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Why We Should Not Trust in Political Salvation

“Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.” — Job 15:31

Although some of my friends are declaring a Trump win, many people are very nervous about the coming election on November 3rd. As I wrote in 2016 until Christ returns we will remain one election from dominance by diabolical people. Every four years we can expect an increasingly worse display of petulant outrage and fanatical individuals acting out their hatred for Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, policemen, and anyone not wearing a flat-bill hat. Of course, having an American flag, wrong political sticker, stickers indicated support for hunting, fishing, golf, military, law enforcement, church, Chick-fil-A, NRA, et cetera, anywhere on your body, clothing, or vehicle, is considered by evil people as grounds for attack.

Some people are not convinced that Trump will win because of the widespread mail-in voter fraud, the completely scurrilous and scandalous news media, and shenanigans by diabolical Social Media moguls. It is not going to be a peaceful reaction no matter who declares themselves to be the winner.

It is no wonder that guns and ammunition are disappearing from the stores. Some people I have talked with are preparing to hunt if there is a food shortage. Most are prepared to defend themselves and their homes and businesses. They are deeply concerned about remarks from leading Democrats that they will start a violent revolution if they lose on November 3rd.

Consider what the Democrats have committed already—burning cars and buildings, dragging people out of their vehicles and beating them nearly to death, outright killing people, screaming, cursing, dressing as demons, killing police officers, looting, and destroying businesses, destroying entire cities, et cetera. That’s the face and soul of the Democrat Party today. 

“Give us exactly what we demand or we will turn your cities and homes into rubble and put you in the morgues.”

What they demand is to turn the nation into a bankrupt, godless, and socialist society subservient to the rest of the world. If they are elected, they will destroy the nation while drunk on power. If they are not elected they will destroy the nation because they were deprived of power. In order to understand their driving force, we should realize that its pattern of violence was established in the 1960s by Counterculture activist groups such as Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

With the advent of the of the Counterculture Movement numerous activists groups formed to protest what they considered a suppression of their liberties. Rioting, looting, burning, bombing, killing, and other violence were their primary methods of getting attention. They were nihilists whose intent was to destroy and remake America. Robert Nisbet described it as, “a decade of near revolutionary upheaval and of sustained preaching of social nihilism.” (Robert Nisbet, Prejudices: A Philosophical Dictionary, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1982, p. 186.)

When after nearly a decade they ceased the violence, people thought it was over. A Marxist leader involved in the outrage was asked if they had failed. He replied:

“The idea was not to create a perfect state operating by the clockwork principles of Marxist law, but to promote a chaos that would cripple America and ultimately cast it into a receivership that would be administered by the morally superior third world.” (Judge Robert Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah—Modern Liberalism and American Decline, 1996, pg 56, para 3)

The phrase, “morally superior third world” is telling. It is not that America was/is morally sound, but that the third world is not in the slightest bit morally superior. It doesn’t take an ethician to recognize that fact.

They went back into the universities, got their degrees, and took leadership positions in the institutes of higher education. They also founded or took over, People for the American Way, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), the National Organization for Women (NOW), and Planned Parenthood. More ominous, they took over the Democrat Party, most of the News Media, and are in process of taking over Christian denominations.

If we understand that the Democrat Party is now in the hands of the protégés of the Counterculture leaders, we understand what they intend to do once they have assumed control.

They do not care about the American people—they are obsessed with seizing American power and control.

I can understand why people would arm themselves with that threat looming over them. But how should Christians respond to the threat?

I am reading requests on Social Media by Christians wanting the Believers to join them in “praying to Jesus” asking Him to “heal” our nation because it is “hurting.” They completely skipped over God’s requirements for re-establishing a relationship with Him. In the following passage, God is talking to His people—not to the heathen nations.

“If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” — 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

God does not heal nations of sin. The healing that sinful Israel needed was from the drought, locusts, and pestilence—His judgments because of their sins.

However, professing Christians believe that they are not out of focus with God’s will. They believe God blessed them with a mighty miracle and caused Donald Trump to win the election. Thus, in their minds, the nation is not wicked but hurting. It merely needs to be healed and blessed. We should consider that in the context of facts.

The fact is, a great number of professing Christians worship Trump as the “trump of God,” a “King Cyrus,” and even a “new Messiah” and “man of God.” That’s a great distance from what the heretics and hirelings claimed Trump was before his first election. Does anyone recognize that Trump went from being labeled the lesser evil, to a sainted hero warrior of a Christian Crusade?

If Biden wins, what if a powerful religious leader rise up and promises protection from his administration. Would professing Christians rush to support him as the head of religion? Would they choose him as the lesser of two evils?

The truth is, prayer and fasting is good and acceptable to God. However, when those activities are performed superstitiously, as one would rub a talisman, it is not only fruitless but insulting to God.

Thus, praying to win an election is wrong. It is asking God to override the free, moral, agency of humanity. We are free moral agents that choose our leaders by voting. God does not appoint leaders in our Constitutional Republic any more than He appoints leaders in Muslim nations. Instead, we should pray, speak, and live according to God’s word. We should be a witness to non-Christians. Yes, all that “simple stuff” that most professing Christians find too difficult to do.

We should know that we cannot legislate morality. We cannot govern wickedness into oblivion. We cannot gain politically what we refuse to seek prayerfully. If that were not so, the world would have become a perfect place long ago. The fact is when the battle is lost on spiritual ground, it cannot be won on earthly ground.

The brutal truth is that a great apostasy is ravaging Christianity. The majority of professing Christians are not in God’s kingdom. They built another kingdom—one that combines the elements of both realms, religious and secular. In that kingdom are a false peace, white-washed walls, rancid hypocrisy, Churchianity, and many foul and spiritually wicked deeds that are despised and repeatedly condemned by God’s word.

What many Evangelicals do not appear to understand is although a Biden victory would likely destroy our nation, a Trump victory will likely finish off Christianity. Professing Christians become very angry when I point out that fact. They refuse to consider (or are ignorant of) the fact that the apostasy has surged greatly in the past nearly four years.

By surrounding himself with incredible heretics and compromised hirelings, Trump has validated the people and factors that have greatly corrupted Christianity. His closest spiritual advisor is in my opinion reprobate and demon-possessed. The New Apostolic Reformation, and other notorious contributors to the lure of apostasy, have received a powerful boost. Four more years of that degree of decline, and with the increasing number of casual Christians, we may witness the spiritual death of Christianity. Consequently, Christianity will be prepped to embrace ecumenism with the Roman Catholic Church and pagan religions. As the secular world is being readied for Antichrist, the kingdom of the False Prophet awaits him. He is likely to rise from the papal office.

The obvious question is, “So for whom shall I vote?”

Pray and do according to how you feel led by the Holy Spirit. However, as I wrote in 2016, the time for voting as a solution for the last days schemes and danger is over. It is time to put one’s trust fully in God and prepare for a very dark period ahead.

At this point, very few people will heed or understand no matter who attempts to explain the truth of the matter. The die is cast. Their narrative is sacrosanct. Thus, they will lash out in fear or anger at anyone violating their the security their trust in politics provides.

Please consider that the reason cattle enter the chutes that leads to their death and butchering is because they believe the electric prod to be the greater evil. Reaction based on fear or discomfort is no substitute for cognitive thinking.

We are in the last days. On some generation(s) it was certain to come. Without a doubt, most people will deny it has arrived and continue business as usual.

That said, our hope is in the Lord—not a political savior. He is coming just as He said in Matthew 24:29-31. Anyone that adds to or subtracts from that truth will give an account before God of how they led millions of people into apathy—unprepared, deceived, and defeated.

Like Jeremiah, I will repent and pray for the nation, but my deepest desire is to be faithful and steadfast no matter what the outcome.

“And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.” — Daniel 11:35


  1. Great commentary. One of your best !! I agree wholeheartedly with all you say. I pray that many will read, repent, and return. Time is of the essence, my friends. Do not delay !!. If you are a Spiritually lazy professing Christian (?), please realize that the “Door” will shut soon. Please do not count on your OSAS, easy believism to see you through the dark days ahead. Please get some fresh oil through repentance. Politics could be your “eternal” downfall !

  2. Much of your article I agree with and like. I don’t believe we should not vote though. There is way too much riding on this election. The Democrats have said that they are going to come after Christians and Conservatives once they win. The Democrats care nothing for the unborn and actually celebrate Infanticide. President Trump is for helping the unborn. We need those in office who will help us protect those who cannot protect themselves. The list of evils that will be unleashed on children (transgender, pedophilia – Drag Queen story hours, Common Core, parental rights lost, sex ed in schools, etc., etc.) if the Democrats rule this country is frightening. Did I mention Communism, Socialism? What about mandated masks – “forever”! I could go on.
    I believe the Church is to be salt and light and that we are a “restraining influence” in the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. I don’t believe we are to passively let evil succeed. By not voting we are stepping back and letting evil triumph. More babies will suffer and die, more children will be tortured and killed through the SRA and sex trafficking, more children will be taken away from their parents and convinced that they need sex change therapy or an abortion and their parents won’t be able to do anything. Sharing and teaching the Gospel will be very hard since Biden has said that parts of the Bible will be “hate speech” that will be illegal to share. I have mentioned only a small fragment of reasons why Christians need to vote and vote in line with Biblical values. Too many people will suffer and die if we don’t. This does not mean we should look to President Trump as our saviour or salvation, but just someone who God is temporarily using to give us time and means to help the unsaved and helpless around us. He is returning soon and will gather to himself all born again, Spirit filled believers in the Rapture. But until that moment, if God uses Trump to keep the window open a little longer then I believe this is a very good thing and an answer to the prayers of many in the Church.

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