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Malignant Apostasy

At some point in the great and final apostasy, all the symptoms we read and hear about it will indicate it is malignant and metastasized.

Some of the symptoms are:

People do not just arrogantly reject truth, they are completely unconcerned that they have little or no truth.

People are not just committing to wickedness here and there. Wickedness becomes rampant and the right to engage in it is petulantly called “liberty in God.”

They don’t just dabble in heresy, they teach and support it as God’s new revelation.

They do not just dress and act risqué, they commit sexual sins as just another human flaw that God understands and winks at.

Further, they do not just refuse to oppose sexual perversion, they support it and accept into “ministry” and leadership individuals who are perverse.

Not last nor least, but for sake of brevity, they flow together as a unit to present God as having satanic attributes and as intolerant of godliness. They call evil good and good evil. They view the godly Believers as ignorant and out of touch with God, and as hindrances to unity and peace. They are enamored with the World System, emulate and adapt its trends and fashions, design their meetings to blend with and pander to unregenerate people.

They and their followers are near their final resting place—the bottom of their falling away and defection from faith in God. Lies are called truth and love, and truth is labelled as lies and hate. That distortion is defended by the large number that has apostatized. Their large church buildings are full each time they meet to disgrace themselves.

Their Internet and television presence, best-selling literature, et cetera, and millions of adoring followers that have cast off all restraints, making them giddy with self esteem. That necessarily makes them and most of their followers deluded and demonic.

These are the ones that with seared consciouses ready and working to take Christianity “to the next level.” That level is arrival at their lowest depth, the inextricable snare of ecumenism and allegiance to the kingdom of the False Prophet, who they cannot recognize as anyone other than a great, godly, and gregarious man with special anointing and favor from God.

There always arrives a time when warnings are no longer or even mildly noticed, and certainly not effective. God’s servants keep presenting them—not in great hope of reaching and changing the minds of apostates, but because God is about to do something that He promised long ago. He is just and merciful, and will give the wicked every possible opportunity to repent.

God declared that He will never destroy the rebellious inhabitants of the earth again with water, but would do so with fire. That day is not far away relative to 2000 years of Christianity. The eternal night is almost here, and the eternal day for God’s people is about to dawn.

Repentance is not an option for the ones that God has given over to be reprobates—castaways. It may still be available for some people. Nevertheless, how casually they view this period is indicative of how little they are aware of God’s presence. Thus, it is a measure of their empty and dull hearts, and stopped ears. It is impossible to repent when one does not recognize sin or consider it a judicable issue before the Judgment Throne.

It is well past time to awaken. No one is going to get spiritual sleepaholics out of their apathetic beds, dress them, wash their face, comb their hair, and carry them to the breakfast table. They will only wake up when they want to wake up. Dead to conviction, in love with the darkness, ears plugged, they are dead to warnings.

Can anyone “hear” what the Holy Spirit is saying to them? Can anyone still hear and be moved by warnings?



  1. Stephen Unger

    This struggle is right in my own household. The battle is constant, reason and truth seem to bounce off the walls and foreheads, never penetrating the heart. Every attempt to steer the ship in the right direction is met with the “Euroclydon” of resistence leaving me stranded on an island in my own home. The thought of opening God’s Word together in pursuit of truth seems impossible, like playing “whack-a-mole” on steroids. Turning away from them is impossible, they’re family. Kind of like God telling the prophet Hosea to marry a Harlow AND to love her. Such is the battle. “These are such that creep into house leading captive silly women filled with divers lust”…”having a form of Godliness but denying the power…” I can understand why they called Jeremiah the “weeping prophet”.

  2. Katie Muench

    same with me my whole family has basically turned against me not physically but with a great spiritual divide these are truly the darkest times I have ever witnessed in the 50 plus years I have been a christian PRAY PRAY PRAY and EAT the Word of the Lord daily His priceless word is how He comforts us speaks to us and gives us the strength and discernment to persevere to the end

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