“Modern evangelicalism has surrendered to the world, excused it, explained it, adopted it and imitated it. Young preachers imitate people in the world with a good deal more energy than they imitate the holy saints of God.” A. W. Tozer, Sermon: This Thing Called Christendom.

If this is still true today, then it is necessarily more widespread and potent. No wonder that professing Christians have rejected the spiritual perspective and struggle so vehemently to preserve their comfort zones in the world system. In one breath they will talk about heaven, and in the next breath they reveal entanglement in the affairs of the world system.

They declare that we are in the last days, and then behave as if that period is a long way off.

They claim that the Lord Jesus Christ could come at any moment, and then muddy themselves to prolong the judgment of this jaded world.

They complain about the apostasy of Christianity, and then accept the doctrine and worldview of hirelings and heretics.

They testify about being ready to go to heaven, and then imbibe nearly every flesh-feeding offering of the world system.

They want to be identified with the Remnant, but attack the ones who remain loyal to their commitment to God not to intentionally stain their souls.

They talk about loving the lost, but hurl insults and other verbal abuse at fellow Believers over disagreements.

They say they are followers of Christ, but are greatly susceptible to transference of the spirits of carnally compromised leaders.

They sing, “I surrender all” or something like it, but have never done so and have no intention of doing it.

They claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but have a familiarity with the spirit of the world that produces a mixture.

They entered a covenant with God, but have accepted an agreement with the world system. That agreement is, “Don’t hinder my religion and I will not hinder your wickedness.”

The Holy Spirit departs such “temples”. When we can no longer blush at sin, become outraged (prolonged) at injustice, fear God and eschew wickedness, regard people with love unfeigned, desire holiness (it’s not a dirty word) to the extent that we hate our sin, and value righteousness and godliness more than all the wealth of the world, all comfort, all honor, and all else, we have not attained. Like the Apostle Paul, we must press on (Philippians 3:12). There is no plateau to remain on. There is no detour to drink from the sewer springs of the world system. The path is straight, narrow, and designed so to prevent deny it destination from the ones who love themselves and the world more than they love God. If loving and wanting to be like Christ is unacceptable in Christianity, then righteousness is held captive to culture.

Christ was not suggesting how we should live when He said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” That is a difficult and consuming challenge, but that is why it is a goal and the flesh despises it. I would expect such a goal from Almighty God. A goal that involves a meager commitment and minor effort is not a goal—it is a compromise.