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Satan’s “Ministers” — Cedric H. Fisher

“Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” — 2 Corinthians 11:15

When Satan’s “ministers of righteousness” look for sheep’s clothing as a disguise, they do not seek to take it from another wolf. They attempt to steal a covering of clean white linen from God’s people. Clean, white, linen is the righteous acts of the saints. (Revelation 19:8)

“How can they take our linen?” someone may ask.”

They do not actually take it. They take the outward image of it and attempt to cover their image. Sometimes they use a clerical collar. I personally know plagiarists that search Social Media for the posts and articles of godly people. Hirelings do the same thing to make themselves appear much deeper spiritually than they actually are. Then there are the ones, such as the man I am going to expose in this article. 

Apollo Quiboloy is, in my opinion, a diabolical wolf in sheep’s clothing. The wealthy charlatan poses as a minister of righteousness and is the close friend and spiritual advisor to Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President of the Philippines. Quiboloy has been indicted for sex trafficking women and young girls, among other charges. He is charged with sexually abusing girls as young as 12 years. 




US authorities eye seizure of Apollo Quiboloy’s assets

Normally, Quiboloy would not be much of a blip on my radar. However, he chose to impersonate my Facebook Page and provide a link to my website/blog. 


I assume that my site was appealing to him because it did not have my name in a conspicuous place. Quiboloy’s trickery has forced me to add my name to the Website header and take other measures to prevent him from deceiving people to believe that TruthKeepers is his “ministry.” 

I and several of my friends reported the fake page to Facebook, but to date, they have not done anything about it. I find that perplexing since they regularly and quickly suspend people’s accounts for allegedly violating their policies. It appears that a sex trafficker impersonating a long-time member of the Facebook Community would be a top priority. 

My TruthKeepers website was established in 1993. Since then I have defended it against impersonators, individuals posting my articles as if they had written them, hacks, and it was completely destroyed twice. I recently changed my Facebook presence to free up time to focus on TruthKeepers website, blog, and Facebook page. The very next day I spent hours trying to resolve the issue of Quiboloy’s evil deed.

My only recourse at this point is to write this article and keep it pinned to my home page. Anyone following the link on Boybolio’s impersonating Facebook Page will see this article first. When Facebook decides to do the right thing and delete his account, hopefully, I can return to normal.


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  1. Reverend James Linville

    I will be praying with you over this Cedric, I am believing God will intervene and deal with those that are needed to be dealt with.

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