I personally know people that outwardly appear to be Christians, but inwardly they are possessed with false spirits. I could call them a demon spirits, but they do not appear as what one would think that demon spirits manifest as. But then, how do we believe demon possession manifests? Does it manifest as lust? Hatred? Violence? Do we expect a demon possessed false Christian to behave as the man at the Gadarenes?

The Apostle Paul wrote that Satan’s demon possessed ministers appear as “ministers of righteousness”. Christ said that we would only know the false ones by their fruits. They wear “sheep’s clothing” and know how to talk like “sheep”. They can come on Facebook as a true Believers, post like true Believers, take about how persecuted they are for living righteously, and about how they can hardly wait for Christ to return.

These deceivers are all about filling in the blanks in Satan’s full-scale assault on the Remnant. In other words, what the more destructive demons leave after their major assaults, these demonic ones among us are about destroying what’s left over. They slither about sowing discord, propagating slander, dividing, and worming their way into the confidence and trust of new converts or weak Believers for the purpose of separating them from the influence of the Holy Spirit and God’s anointed shepherds.

They manifest as demon possessed only when they are confronted with truth. An old evangelist friend once told me, “People are like those soft condiment bottles. Whatever is inside comes out under pressure.” Truth! The insidious and spiritual filth comes out and infects everyone unprepared to stand against it. Weak and unsuspecting Christians are ill prepared to endure and overcome.

I’ve been around a long time in Christianity. I have witnessed some really damaging wickedness conducted upon entire churches, against true Christians, and even anointed and godly ministers. Some of the perpetrators were deacons, church board members, Sunday school teachers, et cetera. Some of them were ministers jealous of other ministers. Other ones were church members that had the ears and access to the hearts and minds of other Christians. But I have never observed a period such as this when so many demonic individuals are mingled so cozily among the Remnant.

Social Media may have been a primary factor in bringing about this anomaly, but I cannot believe that it was the cause. The cause is the apostasy. Younger generations were born into apostasy and raised up in apostate churches. Apostate pastors and hirelings do not challenge sin. They do not encourage people to pray or set an example before them. Lastly, they do not teach people to hear or follow the Holy Spirit. Too many have become people followers and have no clue how to listen to the Holy Spirit or to exercise discernment.

Now we are in a dangerous period of great deception. Some of the most clever and beguiling evil works are being perpetrated openly (and some not so openly) and few Christians recognize it and fewer voice an expose’ or warning. There are individuals that can commit sexual sin on Saturday night and “worship” in a church meeting the next morning without a hint of shame. They may be reprobate or near reprobate. How can a reprobate false Christian not be demon possessed.

They are not difficult to spot when your fire is hot. Lukewarm Christians are as clueless as secular individuals.

Too many are addicted to the “ostrich complex”. They refuse to recognize the actuality of prevailing spiritual wickedness. More dangerous, they file necessary information and warnings under “negativity detrimental to my spiritual peace, happiness, and wellness”.

If you were in Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013, when an EF5 tornado with 210 mph winds approached, you would have wanted much information and warning well in advance. That “beast” stayed on the ground for 47 minutes cutting a 1.3 mile-wide path over a 17 miles long. The deceivers among us today are subjects of a beast that intends to destroy every true lover of God and Christ. We are now in that storm and it cannot help but grow more fierce and lethal.

Make no mistake about it. This is a dangerous period of many deceivers mingled in with the Remnant. Many are falling daily. It is a serious and likely fatal mistake to have a casual attitude or understanding about this issue. If God opened our eyes to the beasts of darkness that are mingled inside of our churches and other venues of association and fellowship, we would be shocked and stricken with terror.

Our only hope is in a strong and unwavering hope and trust in God. That does not come about by accident. We cannot gorge on the substance of the world system and expect to be strong and unwavering in faith. We must invest quality time in communion with God.

I realize that no matter what I write at this late hour (it’s 1:58 am Monday, November 28, 2016), it is not going to alert some people. However, I don’t get out of bed and write something that I feel is urgent unless it is important for someone to read it. Consider it a warning or not. Consider it more negativity. But prayerfully consider it.