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Personality-based “Churches” and “Ministries.”

By Cedric Fisher. |May 4, 2022

If by “church” one means buildings where people gather for religious benefits , something’s wrong.

If by “ministry” one means the method by which religious benefits are distributed, something is very wrong.

If by pastor, bishop, prophet, teacher, et al, we mean a charismatic individual that spellbinds and makes devoted followers of people, something is very, very, wrong with Christianity.

We should prayerfully consider the great, mixed up, conception people presently have about God and His kingdom. We may conclude that we’re in an era of personality-based “churches” and “ministries.” The”benefits” are spiritual affection with the fleshly satisfaction of religiosity that even an unregenerate individual will accept.

It includes universalism, i.e., we are all God’s children and everyone goes to heaven. It also includes the secular, political forms of love and hate, namely, love is total tolerance of everything but truth speaking. Hate is truth speaking.

Additionally, everything is of God that feels good, and all that feels bad is of Satan and “legalist” Christians. Lastly, doctrine is everything people wish to believe about God minus everything they do not wish to believe about Him.

Personality-based “churches” and “ministries” are popular because there is no imposition of faithfulness to God or inconvenience of conviction. They have the feeling and spirit of cults, but people would swear their church is not a cult. Personality-based churches are not only far from the biblical paradigm of assemblies, but are excitedly moving further away.

Because the charismatic leader can only hold their attention so long, the congregants are maintained by highly emotional music. Music draws them, music prepares them, and Mr. Personality steps in and delivers his payload.

If you are in a personality-based church, it will feel good, make you comfortable, send you out with the sense that something happen (although you do not know what), and lure you back to get more of whatever it is. However, you will be empty, spiritually drained from managing the facade of being filled with what you need spiritually, but do not have.

You need to leave while you know something’s wrong and before you are too deceived to break free.

People my ask, “But where shall I go?”

I don’t know, but if I needed to leaving a burning house, I would not wait until I knew where to go before racing out the exit.


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  1. Katie Muench

    right on!!!!

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