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Assembly of Darkness

Cedric Fisher | April 3, 2022

The aftermath of the fiasco by the North Texas District of the Assemblies of God left numerous people stunned, grasping for reasons why. The full brunt of those leaders’ actions has arrived. Why did they commit an egregious sin against God, and breach the trust of members in the denomination?

Christ said, “Feed my sheep.” They concluded that they were not capable, nor was anyone else in their denomination capable, of feeding the Lord’s sheep. Thus, they went outside of their denomination for help. It was as if they knocked on Satan’s door and asked to borrow a couple of demons to speak to and lay hands on the minister’s under their charge.

They invited incredible false prophetesses, Cindy Jacobs, to speak and lay hands on those leaders and people at their “Revive 2022–the School of the Spirit.” It should be noted that Jacobs associates with another incredible heretic false prophetess, Jennifer LeClaire, who also conducts a “School of the Spirit.” Jacobs and LeClaire wrote “The Prophet’s Devotional” and Jacobs wrote the foreword in LeClaire’s book, “The Making of a Watchman.”

There is much more information providing numerous reasons why no Holy Spirit filled individual would go near Jacobs except being led by the Holy Spirit to rebuke and warn her of eternal separation from God. Even more astonishing is that notorious heretic, Todd White boldly strolled in and was involved in the meeting. (From the Assemblies of God North Texas Facebook Page photos.)

What the AoG Leaders did is equivalent to the blatant indiscretion and lack of spiritual integrity by George O. Wood (deceased), who permitted a flagrant New Age operative to speak at a General Council. It perpetuates the treachery of the past two General Superintendents (CEOs) of the AoG, and the current one, Doug Clay. Those men have soiled their souls by being conterminous with New Age operative, Leonard Sweet, to assist in flourishing the pagan-influenced and ecumenical Global Church Network.

There is no way the Holy Spirit was involved in that bizarre decision. He most certainly was not in the meeting. What actually occurred was those leaders threw off all pretense of being godly lovers of truth and defenders of the faith once delivered to the saints. The bowed before a demonic minion and invited her to lay her hands on them. What does that mean? Did those leaders lose their minds? No, they lost their souls.

They departed from the light to embrace the darkness. Additionally, it is a strong indication that the Holy Spirit departed from them long ago. However, the greater consequence of what they did is described in the following scripture.

Christ said:

“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men.”

Then He repeated it for emphasis.

“Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.” — Matthew 12:31-32

That passage should cause everyone that reads it to tremble. Here is the major concern for the non-trembling ones that initiated and facilitated the event.

Speaking against the Holy Spirit was a reference to the Pharisees claiming that Christ was casting out demons by Beelzebub. In other words, they declared that the works of the Holy Spirit were demonic.

What if someone declared demonic works to be the works of the Holy Spirit? Is that not also blaspheming the Holy Spirit? I cannot think of a plausible reason why that would not also be blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

Their decision and actions could be described as a severe lack of integrity, ignorance, abusing their offices, or metaphorically spitting in the face of the founders of the Movement. “Evil” is overused as a pejorative, which is not my intent, but it is the only way I can clearly express what occurred.

When confronted, will those leaders that invited and allowed Cindy Jacobs and possibly Todd White to spread their darkness in that meeting confess that they invited satanic minions? Or will they defend themselves by declaring that Cindy Jacobs and Todd White manifested works of the Holy Spirit? The ramifications of the latter are beyond repentance.

This is not a game where the loser picks up his marbles and lives to play another day. It is a deadly error of rejecting love for truth. The Holy Spirit of Truth will depart. There are only two sources of spirituality, light and darkness. Those leaders chose darkness. It led them to commit a particularly fatal sin.


The North Texas District leadership soiled their “wedding garments.” They caused irreversible damage to the reputation of a once-great Movement that was once replete with mighty champions for truth and righteousness. Clearly, they have succumbed to the great deception that populates the Great and Final Apostasy. Christ warned them. Many warnings have been and continue to be given by prophets and watchmen during this period. Apparently, they rejected all of them. They chose not to prepare for a great battle with deception and apostasy, but to accept and surrender to the enemy of their souls. Certainly, the beginning of the Tribulation must be near. How tragic to stumble this close to the end!



  1. John

    I am sure you have angered many with this warning. I am also sure you have obeyed and have pleased the Lord.

    God bless you, Pastor.

    Time is short.

  2. Joel DB

    I’m curious of more details on this…? I’ve been part of a small A/G church for decades. I wonder if there is more information, perhaps articles or other write-ups on this so I can share some with our local leadership. I want to make sure we do NOT fall into this as a church, and raise awareness of false doctrine working its way into the denomination. God have mercy on this generation… the Lord must do his work in cleansing his house from all this filth.

    • C.H. Fisher

      At the moment there is no follow up information. However, according to my AoG minister friends, the denomination is very compromised from the top down. You can read about the Global Church Network, founded by an AoG minister. Two former General Superintendents, and the current General Supertendent, supports the GNC (Supported in the case of George Wood, deceased). George Wood allowed New Age operative, Ruth Haley Baerton, to speak at the General Council in Orlando, which is also documented on this site. My email conversation with Wood is in the archives. I was stunned at how deceived he appeared to be.

      This corruption has been ongoing in other denominations for decades. At the present, it appears to be a free false into apostasy. In the AoG, the dividing line is drawn between the 40 Under group and a relatively small group of Conservative AoG ministers and lay people.

      There is no doubt as to where it is headed. Numerous individuals have left the denomination and other ones have confessed their intent to do so. There is little room for godliness and truth in what is called “New Christianity.” In an effort to restore the supernatural activity to their church meetings, some denominational leaders and AoG pastors are turning to false prophets and prophetesses such as Cindy Jacobs, Todd White, John Kilpatrick, Bill Johnson, et al.

      It is decision time for the ones that are truly filled with the Holy Spirit. It is a difficult decision for ministers that for years conducted their ministry in the AoG. Ministers in other denominations are faced with he same decision.

      Having lived long enough to observe the declension from beginning of back in the 70’s, it is a sad thing to witness. All along the jaded path there were many warnings, but people ignored them and ran to the lying prophets and false teachers. The warnings have about ceased. The voices of truth speakers today are drowned by the calamity of a party generation(s) focused on religious entitlements.

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