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Pressing Toward the Mark

A few weeks ago after I had finished the morning prayer time, I was thinking about the events that had occurred this year in Christianity.  I reminisced about discovering the invasion of paganism into Christianity, about the valiant effort of individuals and groups to expose it, and the absolute rejection of truth by the leaders of major denominations.  I remembered the battles with frustration, attempting to get professing Christians to simply consider the plethora of information much to no avail.  It was deeply discouraging to witness the lack of any change in the heart of deceived individuals.  More discouraging was to realize that pastors and other church leaders were going to continue with the status quo in spite of fact their denomination’s leaders had become apostate.  It only took flashing lights and stirring, great swelling, speeches to disarm their angst.  Instead, of beginning a revolution, they seemed to surge forward, deeper into the morass of Contemplative Spirituality.  The price of battle was too much for their soft and sheltered spirits.

While I was reflecting about the matter the Holy Spirit revealed something very disturbing to me.  He impressed me that because college and NFL football had begun, the interest of many of the professing Christians who were alarmed by the pagan invasion would begin to wane.  As a result, the blogs, websites, and Facebook pages of individuals that are sounding the alarm would become less busy. 

It doesn’t take much to sidetrack people nowadays.  This is the time of great deception and apostasy.  There are doldrums in Christianity.  The darkness is closing in with the certainty of a hostile army that senses the opposition is weak and near defenseless.  People are praying less and at the same time are binging on what the carnal nature is hungry for.  And there are plenty of distractions.  Besides football, there is the NASCAR, PGA and the FedEx Cup, Political news that seems to change daily, the economy, and you get the picture.  When Christ warned us about the cares of this life the world was much less occupied with powerful distractions.  

I find myself in a daily fight for prayer time and meditating on the Word of God.  But the inspiration to fight this great fight of faith must be fed by those two activities.  Further, it is difficult for me to continue fighting to awaken faith in professing Christians that have become apathetic, lethargic, and complacent.  The impetus remains, but the engine driving it sometimes appears to be low on fuel.  One gets the impression that one could fade away into the background and no one would notice or care.  That may have been how Elijah felt after his battle on Mt. Carmel. I’ve learned how to refuel.

I have been on the frontline almost from the day I was delivered from darkness.  The ebb and flow of the battle is nothing new to me.  I’ve experienced the joy of having people say how much they are standing with me, only to feel the crush of despair when I realized they meant “only as long as things are doing well.”  The moment it costs them something to stand, they refused to pay the price.  I have learned through many years of facing the raging winds of diabolical storms that when the going gets rough only a few will weather it with me.  I thank God for my wife who refuses to budge when the rage of our enemy is poured out.  I am grateful beyond words that God allowed me to be her husband and partner in the calling that He placed on our lives.  

I have also learned that God will never forsake his faithful people.  I have lost count of the times that He has miraculously intervened in our lives when our backs were against the wall and trouble looming larger than life threatened to crush us.  Therefore, I do not need to see results in order to obey Him.  I will keep pressing through the doldrums and disinterest with nothing more than the hope that someone will listen or read and respond.  There is too much at stake to get a pity party going.  The attention span for modern Christians is nearly as short as that of a housefly.  We can’t worry about that.  Somewhere in the darkness, or in the suffocating stench of dead religion, there is someone who is searching for light.  We have to keep shining the light of truth if only for that one.  That’s what Christ would do.  I follow Him. 


  1. Praying God gives me strength and wisdom to stand for righteousness, and discernment so that I stray not to the right or left. Pressing on to do His Holy work and to suport those who are standing up for truth! May God bless the TruthKeepers!

  2. John and I absolutely understand and know what you are talking about here in your article. We too at times get weary. We have family members who are so caught up in the activities you mentioned…and we say, “when will they turn to the Lord.” They are so busy, busy w/there gods of fun…they don’t have time for the true God. It’s funny…when times get rough for them…they call us or email and ask for prayer for them w/what they are going through. At least they know what we are all about. And when their rough time is over, they push God aside…and never think of Jesus. What they do not know is that we pray for their salvation…not that they are relieved of the tough time they are experiencing. We are tied at the hip with our Lord and Savior…Jesus never said it would be easy. We thank God for choosing us to be His own. But there be just one. We follow Jesus however He leads. And we hold on tight because it isn’t going to get any easier. We have no fear, because Jesus has our backs! Amen!!! We stand together with you and Cheryl…we march on strong and courageous…true Christians to the core—followers of our Lord and Savior—all the way into Heaven. How glorious it will be!!!
    May God richly bless you, Cedric, for staying true to His Word. Our Lord knew what He was doing when He brought you and Cheryl together. God did so for us too. We all can weather the storms w/Jesus at the center of our lives!

  3. “There are doldrums in Christianity.”

    I know all to well, exactly what you mean. All of the Christian forums that I frequent have all but died. And to be frank, I’m burned out and beyond weary of trying to speak to those who refuse to listen… especially the professing Christians.

    The Christians that want nothing to do with messages on Holiness, Judgment, Repentance, and the end times. The Christians that only want to hear messages on peace, love, encouragement, and inclusiveness. Some of the hardest hearts I’ve ever encountered were the Christian ones. I’m of the opinion that a separation has been taking place for years now. More and more, those that are truly hungry for God will have to come out from among them.

    • C.H. Fisher

      September 25, 2013 at 2:17 pm

      Don’t grow weary in well-doing. This is the time of great deception, delusion, and apostasy. We must be strong and continue presenting the truth. Most will not listen, but we are the gleaners. We do not expect to harvest the tall stalks of grain, only the single seed that had fallen to the ground.

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