Cedric Fisher  |August 21, 2015

It is tragic when a man is intelligent and articulate enough to preach a good sermon, but not anointed enough to inspire a positive change in anyone’s life. I’ve known men like that all my Christian life. They build churches, draw great crowds, but avoid saying or doing  anything controversial. It is just all religiosity with no velocity.

I pray that God will send some gate shakers. I’m talking about preachers who are not deterred by the locked gates guarding people’s hearts. At this dark and evil hour, the world needs fiery prophetic voices that ignore the pastoring how-to books, the public relations manual from denomination headquarters, and just let the Holy Spirit breath through their words.

If people don’t shake up and wake up professing Christians, the world as we know it is going to fall like an mountain into a cauldron of simmering wickedness so vile the entire planet will teem with unprecedented demonic activity.  It can’t wait—this business of dispensing fire-bathed truth.  Don’t hold back!  There will be no need to preach “return and repent” when the Bridegroom comes and door slams shut.

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