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How About that Noah Movie?

I watched a portion of a church service in Birmingham, Alabama where the pastor declared that he was excited about the Noah movie and encouraged people to go see it. That church was promoting the movie with large background of the movie poster behind the stage and a series of teachings on the story of Noah. Although there are few leading professing Christians lending their support to it, I believe that Christians will still flock to see it. A precedent was set with the Christian promotion of the Son of God movie. There is no moral authority left for discouraging professing Christians from watching the Noah movie. But some people are wondering where are all the reviews and warnings from people like me about the Noah movie. After all, a lot of time and effort was spent on trying to warn Christians about the New Age Son of God movie. I will tell you why I haven’t spent as much time on the Noah movie as I did on the Son of God movie.

My first reason is simply because it would be completely fruitless. Professing Christians that would go to the Son of God movie in spite of all the evidence that it portrayed a New Age Jesus will go to see the Noah movie. Nothing can now stop them from doing whatever their flesh dictates in regard to religious Hollywood movies.

Second, there is nothing to expose about the producer or his intent in making the movie. The movie Noah was produced by an atheist that bragged about the fact that he avoided following the biblical script. Therefore, his true colors and agenda do not have to be pried out of the data about his past.

Third, the previews from people that have read the script or watched the movie were all consistent that it was indeed not a biblical movie. Some the reviews that were released today stated that Christians who were sticklers for biblical accuracy (uh, that would be me) would be disappointed in the movie. So why should I spend the time and effort attempting to expose what is already clearly exposed?

Therefore, I confess that I have nothing to say about the Noah movie that has not already been said. But I do have a few questions for the professing Christians that supported the Son of God movie. For the ones who supported the Christless Son of God movie, I wonder if they are going to support the Godless Noah movie as well. If not, why not? It’s a given that Noah is not as important to the integrity of Gospel as the Christ Jesus. Oh, I get it. With the Son of God movie, they were willing to accept a percentage of error that included distortion of the true Son of God. But now they have their limits as to how much distortion of the truth they will tolerate in Noah’s story. There were those of us that were not willing to tolerate any distortion of God’s Son, our Lord and Savior. They mocked and chastised us for sticking to our limit.  To be fair, they should practice what they preached.  They should violate their standard as they demanded of us.

So I say to Matthew Hagee, Rick Warren, and the rest, go ahead and support the Noah movie. After all, why be judgmental, tale bearers, demonic, and let’s see, what else was it that they called us? Oh, I remember now; haters and resisters of God’s kingdom work. After all, why should they hate on the kindly atheist “doing God’s kingdom work” producing the Noah movie when they defended the New Age heretics that produced the Son of God movie?


  1. Mary Rhew

    Exactly, you are absolutely right. May we keep standing for truth, and keep sounding the gospel call.

  2. Diana

    The adversary has a mega-powerful pulpit in the form of TV, movies and the internet. I’ve heard Christians say, “Oh, you can let your kids watch [movie Z], as long as you explain to them along the way what’s wrong.” Well, the problem with that is that images (and music) are more powerful than words: once vileness has been imprinted in a young (or even an adult) mind, it’s etched in there for good. Nothing’s going to erase it.

    I was at the library in the DVD section (I love whodunnits, esp. since I spend so many hours supine every day), when a man in his 50’s standing next to me said, “I’m a Christian, and I really don’t know how to tell which of these DVD’s would be acceptable and which not.” WOW! He was concerned about it! Good for you! So I proceeded to point out to him how to spot the clues: the title, the type of images used on the cover and back, and of course the synopsis (in the case of a lot of those, it should be spelled “sinopsis,” heheheh!) on the back, plus whatever comments by reviewers might pop out, like “The sexiest film in years!” Or “superb erotic fare.” Oh puhLEEEEZ!

    Anyway, maybe in a way, the Amish who refuse to have any kind of images—photos or celluloid—are onto something, because it seems that they can all too easily be abused for raunchy purposes.

    But I’ll still watch those harmless whodunnits! 😉 (Even in those, I catch all kinds of subtle political innuendo, always Leftist, of course. The stealth religion of Secularism uses ANY and EVERY venue as a pulpit for their toxic false doctrines. It BURRRRRNS me to a crisp!)

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    • C.H. Fisher

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  4. wandakate robinson

    I went to the Noah movie thinking it was going to be the “real thing”. I was really shocked and wound up leaving the movie before it was over as well as several other people who were also just walking out. I would like a refund on that one. I saw Heaven Is For Real and it was worth the money and I would recommend that one, but the Noah movie was so unreal it was just a huge disappointment.

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