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Is it a Solution or a Snow Job?

One of the most effective methods of satanic deception operates as a straw man argument. Of course, a straw man argument is a dishonest debate trick where an individual attributes a false position to his or her opponent and then defeats that position. It gives the false perception that he or she has won a point.

It is as a man wanting to impress a lady. So he burglarizes her house when she is away. Then he shows up with sympathy and offers to use his contacts and abilities to recover her cherished belongings. After a few days he shows up with her valuables. He explains that one of his contacts was able to recover the stuff, but he is not privy to the details. That trick makes a hero out of a thief and perhaps worse.

A similar example occurred in California concerning arson investigator and novelist John Orr. Orr rose up through the ranks to become a distinguished arson investigator because of his uncanny ability to discover the cause of arson fires. However, he was responsible for setting many of the arson fires he had investigated. Eventually, he was arrested, charged, and convicted of arson and murder.

Likewise, Satan will create a problem and provide his own “solution.” He will inflict someone and then remove the infliction to promote his emissary as a faith healer. He can make a false prophet appear as a true prophet. He can make his false ministers to appear as ministers of righteousness. Furthermore, he can make false spirituality appear as true spirituality and false solutions appear as true “solutions.”

Also consider that his satanic “solution” is applied without any competition from a godly solution. An example is public schools using yoga in detention to calm students and teach them self-control. Christianity is not allowed, but yoga, (the missionary arm of Hinduism, Buddhism and the New Age movement) is given free access. Satan is the reason students are in detention. His “solution” alone is applied and people brag about how well it works. But are they measuring the spiritual effects of yoga in those students? Of course not. That would be too religious and violate the liberal ban on supporting one religion over another.

Consider that when Christianity is used to help troubled young people, the success rate was 87.5% (result of Federal Government Study of Teen Challenge). Believing that yoga is better than Christianity to help troubled youth is like believing “The Shack” movie can teach one more about God than the Bible and Holy Spirit.

Satan’s evil “solution” seldom goes head to head against God’s solution. But when it does, it fails miserably. Thus, when someone tries to convince you that something satanic is okay because of the (deceptive) results, remember Satan’s trick of providing a “solution” to a problem he created.


  1. Cheryl

    Excellent! Could not agree more! The world will try everything except Christianity!

  2. jamie

    indeed. I came down, several years ago with a debilitating hip condition. I thought I would try yoga. Amazing, it went away….I stopped doing it and some time later it came back, and I thought I would try it again, and it did not go away, not long after that I realized what I had done (and fallen for). duh

  3. Bonnie

    Yoga positions are designed to awaken the serpent within you! A serpent, Satan, deceived Eve. She ate the forbidden fruit then Adam ate and sin came into the world separating all mankind from God. I want nothing to do with a serpent and a false religion with 300 million gods. Yoga is not an innocent exercise! There is no such thing as Christian Yoga! Be discerning! Do some research! Don’t be fooled!

  4. Deanna Johnston Clark

    For Christianity to compete with yoga…which is calming and fun and has cool clothes…Christians have to pray with the will to act, not expect magical mystical healings.
    My grandaughter had a very bad foot problem walking on tiptoe. It became so normal, her feet were becoming deformed. My daughter and grandaughter went to yoga for years, and had medical exams galore…to little use.

    I prayed and remembered that horsebackriding with stirrups requires the heels to be down. So I got her riding lessons, which was a real sacrifice of money and gas and time every week. Within a short while she fell in love with horses and her hamstring muscles stretched. Now she is an accomplished horsewoman with ribbons and her own horse, which she works to support.

    Christianity is too often promoted negatively, without the ooomph needed to make people feel life is worth living with zest and joy in accomplishing something you love. Yes, satan in a sense made her feet like that…with anxiety and wanting to act too grown up. The healing from God is not static…it offers new doors but we have to open them ourselves with effort and a willingness to change our life habits, give up things.

  5. A. Ray

    Yes, note the warning of Col. 2:4 (ESV) “that no one may delude you with plausible arguments.”

  6. Susan

    Thank you! I know you are not looking to just seek out those who agree with you but to inform and enlighten those led astray by the world. I pray many will have ears to hear and eyes to see.

  7. ken hall

    Truly a Major Snow Job by Satan!!

    The biggest snow job that Satan has pulled yet is Calvinism and it’s system of self-perpetuating faith. I truly believe that the New Reformation (the Young Restless and Reformed – YRR) is at the forefront of the final apostasy. This movement to “revive” Calvinism has been extremely successful in “snowing” the masses of professing…these most likely not possessing Christianity. Unsaved, religious people (2 Timothy 3:5), and more concernedly…those who purport to lead them, are the much more prevalent norm rather than the exception. Churches are filled with “tares” rather than “wheat”. The field (the professing church) has become much more stony than it was 100 or even 50 years ago. The churches are filled with SMO (Satanically Modified Organisms) just as our natural food is being messed with by GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). There is hardly any real spiritual food in our churches, just as there is no nourishment in the food available on the grocery shelves. Our bodies are being starved for what they really need, and our souls are famished for the meat of the unadulterated Word of God, fierily preached in church meetings, calling lost people to salvation and lazy, lagging Christians to repentance.

    There you have it in a nut shell. I say here and I say again with all that is within me, “Wake up sleeping Christians, listen to the true watchmen and messengers”. We are telling you this with your eternal welfare in mind. Wake up, and do the first works again (Revelations 2:5). Sinner, there is still time to be saved. Fall on your knees (or just look up to Jesus) and say, “I believe in you Lord Jesus, please save my soul and help me follow you, by your Word and Spirit.”
    It is urgent!
    Today is the day of salvation!

    As you read this plea did your heart started beating faster? That is the Holy Spirit drawing you to the truth, of what I am saying, by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please do not put this decision off until tomorrow; tomorrow may be too late. The Holy Spirit will not force you to believe in Jesus. It is your decision. Make it NOW! Be saved today! Jesus is returning soon who look for Him and obey Him (for salvation). I beg you, be saved TODAY!

    You can write to me via my blogsite…Hey, Jude 15 or email me at khall92@outlook.com. I will answer honest questions and if you believe in Jesus by faith, I will be here to help you get started walking toward Jesus and His Salvation. Time is of the essence. There will be no “second chances” for those who have been drawn by the Holy Spirit and rejected or put off His Salvation. Come Now!

    I am in the process of writing a much more detailed critique of the heresy of Calvinism at this time. Check back to Hey, Jude 15 regularly.

    • ken hall

      Third from the last paragraph in my reply should read, “Jesus is returning soon for those who look for Him and obey Him (for salvation).


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