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Super Bowl—Stupor People

“Don’t write anything negative about the Super Bowl. People will reject you and not listen to or read anything else you say.”

That’s the warning. My response is; If my message offends you, I have nothing interesting to offer you.

It’s my experience that people cannot pray or pray effectively after watching the Super Bowl. Of course, the same emptiness occurs after flesh-binging on anything Satan offers. No faithful Christ-follower forgets Satan is the god of the World System. Subjecting your emotional system and feeding your fleshly lust for entertainment is turning your back on God.

People thus involved can make a pretense of praying, mumble a few words, and speak with their best “prayer intonation,” but it’s not prayer that reaches God. Their spirit is buzzing with adrenaline. The next day they will feel the “low” (or perhaps not feel anything) and have to play some boogie-woogie “gospel” music to “feel” the “spirit.” Their carnal feasting has grieved the Holy Spirit. I don’t know how long He will remain in such a continuously defiled temple. They are as dry and spiritually comatose as they can be.

How do I know that? As a young pastor, I began doing what I witnessed other pastors doing. Almost every pastor of churches I ministered in, spent several hours on Sunday watching sports. Some of them prepared their Sunday night sermon while watching sports. No wonder their congregations needed reviving. No wonder they died again shortly after revival.

I fell into the same pattern. One may as well cancel the Super Bowl Sunday night meeting. Few people will attend. If you spent the evening watching pregame videos, you wouldn’t be able to preach or receive anything. Go ahead and set up a large screen TV in the church building and raise the white flag of surrender to Satan and his party animals.

“The majority disagrees with you.”

Truth is not determined by a vote. The majority is on the Broad Path. What I offer is for people God can still convict.

Decades ago, I woke up to the fact that I was wasting a large amount of spiritual power by indulging in entertainment. Christ told His disciples that they would receive power (dynamis), and He said He felt power (virtue, dynamis) going out of Him during healing.

If ministry costs us power, how much power do we use to fight temptation? How much more power do we use surrendering to temptation? What if our surrender involves indulging for hours in something totally designed by Satan to join our spirit with the spirits of the World System?

I became convicted and ashamed of doing something so self-defeating. I had to repent and cease allowing Satan to have ANY PLACE in me (you know the verse). I fought a long battle to rid myself of the desire to indulge in his junkyard. Repeatedly tested was my passion to fully surrendered to God. I understood how deeply the enemy’s claws had sunk into my spirit. God helped me when I became serious about being delivered.

I have repeatedly stated Satan did not overpower and subdue Christianity. That is not why there are so many weak and compromised professing Christians and a great apostasy. They gave him the victory without a fight. He said, “Here, eat this, and you’ll feel great.” And they did. Think of all the World System entertainment offers. I could identify many events as Satan’s “this.”

“Oh, I get it. You’re a legalistic Pharisee.”

That’s what people are now labeled who oppose homosexuality and transgenderism. In a few years, they will use the same pejorative to disparage people who oppose pedophilia.

All one has to do is remain as they are. Don’t grow in Christ and don’t change to be more mature. Do nothing but stay exactly as you are. In a couple of years (if you survive), they will label you a legalistic Pharisee for your current position. What we may have called backsliders three decades ago are today called “legalistic Pharisees.”

“You’re just a sour old man that does not know how to relax.”

I fed my flesh and lost sight of the path and almost lost my soul. All of Satan’s offerings became worthless to me after I began praying and fasting. I might call it all dung.

Of all the stupid things I’ve done as a young Christ-follower and all the stupid mistakes, I have made, allowing the World System to plug into my soul and drain out what it took hours of praying and Bible studying to get, is the stupidest.

Consider that when you feast on such rank flesh-food, you are at the same table with many wicked people. Your spirit is engaging with their spirit. What you are emoting with is the same thing they are emoting with. What triggers a burst of carnal pleasure in them simultaneously elicits a burst of carnal pleasure in you. You may as well be sitting on the couch together. Can you think of any type of individual you would not wish to share a couch experience with?

Satan abhors anointed preaching. He shudders to think of approaching an altar. I know for a fact that prayer connected to heaven repulses him and his demons so much they can’t remain in the room. But they will party, party, party with you when you party with the World System.

I am not a legalist. I just want as much of God as I can receive. I have learned from experience that God cannot deposit anything in me if I make my spirit a garbage can for the World System’s trash.

Professing Christians are wasting much spiritual power, even to the point of being completely drained. And they are doing it during an extremely critical period. How discouraged God’s watchmen must be to witness the 12 lane interstate to Satan’s sty filled with people that claim to love God and Christ. Is it love with all one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength? I am convicted of falling short even as I strive to reach that goal.

Professing Christians today just don’t get it. The secular realm is becoming satanic, and Christianity is in full-blown apostasy. Most professing Christians are so apathetic, unconcerned, carnal, and rejective of any warning. They can only think of feeding their flesh all the entertainment it lusts for. Watching the Super Bowl is the sensual equivalent of drinking a case of Red Bull.

Imagine coming before God’s throne in prayer with your spirit soaked with carnality. Imagine trying to pray when you had such a small attachment to God that you would dance around a “golden calf” ( you know that verse too). What if something happened that you need the strongest faith to confront? How much ministry is laid aside while you feast in the world’s trough and are recovering from it, which could take weeks? Can you recover from it when you fully intend to do it again? And again?

The few watchmen and God’s other servants must pour themselves out like drink offerings to warn and inform people. The dark and demonically seductive period requires it. There are still a few godly teachers and pastors who are attempting to feed people God’s truth so that they will be strong. They cannot minister to people who are wasting everything God has given them and allow Satan to stroke their adrenaline glands. Such compromised people do not pray for God’s servants. God offers His word but they have the reception of a receiver tuned to the wrong frequency. Their attention span is like a fly. They have the retention of a bottomless bucket. Dismayed and discouraged God’s servants daily battle hopelessness.

I could write a book. But if people do not understand by now why Christianity morphed into a religion of Christ-less, cross-less, lip-service professing Christians, only the rebuke of a prophet will reach them. If they cannot recognize their complicity by now, the Holy Spirit has ceased speaking to them.

This is not a game. Dance with demons, and you will have a devil of a time getting them to leave you alone.

“Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.” — 1 John 2:15-17

Professing Christians are posting about their exciting Super Bowl experience. Someone has to speak for God.

What if I dated a prostitute, took her to dinner, had some drinks, danced, and several hours later dropped her off at her motel room. Would that be okay?

We are betrothed to Christ. Why can’t people who claim that relationship spend hours in prostitution with the World System? Done in ignorance and convicted is one thing. Done full aware of the wrong and not convicted is altogether different. When challenged, we can repent or reprimand—there is no middle ground.

Someone might claim, “It didn’t bother my spirit in the slightest to watch the Super Bowl. Maybe you’re just too weak to enjoy life.”

Maybe you are too empty to be convicted.




  1. Chris Leonards

    Very well said. We become what we consume. Thanks for keeping the truth alive.

  2. Jessica

    Have you seen videos of what they are calling a revival in Asbury Kentucky? I don’t want to be skeptical of the Holy Spirit’s legitimate work, but I’ve honestly never seen a legitimate revival so I don’t know what to think of the videos I’m seeing. My shy nature doesn’t find comfort in it. It seems loud and unruly, but that could just be me. If I should be open to these types of events, I’d like to know. I’m so glad you are posting again! I find much value in your insights.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Yes, I have been following developments of the fake revival. I will post an article in a few days. Heretics are rushing to it. The college kept Todd Bentley from speaking. But they are moving the fake revival off campus. It is not of God. Contemplative Praying is practiced. Nothing good can come from it.

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