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Religious Correctness

truth heresyThe darkness is becoming so thick that heretics and hirelings wax ever bolder as well.  They are demanding exemption from scrutiny.  Anyone ignoring their demand and holding them accountable to God’s word is immediately attacked by their surrogates.  They are laying down new, anti-biblical rules.  Those rules are the religious version of political correctness (a misnomer).  If you break the rules of “religious correctness,” just as in secular society, the religious society of the deceived, delusional, and apostate, will verbally assail you with all the venom of the head Serpent.

Here are the new guidelines for religious correctness:

  1. Everything is tolerated in Christianity except intolerance.
  2. Intolerance for tolerance is “hatred” and is not tolerated.
  3. Hatred for people falsely accused of hatred is tolerated.
  4. It is “hatred” and “attacking” to expose the heresy or wickedness of a professing Christian. Such “hatred” and “attacking” are not tolerated.
  5. “Hating” and “attacking” a person who exposes heresy or wickedness in a professing Christian are tolerated.
  6. Hypocrisy is tolerated.
  7. Truth is not tolerated. Truth against hypocrisy is “hatred” and not tolerated.
  8. Blindly accepting a heretic and his or her heresy is “love.” People who do not have this “love” are “haters.”  They are not tolerated.
  9. Toleration is a virtue.
  10. Godliness is Pharisaical and demonic. Godliness is not tolerated.
  11. People who reject love of truth are loving and kind.
  12. People who love truth are self-righteous elitists. Self-righteous elitists are not tolerated.
  13. Professing Christians who embrace apostasy as “God’s new thing” are enlightened.
  14. Christians who reject the apostasy are ignorant and stubborn. They are not tolerated.
  15. Because we are so tolerant, the Apostle Paul and all of the Old Testament prophets, and most of the Bible is intolerable without modification by tolerant people.
  16. Christians who completely accept and adhere to God’s word are not tolerated.
  17. Christians not accepting these guidelines are stuck, the cause of disunity, and miserable. They are intolerable.
  18. People who adhere to these guidelines have moved to a higher level. They see God in every religion.  They are bringing the religions into peace and unity.  They are very spiritual, wise, and tolerant. (Return to #1 and reread these guidelines 3 times each day until you are convinced.)


  1. Exactly. Truth is not tolerated, nor those who defend it and refute heresy. Such is shown intolerance. But there is plenty of tolerance for the heresy and heretics.
    If you love the truth, if you hate the lies, they hate you. If you love the lies, if you hate the truth, they love you. They love the haters and hate the lovers. They tolerate those who tolerate heresy, they are intolerant to those who don’t tolerate heresy.
    It is pretty evident on which side of the dividing line between God and the enemy their loyalty lies!

  2. Spot on, as usual, Pastor! And to think that all this squishy pseudo-love essentially goes back to the Romantic Movement of the 19th century! Talk about proof that ideas have consequences!

  3. God's follower

    May 27, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    How soo true. Even reading this once is enough to persuade me that this is the way “Christianity” is at present. Let us expect anytime someday (sooner or later), Inquisition Part II will happen again and we will be the targets. When we are weak, we are strong. I trust in everyone of us here that we will keep our faith in God although the world sees us as the ‘intolerables’. God bless us eternally. God protect us.

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