Going west to California, you will see signs informing you of the last opportunity for fuel before entering Death Valley. There is a very good reason why call it Death Valley, so it is not wise to ignore the warnings to fuel up. The fact is many opportunities come and go in life without our taking advantage of them. There are last opportunities to buy into a great business deal, purchase stocks, get a sport or concert ticket, or vote. We wouldn’t want to miss the last opportunity to catch a beautiful sundown on a mountain lake before heading home. How tragic it would be to miss the last opportunity to say “I love you” to someone we really cared about before they died. However, people miss those last opportunities regularly in major and minor matters. There is sadness because we did not realize it was the last opportunity. The fact is, we never know when we are faced with the last opportunity.

Every day an estimated 146,347 people die. Many of them miss the last opportunity to take care of important matters because their death is sudden. A significant number of the ones who die miss the last opportunity to accept the sacrifice of Christ Jesus and surrender their lives to God. In a split second, they enter eternity without an opportunity to utter one word or even flex a muscle. The odds are that someone we know will reach the end of their opportunities before this year is over. It stands to reason that we all will eventually come to the same conclusion. Our lives will end, all opportunities in this life will have ended, and all that remains is what we have invested in the eternal realm.

I know people that have run out of opportunities for a normal life. Some of them have irreversible debilitating disorders or diseases that prevent them from ever being able to do what they once did. I know a man with stage 4 cancer that is trying to accomplish everything he can before his time expires. Another individual I have known since he was a child is in jail charged with numerous aggravated armed robberies. Awakened from sleep by a S.W.A.T. team and arrested, he will never again hold his children, comfort their fears, or kiss their cheeks. Those opportunities along with many other blessings taken for granted are lost forever.

It is obvious to every true Christian that time is running out for this world. The great a final deception gathers speed each day. More people are drowning in its grasp. The apostasy is greatly increasing in number. What many professing Christians do not appear to know is that this is the finale. There will be no recovery for Christianity, no great revival to shake people back to their senses, and no great awakening. The line of demarcation is clearly drawn by truth. It is a bold and narrow line but no one can straddle it. People will not be able to compromise with evil while attempting to remain in God’s kingdom. They will either be all for God or all for Satan. When the Antichrist and False Prophet appear, they will find that the great majority of the world’s inhabitants are ready to receive and worship them. The fact is that people who reject the truth will fall under a great delusion. It will be impossible to escape the grasp of the great delusion. Individuals on the opposite side of truth will be condemned to eternity in outer darkness. There will be no second chances.

It stands to reason that one day the opportunity to escape the deception, apostasy, and delusion will be ended. God’s word describes it as a door being closed. When that door closes, the final opportunity to surrender to God and receive Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior will be over. It will be over not only for secular people, but for professing Christians that have compromised away their faith and commitment to God. No matter what type of soteriology one believes in, if ones belief system allows him or her to live as a subject of Satan while claiming to be a child of the King, that belief system is in contrast and conflict with God’s word. There is plenty of cheap “hell insurance” being sold by unscrupulous preachers, churches, denominations, and etc. The only true insurance is true assurance. Living like a demon while claiming to be a saint does provide true assurance. It will provide plenty of deception.

One day the last opportunity to quit playing religious games will have passed. The last opportunity to escape from a paganism-infested Emergent or Seeker Friendly church will be gone. The last opportunity to stop vacillating between two kingdoms, the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light, to quit cavorting with demons disguised as true Christians, to break off flirting with the world system, and to cease ecumenical courting of cults and false religions, will be over. The last opportunity to reject Contemplative Spirituality, to end breath praying and entering altered states of consciousness, to stop gorging on heretical books and videos, to discontinue living for self, to quit marginalizing God as an asterisk in their lives, and to give up honoring hypocrisy as true Christianity, will be no more.

The sad truth is that the ones who rejected God’s warnings and continue in their rebellion will not even know when they meet and ignore the last opportunity. They will feel a sudden relief as the Holy Spirit ceases convicting them. It will seem like a utopia of the right mixture of the carnal and spiritual; something they have been working at for years. Only when the final wrath of God arrives will they realize that they are on the threshold of eternal separation from God. Then they will cry out for deliverance, but the last opportunity to avoid God’s judgment, verdict, and sentence will have long been removed. The path is broad that leads to destruction. Therefore, basing one’s spiritual condition on what the majority accepts is dangerous. IF you are in error and have read to this point, this may be your last opportunity to turn away from darkness and turn back to God. You may never get another opportunity to do so. What will you do with this opportunity?