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The Charlottesville Fiasco

People are becoming so flakey that they now insist that if I do not speak out concerning the Charlottesville incident I will be considered a “white supremacist” (or perhaps a “black racist”). I do not wish to indulge in fruitless word wrangling with individuals whose minds are cemented with their opinions. But if they insist…

The truth is, one cannot present any truth or balance whatsoever without a cadre of loutish-mouthed howlers insisting that he or she is a hater. Now about that term “hater.” It has been misused and overused so long that it is about as effective as calling a politician a liar.

Hate was no more the problem in Charlottesville than was racism, or politics, or the fashion statement of KKK cone-heads. Individuals would like for society to believe that hate was the motivation because it justifies their own hatred. They wish to own the exclusive right to hate, thus their actions are just. However, when people behave licentiously to indiscriminately destroy, kill, maim, rob, rape, and otherwise break the law, their character deficiency is far worse than hate.

God’s word is clear. If people do not love one another—red and yellow black and white—it isn’t necessarily because they “hate.” Instead, it is because they do not love God and therefore cannot abide in His love. And you cannot fight that with hate or violence. To do so is to fall into Satan’s trap.

“The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.” – James 1:20

Railing about hate, the baneful influence of cone heads, or the presence of old statues is not going to change the wicked and riotous nature of society. Destroying statues will not contribute to cleansing people’s sin-stained souls. Further, if everything that offended people were torn down in America half the nation would be in ruins. Will they destroy church buildings next? How far are we from true Christians being beaten or worse for simply expressing their faith?

The Charlottesville fiasco was an eruption of a large, festering abscess of sin in a pampered, prosperous, selfish, hedonistic, wicked, entitlement-minded society that throws temper tantrums when it doesn’t get its way. Everyone engaged in the fracas were sinners operating according to demonic spirits. The Holy Sprit is not leading individuals to continue to stir up strife.

Regardless of their color, people who riot to cause mayhem are without moral bounds or compass. They are as scurrilous and unprincipled as an alley cat in a barrel of mice. The alley cat will not kill the mice in the barrel because it is hungry, but will kill them all for the pleasure of it.

The true factor involved was/is flagrant rebellion against God. It is why America is in a state of serious and cancerous moral decay. The current hair trigger to erupt with raw, unchecked, and frenzied rampaging is the symptoms of a society that rejects God. The deeper and more widespread that rejection becomes, the more lawlessness and other wickedness will increase. It isn’t going to get any better until people are broken because of their sinfulness and surrender to God en masse. That’s not going to happen until professing Christians become true Christians and begin standing for truth and righteousness. If that does not occur soon, God’s judgment will fall on this nation.

The fact is this nation does not need an attitude adjustment or an emotional makeover. Further, our society does not need a change of heart—it needs a heart transplant. Sinners need to be dangerously in the presence of Holy God, realize they are rebels, repent, and plead for mercy with weeping and deep sorrow.


  1. Amen and Amen

  2. Yes.

    And you know what I hate?
    People assuming I am a racist because I’m white. I see that all the time. They could not be further from the truth. Once they get to know me, they are always surprised to learn a fact about me that they never thought would be true of a white person. According to them, we are all rich, live in houses with white picket fences and rose covered arch gateways. We all eat Weber’s white bread and white cake only, with vanilla or strawberry frosting. We wear pink lace frilled clothing and hold dainty tea cups on Saturday afternoons as we gossip about other races and their doings with raised eyebrows, because we are all guilty of racism. We voted for Trump and support the rah-rah USA only chants. We don’t like spicy foods, we don’t laugh too loud, and everything we do is ‘proper.’ Sadly, this is the preconceived image I have to fight off every day. (However, I do like pink lace and strawberry frosting, vanilla, and dainty tea cups, but that is all, and that’s an exception from what I see.) I love spicy food best, cook it from scratch, have traveled to non white countries and spoken their native languages, most of my friends have been of other diverse races as well as my ex, and the list goes on! I teach bilingual classes near the border and I go to orphanages in Mexico on church trips, I am the furthest one from a racist you will find. But all of this you won’t see by looking at my skin, or my hair, or my eyes. You will see it by looking at my life and my heart. That is the point of not being ‘prejudice,’ which means to pre-judge someone before you know them.

    Yet these assumers don’t understand that they are the ones being racist. They were making assumptions about me based on the color of my skin, assuming that I am racist because my skin is white, and their assumptions are wrong. Ironically, they are the ones who meet the definition of racism because they are the ones who are being racist against me. (And many others also.) This is the ignorance that I have to battle every day, enlighten these racists all the time till the light goes on in their heads that I am in fact not a racist just because I am white.
    It gets tiring quick.

    So I know what you mean!

    On another note, I saw on the news last night about this news piece and they brought in the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is vehemently anti-Christian and they are the biggest hate group ever.

    I definitely smell an agenda in all of this that is ultimately aimed against us as Christians. In fact, the news is on right now again and that group is being referred to again. They also covered the fact that a synagogue has been attacked by neo nazi’s in the riot.

    What is it all boiling down to? All roads these days are leading to the one world religion, government, economy and antichrist’s unity and revival drumbeat, as well as the persecution against true Christians. There is always this big push for unity. “Why all this hatred, fighting, division, etc. etc….” The unstated comment under the surface is ‘why can’t all races, countries, and religions just unite?’ ‘Why can’t we all just be one?’ ‘Why can’t we all just hold hands and get along?’ Then you have the counter terrorism groups, ‘hate’ watch dog groups (as claimed by SPLC), and all the hatred against conservative Christians for things like not supporting gay ‘marriage.’ These anti-Christians are the true haters, they have physically attacked Christian’s businesses as well as many other things like that. Christians are already suffering persecution for our faith in the USA right NOW. This is not something reserved only for distant shores in third world countries, it is in America now. And it will worsen and I sense that this event, like so many others, is part of the script to slowly swing the pendulum in that direction. We are the ones they see as standing in the way of their great ‘oneness’ utopia and we will need their ‘final solution.’

    Lighthouse Trails website has much information on that; just search under Alice Bailey and related types should also pop up with the search and their sinister plot.

    God bless.

    • The true factor involved was/is flagrant rebellion against God. It is why America is in a state of serious and cancerous moral decay. The current hair trigger to erupt with raw, unchecked, and frenzied rampaging is the symptoms of a society that rejects God. The deeper and more widespread that rejection becomes, the more lawlessness and other wickedness will increase. It isn’t going to get any better until people are broken because of their sinfulness and surrender to God en masse. That’s not going to happen until professing Christians become true Christians and begin standing for truth and righteousness. If that does not occur soon, God’s judgment will fall on this nation. (C.H. Fisher)

      I agree with almost everything you say, Anna and Cedric, BUT, as with the out take above, I take minor exception. Here’s why I differ a bit.

      I agree that it would be great if revival would come to the USA and world. That would be awesome! But, is it prophesied in Scripture? I, personally, do not see it in the Bible. Conversely, I see apostasy and chaos, and I think this Charlottesville fiasco is just another “death knell” in the swan song of human history. This truly seems like a great uptick in the ramping up of the apostasy ” the rejection and falling away “, that is in “full bloom” right now.

      The following is an article I posted on my blog on November 11,2016. I think it applies to this topic.

      “GOD HELP US!”

      Hi Friends.

      I am starting this commentary on 11/8, election day in the USA. I am writing as the polling places are starting to open. I have “no idea” what this day holds for the citizens of this country. NO IDEA!. I did get a good night’s sleep. Thank you , Lord! So I am here at my laptop, trying to write something that will help my readers to make sense out of what has happened in the country that we once held “dear” and were proud to tell anyone, anywhere about. Now, that place no longer exists. Our USA has gone the way of the Edsel and 21 inch televisions. What happened? I have some ideas about that.

      I do not intend to make this article a commentary on Amerikan “politics”. Politicians and “news people”, mainstream, alternative, or whatever, “sicken”me (what they report as truth does). That is a fact. I am repulsed by their attempts (successes?) to manipulate and condemn Christians into an un-Biblical frame of mind about “politics” (as I spit that word out). It is abhorrent to the max to me. These “conservative” pundits claim to speak for Christians and they give our Lord a bad name among unbelievers by their feeble attempts to say “thus saith the Lord; this man or woman is who Jesus would vote for” (spit, spit). I am sickened by just thinking about the moral decay in our society and world.

      How did Amerika come to this place of stench and decay? Friends, it did not happen overnight. It has been slowly and insidiously “creeping in” since the birth of the country. That is a fact. it is like the snowball getting bigger as you roll it downhill; social scientists use the term “critical mass”. This is defined as an idea or “societal norm” that makes it to a self-sustaining “point of no return”. It takes on a life of it’s own and keeps operating without outside impetus. I am going to state my hypothesis now and attempt to show you by Biblical means what has occurred to get us to such a “sorry” state of existence, here in Amerika.

      Friends, what has happened to the USA is, we have lost our Biblical moorings in the church and our moral compass in civilian life. The Bible calls it apostasy, which means departing from/rejecting/ falling away from the faith and in civil life it means that a republic or nation has abandoned the principles that made it what it is. That is it in a nutshell. I now will explain what the signs of apostasy are and why we are where we are, spiritually and as a democratic republic.

      *******Breaking news********Folks, I just woke up and received the news that Donald Trump is the President-elect of the USA. I am pretty much “thrown for a loop” by that news. I would claim credit for helping that come about, but truthfully I did not vote. I have stated my reasoning for sitting out this election in previous posts. I am going to stick with my intuition and stay “hunkered down” and prepared for whatever comes my way. I really believe that the world (USA) is in a “most dangerous” time right now. I will not believe or even listen to the conservative pundits who are going to tout Trump as the “messiah” of Amerika. BHO is still is charge of the “shop” at this time and we are in a precarious position, indeed, my friends. As I have said before, I believe that this arrogant, deceptive, truly dangerous, “dictator” Obama will not go quietly into retirement. The “Soros” machine is well-oiled and ready to roll over you, Christian! Beware the times!!! No Christian can predict the future, but we can match what reality IS with what the Bible says is going to happen in the “last of the last days”. I say again, BEWARE!!

      Whether he is good or bad, Trump has no power to rule yet. Again, I say, please be prepared for some major and possibly “catastrophic” situations to arise in the USA and the world!!!

      Blessings and Christian hope to all who read. God has it “all” under advisement. His will WILL be accomplished just as the Word of God says it will. Do not be deceived! “No sparrow falls”, my brothers and sisters…..Ken

      Sorry about that “little” diversion from my subject, folks. I have talked to Barb since starting to write this post and I have decided to make this my “last” teaching post. I reserve the right to send a “news flash” bulletin by way of the blog, but I will probably just blast out emails as long as the internet holds up. Again, thanks for reading my blog!!

      Back to the subject, religious and national apostasy. I am not going to go into much detail about this subject. As far as national apostasy goes, anyone with a rational and sane mind can see that the cornerstones of our national heritage, the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have been undermined, trampled on, and tossed aside by the powers that be and have been. That is a fact. 100% truth, as I and many others see it. Those two documents and the “rule of law” have been set aside and this country is reaping what it has sown, which is basically a society that is more “socialistic-minded secular” than anything else. At least, it is headed there on a fast train and about to come into the “destination station”. The USA has abandoned God in it’s rush to “political correctness and inclusiveness”and we will reap a whirlwind of tragedy for letting the “bulls mind our china shop”. Congress is a self-serving joke and this last administration has put the “coup de gras” on the military and every other agency of power and resistance to their agenda (read FBI, DHS, etc., etc.). That is my comment on the current viability of the USA.

      The church (universal) is at a point where the institutions making up it’s infrastructure are almost totally apostate. And these denominations, mission societies, seminaries, Bible colleges, publishers of Christian books and music do not even acknowledge they have a problem. They are deceived by their own doings and by what looks to them to be successes and progress. The pews are filled, the enrollments are up, and sales of “Jesus Calling” books and merchandise are “through the roof”. The “me” worship music like “Good, Good Father” is #1 on the CCM charts. The snowball is rolling along, gathering momentum and gathering apostates as it goes. There is “no discernment” in the church universal.

      I want to give my personal experience at a successful Baptist church that we have been attending in a nearby city to where we live. As I said , this church is considered successful by many means. It has a pastor of 29 years; it has a staff of more than 10 paid ministers and support staff. It has two services , totaling around 1000 attendees each Sunday. It has all the bells and whistles you would want for a successful church. Choir, orchestra, worship team, the most popular “praise music”, large well-attended adult Bible fellowships (the ” old Sunday School” model), kids and youth programs galore and plenty of volunteers to staff them. If you wanted a picture of a successful church (by man’s measuring rod), this could be a “good one” to visualize as successful.

      Ken, get to your point, man! Alright, I suppose I must do that, now that I have started this endeavor. Truth is, I have mixed feelings myself about the church. I know there are no “perfect churches” because all churches are comprised of very imperfect people. That being said, I really believe that this Baptist church is a perfect example of the ” great apostasy” of the church (universal). Churches like (mine?) are, I believe an almost perfect model for the Laodicean period that I believe Revelation chapter 3 is describing well. And what does the Lord Jesus say He will do with these churches? He says He will ” spew them out of His mouth, except they repent” and open their doors to Him and His Word. He tells these church people who think they are rich, and increased with goods (programs?), and have need of NOTHING that they are WRETCHED and MISERABLE and POOR and BLIND and NAKED. Wow!!! He counsels them to buy from HIMSELF some truly “valuable” items; gold tried in the fire (His literal Word) that they may be truly rich; white clothes (representing repentance from “dead works”) which will cover their shameful nakedness, and eye salve to allow them to see their need for restoration back into the family. These are harsh words to people who think they are right with God!! Will these type of churches receive these words and change and come back to God. It is not likely, I am afraid. They are deceived and apostate. The Bible does not “forecast” that there is going to be a great endtime revival. Not at all!! Conversely, Jesus does say ” will I find faith (true) on the Earth when I return?” This implies that true faith will be in very short supply when the rapture (of the saints) occurs. Corporate realization, of their precarious standing with the Lord Jesus, is necessary and the call for them to return to their “first love” and repent would have to come from the top gun, the pastor. I do not see that happening at this church or any others like them. Not at all. I truly wish and pray to God that repentance will come there, Biblically. I am not holding my breath. But we will keep attending there, and doing what we can to worship God there and support our family there. Hebrews 10: 25 tells us to do just that!

      Thanks to all who have read my blog. I feel that I have said everything I needed to say, and unless God prompts me to do some “news bulletins” on a current and ongoing event, I am “signing out” of the blogging business and waiting expectantly on Jesus, my Lord and protector. He is coming REAL SOON, friends!!!!!!!!!

      Blessings and prayers to all Christians who read Hey Jude 15…..Ken( ps…you can still comment and I will try to give you a Biblical answer to any genuine question or concern that you have about my teaching and commentary-kh)

      • Hi Ken,

        I totally agree! I don’t know what I wrote that would have raised an eyebrow.
        ( ;
        Anyway, I have been warning of all of this for years, I just can’t get into the same rant at each stop. The clueless state of the church is mind numbing.
        The apostasy is well upon us; the church is falling into apostasy in the form of false teaching, sin, and worship of self (like you said). It’s all about what God can do for me… how much He loves ME, no matter what we do, or how far we run, etc. etc. etc. The poor weak wretched me the Christian songs, God should be grateful I even still believe in Him songs, I’m doing Him a favor, I’m a weak and ineffective Christian songs, etc. Uh!!! I know, the apostasy is in every facet of the Christian world, church, seminary, books, movies, music, speakers, t-shirts, everywhere, it has leaked into every corner! But the church is oh-soooo clueless! It’s all good with them, caters to their flesh. Then there is the aspect of the apostasy of people falling away from the faith, a big exodus nowadays, some may return as prodigals, others may not. But society is another thing. Society was never saved. There are levels of influence of the Christian faith in society, law, education, culture, but the less of this, the more we see moral decay, etc. But society is not in apostasy, it was never saved so it can’t fall away. But it is in decay, that is another thing.

        But oh! How the church thinks there will be a revival, and that things are getting better! The church is in the great apostasy, and it is getting worse, and it will continue to get worse as the Bible says, we are in the end times. 2 Thess. 2 is one example of apostasy in the end times. But oh, how you hear all the drum beats of ‘revival, revival!’ all the time, they are so sure, but it won’t happen. And based on what? Because some false prophet said so? They are so intoxicated with this false prediction. But it is all a set up so that they will receive antichrist. And yes, we will be here for that (already are), as it says in that verse I mentioned. Anyway, I’m not a pretribber and that’s the end of that issue. That will be some show!

        And, they expect revival as the church slips more and more into sin and heresy! Any revival in history always followed true repentance. But the need for it (which is great) is nowhere to be found on their lips.


        • Thanks for the amen to that “old”post. It was to Cedric’s point on the “professing” Christian’s need for revival (and the possibility thereof) that I was referring to. Not your post, at all. Yes, we all need personal revival and restoration in our hearts nearly all the time and even more so as we THAT DAY (the Day of Christ, the rapture) approaching.

          I think Cedric is talking about the prodigals, who have not totally apostasied yet. About them returning to their ” first love (Jesus) before it is too late, when the day of Christ comes.

          I say this. “Corporate” revival, in these apostate days, is not forecast in the Word and the mantra of “revival” is swaying many foolish ones who do not study the Bible for themselves (these are the 5 foolish (virgins-Christians?) who get shut out of the “wedding and the marriage feast of the Lamb” . Those charlatans these are following will not be there with them when they answer to God at whichever judgment they attend! It will not be a good answer to say to God, ” I followed “so and so”.

          Stay “strong in the Lord and the power of His might”!

          • Hi Ken,

            Oh, yes, I agree as you put it, the apostasy is like the hurricane harvey in the church and that is all there is to expect, no revival. They all forget that one must repent first, without that no revival is possible for the most part. But they are so blind they call the apostasy ‘revival’! Like the golden calf festival with Aaron, it is a type of this time we are in. They have their manufactured ‘revival,’ which amounts to idolatry. I always get such a kick out of the emergent church obvious errors, such as ‘but, we’re reaching them!’ to which I reply, ‘yeah, you’re reaching them all right, but with a false gospel and all the wrong messages!’

            Anyway, thanks and blessings to you too!
            I always enjoy reading your comments and agree.
            (I’m not pre trib but you know what I mean.)
            ( :
            Love, Anna

    • Here is a link to an article on my blog that “piggybacks”, so to speak, with your’s and C. H.”s posts.

      Keep believin’ and making a difference (Jude 1:20-23)

  3. And, I don’t go around ‘clutching my pearls’ over mixed race marriages.
    ( :

    Anyway, what I see is that they are using the racism card as a springboard into the gaystapo agenda. Then they call everyone discriminatory bigots, etc. True Christians like us who don’t condone sin and don’t unite with a sinful world in their big ‘oneness’ party are the target. The SPLC is a key link in all of this.

  4. Yes Amen. It is past time for true Christians to stand, knowing this thing cannot continue with the “in- your-face” rejection of God.

  5. By the way, does anyone follow the Jihad Watch website? They are chronicling how the southern poverty law center is coming after conservative groups like an avalanche.

    • Speaking of the SPLC. One of George Soros’s babies! He donates 10 million to fund anti-hate groups! (should say anti-Christian groups)

      Soros thinks of himself as God. Google search-soros/god. Many articles to view!
      BHO is “still” his protege, folks!


      • Yes, and it is escalating as we speak. The main goal of the splc is to target Christians as a hate group and come after us. This whole Charlottesville fiasco is the seed of it all. I heard on the news that the SPLC had pinpointed 8 ‘hate groups’ in San Diego (where I live) and one website (I think it was Jihad Watch) mentioned that 2 of the 8 ‘hate’ groups were actually legitimate Christian organizations. I can’t vouch for everything they hold to and have not even looked into that yet, but the point remains they are targeting Christians.

        I have been warning for years that persecution of Christians is coming to the US, have seen signs of it here and there like the case with the Klein’s (bakers), etc. but not on a wide and large scale. But it was on the way. It looks like that hurricane is hitting landfall now too. Everyone is always hanging on the rapture as the escape. Yes, the rapture is coming. Yet solid Biblical scholars have debated the timing of it for a long time and the ones who popularized the pre trib view have not been of solid caliber. Anyway, we could go on in that square dance of debate but the point is that they are leaning on the rapture as an ‘escape’ from persecution. That is a mistake. Jesus promised us we would be persecuted for being His followers. The church has suffered persecution for this all throughout church history and it has been escalating. Anyone thinking that they are exempt from suffering persecution for Jesus and that the rapture will come to their rescue for this reason, needs to seriously get on their knees and repent of this form of arrogance. I highly recommend the book “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” by John Foxe, and get the updated edition. I pray that all will be prepared to stand firm for the Lord in the coming storm of persecution that lies ahead.

        On another note, I see so much of the following attitude from enemies of Christianity from all sides. They think that they have the right to express their views or impose their ways, but when Christians do the same, they cry out as victims. This attitude is increasing on a broad scale. The bitter truth is that we do have the right, and they don’t, because the God of the Bible is the Lord. But He gave us freewill and rule over the earth and it is fallen and so on. But mark my words, they will continue to label us and target us as ‘haters’ and single us out for persecution and… elimination as their ‘final solution.’ All of this for not accepting sin and false religion. Again, don’t think ‘oh, that will never happen to me,’ or ‘that could never happen here.’ We are still fresh from the sting of the latest batch of martyrs in the middle east by Isis, that took the world by shock. Which, by the way, the rapture did not arrive in time for. Are we any better? Are we so privileged because we are ‘American’ Christians? I beg to differ.

        Anyway, that was what I was going to mention in general and got combined with my reply so don’t think I’m aiming this at anyone specific for any reason.

        Love and blessings to you Ken and all others on here who love Jesus!

        • A passage of verses that I quote to the Lord every morning is Luke 21:33-36. They state, ” Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man”.

          That is our Lord Jesus talking, from Luke’s version of the Olivet discourse (KJV). Here he says that He is going to “account worthy to escape the great tribulation” “some people” before the anti-Christ’s reign of terror and Godlessness on this planet. That escape will not be because of our perfection (sinlessness) OR because we have provisions and are “able” to run and hide out (as a great many preach). It will be because we are living prudent and obedient (somewhat) lives; still believing that He is the Way, Truth, and Life and that no person comes to the Father, but by Him. It is a “heart” thing- to be watching the signs and being prepared to meet the Lord, at all times.

          Again I say, with Jesus, ” Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to Escape “ALL” These Things That “SHALL” come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man”.

          In my search of the Bible there is no 7 year tribulation, much less a rapture before that un-Biblical time. There is a 70th week (the final week/7 years long), but Jesus said He would cut it short ( Matt.24)but by “how much ” He did not say. So, “No One” can know the “day or hour” of His return for His obedient bunch. So, I am living my life in the light of revealed Scripture, and trying to “order my steps thereunto”.

          I truly believe we are near the midpoint of Daniel’s 70th. What I am looking for is the “revealing” of the man of sin and perdition( 2 Thess.2:3), the Anti-Christ (so called). The Bible names him as the “little horn and the last human king” in the book of Daniel (chapters 8 and 11)

          Watch for him to be revealed, saints , and then “look up” for our redemption “draweth nigh”, my friends!!!

          Blessings, Ken

          • Addendum!. I re-read my last post and I want to apologize for being a little too strident, maybe? We Christians are all in “these days” together, so to speak, and we are all trying to get along as best we can. Anna, I agree that Americans are spoiled and lazy, and quite a few have been taught , and thereby adhere to a philosophy (a human term) of pre-trib escapism. I do not espouse that erroneous teaching, and I see that it (pre-tribism?), especially combined with OSAS ( as taught in many churches and denominations of today), is a particularly seductive heresy of the end times. I believe it will test the resolve of those that hold to it, one of these days soon. That is my concern and “compulsion” from the Lord. To be a watchman, and not be afraid to gravely warn people about these teachings.

            So, I realize, I can get on my “pulpit” about deceptive Christian practices and beliefs. I feel that we are mostly on the “same page” Spiritually, and I appreciate your candor, and what you bring “to the table, comment-wise, on this blog/website. Keep up he “good fight”, sister!!!

            With Christian love and regards,

          • Amen again! (I say all of this below for the benefit of any reading on here.)

            I personally think that the ‘escape these things’ is not the rapture, because a rapture is not necessary for escape. You can go peacefully in your sleep, you can be hiding out ‘in the ark,’ or some such scenario without a physical removal from the planet. Some of the best contenders for the Biblical faith have died recently in such ways.

            I agree with you on all these things and feel the same way about the end times in general. Pre trib and OSAS are a deadly combination. Then enter, stage right…John MacArthur (another darlingk of some) and espouses that one can take the mark of the beast and still be saved! And reading Rev. 14; 9-11 we see that no one taking the mark can be saved, no if’s, and’s or but’s! With all these things we begin to see the smoke clearing and the plot revealed. Also, I feel that he already has been revealed. (You know who… the man of sin.)

            I find it so sad that many Christians base their eschatology on fiction and will devour the apostate Left Behind series and have that sort of thing shape their views, when much of it is unbiblical and the rest is fiction at best! There is also some incident of the mark being taken by a ‘believer,’ and in the end of one of these books, that wolf Tim LaHaye has Jesus praising a believer for taking it! That is no minor detail! This deception runs deep and wide folks. All I can say is; dump everything else out and read the Bible and lean on it alone for the truth. Question everything anyone ever told you in a sermon and get into your Bible for the truth! Yes, you CAN, the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.

            I continuously see the same mistakes over and over:

            1. They think that the rapture has to occur before antichrist is revealed. FALSE!
            2 Thess. 2 specifically states the opposite, the antichrist must be revealed first, BEFORE the rapture can happen. If one reads it correctly, that is obvious. So we will see him. There are other things about the rapture and the return of Christ that are there for the gleaning right in front of our eyes in an honest reading that are missed by most.

            2. They think that the false prophet comes before the antichrist. FALSE!
            It is the other way around. In Rev. 13 we see the antichrist come on the scene first, and then the false prophet arises and endorses him. (beast 1 and beast 2).
            It also mirrors the Holy Trinity (remember, the devil counterfeits God). Jesus came first, then the Holy Spirit descends and points to Him, and the devilish case is a reflection in structure. I know there was John the Baptist, the antichrist may have a forerunner and the slot may have gone to rick warren, but that’s just a wild stab at the most likely candidate.

            3. Due to the pre trib rapture myth, a whole host of errors have followed, one of them is thinking that the saints who become martyrs during the ‘tribulation period’ are special ‘tribulation saints,’ but in fact we are them. Anyway, they think that all those trials are only for them, and not us, thus adopting a ‘God will rescue us from all trouble’ mentality and then when we are here for it all, it will cause a great upheaval in their faith and outlook. We are not appointed unto wrath, but neither was Noah. God did not have to remove him either.

            In regards to all of this, I have given up on trying to convince folks of these things. I just advocate to live a holy life and hold fast to God’s Word. If we are doing that, even if we are caught unawares by the end times events, did not know the details, or were (gasp!) wrong on some of the details, we will still be prepared. We know we cannot deny Jesus no matter what, be it gay marriage, the mark of the beast, etc. In this way we will be prepared to stand before Jesus. Some will die honorably as martyrs, others will live till the rapture, but all is well. I watch and pray and I see the signs increasing by the day, things many are not aware of or do not see the significance of. But all I can do is try and warn to wake up the fellow brethren and snatch as many as possible out of the flames. The ‘flames’ are not persecution or martyrdom, but rather the lake of fire. Many professing Christians will go down the broad road to destruction as a result of the apostasy and its many bricks paving the way for them. They will stop believing in hell, they will start believing in ‘kingdom now’ and receive antichrist (the end goal of all this apostasy by infiltration), they will take the mark and deny Jesus, and then there is no alternative left for them except for hell. But by then it will be too late. That is why people like me labor NOW, while it is still called today, as it says a day is coming when no man can work.

            We need to consider that we can die any moment anyway. Are we prepared to meet Jesus face to face, and give an account today as the Bible says we will do? To stand before the Son of God? If we have any uneasiness about that, NOW is the time to repent on your knees and pray for strength. It will only get harder and the days darker. When most will be awaiting the rapture, sudden destruction will come and sweep them all away because it was too late.

            “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive his due for the things done in the body, whether good or bad.”
            2 Corinthians 5; 10

            Many are not aware of this because for some ‘strange’ reason, it is referred to as the ‘bema’ seat of Christ. When I heard this as a new believer, I used to wonder, what in the wild blue yonder is ‘bema’?!? Well it is the judgment throne of Christ. Many think that only unbelievers will be judged. There is a judgment of that form but believers will stand before Jesus in a different way. What you did before you were saved, was dealt with on the cross. Done. This is about what you have done since you received Christ. Yeah. Heavy for some to consider. Yes, we have verses like 1 John 1; 9, but are we using them? Are we being conformed to His image, or the world’s? Are we bringing every deed and word and thought captive to Him NOW? Better deal with it now, rather than later!

            May this be our vigil for the church:
            “Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.” Acts 20; 31 KJV

            Anyway, always a pleasure Ken!
            God bless you and keep up the good fight!
            Love in Christ to you brother!
            ( :

          • This “revealing” of the little horn/last king/Anti-Christ must happen in Israel, I believe. That has to happen as foretold in the O.T. and it concerns God’s chosen people , the Jews. The book of Daniel’s last 4 chapters are the main place to study/meditate about/take literally concerning the timing of “great tribulation” and the little horn/last king’s progress and demise. Read all related Scripture in the O.T. about the “time of Jacob’s Trouble”. There is a lot of it, folks.

            Those Scriptures are the key to understanding what we (Christians) should be looking and waiting to “start to happen” so we will see the “revealing” that is forecast and must happen before the “rapture” (of the saints). We must read all Scripture concerning the “day of the Lord” and the “time of Jacob’s trouble” and then put it into context Biblically (New Testament-wise) to begin to understand how this affects us and our families, and the Church in the good old USA. This country and it’s problems are highly “irrelevant” to the prophetical picture of the “last of the last days”, I truly believe.

            Read my posts on Hey Jude 15 and you will see how I make these conclusions, Christian friends!

            Blessings to the blessable,

  6. Ronald DeMitchell

    August 24, 2017 at 12:37 am

    That old serpent the devil will play the racist card even in the church for a while. I could speak to many other issues in the church, but I will be quite glad when no one will have to fight him anymore.

  7. “Pray without ceasing”

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