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A.D.: The Heresy Continues

AD image1At the end of this article is an email from David Jeremiah’s office.  It is in response to a question concerning his involvement with New Age/Roman Catholic Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett.  There is no answer in the response to the question of why Jeremiah joined with Downey and Burnett to write two books for “A.D.: The Bible Continues.”

I watched the interview of Downey and Burnett in Jeremiah’s church at the link provided.   As I listened to Downey and Burnett explain their production, several thoughts came to mind.

First, I thought, “Wolves, sheep’s clothing.”  In other words, there is no superficial way to determine that they are not true Christians.  However, their fruit is New Age mysticism combined with Roman Catholicism.    Their production, “A.D.: The Bible Continues,” in my opinion is a mixture of truth, heresy, and extra-biblical material.  It is perplexing that professing Christians continue to watch their films and celebrity preachers continue to grovel before them.

Downey and BurnettSecond, I was impressed how well Downey has learned, and understands how to execute Christian-speak.   She fluently spoke the language of Christians while claiming the Holy Spirit’s involvement in their work.  But then, she is an actor:  I wouldn’t expect anything less than a perfect overlay of her words with no glaring glitches.  It reminds me of another New Age professing Christian (an oxymoron), Oprah Winfrey, who allegedly received coaching of how to Christian-speak.  I believe that diabolical individuals have realized that Christian-speak is the only requirement for being accepted as a Christian in this present great apostasy.

Next, I thought of how this generation has ceased gathering scriptural knowledge themselves, depending on other people to do all the work for them.  They merely receive it via a pastor or tele-heritic, or perhaps via religious music.  So I wondered how long before Downey and Burnett’s work will be turned into a “Bible”.  Perhaps it might become an apocrypha of sorts with the included “bible” subjected to its embellishments and distortions.

Then I thought of Jeremiah’s customer service (?) representative Alyssa Huey’s statement that people would see Downey and Burnett’s “passion to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the formation of the early Church to a secular world.”  I’ve witnessed secular producers being passionate about secular productions.  Likewise, D & B’s passion to present their miniseries is not evidence that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I wonder how many people will be drawn into the New Age Movement or Roman Catholicism through the series.

Jeremiah appears to believe that God necessarily needs what they are doing to reach the secular world.  I believe there is no greater power than the true Word of God imparted and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  However, I concede that it is much different today than it was in the last century.   Much of the world is dependent on technology.  Information is increasingly being disseminated and gathered by technological means.  Most Americans have lazy minds.  They’ve been “dumbed down” by the public education system, and are heavily dependent on visuals and sensual attraction.

Concurrently, the majority of Christians have nearly ceased witnessing to the lost, and present no public example of Christianity. The door is wide open for deceivers to completely reap a harvest.   The blunt truth is that there appears to be no Christian alternative to D&B.  Their easy access into Christianity has been made possible by the incredible invasion of hirelings and heretics that introduced and established New Age heresy.  Additionally, one should consider that David Jeremiah has become a proponent of Contemplative Spirituality.  It might be worth noting that every professing Christian who comes out in favor of Contemplative Spirituality (e.g., Rick Warren, George Wood, David Jeremiah, etc.) immediately exhibits total lack of discernment, and abandons all objections to the most diabolical individuals ever endorsed and permitted to “minister” to Christians.

Christianity is no doubt in a period of great apostasy and it is going to get worse.  I believe that it is the final one before the Antichrist and False Prophet appears.  If I am correct, it will be a time of great deception so clever and intense that even the very elect would be deceived, if that were possible (Matthew 24:24).

Finally, there are these verses in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 that predict a period of diabolical and extremely powerful lying signs and wonders.  God’s word does not say exactly by what means these lying signs and wonders will be conveyed to the world.  However, I know that television is an outlet for many lying signs and wonders.  Special effects can make any lie, no matter how incredible it is, appear as truth.  Hollywood has been in the process of, as I heard a Drama professor once say, “making evil appear beautiful” for a long time.  I do not trust New Age Roman Catholic producers and their Celebrity preacher shills to distribute truth through a medium notorious for lying signs and wonders, especially in a time of apostasy.

Eventually, professing Christians must cease ignoring the signs that something is not right with certain people and their activities, including celebrity preachers.  They must stop explaining away the anomalies, effectively giving them, and the beguiling merchants of religious sleaze whom they embrace, a pass.

If the cleverness of deception continues improving, we may have only the Holy Spirit’s warning that someone or something is not of God.  We do not want to be drawn into deception in this dangerous period.  There is at the present ample and visible information to make the right decision about Downey, Burnett, and Contemplative supporter, Jeremiah.  If that information and the warnings are ignored again, as they were in D & B’s previous videos, eventually the ignorers will be unable to discern any deception.

Another factor is completely clear.  There is an unintended effect of the volume of critiques and detailed information about Downey and Burnett and their projects.  It appears to be having little effect on the deceived masses.  However, D & B seem to be employing the criticism as a means of quality control to refine their public persona.  Having already mastered Christian-speak, at some point, further expose’ of them and all heretics will be fruitless.  If people have not locked onto truth by then, perhaps they never will.

Because they reject love for truth, “God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” – 2 Thessalonians 2:


> —–Original Message—–> From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Friday, April 10, 2015 3:31 PM

> To: Cedric Fisher

> Subject: Got an answer

> Hi, Pastor!  Here’s the answer I got from David Jeremiah’s outfit when I

> wrote and asked how they could link themselves up with New Agers:


> ———- Forwarded message ———-

> From: Alyssa Huey <ahuey@davidjeremiah.org>

> Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 17:00:08 +0000

> Subject: RE: Puzzled

> Thank you for your email and for sharing your concerns.

> We believe if you watch Dr. Jeremiah’s interview with Mark Burnett and Roma Downey about A.D. The Bible Continues you will see their passion to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the formation of the early Church to a secular world on NBC. This groundbreaking opportunity to reach prime time television with the message of Jesus Christ is unprecedented.

> You can view the interview here: http://www.davidjeremiah.org/interview

When Mark and Roma asked Dr. Jeremiah to write two books on Acts to support the biblical accuracy of this series, he was honored to do so.  Our involvement with Mark Burnett and Roma Downey in this particula  project, A.D. The Bible Continues, is solely to promote what we believe is family friendly programming based on the Book of Acts that will lead many to the Word of God for life-transforming answers to their spiritual questions.

> Please join with us in asking God to bless the teaching on the Book of Acts, for the next twelve Sunday mornings, on Turning Point Television.

> Thank you again for contacting us.

> In Him,

> Customer Service

Turning Point for God with David Jeremiah

> 1-800-580-0863






  1. Lisa Adams

    Your comment about “Christian-speak” is extremely insightful and, sadly, accurate. You also astutely observe that “every professing Christian that comes out in favor of Contemplative Spirituality immediately exhibits total lack of discernment, and abandons all objections to the most diabolical individuals…” You’ve pinpointed the way these deceivers continue to refine their deceptive capabilities, and it makes me shudder to realize the truth of your statements. Thank you for so faithfully putting the truth forward. May God bless and protect you & your household.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Thank you.

  2. Jan Lannoye

    I wrote Dr. David Jeremiah and said how upset I was how he promotes this New Age couple and their new series. I received the exact same email you received. Since watching the series so far I am disgusted with the absence of the Gospel and how they portray Jesus as weak and the women so strong in the series. I guess you have to be a true believer to discern what is so wrong in that series.

  3. Jane James

    What you have written about A.D. Heresy Continues is 100% correct. Thank you so very kindly.


  4. Karen Brooks

    David Jeremiah sent me the same answer when I asked the same question.

  5. Edwin Handley

    I never saw the AD series but I have seen other productions by the same group. I also am somewhat impressed by David Jeremiah. He interprets the bible literally and has a high view of scripture. Although he does have an anti-charismatic bias he seems to be more biblically conservative than his contemporaries. I think he sits on the spectrum of “balanced” but not fundamental or extremists.

    With that said I think this article was biased and argumentative. The writer made large accusations, without any specifics. He calls Roma Downey a New Ager and a Catholic as if the two are equally malevolent. Furthermore, the writer clearly has an anti-Catholic bias and is pushing an fundamentalists’ rhetoric. This type of writing does not bring people into truth but divides people into denominational cohorts.

    If I bit the writers bait I would equally condemn Catholics, Roma Downey, Burnett, and David Jeremiah. I really wish the pundit would have engaged the production and specifically underscored where the the show is leading people astray.

    • David

      Well said.

  6. Eli

    It must be lonely sitting at the top of the hill looking down on those you can’t possibly understand. For the record, Roman Catholicism IS Christianity.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Standing for the truth nowadays can be a lonely position. The truth is that Roman Catholicism is no more Christianity than Kabbalah. It is merely a religion of man and idol worship with the spirituality of Buddhism. The religion’s founder, Constantine, mixed paganism with Christianity to concoct Roman Catholicism. I personally believe that the False Prophet who supports the Antichrist will be a Pope.

      One glaring fact concerning the diabolical religion is that it cannot save anyone. Either an individual is born a Roman Catholic, or one converts to it. However, none are saved, delivered from the power of darkness and sin and miraculously brought into the kingdom of God and light. One simply joins—which is how one associates with any club or religion. My advice to every Roman Catholic is to reject that deadly religion and surrender fully to God. This is the worst period to be cavorting with deception.

  7. Bud

    I want to know who appointed you judge and jury? I read in matt.7-1 we are not to judge or we will be judged. so be carefull or you might hear the words from Jesus
    depart from for I know you not. does this mean that we are not to read the psalms
    because david was a adultry and murderer and how about solomon who was an idol worshiper ,or how about matthew who was a tax collector and thief or paul who killed christians are we not to read there words? Thankfully God forgives
    I hope God has mercy on you all for putting out the vile info you put out.I am sure satan is well pleased with your work.

    • C.H. Fisher

      So, you are privileged make a harsh and serious judgement with threats of eternal damnation, but you forbid anyone to judge wickedness and expose deception and deceivers? You should become more familiar with the Scriptures. The biblical figures you mentioned were repentant. Not so Downey and Burnett. David condemned the wicked many times, which requires judgment. There are 105 references to God’s judgment on the wicked in the Psalms. Further, the Apostle Paul, who never wrote a word of scripture until after he was saved, declared that we are to expose the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11). That also requires a judgment. Further, God’s word clearly instructs us that individuals attempting to bring wickedness into the Body of Christ are to be judged (1 Corinthians 5:12). If there are no judgments made concerning evil people, the Body of Christ would be riddled with wickedness and deception. That is exactly what has occurred today because of the lack of discernment and judgment.

      The truth is that deceived individuals never make any effort to support truth nor encourage people defending God’s truth, but they rise up in anger when the works of darkness are exposed. That is perhaps the saddest attribute of the great and final apostasy.

      “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” John 7:24 (Christ Jesus, Lord and Savior.)

  8. Lisa

    I had never heard of this show until today. That being said , I was pleased when my husband suggest we watch this “bible show”. Since he doesn’t usually watch Christian movies. Unfortunately , I was greatly disappointed in this “show”. It’s a drama set in biblical times ,that’s it. They took too many liberties, and did not portray the Bible as they should have. It’s sad that many people will not even notice because 1- they do not read the Bible, so they couldn’t even spot the heresy and 2- they think because it’s a film it’s ok to change things around to fit their artistic “view”. I agree with you, and I’m glad you have stepped up to speak the truth even if some people don’t want to hear it.

  9. James Linville

    I read this morning 12/3/18 where this Jeremiah Johnson minister supposedly gave a Disturbing Prophetic Dream: ‘I Saw Many Ministers and Prophets in Hell’
    word of prophesy/dream/vision, saying that God showed him that there will be Ministers that pray for the sick and seen miracles will be in Hell and those that received the miracles will also be in Hell.

    He share this supposedly dream/vision/prophesy and then used the passage of scripture Matthew 7:22-24 to prove God was using him as a prophet. The only thing about this is that, it is disturbing that supposed Christians are so deceived that they believe this is a special gift by this man and it’s a special enlightenment of what the scripture clearly, clearly says. Come on people….SMH!

    Folks this is ridicules, that isn’t a prophesy/special vision/ or special enlightenment of scripture, anymore that a person claiming a prophecy where God told him to tell people when they go to McDonalds they will get a hamburger. Even a non-Christian can read the Bible and get the same thing from Matthews 7:22-24, anyone with any sense at all, can read that, and know it.

  10. David L

    If you are serious about your criticism of the project, then you should have showed exactly wherein their series opposed itself to the true and fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. That is, where is diverged from the matters of “first importance” written on by Paul. If it were in areas of tertiary importance, then perhaps we can disagree or see that certain artistic freedoms do nothing to confuse our fundamental doctrine but rather to illustrate its gravity.

    I invite to perform a more exacting and useful criticism while maintaining a Christlike attitude even toward these sinners.

    • C.H. Fisher

      It is not necessary to explain to even an entry level true Christian what is wrong with the movie. Just watch it or do the research. If you can’t recognize what’s wrong, nothing I could say will convince you. The great deception and delusion is in effect. None of the watchman that I am acquainted with are convincing anyone that has come under either that anything is wrong.

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