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Yet Another COVID-19 Virus Article

Each time I open FB I find it chockfull of posts about the CoronaVirus, I initially decided not to join the hullabaloo. What more could I add that hasn’t already been said or written. But after going out grocery shopping, and listening to the many complaints about shortages, I feel compelled to make some points that other people may or may have not made.

First, the COVID-19 is a real danger. It is lethal for people whose immune systems are compromised by age or preexistent health issues. The great majority of people are not in great danger. It will appear more like a bad cold and go away in a few days. Many distinguished doctors and disease control experts have testified to that fact.

Second, we have had flu viruses in the recent past that were much more deadly and as contagious than COVID-19. Many more people died in our nation from the flu last year than will die from this current pandemic. MERS was fatal in 35.2% of the people that contracted it. COVID-19 is fatal in 2% of infected people.

Third, Federal and local governments are not paying attention to those facts because they are fearful. They are not fearful of COVID-19 or the damage it might cause, they are fearful of appearing unconcerned for the safety of the people during an election season. Some of them are in tight races and must preempt accusations of being unresponsive to the concerns and welfare of the people—a deadly charge if there is an appearance of being true.

That said, we should understand that the liberal news media and Democrats, that demonstrably hate Donald Trump, have weaponized this story with no concern for the massive economic damage their actions may cause. The two candidates they’ve managed to scrape up to run against Trump appear as a geriatric version of Mutt and Jeff, an old cartoon strip that ran in the 1930s. No doubt the handwriting is on the wall. It will take a miracle for either of them to win—or a manufactured crisis that considerably reduces the number of old people likely to vote for Trump.

The Chinese vehemently protest that they did not cause the virus, that the US sent operatives to plant it in their nation. What if they are right? No one would believe them if they were because they lie, bungle much of what they do except making plastic toys, and hygiene is not an important part of their culture. It would be relatively easy for an operative from another country to “seed” the virus in the open-air meat market where it originated. But why? No doubt the crisis conveniently helps with the crusade to defeat Trump, but there is no evidence that it was deliberately caused.

We may never know the answers to many questions about the virus, its timing, the overblown presentation by the news media, and more. What is of more concern is the reaction of the public. I came to understand that reaction by accident. Initially, I saw the fiasco for what it was and agreed with people that recognized the same thing. We do not have cable TV, but we can get news videos on RoKU. A couple of evenings ago I watched a news clip about the virus. It leaned mostly toward exposing the insanity of the reaction of the public. However, they added the fact our government was powerless to do anything to stop it, that they were unprepared for such a crisis, and that a vaccine was perhaps a year away from being ready.

Then they showed videos of individuals, such as Democrat Representatives Ocasio and Wasserman Schultz, apparently on the frontline to do whatever about the virus. Then I thought, “Oh my! We are in deep muck!” Afterward, I realized that a measure of concern had launched from deep inside that I did not have before watching the news video. Feasting on negative information will result in a negative perspective about the pandemic.

Having those two in charge of anything is like assigning a couple of gluttons to guard the buffet. What they do not intentionally mess up, they will defile or destroy by ineptness. Then the rest of the circus appeared across my television screen—Dems and liberals with straight faces declaring how the Trump administration was either guilty of allowing the virus into the nation or inefficient in dealing with it. None of them posited answers to bring COVID-19 to a halt and did not utter a single word to calm the fear of the populace.

Our nation is in trouble for several reasons. We’ve become too dependent on the news media. We are too easily affected by viral videos and short, unsubstantiated, “fake news” stories on Social Media. We have gone from being the American public whose outrage politicians feared, to being easily cowed and driven into our hidey-holes each time “boo” is shouted loud enough.

And just so people will not think that I am referring to those lost “nitwits” (sarc) in the World System, it is even worse inside of Christianity. Secular people have a reason to fear since they do not have the option of turning to God for help in times of trouble. We have no such excuse.

Much as been written and said about the Apostle Paul’s declaration, “I die daily.” Many people believe that he was referring to “dying to the flesh.” Other ones opine that because of his many hardships, he was referring to the fact his body was slowing dying. However, I believe that he was alluding to the fact that he was destined to die for the cause of Christ, and he prepared himself each day for that inevitability. Before Paul began his ministry, God showed him what great things he must suffer for the sake of Christ. How could God have left out the fact that when his race was finished, he would be beheaded in Rome?

That same mind must be in every true Christian. The focus today seems to be on how we can live a more comfortable life, enjoy the many things affordable to us, and some things not affordable, and avoid all intrusions that may cause discomfort in our comfort zones. Professing Christians are following heretics and hirelings that speak comfort and other pandering words about how much God loves us, how He is so loving that He would not send anyone to hell, how He wants us to be rich and happy, and how He does all things to fulfill our every whim and desire. Anyone can walk off the street into a church, plagiarize from genuine Christians Social Media, and present themselves as a great prophet or an individual with special revelations, and mesmerize congregations. Let’s face it—our greatest problem is not a deadly virus that could kill our bodies, but the virus of heresy, slothfulness, self-aggrandizement, and apathy, that can weaken and destroy our souls.

Thus, we have a pandemic—mild or not so mild—that sends people racing to buy toilet paper and canned soup. But the epidemic of apostasy has not sent many people racing to the “prayer closet” to cry out to God for prophets and watchmen to warn people and exhort them to walk up before it is too late. A cry will echo around the world one day, “Too late—it’s too late!”

The trumpet will sound, the dead will rise, the saints will be gathered, and God’s wrath will fall unmercifully and unrelenting until the earth is consumed by fire—its elements melting with fervent heat. Then hell will open its mouth to swallow Satan and the ones who followed him, and all of the ones who took the Mark of the Beast.

All that can be drowned out and even washed away by the supercilious words of heretics and hirelings that “preach” and “teach” on Sunday mornings and via religious TV networks. However, these are the days of impending doom. True Believers must die daily as Paul, and some will die and enter eternity. Until then, we should not join the confused herd of hopeless souls that have nothing more than toilet paper to comfort them. The virus may indeed catch up with some of us who are older and have health issues—but so could the flu in any given year. We are not here to stay—but we are here to prepare and warn others to prepare to enter eternity.

If your soul is not right with God, you should not allow a virus to scare you into making it right for the wrong reason(s). If so, when the great hullabaloo resides, you will go back to your old ways. However, it can compel you to think deeply about how many times you ignored God, and that none of has a guarantee of another second of life. We do not spend every moment thinking about that, but a pandemic can shake us to reality.

Make today whatever decision you intend to live with in eternity because that is exactly what it will be. And you do not know when that moment may arrive. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. He’s coming again. When He does God will rid His creation of everything offensive to Him. Please don’t allow yourself to be included in the elements that will be consumed by fire.


  1. Among what’s currently expanding… outbreaks of diseases, pests, and natural rumblings… cancer is continuing to affect my brethren, natural family, and friends. Some have lost the battle. I continue to pray for those still fighting it. Like most with “some mileage on their odometer”, I also deal with personal health issues.

    I written thoughts I’ve had over the last few weeks in the study, “Willing”. They’ve helped bring some perspective for me in the “churning”. You can download at…

  2. this actually was a good article yes when Jesus returns this earth all unsaved will be burned up and the new heaven and earth will be forever and ever hallelujah

  3. Thank you Pastor for this message .. to be read and shared!

  4. Daniel Babcock

    March 17, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    Someone asked me was I worried about the corona virus and I told them NO! Concerned, not just for me but for others, especially the elderly. I don’t one should be reckless but use commonsense and take necessary precaution. I told this person that one day I will die and when the day comes that GOD calls me, I can’t stop it . I do not want to stop my going home. Until that day I will do my best to honor GOD and live according to his will as best as I can. The peace that passes all understanding is the knowledge that GOD is in control and what ever befalls me, I can accept. I am in GOD’s hand.

  5. For some interesting insights from a Christian perspective on this, see:

    1. Truth in Love ministries, pastor Shahram Hadian’s youtube video about the virus in the prophecy update. It is also available on the Rather Expose Them blog site over the last weekend.
    2. The latest speech under ‘messages’ from the website of Living in His Presence church.

    Many are saying that this is being used for globalization.

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