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Pursuing the Perfect Will of God

“Modern evangelicalism has surrendered to the world, excused it, explained it, adopted it and imitated it. Young preachers imitate people in the world with a good deal more energy than they imitate the holy saints of God.” A. W. Tozer, Sermon: This Thing Called Christendom.

If this is still true today, then it is necessarily more widespread and potent. No wonder that professing Christians have rejected the spiritual perspective and struggle so vehemently to preserve their comfort zones in the world system. In one breath they will talk about heaven, and in the next breath they reveal entanglement in the affairs of the world system. Continue reading

The Third Option

“And when Pharaoh drew near, the children of Israel lifted their eyes, and behold, the Egyptians marched after them. So they were very afraid, and the children of Israel cried out to the Lord.” – Exodus 14:10

Israel was pinned between the Red Sea and a desert. In the distant they could see the dust from the approaching army of an enraged Pharaoh. They were not accustomed to trusting God. Although they were God’s people, they had been born as slaves. The slave system had fed them, given them shelter, they had been free to dabble in Egyptian religion and enjoy the pleasures of its hedonistic society.   It was a life of sameness. They didn’t have to think for themselves, make decisions, or manage the responsibilities of freedom.

Thus, faced with a perilous dilemma their carnal minds struggled for a logical solution. In their earthly view there were only two choices. They could either go back toward Egypt and beg Pharaoh’s forgiveness, or they would die on the banks of the sea. There was a third option, but they could not fathom it. They could simply trust God. Continue reading

Brother Can You Spare the Time? (part two)

I did not intend to write another section to the first article. However, the first part was met with a stony silence. What was I thinking? I came against the primary addiction of professing Christians just when the football season began in earnest. Sports is an indulgence that one had better not oppose if one wishes to avoid the right foot of dis-fellowship. American Christianity has embraced it as a sanctified privilege. Is that okay with God? Or are Christians simply singing a modified version of, “I surrender all”?

I ought to apologize, remove the first article, and go back to redundantly describing how heretics are destroying Christianity. But why are they destroying? Why are they invading so easily? Why is there a massive power outage in Christianity? Why has truth become so trampled and despised?   Did the fire that filled men’s bones, that purified their hearts, that grew overcoming faith in them, fueled mighty revivals, birthed great Movements, come from a table prepared for the flesh or an altar prepared by God?

Obviously, there is a massive power drain somewhere. It is not difficult to discover the leak. In my opinion the drainage is at the table of sports where Believers and unbelievers join their spirits and emotions. Both factions are controlled by the same source/activity, provoked by the same stimuli, and fulfill the same desires. The ritual is designed and controlled by the god of this world. Continue reading

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