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What’s Best for My Health—is my decision.

It is a fact that people have been dying of influenza for a long period. An influenza vaccine was developed in 1945. As the Internet became popular, the vaccine has been constantly beleaguered with conspiracy theories. I believed the hyperbole and conspiracy theories about the vaccine until I almost died. After 9 weeks of being very sick, the doctor told me that if the last round of medicine didn’t work there was nothing else that they could do but hospitalize me.

So I began taking the flu shot before every season. I did not turn purple. I was not converted into a drone slave of the government. I did not waste away from chemical poisoning. My brain did not shrink. I did not become a leper. When I walked outside in my bare feet the grass did not die. More importantly, the Holy Spirit did not depart from me. I have not had influenza since I began taking the vaccine.

Over the past couple of year, a number of our dear friends died from COVID-19. We do not know of anyone that has died from the vaccine. We personally know health professionals that tell us that the overwhelming majority of COVID cases are unvaccinated people. They did not know of a single case of someone seriously ill from the vaccine. 

I began to rethink my opposition to the vaccine. There were a few things that didn’t add up. It compelled me to do a thorough research of the vaccines, particularly the Pfizer vaccine.

Based on my research, there are no aborted fetus parts in the vaccine. Monkey brains were not added. There are no deadly metals or delayed-reaction poisons. No toxic chemicals are included. There are no genetic-altering elements that will convert people into drones or walking dead. There is nothing that can be used as a GPS signal. It will not convert Republicans into Democrats. It has no SARS CoV-2 virus in it. It is not the Mark of the Beast. I did not get those conclusions from a video. I studied the data.

If everything the conspiracy theorists declare is in the vaccine is actually included, imagine the size of that syringe! Further, consider the size of the dosage. At some point, the conspiracists will have to remove some of those ingredients to make their claim believable. In such a loose network of type “A” people that love to talk and be seen, who decides what goes and what remains in the conspiracy vaccine? Do they not fight among themselves when someone attempts to rein the craziness?

The ones that claim many thousands are dying from the vaccine have no legitimate first-hand evidence for that claim. No one can die from the vaccine itself. If people don’t want to believe that fact, they will not do so no matter the evidence. They will find some “evidence” somewhere and believe with face value what they wish to believe.

In spite of the amazing torrent of negative information from the Conspiracy-Land, I became convinced that the vaccine is not a tool of a secret society with evil minions of Satan intent on reducing the population or ridding the world of Christians and political conservatives. I am certain that liberals are takin advantage of the pandemic, but not in the way that most people think.

Are there great conspiracies in the World System? Yes, and it’s been that way for great many years. But Satan’s domain is not what God’s Remnant should be obsessed with. One can fight on Satan’s turf, but he or she will not win. All that appears to be accomplished is to come away from Conspiracy-Land with a hoard of information to describe how well Satan is doing. Our victory is our faith—not head, heart, and spirit chock full of conjecture and presumption. We need to focus on our eternal destiny, not the enemies plans to limit our stay in the Temporal Realm.

One fact is totally without question. If the conspiracy outlets are the primary source of one’s information, there is little or no room for the Holy Spirit’s input. People claim they have the truth because they had spent hundreds of hours on conspiracy sites. Spend the same amount of time in prayer and then come and talk to me.

I concluded that the real conspiracy is the Dems are using reverse psychology. The extreme liberal Progressives that now own the Democratic Party know that the best way to get Conservatives to do anything is to demand that they do the opposite. So if they do not want people to take the vaccine and live, wouldn’t they bully, threaten to mandate restrictions of liberties, and otherwise demand that they must be vaccinated?

Guess what—it’s working. Millions of Conservatives and Christians refused to become vaccinated and are dead or dying. Does anyone remember when liberals stated that they would rid America of Trumpers so that they would never again elect such a President? How adid they plan to do that legally? Obviously, they just need to do what they always do—be shrewd bullies. COVID-19 presented them with the means to do their dirty work legally.

Another conundrum is that my conspiracy-loving friends insist the vaccine is for population control. So, my question regarding that theory is, “THEN WHY ARE LIBERALS TAKING THE VACCINE?” 

They reply that there are Liberal syringes filled with a placebo. You mean that there are thousands of health workers in thousands of cities switching syringes to knowingly murder someone? Are there red and blue syringes? How do they know that the individual they are vaccinating are liberals or conservatives? It would require thousands of health workers going to work daily with the intent of murdering people. There is absolutely no evidence for that ridiculous claim. But for the ones that binge on conspiracy theories, it must be true, or else their conspiracy House of Cards comes tumbling down.

Cheryl and I took the Pfizer shots. The second shot was given to us by a friend of our daughter. We have not had any bad effects from doing so. We did not turn purple. We were not converted into drone slaves of the government. We did not waste away from chemical poisoning. We did not become lepers. Our brains did not turn to rubber and metal is not sticking to us. We have not lost our minds.

My conspiracy-loving friends would reply, “Oh, you’re going to die. Just wait and you will become one of the millions of deaths from vaxing.”

There is no valid evidence for that claim, but there is enough conspiracy stuff on the Internet to keep people riled up for years. Some vaccinated people will die from the flu and COVID. That fact has been inflated into a creature hiding under the bed.

We are as healthy as can be for our age. More importantly, the Holy Spirit did not depart from us. God has not convicted me of having blood on my hands or dripping from my smile. We did not become maniacal workers of iniquity. Satan still hates us and God still reveals His love for us. It was just a vaccine, not an inoculation concocted in hell and delivered by Satan’s minions.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that the liberals are playing the people that they dislike, even hate, and it is working. The majority have succumbed to their wicked ploy. The results are predictable. Many Conservatives and Christians will never take the vaccine and many of them will die.  

Furthermore and truly sad, God’s Remnant (that divided from the apostate ones) will now divide from each other over whether to vax or not vax. How about that ”side effect” of succumbing to the mental inoculation of reverse psychology? 

So, again, why do Liberals need complicated conspiracies, especially ones that could result in being arrested and charged with murder? They can just sit on the sidelines and watch the despised Conservatives and Christians die from a deadly virus and divide from each other.

I exhort Christians that have become addicted to politics and are now guppies for conspiracy theories. Get back to praying, and constantly reading and studying God’s word. Return to focusing on following the Holy Spirit and doing God’s will. Leave the world’s cesspools alone. Do what you are called to do—Equip the members of Christ’s Body (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Make no mistake about it. People who bully individuals that decide to be vaccinated are not making a bold and brave stand for truth or Christ. Individuals chock full of conspiracy information that speak and do harm to godly Believers do so from the abundance of their hearts. Where is God in all of that?


  1. Cheryl

    Excellent Article. Could not agree more!

  2. Jim Brumbaugh

    I loved this article and the one before Cedric, you hit the nail right on the head. I feel sorry for those people who have fallen for the conspiracy information and have wasted all of their time bound up in that mess. So many Christians are playing right into the hands of Satan when they are preoccupied with what is going on in the world. Paul said in 2nd Timothy 2:4 …not to be entangled with the affairs of this life. Divide and conquer is what Satan is good at. The whole body of Christ needs to get back to reading the Bible and praying daily, and fasting often.

    Thank you for posting these Cedric!! I read them all, God bless you!!

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