November 27, 2009 at 12:03pm

It is now expected that true Christians ought to keep their mouths shut and not present even a public semblance of Christianity. Everything they say is considered politically incorrect, socially repugnant and insensitive, or unbearably offensive. Therefore, anti-Christians have caused prayer to be banned from public schools, nativity scenes to be banned from public places, and many retailers refused to even say “Merry Christmas”. On the other hand, secular individuals can speak all manner of vulgarity, falseness, and wear satanic and indecent imagery on their clothing.

I believe that truth ought to have as much voice as a lie. Further, I believe that nominal professing Christians and their secular associates ought to consider this one point. By default, the worlds system, and people who swoon in its wake, are in effect saying that wickedness has little power to affect and offend, but Christianity in even minute amounts is powerfully affective and effective, and thus more offensive. There is a good reason for this reality. In the physical and spiritual realms, light always trumps darkness. For that reason, wickedness prefers to work in darkness.

If people understood the true nature and purpose of evil, maybe some of them would come to their senses. Evil never set anyone free. It is designed to bring people into eternal bondage. At the point that one exits this temporal realm and enters eternity, he or she remains in whatever condition they died in forever. However, Christianity is all about freedom, purity, and eternal life. This package of benefits and more are appropriated when ones soul is illuminated by the life of Christ. I’m not referring to joining church meetings, denominations, or completing religious rituals. Instead, one literally surrenders fully to God, becomes filled with the Holy Spirit, and is then joined to the Body of Christ. It’s a spiritual process. Further, it is not a one time event, but a continuing process. My wife watches the reality show, “Biggest Loser”. One principle that is repeated throughout the series is that losing weight and keeping it off is a constant process that never ends. Maintaining spiritual vitality and a pure heart is also a constant and never ending process. Evil does not have to work to be evil. Any dead fish can float down stream. Christians have to work at remaining spiritual effective. It is a battle against the flow of the world system. Therefore, we ought to speak up, look up, show up, stand up, but never back up or give up.

I am not intimidated when secular people and weak-spined professing Christians are offended when I speak or write words of truth. I have just as much right to “offend” them as they do to offend me. Leonard Ravenhill once wrote, “Christians are so subnormal that if they ever became normal, people would think they were abnormal.” Abnormal in the offended minds of worldlings is usually a fiery first love to the palate of God.