplative Spirituality.

        You are correct about the official position of the AoG. However, that does not mean that position is not being compromised by younger ministers. My reference to homosexuality being accepted by the younger ministers is correct. Since you researched what the Denomination believes on paper, you should also research what the “40 Under” group believes. Further, support for homosexuals is growing in nearly every denomination in the younger generations.

        Over 20 years ago my wife and I counselled with a young man who had a struggle with homosexuality. At the time he was attending an AoG college in Springfield, Missouri as a music major. He informed us that many of the individuals in his class and some of the teachers were homosexuals. It has been a hidden issue in the AoG for years. The official position does not matter if they are going to look the other way when it is convenient.

        My point was that Contemplative Spirituality will erode opposition to homosexual professing Christians. This is a very dangerous heresy and the most powerful one afflicting Christianity. Please do your research on how CS has infected the Assemblies of God at the highest leadership. Read my email exchange with George Wood concerning his support for Ruth Haley Barton, a New Age Guru that was invited to speak at the General Council in spite of great effort to convince the leadership to dis-invite her. That is an astounding breach of historical Assemblies of God tradition and of biblical admonition.

        Finally, the homosexual issue will become a problem in the AoG as the younger generation takes control of pastorates and denominational leadership. One cannot imbibe and support doctrines of demons (CP) and expect immunity from what Christianity as a whole is being invaded by.

      • Aaron Easton

        I’m sorry for those who are so dyed in the wool AOG. Position papers, by-laws, property clauses or local district decisions meant nothing in the past and they have not for quite a long time. From the accredited universities, humanistic psychology, contemplative prayer, ecumenical unity, heretical doctrines [WOF] etc et el. The facts are the AOG is leading this present apostasy that runs much deeper & wider than anyone would believe. Yet, and at the same time Jimmy Swaggart Ministries preaching the full-gospel / Pentecostal Message arounf the world with much fruit following. As JSM grows on a daily basis many are being awakened to this present apostasy and are able to more clearly define it due to the ‘Message of The Cross’ being emphasized as it must be in these last hours.

      • Aaron Easton

        Bro Meyers,
        I appreciate your firm stand on issues such as these and we certainly need more like yourself in this last hour.
        However, the actions of the AOG leadership at all levels have regularly taken a heavy hand with the ministers, organizations & churches that raise real concerns. I know, as we are in part have been the object of their wrath and unscriptural doings! The facts are, few have ‘left’ the AOG, but many have been refused a resignation and given the boot!

  2. Karen

    Thank you for the honest and open posts at this website!
    I have been reading and following the people you just mentioned in your article above and have found their writings most helpful in understanding all that is going on in the world, when evil is good and good is evil.
    I will return many times to read your future postings.

    • Rev. Joseph Meyers

      How can you say that names and dates are not relevant to even a brief introduction of this sort? Of course they are relevant and your refusal to support your allegations would make me not want to visit your WEB site, except I want to stay current on the gossip and slander you are spreading so I can refute it. Give me names! Give me dates! Or repent of your slanderous activities!
      Have you contacted Dr. George Wood at Springfield, Mo headquarters. Matthew 18 says that if a Brother be taken in a fault you are to go to him alone. Have you done that?
      At this point, unless you are willing to substantiate your claims with names and dates, I would accuse you of being a Gossip and Slanderer! See Psalm 15:1-4;

      • C.H. Fisher

        You are making it a habit of responding and accusing before you read everything on a topic. The email exchange with George Wood is not hidden. Please read it before accusing. Thank you in advance.

      • Aaron Easton

        Same ole mantra! You sir should first defend the actions & words of the AOG. I doubt you could have much success at that!

  3. Lori

    A good example of the plunging doctrinal values of the AOG is seen in Amos Yong, Assembly of God minister, and Dean at Regent University. He has written numerous papers that posit that the Holy Spirit is present in other religions, and he is active in a Buddhist-Christian society. Links provided below.


    If the Assemblies of God support this, there is no boundary left they haven’t crossed towards total apostasy.

  4. Greg

    Dear Fellow Truth Keepers,
    The longer I study and the deeper I dig for answers about the “Great Apostacy”, the more oppressive it all seems. I have read everything from Manley P. Hall to Marianne Williamson on the “Divinity of Man”, side. Read the Catholic Catechism and found that other than a few ambiguous terms, the “Prosperity Gospel Teachers” are preaching the same basic message. Man is God…Buddhism (Monism) is the pracitical application, whether through contemplative techniques, or straight out Zen. My wife and I desperately want to associate with others in this fight. Were it not for you and the men and women of Lighthouse Trails Research, one could begin to feel isolated like Elijah. God spoke to me over a year ago after a 21 day fast and said, “Judgement is sure. Tell the remnant of my people to hold fast.” I am trying to do that, but it seems we are in the latter days of Ezekiel’s ministry, specifically Ezekiel 14. Trying to find Noah, Daniel, and Job, just to have someone to talk freely about the feelings of judgement that are about to come upon us for the sin of Sodom…i.e. “Pride, arrogance, and fullness of bread, not to mention we have not remembered the orphan and widows in their affliction. (Ezekiel 16:49; James 1:27)
    If you and your family in ministry ever want to talk to a friend, please contact me. If you are ever in the Dallas area, please let me know. God bless and keep you. Pastor Greg

    • Aaron Easton

      Dear Brother–Left the AOG years ago & find that the Full-Gospel message is still alive at JSM. And God is blessing that ministry as it takes the gospel to the world as no other ministry. Thanking the Lord!

      • C.H. Fisher

        The special revelation that Jimmy Swaggart claims to have received from God that he labelled “The Message of the Cross” is certainly not “full Gospel.” I am referring to message that JS claims even the Apostle Paul didn’t know about or understand, the one that God cause JS to suffer the shame of being exposed for adultery with prostitutes to prepare him to receive. JS claims that only he has received this revelation, that the Church did not have the true “Message of the Cross” until God revealed it to him. I completely disagree with JS concerning his statements and his message. The true “Message of the Cross” does not need a revelation to reveal it. It is clearly presented in God’s word and is the simplicity of the Gospel. It is impossible to have the Full Gospel message without the “Message of the Cross” that the Apostle Paul so eloquently and thoroughly wrote about. It does not need any additional tweaking from revelation or any other means. Anyone tinkering with it is adding to God’s word and in danger of eternal judgment. I have often said and wrote and will present again here, that Satan will give you a boatload of truth if you will swallow a teaspoon of poison. JS “Message of the Cross” is a toxic error that overrides any benefit of everything else he preaches or teaches. The talented singers and musicians, the emotionalism, the excellent television production, and the stately figure of Swaggart, are overshadowing the fact that he preaches/teaches a deadly heresy.

        • Aaron Easton

          Thanks for the reply! I think the Message of The Cross, as is preached at JSM, was not claimed as a new revelation, but rather what the Apostle Paul proclaimed as did all the other NT writers. I think it was a revelation to him [Bro Swaggart] personally and I must agree that the modern church has in fact forgotten, if it ever knew, in totality the message of the cross for both salvation & sanctification.
          Blessings, Aaron

          • C.H. Fisher

            I wish that were true, but the fact is JS has made statements to the contrary. I did not make assumptions but everything I wrote is supported by his own words. Jimmy Swaggart has to be held to the same standard as anyone else who deviates from God’s word.

            Since the Apostle Paul clearly and thoroughly presented the truth about the cross of Christ, there was no need for God to send a revelation of the cross to Jimmy Swaggart. Paul wrote nearly two-thirds of the New Testament. His words are canon; considered the Word of God. They cannot be added to or taken away from. However, the following are a few examples of how JS positions his “Message of the Cross” to replace the Apostle Paul’s message, thus “correcting” God’s word by addition and removal. It follows that the Bible was not complete until God caused JS to commit prostitution for the purpose of bringing him to the point a new revelation of the cross could be presented to him.

            Jimmy Swaggart’s statements:
            “He (Paul) failed to obey no matter how hard he tried…the Apostle Paul couldn’t live for God…Paul thought, now that he had accepted Christ, by that mere fact alone he could certainly obey the Lord in every respect; but he found he couldn’t…he failed…having just been Saved, and not understanding the Cross of Christ, he tried to live for God by keeping the Commandments through his own strength and power; in his defense, no one else at that time understood the Cross…sin in his life which he doesn’t want to do, and in fact hates, but finds himself unable to stop; unfortunately, due to the fact of not understanding the Cross…” — The Expositor’s Study Bible, Commentary on Romans Chapter 7

            (My comment: JS needs to ignore the 8th chapter marker and read the answer to Paul’s last question in chapter 7. Further, he needs to read 1 Corinthians 9:27 if he thinks Paul was a failure. Paul merely gave an example in chapter 7 of how difficult it was to live under the Mosaic Law. It was not a declaration that he was unable to live for God.)

            “That which the Lord gave me, which I believe sheds more light on that which was originally given to Paul…” (Jimmy Swaggart, The Evangelist, From Me to You, December 2004) (see my comment following the next remark)

            “But I honestly think, in His explaining this Revelation to me, that He gave me more light than the Church has previously known…” — Jimmy Swaggart, http://www.francesandfriends.com/message-cross/

            (My comment for these two remarks: No, God did not give Jimmy Swaggart more light than He gave Paul or the Church in history. God’s word is enough. Personal revelations must conform to God’s word, not deride it as insufficient before we came along. I have not been under Swaggart’s ministry and I have no problem with Paul’s message of the cross or walking in victory because of that message. Paul’s writing was good enough for every godly individual that lived before Swaggart. Why isn’t it good enough now? It is ridiculous for Swaggart to claim they never understood the message of the cross or walked in victory. History declares otherwise.)

            “It is the Cross alone which can bring about this Work of the Spirit. The Believer is to ever make the Cross the object of his Faith…” Jimmy Swaggart, The Evangelist February 2004, On the Dark Side of the Desert.

            (My comment is: That is untrue. Christ is the object of our faith. Making the cross an object of faith is what the Roman Catholics do.)

            In conclusion, Jimmy Swaggart rejects Paul’s words, which are the New Testament. Thus, he rejects the word of God Whom he claimed gave him a personal revelation. Does anyone really believe that God is changing, adding to, and taking away from His own word in the last days period of great deception and apostasy?

  5. Tim Redwood

    This article identifies the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination doing the same exact thing and have slidden into apostasy.
    Thank you for the article.

  6. Eileen Thompson

    For a while I attended an AOG local church believing that it was ok as the name had change to New Life Church and the Pastor stood for the Word of God and appeared to take a stand against deceptive and false teachings. However, I found out it was still affiliated to AOG and a friend alerted me to their Website. I was appalled at what I read and saw there and couldn’t believe the Pastor would associate himself and the members with it. He knew what was going on, but because they had supported him when the church had gone through difficulties, I’m afraid he chose to stay out of loyalty. In all conscience I had to leave.
    I must say it was interesting to read your testimony of how they treat Pastors who want to take a stand. Eileen

  7. JTK

    Let us pray for those in these churches to have their eyes opened and to seek fellowship with other true believers who want only Scripture and TRUTH….

  8. Aaron Easton

    One of the most glaring departures from truth, and when the camel got his nose in the tent, was during the 1960’s when the AOG and others decided to embrace humanistic psychology. Presently, I am told, it is the 2nd most popular degree program at AOG EDU. Furthermore, and for me, the Brownsville Revival thing and the support for it was the straw that broke the camels back.

  9. Leslie

    Thank you C.H. Fisher for your great comments about Jimmy Swaggart’s claim of the “Message of the Cross”. He is using that term as a branding means to make tons of money. He is confusing many Christians too because the Message is the Cross is as clear as mud. He and his cohorts talk in circles over and over. The gospel of Christ is easy to understand. Swaggart has a lot to answer to God for: he claims God told him to write the Expositors bible, to fundraise every month to distribute his bible to South America pastors, start his 24 tv network, gave him the message of the cross, and much more. Oh Dake’s Bible filed a lawsuit against Jimmy Swaggart because Jimmy stole numerous amount of Dake’s material and put it in his bible without giving him credit. Look this up. Gee, do you think God told Jimmy to steal from Dake’s bible ? Swaggarts has lost so many lawsuits involving many, many millions.

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