Many of the cults are now using Christian-speak to disguise their doctrine.  Walter Martin warned about this practice long ago in his excellent book, The Kingdom of the Cults.  However, the cults have refined it so that now when they proselytize Christians, they sound as Christians.  The Watchtower Tract Society, aka, Jehovah’s Witnesses, have been doing it for decades.  The Mormons have become so proficient at it that they are now being considered a Christian organization by some leading Christians.  The Hebrew Roots Movement has also become adapt in modifying their language so that they appear as Christians.

One has to wonder; if what they have is so much better than Christianity, then why are they copying Christian rhetoric?  It is as if they need the stamp of Christian approval in order to become validated.  The truth is that in each case the Word of God clearly exposes their doctrine as heresy.  These groups cannot win the lost, so they prey on unsuspecting professing Christians.  In fact, they focus nearly all of their efforts on proselytizing Christians.  The simple truth is if they are going to become effective in snaring professing Christians, they have to appear as Christians.  Added to the problem is the fact that most professing Christians are completely unable to defend their belief systems.  Most of their belief systems consist of such basic truths that they ought to be able to defend them very easily.  But if they tell the cult proselytizer, “I believe in Jesus Christ”, the reply will be, “so do I”.  If they declare, “I’ve saved, I’ve been born again”, the reply will be, “So am I.”  If they say, “But I attend the Baptist (or Assembly of God) church”, the proselytizer can now reply, “We have a very good working relationship with the Baptist, Assemblies of God, and other mainstream Christian organizations.”

Someone may protest that the Baptist, Assemblies of God, and other mainstream Christian organizations haven’t given approval to The Watchtower Tract Society.  That may be true, but it may not be long before that occurs.  It is a fact that the Mormons and Hebrew Roots Movement have made great strides toward becoming accepted by mainstream Christianity.  The very reason for that acceptance is the modification of their language so that their false doctrines appear to be Christian beliefs.  It is a clear indictment of the lack of knowledge among professing Christians.

For the past several decades pastors and teachers have focused on messages that are psychologically stimulating at the expense of producing at least two generations of spiritually ignorant and incompetent professing Christians. It is easy to recognize this truth by simply reading Christian input on social media.  Many of the quotes by blatant heretics are shared by completely unsuspecting professing Christians.  If it sounds good, they share it without considering the source.  Some of the quotes, if they are even scripturally sound, are what must be considered pabulum, mere baby food.  However, the ones sharing those quotes appear to believe that they have read something of great depth and wisdom.

Because of the Internet, cult proselytizers can access Christian blogs, web sites, forums, and other social media, and learn how to talk and write Christian-speak. They have no compunction about cloaking their heresy in Christian-speak to lure a hapless victim.  My encounters with cult proselytizers have been unpleasant, to put it mildly.  They do not react well to having their disguise removed.  They used to insist that they are as much a child of God as I am.  Now they insist that they are true Christians.  They have so refined their words that even when I challenge their doctrine, they will defend every facet of it with Christian-speak.  Christian-speak has replaced much of the old language in their literature.  They have become Christian in every outward appearance while their core remains completely diabolical.  When I explain to them what they really believe in their former language, they become angry.

If one considers that there has also been a massive invasion of the New Age Movement into mainstream Christianity, and considers the many flagrant heresies and heretics, hirelings, and other imposters that inundate Christian media with their spiel, it is easy to recognize that this is not a good period for the nominal Christian.  The nominal Christians simply wishes to attend church meetings, hear great praise and worship music, and a short motivational speech by a pastor, rush to the restaurant and then home to catch whatever sports program on TV.  He or she is not interested in a deep relationship with God, a viable prayer life, and knowledge of God’s word.  They are no more prepared for the great endtime deception than they are prepared to win a soul to Christ.  They are completely vulnerable to deception.

Other ones that are vulnerable are the ones who are constantly searching for some hidden meaning in the Bible or a new revelation.  They haven’t even obeyed what God has already revealed, and are going about to find something new.  Individuals such as these believe that the reason Christianity is not working for them is because something of God is missing.  Somehow they do not recognize or accept the fact that they might be to blame.  These individuals are vulnerable to the cult proselytizers that claim they have discovered some secret knowledge in the Scriptures.  They back up their bizarre claims with a plethora of heresies disguised with Christian-speak and linked in such a way as to draw the subject into a web of deception.  The vulnerable ones are susceptible to beguiling words because they have long ago stopped listening to the Holy Spirit.

Every true Christians that is filled with the Holy Spirit will recognize the enemy even if he appears as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).  The alarm bells will ring even if smiling faces, gregarious personalities, and clever Christian-speaking cult proselytizers create the sense of a benign and cordial visit to your front door.  Sometimes the proselytizer is a co-worker, a new friend, or someone associated with a trusted friend.  Nevertheless, their initial goal is to set you at ease, get you to lower your guard, and discover an opening or weakness.  You have to be alert and on guard.  The rules have changed.  You can no longer think, “Well, it walks like a sheep, sounds like a sheep, and looks like a sheep, so it must be a sheep.”  Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7).  Nothing is hidden from the Holy Spirit.  Instead of a sheep, you may be looking at and listening to a wolf.  When the Holy Spirit sends a warning, it is time to shut the door.  Do not be deceived. Make certain that your light is shining bright and your fire is hot.  If you are not equipped to be a victor, you will become a victim.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7 NKVJ)