earnestly contending for the faith


I was astonished as I watched Millennial megachurch pastor Steven Furtick in a 2018 video accuse the Lord Jesus of being sneaky.[1] It wasn’t an original concept. The BillyJack Billy band sings on a 2014 album, “Rebel Child,” a song entitled “Sneaky Jesus.”[2] Additionally, “Sneaky Jesus” is a term used by “Christian” bands for the practice of “sneaking” Jesus into their songs so as not to offend their secular listeners.[3] Before that, Jen Johnson, daughter-in-law of NAR leader, Bill Johnson, declared that the Holy Spirit was as a “sneaky blue Genie.”[4]

(Sneaky: “sly, dishonest, devious, mean, low, base, nasty, cowardly, slippery, unreliable, malicious, unscrupulous, furtive, disingenuous, shifty, snide, deceitful, contemptible, untrustworthy, double-dealing.”[5])

There are many other statements by popular leaders in Christianity that indicate that they do not know or understand God, Christ, or much of anything in the Scriptures. However, they are influencing a great number of their peers.

Rob Bell wrote, “I can’t find one place in the teachings of Jesus, or the Bible for that matter, where we are to identify ourselves first and foremost as sinners.”[6] He also wrote, “I am learning that the church has nothing to say to the world until it throws better parties”.[7]

Brian McLaren wrote; “The contribution of Liberation Theology, Black Theology, Feminist/Eco-Feminist/Womanist/Queer and related theologies will be as central to the next reformation as white European theology was to the last reformation.”[8](Those are not theologies. Theology is the study of the nature of God. Those philoso-quandarieshave nothing to do with God.)

What Furtick, Johnson, Bell, and McLaren, have in common is they are either part of the Millennial Generation or are among its leading influencers. Obviously, something is very wrong about the theology of all the younger generations. Consequently, there is a great paradigm shift in the making and soon to become the new normal for professing Christians.

To explain clearly it is necessary to explain where the hands are on the prophetic clock. In my opinion, it is indicative that we are well past the prophetic opening of the final chapter of earth’s history. We cannot know how long that chapter is, but we know that several “pages” are dedicated to describing the condition of the world society in the final years. We should not sink into denial about the advent of the Endtimes. Upon some generation(s) it was certain to come. And each generation believed that it would arrive in the future. Every indication is that it has arrived. That’s a scary thought; one that we almost have to force ourselves to acknowledge.

Nevertheless, most professing Christians in our nation are greatly distracted or apathetic and may not recognize the signs. But, more than wars and rumors of wars, more than earthquakes in different places, and more than technology making it possible for a cashless economy and a one-world society, there are other glaring factors. For one, there is a great volume of wickedness in the world system. Indications are that a number of the world’s leaders are in the throes of narcissistic discontent. They want war and believe they can win. Additionally, the global mass of humanity is struggling with each other over time-honored mores when they should well know right from wrong. Jammed amongst those factors is the vast and extreme apostasy of professing Christians. It is doubtless an indication that the countdown to the Tribulation Period has begun.

To understand how brutal it may become in our nation we should familiarize ourselves with the plight of persecuted Christians in other nations. But is our nation prepared to take that fatal step down from being a civilized society and persecute Christians? Only God knows. However, after several runs at the thin membrane of common decency, smoldering hatred in our society appears to have finally broken through the feeble barrier. It must be portend of harsh times ahead.
The indecorous wicked vernacular is a large snake that will not be stuffed back into its box.

Consequently, I believe that we are one generation away from the unthinkable occurring—rampant physical assaults on the Believers. Hate speech by our nation’s highest level of influence and leadership initiated an unprecedented number of random assaults and murder of police officers. A so-called comedian recently held up a facsimile of the bloody, severed head of a sitting president. They appear to have mastered the art of shamelessness. Does anyone recognize that satanic spirits are expressing their intent to carry out brutal persecution of individuals that do not agree with their master’s evil agenda?

In the dust cloud of adults behaving as juveniles, a major factor has practically gone unnoticed. The fact is, a generation waits restlessly at the door for its turn to rule all the influence and power sectors in the nation. They are not waiting to be invited; they are currently prepared to step into the shoes of leadership. Some of them are already in ensconced. The full swarm is delayed only until their younger peers reach voting age. When that occurs we will witness a powerful and tumultuous paradigm shift in cultural trends and government with changes affecting Constitutional liberties. It will greatly affect the way Christianity and the political realm views, reacts, and responds to traditional forbidden fruit of wicked behaviors, such as harvesting aborted baby body parts or pedophilia.

One More Generation in the Secular Realm
First, my heart is filled with compassion for the younger generations because they have been besieged with vile deceivers in the secular realm and heretics in Christianity. However, reality is that the up and coming generation will in one election take control of this nation. We should consider what they might do to change society to conform to their worldview. Quite possibly, and with the lofty goals of unity and peace, they will first optimistically punch the reset button on our fragmented and petulant society. In the process they may “punch” Christianity in the face. But will they achieve their vaunted objectives? After years of reading and hearing the vitriol of militant LGBT, licentious entertainers, and politicians, and their witless devotees, I think not.

It is apparent that the mask of civility has been ripped off and tossed in the trashcan. Violence against everything Christian or Conservative appears to be the next step and there seems to be no way to avoid it. And why were we surprised? How can a nation that sanctions and becomes calloused to the brutal torture and murder of babies, casting their bodies into dumpsters or selling their body parts, not become violent against other members of society? But how can a society become so wicked that once had great awakenings, whose landscape is spiked with church steeples, which at one time asked God for His blessings at sports events and publically prayed for deliverance in time of war?

The answer is because from New York Harbor to San Francisco’s Baker Beach, millions of Americans have overwhelmingly rejected God. Innumerable ones hate Him and what He represents. They are unashamedly exploding that rejection and hatred into public view. However, according to a recent poll 80% of Americans believe in God.[9] They do not all believe in God Almighty, but a god, one that can be retrofitted into any lifestyle (“Don’t judge.” “God knows my heart.” “We’re all God’s children,” ad infinitum, ad nauseam.)

Now we are paying the price. Our nation’s heroes are demonic musicians, sleazy Hollywood actors, violent video game figures, rogue sports stars, and other individuals whose main contribution to society is entertainment. It is truly a plague of unprincipled people that make fortunes alternately shocking and gratifying people with video and audio sleaze. Furthermore, technology enables people to live in a fantasy world where rules do not matter and death is not final except for their enemies. The eye and ear gates of the majority are now as permeable as a supermarket without doors on Black Friday.

Consequently, our children are being raised in an environment where adverse influence is much more powerful and plentiful than parental guidance. Sexual predators are such an epidemic that children are at risk even in the sanctity of homes, schools, and churches. We are unrelentingly plagued by illicit drug use, consequent violent crimes, and theft. Television, the Internet, News Media, literature, and even Christianity, are so saturated with nefarious material that generations are becoming calloused to evil and violence very early in life.

Truth is now considered a fluctuating philosophy diametrically opposite of what it used to be. Video and fantasy games are replacing reality. There are young people that cannot communicate verbally. They rotely interact by texting and social media. Why should we be surprised that generation is so beleaguered by demons that they murder their classmates? (Junior High drama has taken on an entirely different meaning.)

Political leadership alone cannot resolve such a massive crisis. For one thing Americans condone and coddle so much wickedness that out of 325.7 million people we elect homosexuals, adulterers and adulteresses, mentally disordered people, habitual liars, thieves, shysters and charlatans, and individuals so wicked that several decades ago many of them would be in prison. How are such people going to solve what is actually a colossal sin problem? Their presence so overwhelms the political system that it is called “The Swamp.” How can it be drained when there is no place for it to drain and most politicians and their lackeys secretly do not wish it to be drained?  Furthermore, before we drain the political swamp, shouldn’t we first drain the religious one?

The unsettling and withering truth is that so many individuals in the secular faction are coldly wicked so that a significant segment of it is completely amoral. It is a mistake to believe that what we are witnessing in politics is a power struggle of godliness versus immorality. If that were true, we might have greater hope. It is actually Conservatism versus amorality. Conservative values, commendable as they may be, are not necessarily godliness. However, they are juxtaposed against the amoral agenda, which insists there are no standards by which to judge a deed right or wrong. The amoral person insists that each person can decided for him or her self what is right or wrong.

The acceptance of certain extremely amoral acts, such as abortion and sodomy, is indicative that a significant number in our nation have become amoral. A society that becomes amoral must necessarily become antichrist. It cannot help but further decline to oppress and eventually persecute true Christians.

Thus, the next generation of leadership can punch the reset button, and try to please the most irascible ones with concessions, but what those latent violent factions truly want is not merely entitlements and other privileges. They want a society completely washed of Christians and their ethics. They want someone to turn off the light.

One More Generation in Christianity
Concurrent with the pending change of leadership by Millennials in the secular realm, the religious faction of that generation anticipates inheriting control of leadership in Christianity. The generation of Bill Hybels, Rob Bell, and Rick Warren and their ilk have blazed a path for Millennials, such as Steven Furtick , Ben Houston, Carl Lentz, Judah Smith, et al. Ready or not, we are now on the verge of massive leadership change in Christianity.

Of course, someone may point out that Christian generations have always succeeded the previous generations in leadership and societal influence. Further, they have always done things differently. Yes, but not as the next generation that will take possession of Christianity. Unbeknownst to the secularists, the same generation intends to seize control of all the other sectors of influence in our nation and the world.

Christianity Today in their article “33 Under 33” released a list of 33 young Millennials poised to take control of Christianity.[10] Millennial Paul Sohn gushed over the list declaring, “All of these leaders span all sectors of work to reclaim the seven mountains of culture and to restore shalom in our world.[11] Those “seven mountains” are exactly as the seven sectors of influence that the New Apostolic Reformation intends to control.[12] (For those that do not know, the New Apostolic Reformation is a heretical movement of approximately 370 million Charismatics and Pentecostals with no headquarters, no organization, and no formal leadership.[13])

NAR’s Seven Mountain Dominionism is their mandate to take over seven sectors of influence. They are:
Arts & Entertainment

Obviously, unless there is serious collusion with the secular realm, they cannot accomplish the Seven-Mountains coup. There is evidence of that unity developing in the religious and secular realms, but also evidence that they are moving toward convergence. It has the makings of a covenant between the secular and religious sectors that at least provides a springboard for the advent of the Antichrist/False Prophet coalition.

All deceptive forces of heresy and wickedness must eventually unite if there is going to be a global church with the False Prophet of Revelation as its leader. It is obvious that the New Apostolic Reformation movement, the Ecumenism movement, and other eruptions from the great and final apostasy, are converging. To accomplish their goals they apparently intend to divorce from eons of Christian history, doctrine, practices, biblical precedent, and establish their own form of Christianity with New Spirituality. [14][15][16]

A Great Awakening?
The opening paragraph in one article typifies the mindset in younger generations regarding the future of Christianity.

“Could the so-called death of traditional Christian America in fact be a good thing … for Christians? Young Christian activists who are calling for a renewal of their faith seem to think so.”[17]

They are borrowing phrases from genuine Christianity such as, “Another Great Awakening,” “Renewal of their faith,” to describe New Christianity with its New Spirituality.  However, the premise of their concepts is not new. It invaded Christianity at the same time the doctrine of the Counterculture invaded the Democratic Party in the 60s. First, they compromised the Church’s music. They rose from that platform to contaminate nearly all of Christianity with secular-sourced culture and mores. We are witnessing the fruition of those drug-induced ideologies.

It causes me to wonder if they even know what the past Great Awakenings and Renewals/revivals consisted of. They are casually bouncing into a systemic change propelled by geriatric ideas when they do not know where they came from or where they are going. One cannot have a godly awakening when one has no clue what godliness is. Likewise, there cannot be a “renewal of faith” that has not first existed. The “Great Awakenings” were revivals caused by people whose hearts saturated with desire to know God. They were not activists, but fully surrendered people who prayed for holy fire.

And what exactly do they mean by “death of traditional Christian America, and renewal of their faith?” There is evidence that apostatized Christianity and the younger generations are capitulating to the demands of the LGBT and engaging in “progressive” Christianity. Their growing influence has compelled Denominations to condone or consider condoning homosexual marriage. As Millennials came of age, churches in many communities either changed their positions, practices, and music to placate them or Seeker-sensitive churches sprung up in nearby metal buildings. The churches that refused to compromise were stripped of their youth and began dying as the older generations began passing away. That is not a renewal of faith—it is an attack on faith. It is very intimidating to many pastors.

All Great Awakenings were revivals/renewals. Each revival in the Scriptures concerning Israel had the effect of the Israelites coming out of the nations about them, abandoning their gods and evil practices, and reverting to God’s will in worship, customs, appearance, and manner. The historical revivals in Christian history had the same effect. When God delivered me from darkness, I rejected everything associated with my former bondage. Conversely, the roots of the Millennial “Great Awakening” runs deep into the world system, false religions, and embraces perversions and all other wickedness. It must be called the “Great Sleep,” or perhaps the “Great Lie.”

Are they called by God?
Therefore, we have to ask if those Millennial leaders are actually called by God? When I consider the list of “33 under 33” that are touted as the future leaders of Christianity, I get the sense that many of them are strongly influenced by secular and religious spirits. At the top of the list is Trip Lee, The Hip-Hop Theologian who is a protégé and label mate of Lecrae. He is joined on the list by Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who uses Twitter to communicate, supports the Emergent Catalyst conferences and consults with Pope Francis.

Jefferson Bethke is a YouTube “evangelist” and author of the book “Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough.” I think Jesus is the author of “trying harder, doing more, and being good.” Additionally, I often discover that when I research similar statements the word “religion” refers to biblical Christianity, which the Emergent Church and Bethke’s generation wishes to replace.

There is also an owner of an apparel company, production company owner, a politician, “Missional Minority” blogger (?), a Gospel Entertainer, and so it goes.

It does not appear that God has called any of them in the traditional or biblical sense. Instead, they appear to be “called” ecclesiastically or self-called. More clearly, the “calling” itself appears to be a viewpoint birthed by a combination of diverse heretical influences that have invaded Christianity. That philosophy is manifested as God’s “new thang”, “a different way to do church,” and other revelation-sourced newness brought in with the Seeker, Emergent, and other New Christianity contributors.

I do not recognize a hint of the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the “33” groups agenda. Their music, worldview, fashion and lifestyle, and fascination with the “social gospel” appear to be secularly influenced. They major on themes such as “love, peace, and unity,” and pragmatically bend to whatever means it requires to achieve those objectives. The problem is that their strategy for creating a climate of “love, peace, and unity,” involves compromise of truth and godliness. None of it agrees with what we know biblically about the Holy Spirit, genuine love and godliness.

I can’t help but think that by their rise to power a false christ will replace Christ as the “hope of all who seeks Him, and the help of all who finds.” That false christ will inspire New Christianity with its inclusiveness, social gospel, “doing church” differently, and New Spirituality (a New Age mixture). In essence the result will be nothing more in appearance than a spruced-up, religious, clone of the world system.  While the outward filth may be done away with, the inner spiritual rubbish will be as the “Pharisee’s cup,” maybe worse.

Therefore, when the next generation takes control of Christianity, many of them will bring practically the same views as secular individuals concerning Biblical and time-honored morals. They have adapted secular music, secular fashions and trends, they emulate secular appearance, speech, behavior, and do not recognize anything amiss with that paradigm. The Internet, namely social media, music, video, and all else from the entertainment industry developed their moral scheme. Obviously, the secular realm is much more influential in their lives than the Holy Spirit. If they accept LBGT as tolerable by God, then they have de facto rejected the moral basis of Judeo-Christian ethics that formed the societal decorum of their ancestors.

And what about their concept of God? They were born in apostasy that began decades prior to their generation. Their concept of God, His truth, and the understanding and application of His word, was not molded by Holy Spirit anointed teaching and preaching. It is highly doubtful that any of them have ever witnessed a genuine demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power. The curators of apostasy—religious stumblersthat insist all ideas and opinions should be considered, developed their religious concepts of God and His truth.

I am compelled to state that I do not blame them for rejecting spiritually lifeless ritualism, and unproductive Christianity. I made the same decision. However, instead of going back to the foundation and building on it biblically correct Christianity, they trashed the entire package. Some of their leaders also talk about a “new reformation,” but what they propose is not reformation, but deconstruction and reconstruction. It is vain demolition and rebuilding because it does not involve God, but a god of the carnally swayed theories with conjecture of heretical individuals. Satan has deceived them into believing that there is something new that the past generations of Christians failed to discover. No, but there is something old that many past and present Christians failed to obey. Something new will not correct that error.

The Pied Pipers are Blind 
Why do they not recognize the blind guides? Because the deception is so clever and intense that if it were possible the very elect could be deceived.[18] Brian McLaren is clever, but he is wrong. Additionally, theoriologywill never become theology, no matter how clever it is presented. Rob Bell is a consummate communicator, but his message is diabolical. Steven Furtick[19] is in my opinion an exciting heretic, but the emotional system is a finicky and unreliable instrument to discern good and evil. Thus, his spiel is accepted automatically as truth. These and other pied pipers of the Millennial generation are trying to instruct that generation about what they (the pied pipers) have never experienced. The fact is, they were also born in apostasy. It is the blind leading the blind. They neither recognize the darkness in each other nor the darkness of their way.

One cannot avoid the doldrums of such a climate by painting a bright and colorful picture over the frothing wickedness. The answer is to become saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Then one can clearly see and speak the compelling truth against the darkness. It is not the philosophical tessellation of the pied pipers of the younger generations. The foundation of Christianity is Christ, the Holy Spirit is our life, and the Scriptures are our food. When we drift away from that, there is only one genuine revival pattern that brings fire back to God’s people. It is, “humble, pray, seek, turn.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

“There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, yet is not washed from its filthiness.” – Proverbs 30:12

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The New Spirituality goes by many names: The Spiritual Formation Movement, Contemplative Spirituality, and The Spiritual Disciplines, to list a few. High on the list of leaders of this movement are Richard Foster, a Quaker and former professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, and Brian McLaren, who is a leading theologian, or as he would say “anti-theologian,” in the Emerging Church movement.” – James D. Maxwell III, D.Min., The New Spirituality, Faith Pulpit, March 4, 2009,
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  1. William Bostic

    July 8, 2018 at 7:02 am

    Daniel 8:19 He said: “I am going to tell you what will happen later in the time of wrath, because the vision concerns the appointed time of the end. 23 “In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a fierce-looking king, a master of intrigue, will arise. 24 He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people. 25 He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power.

  2. What is your source for stating, “380 million” Charismatics and Pentecostals are associated with the NAR? I checked the Wikipedia article you cited and found no such number stated.

    • Hi Brian,
      The 380 million was a typo that should have been 370. It was corrected and the following footnote added.

      A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement
      By: R. Douglas Geivett, Holly Pivec
      In chapter two, “A Massive Size and Growing Political Movement:, Geivett and Privec state:
      “It’s part of the fastest growing segment of non-Catholic Christianity worldwide, a segment researchers call the Independent, or Post-denominational segment with more than 369 million participants.” (Kindle location: 374, footnote provided. Also see location 385)

  3. Ben and Martha

    July 9, 2018 at 12:28 am

    Thank God for the truth.This post is so full of spiritual substance that I must continue to “chew” on it. Thank you my brother for obeying. We want the truth because we don’t want to fall into deception. Jesus said to “watch and pray”. Keep it up. Don’t back down . We pray for you. Keep sounding the call to return to the old paths wherein dwelleth righteousness.

  4. I think You should go listen to Steven Furticks sermon Sneaky Jesus before you voice a opinion.

    • At the beginning of my article I clearly state that I watched his sermon. Also, I do not offer an “opinion,” but present the facts. Jesus, Son of God, King of kings, and Lord of lords, who died for my sins, is not sneaky. He was sinless when on the earth, and He is pure righteousness sitting at the right hand of the Father. To present Him as sneaky to prompt the crowd to laugh is ludicrous and grieves the Holy Spirit.

  5. The heretic hall of fame, ugh!
    I get so tired of their pathetic appeals to appease the world!
    Once the church starts ‘throwing better parties,’ it no longer has anything to say to the world! When it is a good example, it has everything to say, the full gospel!
    They make it look like the church is supposed to compete with the world for favor in luster and glamour, and has to beg its way in on hands and knees, as if it is not qualified to say anything! There is NO prerequisite to evangelism… none!

    We are to share the gospel with every creature, just as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission, so to the world every chance we get! The only condition would be to be a good witness, an example of holiness, conformed to the image of Christ, as the Lord tells us to be, or it will look hypocritical. But they don’t get that either. You are not a ‘self righteous hypocrite’ if you are holy, you are one if you are not holy because you talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, meeting the definition of hypocrite in the first place. The one who does both is the non-hypocrite. You can’t get like the world to win the world to the church, because then the world will have won the church to the world already. The only thing one is being relevant to then is sin, its culture, the devil, and eventually hell. But anyway, those are things we are not to do. There are things we can do, but they are not required. One of them is ‘building relationships.’ We don’t need to build relationships to share the gospel. We hardly see that in the Bible. We don’t need to ‘do’ anything first, to have approval to share the gospel, because Jesus already commanded us to do it! Even if someone forbade it, we still must do it!

    Cedric, I couldn’t agree more about the condition of society and I only beg to differ on the matter that it is not one generation away, but only a few years.

    True peace can only come from truth, false peace from error.

    The one you speak of has already been unveiled. Most have been eschatologically duped into not recognizing him when revealed. The time is shorter than most think. And yes, it is very possible for it to escalate quickly, just take a look at the holocaust, which increased exponentially so that they did not even know to escape first.

    Blessings to you brother Cedric!

    • Hi Linda, Perhaps I did not do a god enough job explaining it, but I did not mean that it was one generation in terms of the years from birth to maturity. I mean one generation in the sense of a changing of the guard. In other words, we should not expect the final generation to be well into the future, but the one that is presently knocking on the door of leadership. I pointed out that members of that generation have already stepped into leadership, including leadership in the religious and secular realms. When they are fully ensconced, massive changes will occur. All one has to do to recognize that truth is to consider what they are doing in the microcosmic areas they are presently in control of. The epitaph on the tombstone of Christianity could very well be, “While you were sleeping…”

      • Exactly! While you were sleeping! That says it.
        Yes, I am always diligent to warn that it is around the corner, I just want to be sure none are lulled to sleep into thinking we still have time. I care deeply for you and the other saints around here. There are not many of us. It always pains me to see new believers off starting families just to bring all if it into the middle of the storm. That is how close we are.

        On another rant… ugh!
        I live in an area that is a big metropolitan area with many smaller ones around it in S. CA. I must have been to over a hundred churches. I started out looking only for those that appeared to be Biblical. Realizing that we are in the apostasy I did not have much hope. I did manage to find a handful but there is always an issue of one kind or another and it causes dissension when one is not on board with the program. The good churches used to be plenty. But now I am hard pressed to find one that is:

        Biblical in all the obvious ways (list too long for this post)
        Believes the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts are still for today
        Believes that God can still do miracles today and does
        Is not Calvinistic
        Doesn’t hold to eternal security; once saved always saved
        Doesn’t focus on the pre trib rapture (I’m not pre trib, I can overlook it, but just don’t preach that it is our escape from all trouble magic carpet ride)
        Believes that God has called us unto a life of holiness and obedience
        Warns about the apostasy and its key figures, things like the ‘shack’
        Does not try the 3 ring circus act to get people to fill the pews
        Does not copy the ways and culture and gimmicks of the world to entertain
        Does not preach that there will be ‘a great revival’ when there is no evidence of it and all we see is growing apostasy, as the Bible says there will be at the end
        Does not preach the prosperity gospel or similar heresies
        Does not hold to the dominionist heresies
        Does charity and good for those in as well as out of the church
        Does not arm twist for money
        Does not wander in the direction of hebrew roots
        Does not wink at sin
        Does not promote heretics
        Does not promote the ‘ways of the Eastern mystics’
        Is bold about the fact that there is only one way of salvation
        Doesn’t balk at you for wearing a lace doily/veil as a woman in church, it’s not legalism since it’s NT
        Functions as a New Testament church where everyone has something to contribute (a psalm, a hymn, a teaching, etc.) and it’s not a ‘one man show’
        The church does not function like a business
        There is an evangelism group that goes out and shares the gospel
        Prepares the church for coming persecution and standing firm through it
        Helps the church grow in discipleship, carrying our cross daily, and such
        Does not accuse those who do act saintly of being ‘legalistic’
        Does not hate the lovers of truth in doctrine, and those who warn with discernment
        Knows that God does speak to our hearts because we are His sheep and have open communication with our Shepherd
        Does not hold to the greedy world view model of turning one’s back on the poor and blaming them
        Does not over politicize in a number of ways
        Is Spirit lead and not ‘stuffy’

        I’ll probably think of some more later too!
        So yeah, it’s like… wish me luck!
        ; ))
        Blessings to you brother!

  6. Oh, and is not into false unity
    and the members are loving to one another.

  7. Sure enough, last night these two came for the list:

    A church where spiritual gifts are exercised in the NT way, time and space are allocated for this.
    None of that weird stuff is going on in the name of the gifts.
    ( ;

  8. Mark and vickie

    July 28, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    We have no comment just wanted to subscribe to your website we are brand new to it and we like what you are saying thank you for what you are doing

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