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The Inconvenient Truth about Vanishing Christianity

When God delivered me from darkness over 4 decades ago there were numerous Believers speaking the truth, warning about the advent of deceivers and other Endtimes dangers. However, I since have witnessed a significant decline in the number of individuals warning about the Endtimes. What was once a popular topic is currently regarded as negative and counterproductive to the Believer’s peace, prosperity, happiness, comfort, and “best life now” trend. I believe that it is actually more counterproductive to numerical growth in this time of Seeker and Emergent churches.

The blunt truth is that the overwhelming majority of professing Christians in our nation enjoy life in their self-ordered environments. Changes that involve any inconvenience or distraction from their delightful pastimes are not popular. They only want as much godliness as is required to be viewed as a valid Christian and then fill in the rest of their life with pleasing and comfortable things and activities. It appears that they are not convicted of yielding their minds and emotional systems over to stimulation by every form of entertainment of the world system. It is perplexing to witness professing Christians become possessed with delirium over sports and yet seldom respond to anointed preaching, teaching, writing, et cetera.

I view their compromise as extremely dangerous considering the period that we are in. The consequence is a permanently closed mind that cannot receive any critical information by the way of the eye or ear gates. The reality is that Christianity is critically stricken with heresy, and that the world system is near to being prepared for Antichrist. Those facts have completely escaped their detection. God in His great mercy continues to send people to warn them.

It now appears that we are getting close to a catastrophic upheaval in our society. The fact is, a component necessary to such an event in our society, what I label the buffer zone, is completely missing. To clarify, I must illustrate by dividing society by spiritual boundaries. I view our society in the past as divided spiritually into three sectors. Sector one contained godly individuals, people who prayed and were devout in every other area of their lives. The second sector included both nominal Christians and secular people who, though they were not saved, had a moral base influenced by Christianity. The third section was composed of secular people that resisted most moral values and lived according to their will and desires.

The volume of those sectors has changed drastically over the past several decades. The number in the first sector has shrunk immensely. That reduction occurred because the Believers grew old and most of them passed into eternity. Younger ones did not arrive as rapidly as the older ones departed.

The second sector was also reduced as generations grew old and pass away. However, the number was somewhat replenished by a different type of professing Christian. It repopulated with biological and casual Christians that have no intimate relationship with God. Many of them have never encountered God in a genuine salvation experience. Furthermore, secular individuals whose moral base was developed by Christian influence are not as plenteous.

However, the third sector has enlarged with millions of individuals flowing in from the new generations with Christian and secular backgrounds. They received the substance of their flexible moral base (such as it is) from television, music, movies, the Internet, and the near totally secularized public education system.

What should not be ignored is that the shrinking number of true Christians in the first sector greatly reduced the influence of godliness on the second sector. Thus, many of them tend to align with many of the social trends of the third sector, such as homosexuality and belief in Darwinism. They are also accepting numerous social constraints once rejected by their ancestors.

The spirit of compromise has resulted in an immeasurable number of younger generations in the third sector choosing to be at the least agnostic and at worst atheistic. They do not all identify by such terms, but when they describe their beliefs about God and morality it is evident that they do not accept the biblical concept of His existence. It is also clear that the majority of them possess hedonism as a vaunted philosophy.

I believe that in the past the influence of the second sector has been a buffer between godliness and the world system. It does not mean that they were doing the work of God, but that their influence made the secular realm less hostile to Christians. While it may be difficult for some people to agree with that analysis, it is undeniable that there were at one time numerous unsaved individuals and nominal Christians that resisted the ungodly paradigm presently in our society. They rejected homosexuality, vehemently opposed homosexual marriage and would not under any circumstances have accepted the fallacious concept of transgenderism. They abhorred abortion and would have erupted in outrage at the news of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts.

Because of their influence in society, many of the diabolical woes we endure today did not exist in their generations. Disrespecting authority and insubordination of teachers was not tolerated. There were no school shootings. Further, there were no “snow flakes” that one day lament how emotionally sensitive they, yet on another day they are rioting like anarchists on campuses and destroying cities to avenge a contrived or perceived offense. The citizens of sector two would not have tolerated the government’s oppression of Christians for exercising their constitutional right to refuse to bake a homosexual wedding cake.

They went to war and many of them died to preserve our freedom. Their form of entertainment did not contain raunchy sexual depictions, vulgarity, and they would have strongly opposed the demonic music such as the Rap industry regularly spews out. They accepted a popular minister as a conveyor of comfort in the time of national crisis. Though the secular ones seldom entered a church building, they respected the churches and pastors were revered.

In other words, although in the past the secular ones and nominal Christians in the middle sector were not devout or spiritual, they were via the influence of their parents and peers naturally opposed to ungodliness. That buffer zone disappeared with the departure of those generations. There are fewer godly influenced individuals in the middle sector that are outraged by the encroaching wickedness of the world system or the creeping apostasy in Christianity. The sector is primarily populated by compromised, casual, and biological, Christians in name only. They are like shifting sand in a tilting dump truck bed, daily tumbling into the third sector. In fact, a significant number are becoming so much like the third sector that I believe at some point a mass merger will occur.

What does this all mean? It means that while the first section has not been replenished and is proportionately shrinking, and the second sector is no longer a buffer, the third sector is growing exponentially. Consequently, outrageous behavior and aggression against anything regarded as Christian and toward godly people has increased dramatically and will continue to grow unabated. Our society is becoming as the societies in world history that succumbed to diabolical social trends resulting in decay of their moral structures. Consequently, they lost their moral compasses and authority. They had no means left to recognize and resist a coup by a demonic dictator.

To understand where we are at in the decaying process we must consider three factors.

First, we have to consider shrinking number of genuine Christians in the first sector. As the godly ones die, or some become lukewarm and compromise, Christian influence wanes and is not significant enough to influence society. Great apathy toward things godly, including truth, fidelity to God, godliness, et cetera, develops in the second sector. That knowledge should provoke casual Christians to abandon their comfort zones and return to their first love.

Second, we should realize that the number of casual Christians that are rejecting God’s truth, warnings, information about the encroaching deception and subsequent apostasy, is growing significantly and rapidly. That factor has the effect of marginalizing essential truth and causing resentment toward and rejection of the ones who present it. That should further provoke repentance, rededication, and full surrender to God.

Third, we must consider that the enormous increase of inhabitants of the third sector has initiated an incredible degradation of moral absolutes. Licentious and hedonistic individuals have not only come out of the closet but they also flaunt their godlessness as virtuous. Further, the symptoms of a great and ubiquitous delusion are manifesting. Numerous statements that are incomprehensible, such a recent one where “God bless you” was declared “microaggressive” (there is no such thing), are indicative of a vast societal delusion. In the minds of delusional individuals, everything godly and moral swaps places with everything godless and immoral or amoral. They view and proclaim themselves as servants of God, but their fruit identifies them as emissaries of Satan.

If these assessments and conclusions are correct, it should be enough to shake professing Christians from their apathetic slumber, their lethargy toward being faithful followers of Christ Jesus, and stir them to pray as never before. If not, then I am perplexed as to how far Christianity and secular society will decay morally and spiritually before professing Christians become alarmed and make a firm decision to become fully dedicated to God?

If these things are not indicators that we are in the Endtimes, then how else can we describe why they are happening today and in such great force and volume? Some heretics declared that the explanation is that God is giving them revelations hithertofore unknown. They insist that they are appointed by God to establish a new Christianity, ecumenical and inclusive of not only diabolical religions such as Islam but also of the LGBTQ and the Roman Catholic Church.

What they are promoting and describing are the alterations of Christianity necessary for the establishment of a One World Religion under the auspices of the False Prophet. Add that to the conditioning of the world system to become a One World Society with Antichrist at the helm. They are declaring as ordained by God the increased wickedness in the world system and the components of apostasy collectively as components of new Christianity.

I firmly believe that the invasion of the New Age influences, practices, and beliefs softened Christianity for what we are witnessing now. Nonetheless, those elements continue to be embraced by popular leaders, Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries. Entire denominations are being subjected to Contemplative Prayer, which in spite of claims to the contrary is nothing more than “Christianized” Yoga.

Therefore, the watchmen must continue to speak the truth and warn until God wills that the warnings should cease. The ones that heed, prepare themselves, and store oil in their lamps and reservoirs, will be spared much sorrow. The ones that do not heed will continue to reject and even aggressively oppose the watchmen. I consistently pray and unwaveringly hope that professing Christians and lost people will hear and repent. Otherwise, they will become gradually more callused and rejective until not one word of truth can resonate with them. That would be a sad conclusion to innumerable lives that had every opportunity to accept God’s offer of redemption but chose to enjoy the temporal pleasures of the world system. No one in heaven will regret having missed those pleasures. No one in eternal hell would decline to trade the memories of those pleasures and everything they owned or enjoyed on earth for just one minute in heaven. What will people do who have an opportunity to repent now and avoid hell?


  1. “These things I have spoken to you so that you may be kept from stumbling. They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God. These things they will do because they have not known the Father or Me.”

    John 16; 1-3

    This is applicable to our time as well.

  2. Excellent! It has been sadly fascinating to watch our world evolve into something so foreign to what it used to be and how quickly it seems to have happened. Deception reigns and folks blindly step into it without a clue that it will lead them into the path of destruction.

  3. Thank you Pastor for this message. I am a born again believer and confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I eagerly await His Return or His taking me home, which ever comes first. People in my family who profess to be Christian want no part of a conversation about God, about Jesus. I have been told to keep my beliefs to myself by some of them. I will keep praying as you encouraged us to do in your message.

    I am currently reading a book by Iain Murray, Evangelicalism Divided. It points to events and men responsible for injecting the poison called ecumenicalism into Protestant churches.

  4. Very insightful. I had not thought about the society in the U.S. is such simple terms, but there it is. I belong to a bible believing and doing congregation and many have no idea the vast panorama of christianlike thought that is taking hold in our country.
    Ever since I left the church I was born again in 28 years ago I’ve been witnessing such attitude in general as you have described. A few years back I gave a talk on an weekday evening about the errant christianlike philosophies such as Purpose Driven, NAR, and contemplative prayer to a group. It was received by some, most said nothing, and leadership no longer asks me to give talks, but they are faithful to the word. Its like ‘we know this is happening (errant teachings) but it does not concern us as you see it.’ Recently a nearby church has adopted the NAR doctrine and is very active in instilling them into their unsuspecting sheep.
    If being a nat is what I am looked at as then so be it . My hope does not reside in what I have discovered, but in the truth of the scriptures and the work of the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth.

  5. That is great analysis and discernment in this article. I also agree with your prior post about us ‘ watchpersons’. Not many are reading and listening to warnings and Godly commentary about the times (end) that we proclaim on a regular basis. As you say, they have closed their eyes and shut up the ears so that they are at the mercy of these false prophets and apostate ministries. I think 2 Peter 2 and Matt. 7:14-29 applies to false teachers and those who follow them blindly. Keep up the good fight, C.H..

  6. Well said… to the point.

    Sobering to see the warning that lawlessness leads to further lawlessness. But… it can also work the other way.

    We’re either growing or dying… or dead…

    19 I am speaking in human terms because of the weakness of your flesh. For just as you presented your members as slaves to impurity and to lawlessness, resulting in further lawlessness, so now present your members as slaves to righteousness, resulting in sanctification. (NASB) Romans 6:19-23

  7. “Shifting sand in a tilting dump truck bed!” What a perfect word picture. My prayer is that some of those I whom I love recognize that they are sliding before it’s too late to get their feet back on the Solid Rock. And praise to God for bringing me back from the brink into a solid faith, solely based on His Word.

  8. C. H. God bless you for wisdom and insight. I would only add that contemplative prayer is much worse than Christianized Yoga. It leads to Eastern Meditation which leads to a deep trance inducing state of mind. People in their altered state of mind are listening to seducing spirits parading as angels of light at best and as Jesus at worst. All to convince them that God is in all people and things ( pantheism ). They teach that therefore their are multiple broad paths to heaven. There is no true truth.

  9. Taylor Fischer

    April 26, 2018 at 6:09 am

    Thank you for confirming all my fiercely-held suspicions of the digression of Christianity into an empty mockery. I feel like John in the wilderness, “Prepare for the soon coming Lord!” Personally, I am shocked at the lack of spiritual discernment, even in, especially in, leaders! When I speak of the great delusion, so blatantly apparent and exponentially growing in our times, I get blank stares. Having recently taught one class on apostasy, and another on how Christians should live in light of the rapidly shifting “Christian” paradigm, students remarked favorably regarding the course content. But my classes are also said to be “not for everybody,” and that they are “really intense.” How sad is that? I just think of it as “truth.”

    • It is going to get worse. Very few professing Christians will listen to warnings or equip themselves about heresy. They consider it too negative and inconvenient. The standard practice of Christianity today is merely attending a church meeting on Sunday morning. We will have to become very committed to endure what Christianity is obviously degrading into. It is very sad to witness it occurring.

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