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It’s a War, Not a Skirmish

Christians need to realize one fact and prepare their minds accordingly:  we are in a full-scale war.  The minions of Satan are coming at us under all sorts of flags and labels with the same objective.  It appears that the frontline troops in the encroaching army are the LGBT.  No other single factor has weakened, altered, changed, and destroyed Judeo/Christian values as much as the LGBT.  They have been assisted in our nation by a near completely liberal news media, ACLU, Hollywood, the music industry, Disney, sports enterprises, politicians, and pseudo-Christians, to name a few.  Together, they have pulled the festering moral cancer from its natural position at the bottom of society and placed it on a throne.

However, they are not satisfied with that accomplishment. Their goal is not simply to force Christians to tolerate wickedness and other (false) religions.  They wish to destroy Christianity.  The first phase of the plan was to infiltrate and pervert Denominations, Christian colleges, universities, and other organizations, mega churches, and make allies of leading Christians.  The second phase is to subjugate Christians by forcing the LGBT narrative on them via legislation and litigation.  The third phase is to persecute by any means possible the remainder of the ones who refuse to concede.  The hold-outs will be demoted to the bottom of the “New World” caste system. It is time that true Christians realize that we are a rapidly shrinking minority.

The war has progressed strongly in favor of the God haters.  Evidence is in the fact that they are very bold in their shenanigans.  Consider the unscrupulous SCOTUS ruling violating the Constitution of the United States to force homosexuality on the nation.  There is also oppression by the Obama administration to force Christians to deny or refrain from publically expressing their values.  There is the scurrilous behavior of state officials, such as Brad Avakian, extreme liberal Commissioner of Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.  In Avakian’s case, he was prosecutor, judge, and jury, to unjustly punish Sweet Cakes by Melissa for refusing to make a lesbian wedding cake. Presently, nearly a dozen major companies threaten to leave Georgia if the Religious Freedom Bill passed.  Twenty companies have cancelled their conventions and major film stars have refused to work in the state.  The same threats are being made against North Carolina in reaction to the passage of the HB2 bill that requires individuals to use bathrooms that correspond with their birth gender. All the Georgia bill does is secure religious freedom for religions including Christianity.   However, it protects Christians from LGBT militants and their supporters attacking and oppressing individuals and organizations that do not fully agree with them.  The NC bill protects citizens from lewd individuals who believe they have the right to invade the privacy of people of legitimate opposite gender.

The liberal news media is covering up the truth or refusing to report fairly about the Religious Freedom and HB2 bills.  They allow false information and false accusations of hate and bigotry to go unchallenged. The fact is that all across this nation, with help from the liberal news media, Christian freedom is being shredded.  Any significant individual resisting the LGBT advances is caricatured in the worst possible terms.  The punishment is meant to frighten other ones into submission.  It is working.  Many Christian leaders and politicians are cravenly rescinding their opposition or “offensive” remarks concerning LGBT’s militant activity.

Sadly, the world society has changed in irreversible ways.  Deluded individuals have gone too far in their rebellion against God.  They can only travel the path of wickedness to its disastrous conclusion.  It will result in a total eradication of the social norms essential to functioning societies.  It is a last day’s formation of the Antichrist kingdom that will be followed by God’s wrath.  Christ prophesied that a “Sodom and Gomorrah” society would be indicative of the last days (Luke 21:28-30).

To more clearly understand how deep we are into the last days, consider this verse in Revelation: “And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”  (Revelation 11:8) Christ Jesus the Lord was crucified in Jerusalem.  It is stunning to think of Jerusalem being called “Sodom”.  However, consider the following information:  “LGBT rights in Israel are the most advanced in the Middle East and one of the most advanced in Asia. Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in 1988.  In 2004, the Nazareth District Court ruled that same-sex couples have the same rights as married couples in inheritance rights. In 2005, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that lesbian couples can legally adopt each other’s children. In 2005, the fourth annual Pride march of Jerusalem took place. In 2008 the Tel Aviv opened the Municipal LGBT Community Center, the first of its kind in the country. Israel today is one of the world’s most progressive countries in terms of equality for sexual minorities. Politically, legally, and culturally, the nation has moved from life at the margins of Israeli society to visibility and growing acceptance. Israel was ranked as the seventh happiest place in the world for gay men to live on the first ever annual Gay Happiness Index, which surveyed over 115,000 gay men in 127 countries. Tel Aviv is known as one of the world’s finest and friendliest GLBT travel destinations.  Israel‘s government is backing a public-relations campaign styling the country as a haven for the gay community.” (Compiled from various sources including,, Wikipedia,,,,

There is no doubt that it is time to heed the words of the Apostle Peter. “Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat?  Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.” – 2 Peter 3:11-13


  1. This is so excellent, as are all your warnings (I have your booklet ‘the Unacknowledged War’, read ‘sheep stroll quietly’, & others. Thank you for the willingness to be a Watchman on the Wall. Sadly, the group is dying out (John Ashbrook, Dave Hunt, etc). I believe the Church of Laodicia symbolizes the Church before Christ comes for us in the Rapture. It is just reality, we are told to persevere & “occupy”, know the Lord continues to draw some out of darkness daily, praise Him! Thank you again for your work, In Jesus our Lord, Rebecca

    • It’s a War – Excellent post.
      We should all should be involved doing something.
      I wrote a letter to my family which has become a web site.
      Just started and new page:

      The Last Reformation Has Begun. It is time to return the Church to its original pattern revealed in Scriptures followed by first century Believers.

      If so led stop by. The second post will be at the end of May.

  2. Yes, thank you !!!

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