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Could the Candidates Be So Evil That You Would Not Vote?

I asked the question, “When will you decide that you will not vote?”  In other words, “How evil would the candidates for president have to be that you would refuse to vote?”  Most of the individuals who disagreed with my choice not to vote did not respond.  The ones who did were honest enough to say that the choices could be so wicked that they could not support either of them.

For me and my wife that time has already arrived.  However, it is not just the wickedness of the two likely choices that facilitated my decision, but that I believe we are in the end times, and the condition of our nation is beyond critical mass.  Thus, I believe the time for voting is over.  I believe time is short.  Any moment prophetic events could begin to be fulfilled.

From the ones who refused to answer, I wished to know if they would vote for two flagrant lesbians or homosexuals.  What if two Satanists, or two atheists, or two people equally as wicked as Clinton were the choices?  Would they vote for the Antichrist?  Where would they draw the line and refuse to vote?

It appears that the majority of professing Christians would vote no matter how wicked the candidates were.  The reason is because they are not voting on godly principle or according to righteousness.  They are voting to preserve their lifestyles.  They believe that Clinton will further damage the nation.  They are trying to protect themselves from suffering.

Let’s look at it from a spiritual view of the last days.  Is it a time filled with spiritual darkness?  Is the night coming when no one can work? Consider that we are already seeing the working of Satan, with all power, signs, lying wonders, and unrighteous deception in people who reject love for truth.  Christianity is in full apostasy.  We are witnessing a great deception so powerful that even prominent professing Christians are being deceived.  Many of the most eminent Christians leaders are furthering the deception.  They are calling for ecumenism with the Roman Catholic and New Age religions.  Numerous ones who have not yet apostatized are spiritually weak, unknowledgeable, unproductive, enamored with the world system, and ripe for deception.

Additionally, Christians in many nations are under brutal persecution.  The entire world seems to have joined in spirit with Islam, Hinduism, and other evil religions against true Christianity.  We are on the verge of a cashless economy, a one-world religion, one-world government, and an unprecedented world-wide change.  Homosexuality and other wickedness have increased in prominence.  The slaughter of babies and practice of selling their body parts has provoked such little outrage that the perpetrators are arrogantly standing their ground.  There is a world-wide effort to disarm the populace.  There is no doubt that the world is being made ready for the Antichrist and False Prophet.  In the midst of all that, people are fixated on voting for a wicked individual they hope will slow down and maybe even turn back the last days “clock”.

Are they expecting a satanic miracle worker?  Does Satan deliver us from Satan?  Can the “lesser of two evils” deliver us from the greatest period of evil?  Although some Christians voting for the “lesser of two evils” simply have not thought about the ramifications, they should know that evil people who ascend to power do not tend to become good.  However, these voters believe God will change Trump and use him to do a godly work.

One cannot determine the “lesser of two evils” except by the Holy Spirit.  If Satan wishes to nudge a candidate into a powerful position, all he has to do is make the opposition appear more evil.  If two lesbians were the choices, the one Satan wanted in office would appear as a lady with acceptable decorum.

Now here is how deception works.  How did people determine the “lesser of two evils”?  Their criteria are based on what is known about Clinton and unknown about Trump.  Clinton is the picture of villainy to many Christians.  She has proven what she will do in a political office, and it is not good.  Trump presents the image of a deliverer to Christians.  But there is no record of what he might do in a political office.

To get some hint of how Trump would perform as president, let’s consider his nature and performance in the non-political arena.  He rules over his empire with an iron fist.  The United States is poised to become (in his mind) part of his empire.  He is vulgar, domineering, narcissistic, greedy, lustful, a dirty-dealer, and crushes everyone who challenges him or stands in his way.  On paper, his personal life is much worse than Clinton’s.  The difference is that he has not been under the political microscope.  If Clinton were unknown in politics, and Trump had been in political office for a decade, she would be considered the “lesser of two evils”.

The fact is, we are at the threshold where Christians are poised to vote for the most wicked person ever with potential to gain the presidency.  To date, there has never been an election with two choices that were more wicked than Clinton and Trump.  If there is a next election, the two choices will be even more wicked.  The reason is because if Trump wins, this world is not going to revert to godliness in the slightest.

There may be a wall built on the southern border.  The economy may get better.  We may fight terrorism differently.  There may be a conservative (I expect a moderate or worse) appointed to SCOTUS.  Obama Care may go away.  Our flesh will stop squealing.  We will be lulled into false security.  Far fewer souls will be saved.  The large percentage of society that is hedonistic or approaching hedonism will not change.  The apostasy of Christianity will increase.  Hatred for true Christianity will continue to grow.  Even if a flood gate were established by a Republican victory, wickedness will pile up behind it.  When another liberal is elected president, that gate would open.  All the gains that people were deceived into believing they won, will be washed away in an instant.

This is the time to wake up to reality.  It is not a time to be engaged in trying to politically force a world whose collective mind is set on wickedness, to get back in its cage.  Our nation and apostate Christians need to taste the consequences of their rebellion.  If not, they will become worse, and more souls will be caught up in their evil.

It is well past time to prepare for a dangerous and brutal period.  One day there will be no further warnings.  People will become increasingly hostile against those warning and their message.  We are close to that point if the messages I have received are an accurate indicator.

I advise people not to support or put their trust in evil with such a short time left before judgment falls.  I warn them not to stain their souls, not to join their spirits with the wicked in their quest for power, and not to rejoice with the wicked in his victories.  Instead, focus on God and His eternal kingdom.  Prepare your hearts and be led by Him.  Build your faith in His ability to protect and deliver you.  Rid yourself of love for the world system and the things that are in it.  Build your love for God the Father with whom you desire to spend eternity


  1. Dorsey Lightner

    The whole council of The Word of God is speaking to our Spirit Truth in love . Many are the plans of men’s heart yet The Lords purpose will prevail . We are called to live our lives like Jesus Christ in justice mercy and lovingkindness . Where are we in history ? Appears to be at a crossroad of mans inhumanity and ability to destroy the world . As in the times past ; the tower of Bable , The flood of Noah , and many signs of evil that only The Savior Jesus Christ will redeem us and bring the peace to Jerusalem . Zachariah 14 ; the return of The Messsiah. Jesus Christ . I see your point . Vote for who to represent goodness ? I liked Ben Carson , huckleberry, and Ted Cruze . Who will it be ? We are a democracy and the people are choosing who they will serve . That may bring about The hand of The Lord . His Mercy and forgiveness has been great yet for righteousness to riegn and favor remain .. Repentance and devotion to The Lord to change the course we are on .

  2. Rista

    Hi, tnx for your articles, I’ve often felt like a negative ogre because of the way I feel and think and then an article of yours will put my mind at ease that I am on the correct path. The narrow, extremely lonely one.

    You have voiced what’s been on my mind about my own country – South Africa – for a long, long time. There is no way that I can vote for a candidate simply because he\she is the lesser of 2 evils. My duty is to be true to God, not people. I totally agree that we are living in end times and what we see transpiring around us is simply the outward signs of the war in the spiritual realm. Jesus gave us the signs to recognize and be prepared. Also so we can stand firm in the knowledge that these things have to happen so He can come for His bride.

    Enjoy your day and God Bless!

  3. Karen Cooper

    Agree completely!

  4. C.H. Fisher

    Several times is has been mentioned that America has always elected a sinner as president. I never in any of these articles declared that the reason not to vote for the two likely candidate is because they are sinners. My position is based on two points. First, the two likely candidates are evil. Jesus ate with sinners, but He openly rebuked the evil ones. Second, we are in the last days when God is about to judge this hedonistic nation and apostate Christianity. God’s wrath will be poured out on the wicked.

    I oppose the position that we must vote for an evil person to saved God’s Remnant from suffering. At the same time we will be delivering the wicked from the consequences of their wickedness. Further, we will be giving the apostasy more time to gather souls and a wicked society more time to snare young people while their judgment tarries. I am also saying that we should not vote for an evil person to spare a wicked society and apostate church. In fact, it really does not matter if we vote because this nation is going to get what it deserves. However, if the Remnant votes for wickedness expecting goodness to come they will taste the sour grapes of their decision. The reason is because either Clinton or Trump will destroy this nation. I do not wish to be affiliated with their wickedness.

    The fact is, we knew that eventually we would reach this point in history. What did we expect it to be like? When society becomes completely wicked, and Christianity is apostate—just as the Apostle Paul wrote—are we supposed to deliver them from the consequences of their wickedness? Will we be so focused on our unwillingness to suffer for righteousness sake that we will try to keep the wicked from their chosen destiny with sin’s consequences? Do we want them to have the blessing of a sound government so that they can keep growing? Or will we oppose God’s plan to allow them the just deserts of flagrant rebellion?

    This is not a normal time in history. We cannot go back in the past and insist on paradigms that are no longer relevant. We need to view this spiritually rather than fleshly. That is the major problem people are having, viewing it spiritually. Professing Christians are angry with the government. There is something in their spirit that resembles hatred that considers a Clinton win the epitome of defeat. They cannot recognize, understand, or receive God’s perspective in that condition. Not one reason for voting for wickedness that I have read has an eternal focus or connection. It is a strong reluctance to recognize that it is time to leave Egypt, our flesh pots and comfortable bondage. The secular and religious sectors are converging. The time for voting is over. It’s time to stand with God.

    “And why not say, “Let us do evil that good may come”?—Romans 3:8

  5. LARRY

    WOW, i really never looked at it this way. makes very good sense. I have prayed a prayer and ask God during the vote to please step in and put on people’s heart to vote for the right person that would be in the will of GOD. This USA is in very deep trouble. we need someone with christian values. I’m asking everyone who is voting please don’t vote for someone until you have prayed and ask GOD to help each and everyone of us to vote for the person that would be in the will of our LORD AND SAVIOUR..

  6. Jan

    We totally agree. We made the decision not to vote with the last election. We see the lies that never stop and the ungodliness of those claiming to be Christians. We see everything right in order to what you have said. Thank you for saying it with boldness. Too many Born Again Believers are duped and thinking all will get better. We are looking for The Lord, not a utopia here. One has to be blind to think that a mere man can change all that has happened to this country or world. In reality, people are looking for the man of peace. He is out there and things are being prepared for him to show up on the scene. We are looking for Christ not the antichrist. You have said exactly what we believe is happening and it will not stop. GOD will allow who this people deserve. In light of NJ voting to allow shooting poison into a full term baby’s heart is proof enough this nation is doomed and Christians better wake up!

    • Friend

      Hello, I think it was New York that passed this horrific bill. As I read somewhere recently (maybe it was here?) ‘smell the smoke of Sodom and Gomorrah’…God’s Judgement is real. His Righteous Judgement is here, yet we still have time to reach the lost. May God give all of us a sense of urgency each day. For His Glory!

  7. Alec

    Christianity is in full apostasy. We are witnessing a great deception so powerful that even prominent professing Christians are being deceived. Many of the most eminent Christians leaders are furthering the deception. They are calling for ecumenism with the Roman Catholic and New Age religions. Numerous ones who have not yet apostatized are spiritually weak, unknowledgeable, unproductive, enamored with the world system, and ripe for deception.

    Well stated.

  8. P. A.

    If those who call themselves Christians would read their bibles through every year, study God’s word with all diligence and pray for those in authority and live lives pleasing to God and separate from the world’s values, and stop viewing this world through dispensation lenses, and actually go out into this world and influence sinners and Christians alike for GOOD, and stop encouraging believers to not vote, our country may actually turn around. God is sovereign and He raises up one and puts down another. He uses and has used evil authorities in the bible (OLD and New Testament) to discipline and correct his people. Wake up Christian! Get down on your face before a holy God and ask him to forgive you and direct, by His Word and Holy Spirit, where you must change YOUR ways. God did not place us in Rome circa 30A.D. but in this country and gives us the responsibilities that go with living here. If you want to see another Hitler rise to power, don’t vote. No secular ruler will usher in God’s kingdom. We are in the world but not of the world. Again, wake up and stop complaining (read Exodus and Numbers to see what God thinks of complaining).

    • C.H. Fisher

      Aside from the fact that your response is contradictory, if you prayed and studied the Bible as much as you are exhorting people to do, you would know that nation that in wickedness rejects God will suffer the consequences. When enough people become wicked, wicked leaders will take control. God did not put Hitler in authority. He did not put Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Stalin, or any of those vile individuals in authority. They rose to their positions because people allowed them to. It is the principle of sowing and reaping. America will get the leader it deserves.

  9. BLB

    Mr. Fisher,
    Thank you for your articles.

    Regarding this article; would you explain 2 Chronicles 7:14? Is it applicable to believers now and our nation?



    • C.H. Fisher

      I believe that it is applicable. A nation is people. When people repent, God will forgive. It is not just hedonistic secular society that has brought this nation to such degradation, but professing Christians. Read some of the comments by people who are deceived by IF:Gathering, Bethel Music, Hebraic Roots Doctrine, etcetera. The major problem in Christianity used to be hypocrisy. Now it is overcome with heresy. However, the question is not will God forgive and heal this nation if professing Christians repent and turn back to Him, but if they will repent. After many years of debating heretics and their subjects (which I refuse to do any longer), it appears that they will not repent. If this is the last days, I expect them to come under the great delusion sent by God because of their rejection of truth. This is a very dangerous period for individuals that do not give God’s word primacy in their lives, that do not pray, and who are not focused on eternity.

  10. John Bertelsen

    ” flagrant lesbians or homosexuals?” Please explain the need for an adjective. I guess you think god, yes the small g was purposeful for your pompous rhetoric, anointed you a judge. Jesus did not marginalize anyone. If all you want to do is go wring your hands in a corner about the end times, how about going off the grid and take your band of blind followers with you. If not, then put your knowledge and following to work in the world for good, reformation, and seeking the will of God instead of spreading fear and panic like many of today’s politicians.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Hurling ad hominem does not substantiate anything but the fact that one is bereft of a defense for his or her position. I do not have any followers. I encourage everyone to follow Christ Jesus the Lord and Savior.

  11. T. I. Miller

    Are you denying that God is absolutely sovereign? Are you asserting that Gods will is subordinate to mans will? Did He not raise up Pharaoh to magnify His name? What about king Saul? What about Jehu? What about Sampson? Does He not declare things first and then bring them to pass? Does He not use evil for good ever?
    Hillary the murderer is less evil than Trump?
    Liberalism is wholly based upon atheism.

  12. Janine

    Thank you for your insightful article. As a true born again believer, who is also a conservative Tea Party patriot, this has been a grueling process. Watching the GOP destroy our party, by trying to subvert the political process that our Founding Fathers envisioned by silencing the voice of the people who elected them and forgetting that they serve us, not vice verse, is infuriating. Their actions, as well as inactions while in office, are making it crystal clear that they have an anti-America, anti-Christ agenda. Then people act so surprised and have no answers for the head-spinning positions of the Republican Establishment, but laugh at you when you even hint at conspiracies and end time fulfillment of Bible prophecies.

    I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary. Unless he is not being truthful about his beliefs and positions, I have no reason to not vote for him should he get the nomination. That, however, seems unlikely given the GOP’s hatred of him because of his Christian stand and proven record of fighting against them.

    God help us all. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

  13. Joe

    Why are you telling people to lay back and do nothing.? Why don’t you mention Ted Cruise? This man is a Christian.This man stands for something very positive.He has exercised his belief in the U.S constitution time and time again.The constitution written on Judeo Christian values.Who are you to make decisions for everyone? Why are you and others against electing someone who stands for Cristian values.Who if elected at least for the little time we have left. Would fight the communist establishment? Why not let people who have Cristian conservative values have a chance to show the ungodly vile minded gutter trash left that what they do will not be tolerated. Please people DON’T sit back like scared sheep.fight. The secular left. I’m sure that’s what GOD would want.


    • C.H. Fisher

      What I have written will be clear later on. For now, just answer the question of the title.

  14. Joe E

    I believe what the author of the article is saying here is if it were a general election between Hilary and Donald. If 2 choices could be so evil that one could not support either candidate secondary to being a Christian.We should not have to decide between 2 evils. The author seems to be saying that neither of these candidates are displaying anything remotely Christian, and before anyone says you can’t judge whether or not they are Christian let me remind you…..we are given the power of discernment through the Holy Spirit. And we can tell who is Christian by the fruit that they bear. These people do not bear good fruit and my power of discernment tells me that neither of these people are Godly in the least. This is not judging. So back to the original question the author asked. I believe we are in a critical time in history. The most exciting time if you are a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Too many people are living with a false hope of a man that will come down like a superhero to clean up what’s been done. We are living in the days of Noah, sodom and Gomorrah. The prophecies are coming to pass like no other time in history, on May 14th 1948 Israel again became a nation and the bible states that the generation that sees this event happen will be the generation that will see the Son of Man come for HIs church……meaning true believers. I am putting my faith in Jesus Christ. We cannot stop mans wickedness, nor slow it down. Everything shall pass that Christ allows. No matter how many weapons, food, water and whatever else we have stored in preparation will all fail without faith in Christ. The bible is clear. Whom do you put your faith in? The things of this world are fading and fading fast. Everything you see is in control of satan, the world system. Do not worship this world system dad. I beg of you. We are for sure In the last days. Read the bible and let it talk to you. It will not talk to you unless you allow the true God of the bible to enter your heart and the Holy Spirit to indwell in all you think and do! The antichrist is alive and well as we speak and the new world system is being put in place. Where will we stand? I am standing with Christ, for Christ and will not falter on who he is nor deny him before any man!

  15. Jessica

    Me and my husband already planned not to vote and I’m glad the author is doing the same. Hilary is obvious as well as Mr Trump, I fear if Trump is elected WW3 would start right away and if Clinton got in office America would collapse even faster than it already is. You see, my friends, the end is already here for America. Just like all great empires they eventually fall. This is prophecy before our eyes and it will happen…regardless of whether you want it or not. Don’t vote for evil, take a Stand to not stand. Pray for discernment.

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