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Has it now come to this—Premeditated Baby Murder?

In denying born babies the right to medical care and survival, Democrats have crosses a line that we knew they had the determination and moral bankruptcy to cross for decades. No doubt they are a delusional group of demon-influenced or possessed individuals, inhuman across the spectrum of their shredded and deficient moral systems. They have strained at the thinning membrane of common decency and finally broke through to commit the greatest outrage for all time. It is classic Saul Alinsky stratagem that models the Hegelian Dialect—create outrage after outrage until society implodes from the stress-overload to their sensibilities. They are prepared to jump into the chaotic aftermath and offer diabolical solutions to the great problem they created.

This is bizarre and unacceptable in a civilized nation. One does not fall lower in character and become more despicable than one who murders a baby. These Democrats have sanctioned the premeditated murder of helpless babies struggling and crying out for the security and love of a mother’s arms. It also violates their oath of office and the Constitution that guarantees every human the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” If allowed to stand, this barbarous moral failure—no doubt inspired by Satan himself and inserted into the eager conduit of the Democrat Party—will remove the final barrier to cold-hearted, brutal persecution of Christians and political Conservatives when the Dems get back in power. If someone thinks that a bit farfetched, he or she is ignorant of history.

Although I have thought it and said it privately, I have refrained from saying what many other Believers have said because I did not wish to alienate my Democratic friends. However, now I must declare what is as a fire shut up in my bones. If anyone claims to be a Christian and supports the Democrat Party, I have no doubt that he or she will have the sin of premeditated murder of babies on his or her record when standing before God in judgment. Here is why.

When reading and commenting on the following verses, most people attempt to dilute the austere and severe implication of unavoidable judgment.

“For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful expectation of judgment, and fiery indignation which will devour the adversaries.”
(Hebrews 10:26-27)

People sin even when they know that it is wrong because of temptation, anger, a moment of weakness, deception, ignorance, and other factors. They are convicted by the Holy Spirit, are sorrowful, and repent. That is not what Paul is referring to here or else everyone would be consigned to hell.

The key to understanding exactly what he meant is the word “willfully.” In the Greek
Text it is hekousíōs, meaning: “voluntarily.”

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon states that “willfully” is, “tacitly opposed to sins committed inconsiderately, and from ignorance or from weakness.”

In other words, when one knows that the sin is wrong, and has the capacity of strength, knowledge, and will, not to commit it, and is being warned by all spiritual, moral, and other means, including ignoring the adverse effects it will have on other people, and commits the sin anyway, he or she has committed a willful sin. Such a person has become a spiritual castaway (reprobate). What we are witnessing today is a political party chock full of reprobates.

One cannot look down on a newborn baby lying on a table and either kill him or her or withhold medical care so that he or she dies, without committing a willful sin. Abortion? No, that is not the right term. It is not a mundane mission or speculative project that has been halted for whatever reason. When an assault is committed on a baby in or out of the womb that results in death, it cannot truly be labeled anything other than premeditated baby murder. Those who commit those crimes are without question murderers in the moral, biblical, and civilized sense.

How God will judge people and sentence each person who commits a premeditated and intentional sin (not baby murder) when the Judgment occurs is completely according to His great wisdom and justice. Perhaps, taking all factors into consideration, some who have sinned willfully may repent and be exonerated. However, in my opinion, one who willfully murders a baby has lost all respect for God, the atonement by Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and the sanctity of life. How can that respect be restored? Why would or how can such one sincerely repent or avoid being turned over to a reprobate mind? It is logical that they will not take the path of righteousness beyond that point. They will go on to greater wickedness to satisfy the craving for satanic gratification.  It is the way of all wicked individuals.

Concerning the gravity of their sin, there is this scripture that I opine pertains to the Democrat’s willful sin of premeditated baby murder.

“Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later.” (1 Timothy 5:24)

I believe that the word of this great sin by Democrats will reach heaven. If God hears me when I pray, then it will reach heaven today and every day hereafter. All true Christians should oppose this by every means possible. We have a voice—use it! We have Social Media—make your protests known! We can write letters and overwhelm their offices with outrage. They may not change their minds, but it will let them know that they misjudged the size of the battle.

Therefore, I send these words of Isaiah to everyone who voted to murder babies and cruelly consigns the ones to death that survive the attempts to murder them in the womb.

“Hell from beneath is excited about you, To meet you at your coming; It stirs up the dead for you, All the chief ones of the earth; It has raised up from their thrones All the kings of the nations.” (Isaiah 14:9)


  1. Cheryl

    No matter how anyone, Republican, Democrat, professing Christian or non-Christian may try to spin it, the fact is that Abortion is murder, premeditated and deliberate. To deny a baby who survives abortion any kind of medical assistance I’d the epitome of pure wickedness.
    Our world is becoming increasingly immoral and I wonder if there are enough praying Christians left to hold it at bay.

  2. Linda


    No Christian can support any form of baby murder, and anything after conception is exactly that. But here we see the fully developed, innocent, precious, cute and cuddly baby, helpless and tender like a rose bud, reaching for his or her mother with wide eyes and chubby cheeks, cute little fingers and toes, totally dependent upon his or her caretakers with full trust… only to be murdered in cold blood for ‘the health of the mother.’ Several nurses have come out openly and stated that there is nothing that would impede the ‘health of the mother,’ or even the life! It is a hoax! Even if it were an embryo that got stuck in the fallopian tube, which can result in death of the mother, they can transplant it into the uterous, without anyone dying. There have been many reports on that sort of thing out there which can be accessed by googling for them with the right key words.

    Some things I have done and anyone can do:

    1. Sign petitions on line to oppose this. There are many pro life organizations on top of it in that area, citizen go is one of them but there are many that a simple google search will yield.
    2. I went directly onto Governor Cuomo’s website and there is a contact section and I sent him a message. You may also be able to leave a comment on their facebook page. Writing a letter is another option.
    3. Pro life rallies. A good way to make your voice heard.
    4. Pro life pregnancy centers. It is good to know about his resource. I went on a tour and they said that at 6 weeks the ultrasound shows the baby’s form and when a woman sees it, it changes her heart away from abortion. At planned parenthood they never show the mother an ultrasound. If you have a pregnant friend, you can offer to go with her and then they do the ultrasound and it usually changes their mind if they were considering abortion.
    5. Social media or any other platform you have.
    6. There was a ‘national day of mourning’ at the same location in Albany on Feb. 23 by the activist mommy blogger and a large gathering and it had spread to other locations nationwide. I can’t vouch for everything that may have went on at this, I did not even witness the event. But there is so much talk about ‘revival’ even at things like this so I advise caution when proceeding with anything now. But most churches have been silent on the issue. I visit a lot of websites and FB pages of churches and…. nothing.
    7. Be an advocate wherever you are. Get educated on the facts so you will be ready to intelligently oppose their arguments. Abortion and infanticide are sins, but it helps to know how early the baby’s heart is beating, etc.
    8. Boycott companies and organizations that are pro choice.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Jimmy Linville

    Good article Cedric well thought out and written. I just hear from those that you’ve came against in this article (and rightfully so) Sir you’ve trampled on my rights, and the women’s rights to choose to have a baby or not to choose. Not to mention you’re trampling on people’s civil rights, you’ve just turned the clock back a 100 years, back to slavery sir. The God that you use sir as a whip to beat us into your master mentality is not the god we serve, the god we serve would never trample on our rights he loves us to much, much less trample someone’s civil rights. How dare you judge us, we are god fearing people, god loving people. The thing is Cedric, the God that you and many of us a really are serving is greater than any of their rights. The truth is He has already spoken on the issue of shedding innocent blood via murdering babies. When they stand before Him on the day of judgement He will not listen to their excuses where His creation is concerned, He will judge them, fairly and justly and give them their due reward, eternity in hell with their god Satan.

  4. Charles

    Hi C.H. I have never visited your blog before. I am a professional scientist and a Christian. Can you provide me with a couple of independent, non-biased articles of this “kill survivable babies” outside the womb or “just let them lay there outside the womb and die” by credible people who are not Christian fundamentalists or conservative evangelicals. I really would like to see them.

    I am kindly asking for this information for three reasons:

    (A) I have been hearing a lot about this subject recently but have not had an opportunity to read anything about it—only so many hours in a day.

    (B) From my own personal experience with Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals, I know that they lie a lot these days—something I was taught not to do in my youth Sunday school classes.

    (C) Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are well known for using facts that support their position on some matter and conveniently leaving out the facts that do not support their position—that too being a form of deceit.

    You know what the Holy scriptures say about liars:


    Bearing that in mind, I would be happy to look at a few independent, scientific articles on this subject you might want to send to me—as long as they meet my stated criteria.

    Thank you very much.

    • C.H. Fisher

      I think that since so much information regarding your inquiry is available in the main stream secular news media, you should probably do your own research. It’s a Google click away. That way you will not have to question my second hand data as to whether it is a “lot of lies.” No matter what is written or said or who writes or says it, in the end it will boil down to what one truly wishes to believe.

      Hopefully, your Sunday School training taught you that God will sort it all out in the end. All individuals that lie, the ones who profess Christianity and secular individuals, will receive the same judgment. The ones who kill babies in or out of the womb will beyond a doubt enter eternal hell.

      By the way, it does not take a scientist or scientific articles to identify the facts of a news article regarding abortion that extends beyond birth. Just read the legislative documents.

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