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Heretics: A List of heretics and people that promote them

List of heretics:

The following, in my opinion, are heretics perverting and destroying Christianity.

A.  Arnott, John

B.  Bell, Rob; Barton, Ruth Haley; Bentley, Todd; Brown, Rodney Howard; Babbs, Loz; Blanchard, Ken; Borg, Marcus; Boyd, Gregory; Burke, Spencer; Burns, Jim; Basham, Don; Bickle, Mike

C.  Copeland, Kenneth and Gloria; Cho, Paul Yongi; Crouch, Paul and Jan; Cain, Paul; Crowder, John; Clarke, Randy; Cerello, Morris; Cerello, David; Collins, Jill; Crabb, Larry; Compolo, Tony; Colson, Chuck;

D.  Dye, Colin; Detrick, Jodie; Driscoll, Mark

E.  Erre, Mike; Engle, Lou;

F.  Foster, Richard; Ford, Leighton; Fox, Matthew;

G.  Griffin, Emile; Gumbel, Nickey; Girt, Ken; Greig, Pete;

H.  Hinn, Benny; Hagan, Kenneth; Hill, Steve; Hybels, Bill; Hirch, Alan; Hickey, Marilyn:

I.  Ingram, Lou

J.  Jakes, T. D.; Jacobs, Cindy; Joyner, Rick; Jones, Tony; Jones, Bob; Jones, Alan; Jones, Lauri Beth; Jordan, Benard; Johnson, Jan;

K.  Kilpatrick, John; Kidd, Sue Monk; King, Patricia; Keating, Thomas; Kreeft, Peter;

L.  Lamb, Joni and Marcus; Long, Eddie; Lucado, Max;

M.  Merton, Thomas; Moore, Beth; McLaren, Brian; Murdock, Mike; Myers, Joyce; Manning, Brennan; McCracken, Brett, McManus, Erwin; Miller, Don; Moreland, J. P.;

N.  Nouwen, Henri;

O.  Osteen, Joel;

P.  Prince, Joseph; Parsley, Rod; Price, Fredrick; Paulk, Earl; Pagitt, Doug; Prince, Derrick; Peterson, Eugene


R.  Robbins, Maggie and Duffy; Roberts, Oral (and Richard); Robison, James; Robertson, Pat; Rohr, Richard;

S.  Scotland, John; Schuller, Robert (and son Robert Jr.); Sweet, Leonard; Stone, Perry;

T.  Tilton, Robert; Thomas, Gary;


V.  VosKamp, Ann;

W.  Willard, Dallas; Winfry, Opra; Warren, Rick; Wood, George; White, Paula; Wilber, Ken; Webber, Robert; Winner, Lauren;


Y.  Young, William Paul;  Young, Sarah; Young, Ed


There are also many heads of Denominations, Christian Organizations, and Ministries condoning and even promoting Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer.  J. P. Moreland supports Contemplative Spirituality.  J. I. Packer signed the heretical and unequally yoked “Evangelicals and Catholics Together”.  The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium.”  Max Lucado supports and actively promotes Contemplative Spirituality.  George Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God invited a new age guru to speak at the General Council.  He has been engaged in other activities that are certain to bring many that under his influence into deception.  Charles Stanley’s staff has been engaged in promoting Contemplative Prayer.

Billy Graham declares that his views about scriptural salvation have changed over the years.  He is on video as declaring to Robert Schuller that Muslims, Buddhists, and other pagans can get to heaven another way than through scriptural salvation.  Graham has also gone on record to praise the Pope, which I find deplorable.  In fact, Richard Foster is holding his Renovare Conference The Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove in Asheville, NC in 2013.  Billy and Franklin Graham joined a list of heretics to speak at the 2008 heretical Catalyst Conference. James Robinson has had several New Age/Contemplative individuals on his program.  He gave glowing endorsement for Ann VosKamp and her heretical and very deceptive book, One Thousand Gifts”.

The main point is to be familiar enough with God’s word that you can detect a heretic and his/her heresy.



  1. Article I submitted to LIghthouse Trails Publishing

  2. Bill Johnson – Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding California – This man and also their “Music Movement” (yes, it is a movement) named “Jesus Culture” – these both certainly need to be added to this list.

    I have several family members that have been deceived by this Church and it’s false doctrines. Now we are seeing many other Churches that have had “their ears tingled” by this Jesus Culture music and are accepting and playing their songs in their own Church services. The music sounds great… but the lyrics are subtle with deception, and are written according to their false beliefs which include: a coming Great Awakening, Kingdom Now, Sings and Wonders, and many of their other false beliefs.

    • I must agree with this… over the last year or so I really started to like the music of Jesus Culture, but then I started looking into their “church”, Bethel, and realized what they were all about, as well as some of the obvious heretics that they are associated with and support, including the “Toronto Blessing” crowd. After some prayer and meditation(on the Word of God) I deleted all of their songs and refuse to listen to them… they ARE NOT singing about the same Jesus that I love and worship. I can easily see how a spiritually weak, nominal Christian could fall for that deception, because on the surface their music sounds great, but when you start digging they are new age, satanic liars.

    • Indeed Bethalites have invaded Redding, CA. anb vow to take over the city with their false hope and buying up business’s by the 100’s, solely to hire only their church members..

  3. If you’re going to be prideful of possessing and living the truth, you might make sure about your facts before you post. James Robinson’s name is really James Robison. I might recommend that you be very careful about slinging the word “heretic” around. The Bible says “woe unto him who calls good evil and evil good.” Some of the people on your heretic list are giants of the Christian faith – not because they are famous but because of their lived out faith. By the way, thanks for the idea for a new movie script.

    • C.H. Fisher

      December 16, 2014 at 3:53 am

      You’re welcome.

    • Mud slinging? Which one of the list are you willing to defend scripturally? I for one appreciate this watchman willing to fulfill his God-called work to expose the darkness for the sake of eternal souls!

    • This list is correct! These heretics ARE dangerous and ARE bringing the One World church! Please do your research.

  4. God's follower

    April 25, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    Thanks soo much for this list. It’s great to know not one from the writers of Our Daily Bread and Our Daily Journal are there. I love those publications and I use them as supplements to my Bible study.

    Never been a fan of those best-selling book authors like Rick Warren. I don’t like the idea of using God’s Word to generate profit, and tweaking it subtly to satisfy readers. It’s soo painful to know.

    I belong to Assemblies of God denomination in my birth certificate but I refuse to be a member of that. I’m purely Christian like everyone of you. I am thanking God He lead me to this website. God bless you all, my siblings in God : )

    • Phillip Yancey is a regular contributing writer for ODB. His devotions are uplifting but yet he is an Emergent who believes that the Bible contains the Word of God not IS the Word of God. He also has written in his books promoting Contemplative prayer & that we have to accept the fact that a person can be a homosexual & still be a Christian .

    • Warren reverse tithes. Do you? As in 90% of his income goes back to charities.

      • If I ever begin making 10 million dollars per year, I will give 99% to charity. What I have left will be over 300% more than my income at the present. It is not about the amount of money, but the amount of the sacrifice. I choose to present truth, thus I live in poverty. Warren chooses to sell deception, thus he lives in the opulence of his only reward. Satan will give you a boatload of truth if you will receive one teaspoon of poison. However, he will give you riches if you will peddle his merchandise.

    • Our Daily Bread has HERETICAL authors!!! They went contemplative YEARS ago. Research Lighthouse Trails regarding this. They are one of the last remaining true doctrinally sound ministries. Daily Bread and Radio Bible class are promoting Dr Larry Crabb a new age psychologist masquerading as a Christian, Henri Nouwen, ecumenical Catholic priest, New Ager M. Scott Peck, New Ager Quaker Richard Foster, and Emergent Dallas Willard. They are promoting the Catholic/New Age Spiritual Formation and bringing in the one world church!

    • Sorry but Our Daily Bread went contemplative YEARS ago! Lighthouse Trails has exposed them and that seemingly harmless devotional is bringing in the New Monasticism which has permeated the Church. Start researching and discover how it promotes Catholic mystics Henri Nouwen, Brother Lawrence, occultic mystic Eugene Peterson, and his occultic “Message.” ! Also Richard Foster the New Age mystic and heretic Larry Crabb is referenced as well. Radio Bible Class and 90 Bible colleges and seminaries are promoting the Catholic mystic self works sanctification SPIRITUAL FORMATION. I and II Timothy 4 is now being played out as our mentors who were once sound are all on the path to ROME!

  5. I agree with you 100% concerning your “Heritics” article. Thank you.

  6. You might add C. S. Lewis to that list and those who support his heresies by not exposing him, but rather promoting him. Many within conservative evangelical circles promote him disregarding his heresies by saying he was no theologian. Well, I guess everyone could get a pass with that excuse. You should look into it, it is quite enlightening. God bless us.

    • Wretched Todd Freil says about Lewis, chew the meat and spit out the bones. It not always easy to determine how far astray in certain areas is to far.

    • You are RIGHT! C.S. Lewis has been Satan’s perpetual mystical tool for YEARS in the Church! Here is the influence of C.S. Lewis in the Church, almost all of which is in Spiritual Formation!

      1) The embrace of Rome 2) Contemplative prayer 3) Man’s divinity
      4)Universalism 5) The Emergent ‘community’ 6) The ‘dance’ with the Trinity
      7) The Godhead ‘community’ 8) Occulticism mixed with Truth
      9) Out-of-body experiences 10) Annihilationism 11) Evolution
      12)The acceptance of occultic writers 13) Purgatory 14) Prayers for the dead 15) Going to the Fourth Dimension 16) Interacting with the cosmos

      And he dedicated many of his books to his friends: Occultics and Catholic mystics. If you research Chronicles of Narnia you can discover the saturation of occultism all throughout, yet it has entered the Church as Biblical doctrinal Truth! I and II Timothy 4

  7. Greetings Brother in the precious Name of JESUS CHRIST. Another “ministry” that should be added to your list is Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, SonLife Broadcasting Network, and related branches of this evil empire. Mr. Swaggart teaches a perverted “message of the cross” which is hyper-Calvinism cleverly cloaked in Swaggarite deception. Mr. Swaggart has recovered from the debacles of 1988 and 1991. He has revamped the arrogant, fiery preacher image of the 1980’s with a feign humble and meek older gentleman. Mr. Swaggart is one of the most dangerous false teachers in America because of the growth and popularity of Neo-Pentecostals and Charismatics. GOD bless your efforts. Love you Brother.

    In CHRIST,
    Scott Fisher

    • C.H. Fisher

      September 8, 2015 at 8:01 pm

      Yes, Mr. Swaggart is teaching a heresy disguised as bringing people to the cross of Christ. I am sad that some of my friends have fallen under his influence. We are suppose to bring lost people to the cross; Christians are to come to the Holiest of All through Jesus Christ. There will be an article soon that refutes Swaggart’s heresy. God’s word is clear. There is no reason to believe Swaggart’s “Message of the Cross” unless one is discarding the true message of the cross.

      • Thank you for the excellent article on the IF movement. It seems as if most of the Church wants to worship anything and everything but our Lord Jesus Christ. But I was shocked to read that you consider what Jimmy Swaggart Ministries teaches is heretical! This ministry is one of the FEW in the U.S. today that preaches Christ and Him crucified, and is dedicated to directing people to the Cross, and the work Christ did on Calvery. That is EXCLUSIVELY what they teach and preach. Please listen to any sermon they preach. And read ANY book they publish…it is ALL about the Cross, salvation, santification, justification, with scripture included in every area that enables the reader to devide the Word of God correctly and decide for themselves if what is taught aligns with the Truth. I think it is sad that people continue to judge Jimmy on what happened 30 years ago, God has forgiven him as He forgave King David. I don’t see people only remembering what David did and therefore never reading a Psalm again. Who hasn’t commited the same sin in their hearts, it is all the same to the Lord, but due to His Mercy, when we repent, we are cleansed by His Blood. I have grown more in my walk with Christ in the past year by learning to trust in what the shed Blood of Jesus did for us
        and always looking to Christ and Him Crucified, than in the past 10 years of looking to everything and anything else.That is where the Victory is. Jimmy’s ministry teaches that Truth, and that alone…

        • C.H. Fisher

          November 22, 2015 at 11:38 pm

          Hi Cameron,
          That fact is that Jesus Christ is the center of my life and focus of my faith. I do not, as Roman Catholics, kneel before a cross, but before God. The cross upon which Christ died was an instrument of death. Imagine a murderer using a vicious-looking knife to murder your son. Would you worship that knife? Would you have a gold replica made of it and hang it around your neck? I don’t think so.

          It is not an instrument of death that we worship, but we give honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross. It is His death that paid our sin debt and His resurrection from the dead that give us victory over death. However, I do not worship the empty tomb either.

          Mr. Swaggart takes his “Message of the Cross” into heretical territory. The following is a link to an expose’ concerning that message.

          I do not agree with Mr. Swaggart’s conclusions about the Gospel, the Apostle Paul, and I certainly do not agree with his misinterpretation of God’s word. In the future, I will have an article pointing out the error of Mr. Swaggart’s teaching.

          Please realize that we are in a very dangerous period of great deception. A heresy as strong as the one Mr. Swaggart is presenting must be exposed, and people warned about the danger of believing in it. Heresy begets heresy. A soteriological heresy such as Swaggart’s “Message of the Cross” is very dangerous. I advise you to consider the facts carefully and prayerfully. May the Holy Spirit lead you into truth.

        • It is my contention that all elders and pastors must always maintain a reputation that is above reproach. They need to remain above reproach for as long as they are pastors. Once disqualified it is permanent. All teachers will be judged more harshly. Pastors who fall into egregious sins can truly repent and indeed be forgiven. But that does not mean that they can ever be restored to the pulpit. They are no longer above reproach. It was your line of thinking that allowed the RCC to keep child molesters in the ministry. They are disqualified for life.
          David was a King of Israel. He was under another Covenant. David was not a pastor under the new covenant. In truth under the Law both he and Bathsheba should have been put to death for adultery.
          The same God but a different office and a different covenant.

  8. Do you have a list of non-heretics?

    • I’m sure your sarcasm wasn’t lost on Mr. Fisher. But the sad truth of the matter is that any list of non-heretics in highly visible positions of the Church these days, would most certainly be growing shorter. It isn’t with pride that watchmen over the Church are exposing these false teachers, but even a cursory examination of the Epistles would validate their ministry and the need for godly men and women everywhere to warn believers about these wolves.

  9. Some time ago I logged into the official RBC web page and discovered contemplative books on the recommended reading list.

    Some Christians are so deluded that they would rebuke you for calling the antichrist a heretic.


    Here is a link to an in depth article on many of the bizarre beliefs and teachings of Dietich Bonhoeffer. He denied the deity of Jesus.

  11. Michael ritchie

    April 6, 2016 at 12:41 am

    Came on here dealing with the hebrew roots untangling there doctrine. Skimmed over things.your not saying speaking in tongues is heretical are you. I just skimmed over your articles. But it see anything not understood by the natural mind is rejected as foolishness. But the bible says the natural man recieve th not the things of the spirit of god for they are spiritually discerned.

  12. Agree 100%. However, you missed one, namely, Priscilla Shirer. She is an advocate of Contemplative Prayer.

    • And naturally Dallas Theological Seminary which has gone apostate has HIRED her to be a contributing editor for their DTS magazine! She is heretical.

      • Beware of Nancy Demoss Woglemuth who promotes Brother Lawrence, Priscilla Shirer, Moody Bible and in the past, prayer circles. She also uses Charismatic rhetoric. Her conferences draw women from all over the nation to ‘seek God together.’ We don’t need to pilgrimage to seek Him nor with other people. SCRIPTURE IS SUFFICIENT. “Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures for they testify of Me.” John 5:39

  13. Hi, and great article. Yes I was under the false teachings of Daystar Tv network for 3 years, when I finally became aware that these teachers were false. I had strange feelings about some, like Mike Murdoch and Jesse Duplantis, but ignored it for along time. I was completely heartbroken when I found out they were all wolves. I wonder, how much longer will God allow these deceivers to stay on the air? They are dangerous to us baby Christians.

  14. Don’t forget Andy Stanley too … contemplative

    • The sermon series in the original Starting Point conversation guide I find nothing wrong with, and it has led my sister to faith, and myself to seek God more deeply. I wouldn’t touch the “new and revised” version with a 10 foot pole though, nor would I listen to anything else he has to say (or look into his suggestions for further study, in the accompanying book – one of those listed are Rob Bell!), but I’ve listened to that original series I had (before I learned about his more recent heresies) and there isn’t a thing wrong with anything in that series that I can find. It’s unfortunate he didn’t actually believe what he was saying, but what he said there was profound truth. God can use even those who do evil.

  15. Ugh heart aches reading your ridiculously judgemental list.

    • Then, sadly, you are deeply deceived. It is that lack of recognition that has allowed heretics to sow an enormous amount of toxic heresy into Christianity today. That is why apostasy has gone beyond critical mass. Because so many are infatuated with individuals that will destroy them, I do not believe it will be turned around.

    • You obviously are not doing your research into what ELSE popular pastors, teachers, and seminaries believe. Scripture is clear that we MUST warn of false teachers! Jesus exposed the Pharisees in the streets!

  16. James Humphrey

    April 27, 2018 at 3:26 am

    You do realize the main message is that we believe that God sent Jesus to the earth to redeem His people while teaching the Love of the Father. He went to the cross for us and when he died he defeated sin and sickness. 3 days later he defeated death with His resurrection. He is my King, my Savior and my friend. He sent the great Comforter which is the Holy Spirit. You are putting God in a box. Search your Spirit because if you are deceiving people repent and tell the truth and not what you feel. The whole Word is the truth.

    • The claim of being a Christian does not give anyone cart blanche to stretch and contaminate God’s word with man’s opinions. If you are a true Christian you will exhibit reverence for God’s word. You will not engage in or condone cavalier handing of it to support heresy.

      A classic accusation by heretics is, “You’re putting God in a box”, which actually means, “We refuse to have boundaries governing what we believe.” In other words, it is about a rebellious refusal to honor God’s boundary, which is His word. Instead, they manipulate and added to His word and in the process deny or compromise truth.

      That is what the people on that list are guilty of. They do not present doctrine from the word of God in context and in harmony with His nature. Instead, they conjure up their own doctrines and insist that it is greater revelation. It is actually heresy. If you defend and support them you will share in their condemnation before God’s throne at the Judgment.

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